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The move is over! We’re (and by ‘we’re’, I mean ‘I’m’…but ‘we’re’ sounds more professional for some reason) fully here at Guitar for Worship dot com. Huge thanks to my awesome wife who did in a week what probably would have taken me a year to do…in between listening to U2 and trying out new delay pedals.

There’s still some little things to fix, such as the fact that the pictures still link to the old site, which makes them load kind of slow. But for the most part, this is the new site. I’ll be able to give details on the full reason for the move within the next couple of weeks (without having to be so blasted cryptic all the time), but for now, I hope it makes all your dreams come true. And it just might. Uh…provided your dreams are about U2, and the blatant over-soaking of all our Edge-ripoff worship riffs in delay, as we stumble around just trying to do our best to reflect as much glory as we can up to a really amazing God.

But what move would be complete without a party? And this is a red carpet party. Complete with celebrities. Doing some private, unplugged sessions, just for the party. Ya, you guessed which ones.

Hey, U2…welcome to the party!

Well, hello Coldplay:

Whoa! And John Mayer?! Welcome, brother. Chips are over there. And I’ll take your guitar for ya.

And lastly, Jemaine and Bret…so stoked you guys could make it!

Guitar for Worship dot com. Same bat time. Different bat place. (Same jokes, obviously.)


35 thoughts on “Guitar For Worship……dot com!

  1. Sam–lol You know what? You’re totally right! I’ll try to change that…that’s the way the font comes, unfortunately. I’ll try to stretch my comp skills…hehe

    Ben G–ya, for sure. What acoustic are you using?

    Tim–haha That’s exactly what it’s from! 10 points to you, sir.

    Craig–you know what? I keep running across that on youtube and just kind of writing it off as another stupid church video. But I just watched it, and whoa!! That was absolutely right on!! That’s so me and my church!! hahaha Wow. Thank you for posting that! Everyone else, if you haven’t clicked that link, click it!

  2. Karl,

    My wife finally made me watch it last Sunday. You are correct sir, it is very right on. I particularly like “This is the song you don’t know” which leads to “by my CD in the bookstore”. Funny but oh so true.

  3. Lol Ya…the writing you own songs thing is an interesting topic. Personally, I don’t do them in church…simply because I don’t feel I’ve written one yet that’s even anywhere near as impactful or worshipful as something Phil Wickham or Hillsong has written. But then again, I also hear the flipside argument, which is that sometimes it’s a good thing to write songs for your specific congregation of people. What does everyone think?

  4. Two thoughts.

    1. Stefan Van Voorst who led worship at a congregation where I worshiped did a really good job if incorporating his own songs into the worship life of the community. He did subsequently do a CD (shameless plug here) called You Are There. In that situation it seemed to work well. I’m not sure if he is using his stuff where he is now, but I assume that they are. I also assume that since Joel Hanson is on staff that they have/are using some of his stuff as well.

    2. We sent some folks to Solomon’s Porch a while back and one of their things is that they only do “originals” from within their community. The result of that is that visitors have absolutely nothing familiar to grab onto musically.

    So like most things it can be done well or not. I really think it takes the right person writing in the right context, being very sensitive to God in order to make it work.

    I’d also say that while you might not think your songs stand up others might. Also, maybe there is room for someone to react to and improve what you have done.

  5. Wow, awesome points, brother. I agree, it can probably be done well, and sometimes or even often times is not. I think a lot has to do with the heart behind it, too. I think we always tend to think people can’t see that, but they can read us like a book. haha

    I like what you said too about others improving on something you’ve done. That’s awesome. I think I tend to forget that even though maybe Chris Martin first penned Lovers in Japan, he also had three other band members, Brian Eno, and a couple other producers helping him bring it to its finished product. Whereas, as worship leaders, we sometimes come in with a finished product, and then expect everyone to adhere to it completely. Wow. Nice, bro. hehe My pride sucks.

