Damage Control Timeline Review and Demo

I keep getting questions about what the big green pedals on my board are. And since they’re kind of an under-the-radar pedal, I figured I’d give them a review here.

The name of the pedal is the Timeline, by a company called Damage Control. Now, at first I didn’t give this pedal a second thought because, well, it’s called the Damage Control Timeline and it looks like this:

DCTimeline.jpg picture by rypdal95

Now, I have grown to love the look of this pedal because the tone is such that right now, I could not ever picture myself parting with it. (By the way, ‘could not ever picture myself parting with it’ are meaningless words from a guitarist.) But let’s be honest here; it kinda looks like something I could put my GI Joe’s in to drive around………er…… ‘could have put my GI Joe’s in’, when I was a kid, of course. Seriously, I haven’t played with GI Joe’s in years……..legos is a different story. But even the name sounds like a GI Joe vehicle. You know: “Cobra’s gaining on us, boys! Quick, into the Damage Control Timeline!” “But sir! Rampart’s down!” “Rampart? I’m going after him! Cover me! Aaaahhhhhh!” (Uh……sorry, I’m not really sure what’s happening right now……..okay, on with the review.)

So, when I looked at the pedal and heard it’s name, I thought it would probably be very gimicky. But, after trying out the Eventide Timefactor, Boss DD20, TC Nova, all the usual suspects, I finally decided to give the Timeline a try. Now for years I owned the T-rex Replica. Amazing sounding delay, but not a lot of features. I was always searching and trying out delays for one that could match the Replica in sound, but had more features. I had kind of given up hope that it existed (without springing for a $2000 TC2290), until I played the Timeline.

Now, there’s 3 things that set the Timeline apart:

1) Incredible delayed sound quality. Warm and modulated, to crisp and old rackmount, I have yet to hear a delay sound like this. There is depth and weight to the delayed signal. And a ‘grit’ control to take you from the really digitally sounds to the really dirty analog/tape sounds.
2) And this is what made the deal for me–it keeps your dry signal completely untouched. Your dry signal just goes straight through the pedal in bypass mode and effect mode. No processing, no converting, no touching! (No touching!)
3) It has (with external midi pedals) over 1,000 presets. I hook up a Rocktron Midi Mate to it, and it gives me access to 128 presets. I program my whole set list into this thing wherever I play at.

And it has all the usual things, too, that you look for in a multi-delay pedal such as this: tap tempo, delay spillover, modulation, 20 second looper with infinite overdrubs, true bypass (well, I’ve seen it advertised as true bypass, but it does have spillover…..so maybe it’s some crazy new technology, but I’m skeptical. In any event, the tone to my humble ears is completely the same whether the pedal is on or off).

So here’s the videos to give you an idea of what it sounds like and what it’s capable of:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4 (The looper demo. I start by actually looping tracks over each other, then I end with just keeping the record button on and just playing. The pedal records everything I do and keeps it quantized with the original loops. You can also tell that I don’t tap off the first loop perfectly in time; but the pedal quantizes it to tempo quite nicely.)

Video 5 (A loop I recorded and then let play. And I kind of mess with the knobs to show what they do. Pretty simple to use as a looper…..and not bad for a delay pedal. Obviously, if you want to store loops and really record stuff, a dedicated looper is preferable. But this is really cool to have in a delay pedal. I actually use the looper live, as it quantizes very nicely if you have a drummer who has even fairly good time.)

So hopefully those videos give you an idea of the pedal. Like I said, I just completely adore this delay. And the question will be asked about why I have two, and the answer is that I have one for delay sounds, and one for modulation sounds like reverb and chorus, as well as looping. You can also run the delays into each other for some cool stuff. And one of the best features about this delay is that they are so under-the-market-radar right now that you can pick them up used for not much more than you’d spend on a DD20 or DL4. Although, you do have to get an external midi pedal to get the full potential out of this thing.

Now, I have to review the bad about this pedal as well. There’s not much, but they’re important enough to note:

1) It’s ugly. You learn to like the sound of it because it ends up just looking like tone, but it does have a very distinct ‘toy’ look to it.
2) It’s an enormous pedal. It really, really is.
3) It runs on 2 Amps. Yes, that’s right. Amps. Most pedals run at anywhere from 100-200 milliamps. So it definitely needs to run on it’s own factory adapter.
4) For some reason (and this is my only real complaint with the pedal), they decided to put this huge led in the middle of the pedal that they call ‘The Magic Eye’ instead of a beats per minute readout. I could definitely have done with a smaller led to keep track of the tempo, and a digital readout for beats per minute.

