My Favorite Youtube Comments

Ah, the internet. Humility and entertainment, all in one. See, on this blog, I think people feel the need to at least be somewhat civil when I give a bad review to your favorite pedal or make fun of that solo Lincoln Brewster knows. ( 😉 ) Yep. I deserve all that I get. lol And on youtube, that’s exactly what happens. So, from my youtube gear demo videos, here are a few of my favorites:

On ‘The Truth About the Digitech Bad Monkey’:

  • um… okay. A $40 stock mass-manufactured pedal, versus a $100 pedal that’s then been modded by one of the best in the business, and another handmade pedal running at a higher voltage… with “close to the same settings”… FAIL
  • you dont know what the **** you`re talking about
  • LIsten
    This is a great pedal it loves my Marshall 18 watt.
    Billy G. just phoned for a stand in gig, ;-)) but really it is an overdrive NOT a metal **** pedal
    Push it hard with a LP and just listen… (50 Euro’s, come on)
    2e you talk to much, thanks for the demo anyway dude.
  • maybe if he actually played something we could get a better idea. The only time you actually played any licks is when both pedals were combined.
  • Your settings on the Bad Monkey are way off. You really need to have the low and high knobs at 9:00 or higher. The way you have them you’re getting a boxy mid hump….which you really only would want if the amp is cranked more. The truth is that you haven’t figured out how to use the Bad Monkey with that extra knob and all…unless you’re just dialing the Monkey not to sound good to justify your boutique pedals.

On ‘Tubescreamer Mods: Are They for Real?’:

  • so boring saying “heuuuu” “heuuu” all the time !
  • You can do this all you want, but I’ve OWNED all three. The only one I still own is the Analogman silver modded one. it’s worth the money. FOR SURE.
  • I’m wearing the same pair of shoes right now. (Karl’s edit: Okay, that one’s just awesome!)
  • A $40 Digitech Bad Monkey sounds better than all of them
  • You need to do this again without linking the pedals. The individual tones are bleeding into one another ever so slightly…but they are.
  • If you honestly think you can tell through low quality youtube camera videos, you’re fooling yourself.

This next one was on a joke demo I did of a simple amp channel switching footswitch:

On ‘Boss FS5L Demo’:

  • Idiot!

On ‘Matchless Hotbox Demo’:

  • You realize you never turned the treble control at any time in the entire video right?
    Way too much talking
  • Sorry didn’t realize that turning the other of only 2 tone knobs qualified as some esoteric “standard”.I wonder why no one else noticed…Also I guess I was mistaken about what was being demo’d it does say “Matchless Hotbox Demo”not “listen to me talk about about a Matchless Hotbox Demo” There,there.

And my personal favorite, because I really do admire the wit on this one:

On ‘Fender Vs. Melancon’:

  • Is it possible to switch guitar players ?

hehehe You just gotta love it. What in the world did we do before the internet?

Although, I have to admit…a lot of those comments were very, very true. hehehe When someone rails you, you have a choice. You can either get indignant, or you can go back and actually listen to the video in question and go, ‘Oh ya…I did just say random nonsense words until about 3 minutes into it before hitting the first chord.’ lol Ah, splendid.


25 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtube Comments

  1. Some people on the internet annoy me. You spend your time and energy doing gear demo’s and shoot-outs and you get railed for it.

    Some people make Christ-like love really really hard. (I’m sure I do too at times) 😉

  2. Agreed. The one nice thing about getting railed on the internet is that you can separate yourself emotionally from the comments to at least try to address the underlying issue/fault being pointed out. The thing I’m still working on is the personal, in your face comments that are made face to face… How do people separate themselves emotionally? Or even worse, the unsaid criticisms and negative comments that people don’t share with you. Tell me if you’ve got a problem with me and I’ll try to work on it. If you don’t tell me, how will I ever know?!?

    Ok, it probably takes a while to get to that criticism inviting stage. Or it takes a while to internalize a negative comment and actually learn something from it. Guess I’ve got more to learn…

  3. you are a fool
    for Christ 🙂

    love the comments.
    it’s even more apparent how much more we should love God and in consequence ppl around the world would catch on and thus no more youtube evil comments! 😀

  4. It’s funny to me that people want insanely fast blues licks to hear the differences between pedals… I actually appreciate your simple playing because it lets me hear notes longer than a 32nd note in a run of 150 notes…

  5. Sam–lol For sure. I think one of the biggest problems as well, is that a lot of people send emails, comments, and what-not, from their phones. So they type the least amount of text possible to get their point across, and really have no idea how that makes the communication sound. Others, such as ‘you don’t know what the **** you’re talking about’, are just plain awesome! lol Definitely in exercise in Christ’s love.

    Per–haha Thanks, bro!!