  6. haha Takamine’s can be really good! I’ve heard a couple old ones that were just fantastic. The main thing when plugged in, is to have electronics that will allow the true tone of the guitar to come through. One of the best I’ve heard is Taylor’s newest expression system. LR Baggs is decent, but I haven’t been as impressed. Also K&K, but I’m still not quite sure about them. A tube direct box can help, too. 😉 hehehe You knew I was going to say that. As well as frequent string changes.

  7. At this point I think new strings would do wonders for my acoustic… I feel like the electronics are awesome but I just NEVER get a mix that gives the depth of my guitar. It always ends up sounding too bassy or too tinny… I blame the sound guy 🙂

  8. lol That’s awesome. You know, LR Baggs makes a foot-pedal preamp that Dennis Agajanian uses, and it actually seems to work pretty well. Let me see…

    I think that’s the one…some people use tube direct boxes, too. I use ones with my pads when sound guys can’t conceive of mic’ing a second amp. hehe Haven’t tried it on acoustic yet, but some people really dig ’em. 🙂

  9. Is this still part of WordPress? I’m not sure how to subscribe and get email notification of new posts and comments? I do have the RSS on my Igoogle home page.

  10. It is still a part of WordPress, but it’s a totally separate site. You’ll need to re-subscribe to this one. Towards the top of the page, there should be the little orange RSS logo. You should be able to subscribe to this new page by clicking on that logo and then following the instructions. Let me know if that works! 🙂

  11. Nope, that lets you get the blog posts in a reader, etc. You used to be able to subscribe to posts or comments ( email notification). You might have to look into this:( see this part “allow subscriptions in the comment form” )

    How to Enable Subscriptions on Your Blog

    You can let people subscribe to your blog by adding the blog subscription widget to your sidebar.

    You can also allow subscriptions in the comment form by going to Settings -> Discussion in the Dashboard and enabling Subscribe to Blog.

    You can control how much of your blog posts get sent by using the full text or summary option on the reading settings page. Additionally, the options for showing a comment count and Stumbleupon,, Digg, and Reddit buttons on this page will be used if enabled. There is also a section to change the invitation text that is sent out to subscribers.

  12. Unfortunately, because this site is technically not run by WordPress, it doesn’t have a WordPress subscribe option.

    When you click the feed button to subscribe, there’s a link under the subscription section of the page that says “Get Guitar for Worship Delivered by Mail” 🙂 It’s powered through FeedBurner, but you don’t need an account to sign up for email updates.

    Also, I set up a twitter account that will automatically send updates as well under Guitar4Worship. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make the site better!

  13. I just added the option to subscribe to comments via email (should be a box you can check at the bottom of the comment box). Let me know if it works ok!

    (Love you too, Babe ;))

  14. Yep, I see the check box now, like on the old site: “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” Now when we check that we should get an email from WordPress with a link to subscribe to the comments ( and optionally to get emails upon new blog posts here ). Way to go Jamianne! I don’t think I’ve heard that name before — my wife’s name is a bit unusual too — Fonda Sue ( she’s from Virginia 🙂 )

  15. Well that didn’t appear to work, I haven’t received an email as a result of clicking the check box below my last comment. I’ve now opted in on the email link shown in the RSS feed page. I’m not sure if that notifies me of new comments or new blog posts. Time will tell.

  16. Jams–you’re the best! 🙂

    Randy–hmm…ya, we’ll have to see. And Fonda Sue is a great name! I really like the names you don’t hear every day. Ya, like that, or ‘Jamianne.’

  17. Hey, Randy! The comment email notification worked for me. Make note that it doesn’t notify you of your own comments… so if you try and test it yourself, it won’t work. But hopefully you got an email notification about Karl’s comment. And the link to be notified by email under the RSS subscription is for new posts only, as far as I can tell.

    And again, none of this is run by WordPress, so it might be a little different. But you will get an email from FeedBurner notifying you of future comments you’ve subscribed to, as well as a link to modify your comment notification subscriptions.

    And I love your wife’s name! You’re right, I’ve never heard a name like that 🙂

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