But, the pedal sounds so good, is so versatile, and the fact that it’s one of the few multi-delays out there that doesn’t touch your dry signal, it’s absolutely more than worth it for me. But for some people, it admittedly will not be.

So, there’s the review and some demo videos of my new favorite delay pedal. And I do resist the urge each day to dig out my GI Joe’s and take them for a spin in it.


190 thoughts on “Damage Control Timeline Review and Demo

  1. Great post! I’m pretty new to the gear scene. All I use for worship is a PODxt, but posts like this make me want to spend money!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Gosh, you are the delay master. Here I am with my humble Boss DD3, and have to actually “BEND DOWN” and turn knobs for each song. I had thought of buying the DD7 (Hey, i think its awesome) since it has an analog/modulation setting and running them in duo tandem. I mean, Joe Satch has 2 dd3s, one for short, one for long and he is phenomenal, right? heh

    I think we’re back on our discussion of tone vs what we need: I need a versatile, multiple delay with tap temp where I can just click to the next delay for each song, or the long delay for verses, short for chorus. I was thinking the DL4. I mean, DCrowder Band uses it and I loved them live… What do my audience want to hear? (and do they know that analog really is better?) heh..
    Your thoughts/recommendations on my conundrum?

  3. Brent–thanks, bro. All I can say is that, imho, the Timeline is definitely worth the bucks. I actually ran it direct a couple days ago for an acoustic service, and it sounded great and dead quiet. Granted, it won’t have the amp models of your pod, but it’s worth a tryout. 🙂 What styles do you play?

    Les Paul–ha! Nothing wrong with bending down to turn knobs, but I find it hard to do in some passages of songs, especially if you find yourself on vocals as well as guitar. This pedal makes it a lot easier.

    I would definitely recommend this pedal and an external midi pedal for a tap tempo, multi-delay, with presets. It’s obviously digital, but the analog settings are extremely convincing. Your audience will want to hear it, I think. 🙂 Used, you can get the Timeline for around the same ballpark price as the Nova, DD20, or DL4. But you have to factor in an extra $50-$100 for an external midi pedal.

    If that’s not worth it, I would suggest the Boss DD20. I have owned this pedal in the past (mostly for keyboards) and it is a really, really good sounding pedal. And it has 4 presets plus a manual setting, all without an external pedal. The DL4 I like for lo-fi sounds and weird reverby effects (even Johnny Buckland of Coldplay uses one for these type sounds), but I think the DD20 is better in terms of sound quality and usability (the DL4 does not have a dotted eighth option). Also, I’ve heard horror stories of the DL4 breaking down a lot. The Nova gets good reviews, but it does convert your dry signal to digital and the back to analog…..I don’t know if you’re crazy enough like me to be horrified about that. Most pros couldn’t care less, so I guess I’m weird. Other options would be the Eventide Timefactor or the Empress Superdelay, but they are both more expensive and convert your dry signal. I’d go DD20, but that’s just my un-pro opinion. hehe 🙂

    Good times!! Great last post by the way.

  4. in fact, with your delay obsession, i can’t believe you haven’t tried the Analogman analog delay. It is getting killer reviews!

  5. very nice pedal, if not a little big. but it compensates a lot with the sound you can get out of this thing. very cool!

    btw, is there an editor (pc/mac) for this thing or at least a midi sysex dump? just curious 🙂

  6. Les Paul–ya, I used to be completely obsessed with finding the ‘absolute best sounding delay ever’ regardless of functionality. If the Analogman had been out a few years ago, I would have been all over it. But I find these days that I really have few uses for an analog, untimed, and relatively short delay sound; and when I do need that sound, it’s usually during recording, and I just set my Memory Lane to do it. For where I’m at right now, I need things to be able to be timed. hehe But there’s still a part of me that would love to get the Analogman and continue my search for the ultimate ‘delay sound’ without worrying about practicality. And then when I found that delay, I would just set it on my shelf and gaze at it from afar. 🙂

    Rhoy–it is quite big! Unfortunate. And it’s been on my mind for awhile to see if there’s an editor and/or ‘dump’ for it, as it would be nice to have all the patches backed up on a computer in case the pedal ever goes out and I need a new one. But I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I should try soon, though!