    Gtr1ab–great point. It’s almost as if the internet for some people is that place where they don’t have to worry about separating themselves, because they feel as if ‘it’s not real people anyway’. Or at least, it feels anonymous enough to where they can make themselves think that. hehe Can you imagine if we acted in person like we do online? Yikes. Well, I guess same for me. I’d be walking up to Paul Walker and saying, ‘You’re beautiful. I hate you.’ hehehe

    Nate–lol Good form.

    Ben–haha That’s probably one of the most interesting things about youtube. It’s like, no one forced you to watch this video, and you didn’t pay for it. So if you don’t like it, then…awesome! No one got hurt, the world is still spinning, and now you can go find a different video that can make you feel good about playing a Bad Monkey. hehehe 😀

    .dP.–great point, brother. When you think about it, how amazing is it how many of the world’s issues would go away if we just simply loved? Crazy to think about.

    Ben G–haha Ya, some of those comments really trip me out. Because, I always thought people who did demo’s with John Petrucci riffs were just showing off. But apparently, that’s how some people actually decide if they like a pedal. hehe I know for me personally, when I’m in a store trying out gear, I play G chord after G chord. hehe A couple riffs to hear dynamics and clarity, a few stacked 7th chords to hear how the notes lie on top of each other, and then, well…more G chords. haha

  6. Nater2–lol It’s probably a good lesson for all of us, especially me……really gotta be careful when you make large, blanket, universal statements. Especially when you type them. Because now you gotta look back on them in 5 years, and hope you still think a new version, stock TS9, is the best pedal ever to be made my mankind. lol

    I have an old blog from about 6 years ago that I accidentally ran across online a few months ago. Didn’t even know it was still up. It will remain secret until the day I die…because there are many, many ‘TS9 is the best pedal ever’ type quotes on there. lol 😀

  7. karl, sorry, i didn’t mean what i said on my comments. now that you are making it public, i will not be critical of your videos anymore 🙂

    let me say this for the record … your videos are AWESOME, dude!!! hehe

  8. I saw this comment on my friend’s video – pretty harsh!
    “mate i don’t mean to be rude, i know you are showing the settings of this unit, but can you actually play the guitar cheers”

    I warned my drummer friend after he started posting videos. It only took him a couple weeks to get what I’ve seen on a bunch of videos – ‘nice playing but you’re not playing it the right way.’

  9. Rhoy–was one of those comments yours?! If so, I’m so sorry! Really hope you’re joking right now. But most of those comments are true anyway. hehehe 😉

    Dan–lol Seriously! Can’t win for losing. Some people say ‘stop showing settings and play!’ while others are saying ‘wait, you didn’t show what happens when you turn the gain knob to 11!’ hehehe Internet rocks.

  10. haha That’s exactly the way I feel, bro, about my own playing. hehe I just had to ask, because I wasn’t sure…besides, I deserve most of those negative comments. Helps ya grow! hehe

  11. i had to share this. i this was a review on guitar center

    “The CS-3 is very ideal for lead players who use distortion, you can turn it on any it will compress all of your low string noise, and give you a pretty hefty treble-boost for a total face melting solos!!! Once you play one, there’s no turning back!!”

  12. Karl,

    You could exercise the option that I’ve seen on other youtube videos, which is to turn off comments. Let’s face it… While a number of folks (like myself and others who frequent GFW) deeply appreciate you taking the time to share what you’re learning about emerging technlogies or techniques. YouTube provides a great vehicle for you to make these videos available in GFW.

    As far as I’m concerned, the fact that these are available for everyone else, they should simply regard that as a ‘free blessing’. If it were me, I turn off the opportunity for folks to add comments at youtube, especially seeing the degree to which it seems like you’re “throwing pearls before swine…” (LOL!).

    Thanks brother!

  13. Hey man, I certainly appreciate your humility and you ability to laugh at yourself…and the ridiculousness of those comments. Keep sharing your insight on gear. I was pretty clueless in this area, but have learned a lot from you, especially your series on tube amps. Thanks!!!!!

  14. Nater2–lol I love that ‘face-melting’ is the sell point. haha That’s awesome, bro! Wow, reading Guitar Center pedal blurbs is intriguing me right now as something to do in my spare time much more than random youtube clips of animals being cute. haha I mean, practicing guitar. 😉

    Mike Oliver–thanks, bro! I might do that, but honestly, I learn so much from criticism…even the ‘not so tactful’ ones. haha Plus, it’s always great entertainment. 😀

    Jonathan M–thanks, bro. Glad they could be of some use. Oh, and what a scary world it would be if we couldn’t laugh at ourselves! hehehe

  15. haha Wow, that’s a great site! I had no idea that’s what this was from. I found it on a message board and assumed the guy who posted it made it. 🙂

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