Welcome to the new and improved Guitar for Worship blog everyone. And by new and improved, nothing has changed except that sucky blog.com is now gone from the url address, and wordpress is here. WordPress is so awesome……you don’t have to manually word wrap, pictures actually load, you can embed video, there’s no lag in typing a new blog……okay, okay, maybe blog.com is just really, really bad.

Anyway, my beautiful and wonderful wife who knows more about computers than I do (no I’m serious…..we were at a friend’s house the other day and we played ‘battle mode’ in Halo {it’s probably not called battle mode, but…..} and she totally beat me like Michael Vick would a non-profitable pit bull {sorry}…..of course, I probably shouldn’t have chosen gold for my Halo army guy’s suit color, but my guy did look really cool…..and I did kill her character once, but that was while she was in the kitchen for some reason)……whoa! That was the longest parentheses ever. I lost my train of thought. Oh ya! My awesome wife totally moved my whole Guitar for Worship blog from blog.com to wordpress. She even imported all the comments. Seriously. She’s incredible. And I didn’t even ask her to do it.

So welcome to the brand new Guitar for Worship blog! (I think I said that already, but my parenthetical stuff was so long, I’ve forgotten now.) 

Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls and such, if you would be so kind. On this site I’ll share my humble and definitely-could-be-wrong opinions about guitar tone, guitar style, guitar mindsets, guitar gear, gear reviews, gear demo videos, and other music related stuff, all as it pertains to glorifying God through the music.

And you’ll also get random pictures like this:

will-ferrell_l.jpg picture by rypdal95
(This picture personifies how incredibly happy I am to be at wordpress. Don’t ask questions. Just feel the happy.)