  7. You bastard. I just ordered an Eventide TimeFactor after going through a DL4, DD-20, and a Nova Delay! This thing looks like the business, except that you need that external midi pedal to access multiple settings without bending down to tweak knobs.

    What midi pedal are you using and would you recommend (in the $50-$100 range)?

    Is there a more compact midi pedal than what you’re using?

    You are doing nothing to help my G.A.S. problem. I hope you’re prepared to start a support group or something…

  8. Hey Blogsology. Ha! The support group is already created…..it’s called The Gear Page. Oh, wait, I’m not sure that site is going to help any. 😉

    As far as midi pedals go, I’m using the Rocktron Midi Mate for the Timeline in the videos. It’s about $100 used, and it’s really cool because it gives you access to 10 presets at a time because it has ten buttons. Then, hit the cycle button, and you’re up to presets 11-20. And you can name patches. Very functional…..but it is even bigger then the Timeline.

    So for my other Timeline, I would love to use another Rocktron Midi Mate, but I just don’t have the board space. So I use the Tech 21 Midi Mouse. It’s about the size of a Boss pedal sideways. Really simple to use, but you do have to cycle through the patches one at a time, and you can’t name patches. But it’s compact, and functions great.

    And who knows, you might be incredibly happy with the Timefactor. There are a great many guitarists way better than me who love that pedal and don’t hear any of the problems I heard in it. So fwiw, it is a great delay pedal!

  9. Thanks, man. I’ll give the TimeFactor a go – I’ve heard it sounds great in a 2-amp rig, so hopefully it’ll be killer with my modded AC30 and DB13 JRT 9/15.

    Oh yea – I LIVE on The Gear Page!

  10. Wow, nice rig! I’ve heard nothing but the best about the 9/15’s. How’s your AC30 modded?

    And yes, I also am on gearpage way more than I should be. hehe

  11. Sounds great! Hmmmm. I just got my timefactor a few weeks ago so I can still return it for free. I really like the sound of this! But, space and BPM read out are a big deal too. I don’t want to have to sit with a metronom and tap tempos before a set 🙁

  12. Mike–Absolutely. That’s exactly what I do right now….metronome and tap. I’ve been looking into getting a midi clock for it, but then that’s even more space on your board. This pedal is really a toss up between sound and board space. I just happen to be a freak, and will lift a 4 foot pedalboard so I can have the sounds I want. hehe

  13. hey karl, i know that you have two timelines but i did not know that you had 2 Diamond ML’s! WOW! you must have been GAS’ing so much, that’s almost 1000 bucks just for those 2. i have 1 and i wish i can afford to buy the new version with the dotted-8ths. i’m so jealous! 🙂

  14. Ha! Actually, I sold my second Memory Lane to pay for and make space for my second Timeline. (Those looper demo videos are a month or so old, before I sold that Memory Lane and bought the other Timeline.) No, I’d love to just keep closets of pedals……but alas, I must sell some to buy some. hehe

  15. It looks like (from the website) you can access 8 presets without using the MIDI settings. Have you used that feature before, or did you get the MIDI board pretty much immediately?

  16. Hey Ben,

    Ya, without an external midi pedal, you can access 8 of the presets. But they are set up in 4 groups of 2. So you have to reach down and turn the dial to get the next two presets.
    You also lose the ability to tap tempo when you’re on preset mode without a midi pedal. The tap switch becomes the second preset switch.
    So, if you’re not really into tap, and you don’t mind reaching down to get 2 more presets (which some people don’t), then absolutely, you don’t need to have an external midi pedal. I might be able to get along without it, too, but when I heard I could get 128 presets with footswitches, all was lost. I was fully gone! hehe 🙂

  17. The biggest mods to my AC30 is the quad set of Sylvania NOS Baldwin EL84 tubes I have in there. Those and the high-end 12AX7 I’ve got in there totally transformed the tone.

    I switched the speaker to a Weber Blue Dog Alnico, which is a bit creamier and not as harsh as the Celestion can be. It’s all preference but AC30’s are so bright already, have things smoothed off a bit is a good thing in my books.

    I also upgraded the ‘verb tank and the choke (because it was broken – no real tone difference).

