The move is over! We’re (and by ‘we’re’, I mean ‘I’m'…but ‘we’re’ sounds more professional for some reason) fully here at Guitar for Worship dot com. Huge thanks to my awesome wife who did in a week what probably would have taken me a year to do…in between listening to U2 and trying out new delay pedals.

There’s still some little things to fix, such as the fact that the pictures still link to the old site, which makes them load kind of slow. But for the most part, this is the new site. I’ll be able to give details on the full reason for the move within the next couple of weeks (without having to be so blasted cryptic all the time), but for now, I hope it makes all your dreams come true. And it just might. Uh…provided your dreams are about U2, and the blatant over-soaking of all our Edge-ripoff worship riffs in delay, as we stumble around just trying to do our best to reflect as much glory as we can up to a really amazing God.

But what move would be complete without a party? And this is a red carpet party. Complete with celebrities. Doing some private, unplugged sessions, just for the party. Ya, you guessed which ones.

Hey, U2…welcome to the party!

Well, hello Coldplay:

Whoa! And John Mayer?! Welcome, brother. Chips are over there. And I’ll take your guitar for ya.

And lastly, Jemaine and Bret…so stoked you guys could make it!

Guitar for Worship dot com. Same bat time. Different bat place. (Same jokes, obviously.)