Don't Mess With Keith

So, in light of the current danger in being a guitar player (if you hadn’t heard, Oasis’ guitarist just got pushed off the stage by some psycho fan), and in light of the fact that I finally have a blog host now that lets me embed videos (hehe), I decided to post this.

This is Keith Richards in no way needing the Stones’ security guards:


0 thoughts on “Don't Mess With Keith

  1. Love it…

    Check this out.

    This is the guy that did the guitar tracks on my new album (if we ever finish it). He used to play for the Black Crows.

    Click on “Greazy Chicken” and skip ahead to about 4:30 (unless you want to listen to some killer blues guitar). The best part is the solo after the incident. You can tell he’s fairly upset by the way he’s playing the guitar.

    I love showbizness!

  2. Alex–seriously! And then he goes right back to playing Satisfaction as if this happens every day. hehe Maybe it does!

    Eric–I watched your guitar player, man. That was hilarious! Plus, his guitar playing kicks my butt! He’s quite, quite good.

  3. Yeah, and I guess when he shows up to play a gig, a lot of times he just brings his guitar, cable and custom vintage amp that nobody even has a clue what it is… I like! 😉

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