  18. Are you still using the Timeline? or did you go back? or elsewhere? Curious… Can’t deal with the Line6 Echo Park… It’s sucking my boutique tone away. It’s the only non-true bypass pedal, and I tried to work with it, but can’t get the right tone with it… Also, can you recommend a midi board with it that isn’t too big… Perhaps a midi mouse?

  19. Jeff–not sure why I didn’t respond to that comment back in September…lol! But I think we were e-mailing at the same time. But, bro, I love your amp setup!! Great tubes, speaker, and amp!

    Skonger–yep, I’m still using the Timeline. Which is weird! I’ve been with for about a year now. That’s a long time for my and gear. hehe And ya, the Echo Park is good, but maybe not great.

    I’ve used the Midi Mouse with the Timeline before, and it does work really well. Not as functional as the Midi Mate, but way more space saving, and it can be powered from the PP2. 🙂

  20. Do you just use your midimate for your 3 DControl pedals? It would be amazing to have a pedal set up so that it sounds analog but with all the beauty that digital gives you with automation… Perhaps one day… I’m having a hard time with the size of the Timeline though… It’s gargantuam. It’ll be $530 as well with a midimouse. How about that Diamond thing you there? Do you like that compared to the Timeline? Seems like you still use it.

    Have you tried the Vox Satriani Time Machine. Seems to sound pretty good with just the delay capability… I don’t know if I would use all the capability of the Timeline… I don’t know if having all those extra effects is a good thing for me. The reason I went to analog is the simplicity and easy tweakability. Digital was just too time consuming. I hated the going into this page and that page, etc. I do enough of that in my real job…

    I want something that has great sound, simplicity, and enough features to do triplet, dotted eight, eight, and quarter delay with tap tempo. The other stuff is not that practical for worship IMHO.

  21. Actually, I use one Midi Mate for each Timeline. The Glass Nexus is currently off my board until I can get another power conditioner. And actually, the Timeline is very user friendly and easy to use…however, for the needs you described, and for the sake of simplicity, the Boss DD20 might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not boutique, but it’s one of the most underrated pedals out right now, in my humble opinion.

    The Diamond Memory Lane is great, but it’s more for ambient soundscape type stuff. It does that really, really well, but it’s a little too warm for some of the intricately timed delay. So I’ve got it on my board for when I need those flavors, and then the Timeline for everything else.

  22. Hey Karl,

    I’ve been researching day and night for the past two weeks to find “that” delay pedal. Awesome sounding, practical, simple to use live on stage but sound over takes the priority above all else for me. I started out with researching the Nova delay and moved on to Timefactor and Empress Super delay, now to the Timeline… They all seem great in their own rights and functionality, but tone sucking, I feel plagues all delays but the Timeline from what i’ve read. In your opinion what are some of the things that led you to Timeline over Timefactor and Super delay pedals? Lastly, could I really go wrong with any of the pedals mentioned above? What would you recomend?


  23. Hey Jonathan,

    Ya, great time to be a delay fanatic! There’s a lot to choose from right now. Honestly, the only thing that led me to the Timeline was that it was the only multi-setting delay I could find that leaves your dry signal completely untouched. All the others convert your dry signal to digital, and then back to analog. Most people say they can’t hear a difference, so maybe it’s just me; but I had the Timefactor for a couple weeks and really, really tried to like it because the delays were great. But in the end, it just effected my dry signal too much. Not lows or highs, but presence; the life was gone.
    So I got the Timeline simply because it was the only one besides the DD20 that kept the dry signal unconverted. And the DD20 was out because I didn’t like what it did to my signal in bypass. And then when I played the Timeline, I was so struck with how beautiful the sounds were, and that I could get 128 presets just by connecting a midi pedal. It was seriously like, bonuses, because I was prepared to stick with an inferior pedal to get my dry signal right. But it ended up just sounding gorgeous! Right now, it’s been over a year since I got my first one, and the honeymoon period is still going, which is very rare for me. 🙂
    So…ya, I like the Timeline! hehe 🙂

  24. Karl, I pulled a trigger on more of a one trick pony… T-Rex Replica. I couldn’t justify pulling close to $500 for delay… Let alone any pedal for that matter.
    I’m hoping this will be enough for me at this point and maybe when your honey moon is over you can let one of your bride (Timeline! I don’t know your wife… Nor do I even know if you are married!) to me, hehe.
    Your blog has been a god-sent for me, so informative and learning so much about gear and tone.

    Thank you!

  25. Jonathan, I appreciate the kind words. And good pull on the Replica. Actually, that’s the delay I played for years. It sounds amazing. I searched for three years while I played that delay for something that had as good of a sound as it did, but also had multiple settings. I finally found it (at least in my humble opinion), in the Timeline. But if you don’t need a bunch of settings, I’d say you’d be hard-pressed to find a better sounding delay than the Replica. 🙂 Props!!

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  27. Hey I just got the Rocktron midi mate for my timeline. But I can’t figure out how to store settings. Is there a simple way to save settings?


  28. J–it’s actually really, really simple. So simple that when I first did it, I thought I was doing it wrong. Just plug the Midi Mate into the Timeline’s midi in. Then, set the Timeline to a sound you like and want to save. Then, press the top center button on the Timeline (the settings knob). Now you have 30 seconds to save the settings. And all you do to save them, is press the number on the Midi Mate that you want them saved to. For instance, if you’re in the first bank, pressing the center knob on the Timeline, and then pressing 8 on the Midi Mate, writes the current settings to patch 8. Or, press the center knob on the Timeline, and then press ‘2nd’ on the Midi Mate to scroll through the banks. Go to bank 20-29, press 8, and now the settings are saved under patch 28. 🙂 Let me know if that helps!

  29. Haha, wow that was simple! Man I feel like an idiot. I was going about it every other way possible. Thanks for the help. Now I need to go pull my guitar out of my amp haha.


  30. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person I’ve explained this to that didn’t get it at first because it seemed ‘too simple.’ And one of those people was me. 😉 I guess we hear ‘midi’ and ‘128 presets’ and think it must be way more complicated then it is. But Damage Control did a great job making it user friendly. 🙂 Hope you get some killer patches written, brother!

  31. You can order directly from Damage Control at damagecontrolusa.com , or you can try your luck at a better price by finding them used on e-bay of Gear Page. And actually, last I checked there was one for trade over at Harmony Central. Hope that helps! 🙂

  32. I actually was going to buy the Timeline because I need to send my Replica back to the homeland of Denmark but I think Karl took the last two left! because these aren’t available any more, any where. HAHA

  33. Wow! I didn’t know they ran out again! Check out their facebook site…there’s a link to it at the bottom of their main site. There’s a reply to a comment from July 3rd saying they are currently in the process of building more Timelines. And when I spoked to them a few months ago about the Nexus, they said there were some ‘cool things in store’…so maybe they’re running behind because they’re working on new stuff? I’m stoked for that! But hopefully they’ll get some more Timelines soon! I was lucky enough to get mine before they were very popular, but sometimes I do think of getting a third……just kidding……maybe…hehe

  34. hehe 😉 Nah, I couldn’t do that until they become readily available again. It’s just one of those pedals that sounds so good, you gotta have it…and then you remember you already have it. hehe

  35. Definitely a Replica and a Timeline. Two Replica’s is cool, but you still don’t get modulation, reverse delay, or presets. A Replica and a Timeline might be pretty stellar!!

  36. Karl,

    Just finished watching the YouTube demos of the Timeline. Unreal! I’ve had a Nova almost since they first came out and have always been happy with it…until today!

    Since you’ve also tried the TimeFactor out, I thought I would ask if the type of patches you demo’ed, specifically the more ethereal, ambient stuff (but also the trippy decays, etc.) are possible with the TimeFactor. I’m really close to pulling the trigger on the Timeline, but feel like I should look into the TimeFactor also due to size and power differences (and the fact that Damage Control seems like it could go out of business at any time).

    Also, with the Timeline is there expression pedal capabilities via midi? Is the midi clock function one that you’ve tried (I often play to a click so when setting up standard patches, exact BPM sync is very important to me)?

    Thanks, I’ve really enjoyed reading your site!


    – Brendan

  37. Hi guys,

    I have a timeline and a FCB1010 controller.
    I know how I can set up midi patches with the controller but I want to take it to the next level.
    I use mainstage 2 for my live work and I was wondering how you can program program changes so when I switch a songpatch in Mainstage with my fcb 1010, maistage sends a program change to the timeline for the correct patch.

    Can it be done??



  38. Hey, Karel. I’m pretty sure that can be done. You’d have to get a midi router so that you could double your send signals. But after that, as long as the program change message from Mainstage is on midi channel 1, it should change the Timeline’s patch as well. If it’s not on midi channel 1, you might have to look into some midi router that will actually change midi channels on the route going to the Timeline.

    Hope that helps! Cheers!

  39. Hey fantastic sound.

    Love the fact that this is has midi.

    But is that Rocktron Midi Mate dedicated to that pedal alone?

    I love the ability to have presets, but that is a lot of pedal board for one pedal.

    Great demo!


  40. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

    However, yes, that Midi Mate is just for the Timeline. Takes up tons of pedalboard space. However, the Timeline will change presets just fine with a smaller midi pedal, like the Tech 21 Midi Mouse. The only reason I went with the huge Midi Mate, is that I really liked the ability to name the patches. So I just deal with the immense hugeness. lol

  41. hey karl

    how are you powering the timeline? i have a pedalpower 2 and i don’t know if i should just get a power strip and plug it into the courtesy jack of the pedal power 2 so as to power this voltage glutten.

    i’m bad with electronics, so i don’t really know what is good and bad for my tone electical wise

    what do you suggest?


  42. Leeus–Check Damage Control’s facebook page. They should be manufacturing some more, but it has been slow going. But all the updates usually come on that page if there is any. 🙂

    Anonymous–The Timeline draws 2 amps of power, almost like an amplifier. And the courtesy outlet of the PP2 says not to plug amps into it. So, it might be okay, but I’ve never risked it. I use a separate power conditioner for my Timelines. Might be excessive, but it works for me. Just a regular surge protector should be fine, too. Cheers! 🙂

  43. hello, i am the poster formerly known as “anonymous” 🙂 forgot to put a name in

    anyways, karl, could you tell me a good power conditioner? i am under the understanding that a good one has to have isolated outlets to stop cross talk. yet i don’t know which ones are of this type of quality. any suggestions?

  44. haha That’s rad.

    I’m using the Furman Power Factor Pro. Really does a good job of lowering the noise floor, for all my gear. However, it does not have isolated outputs. The only one I know of that has truly isolated outputs is the Furman IT-20; but it’s $1200 and 85 pounds. Yikes. Eventually, you’re right…I think isolated outputs is the way to go. I just can’t swing that yet! haha And the Power Factor Pro seems to do a decent job.

  45. Yep! Actually for me, I mounted it on my board. So I’ve got my amp power running to it on the board, and then my PP2 and all my AC powered pedals running out of its different outlets. Does a really good job. 🙂

  46. Karl … thanks for your great indepth review! You should really be getting commission on all the Timeline sales you’re generating.

    I’m waiting for the next batch myself.

    Do you know if it’s possible to setup the tap tempo to be controlled by the MidiMate?

  47. Thanks, Mark! And I have not set up the Midi Mate to do tap tempo, but according to the manual, it is possible. I think you just lose some of the patch-changing functionality. 🙂

  48. Mark, I just saw that and was just about to post the PSA here! But I don’t need to now. Thanks, brother! There’s gonna be some really happy guitarists out there!

  49. hey man, i’m a delay nut, let me tell you – this has to be the most incredible sounding delay i’ve heard thanks to your demos. when they first came out i was really impressed with the initials demos. now that i’ve seen it paired up with the midi mate, wow, what a combo for a gigging guitarist.

    but that sound, nothing sounds like the timeline, its pure heaven in my mind. i’ve been toying with the timefactor but its just not full enough in the mix, i’m a big modulation delay kind of guy and i think the timefactor doesn’t do a great job in that area. the nova delay is definately close to the timeline but i’d say at this point for feel and tone and prstineness …according to your demos and what i like personally, the timeline is going to be bought by me.

  50. Jay, I totally agree. The Timeline is in a class that only $1K+ rackmount delays may be in. The T-Rex Replica is close, but it doesn’t have modulation or presets. I think you’re going to absolutely love it! 🙂 And now that they have them back in stock, you actually ‘can’ love it! hehe Cheers, bro!

  51. Hey this is jay again, i read on the rocktron midi mate that you can plug an exp pedal say a Roland ev5 straight into it on the back, can you set up something to control a parameter in real time on the timeline using this feature through the rocktron?

  52. Love the review and demo of this pedal. In fact, I was inspired by it so much I decided to sell my DL4 and upgrade to the Timeline and the Midi Mate to boot.

    I am having some problems getting the Midi Mate setup though. After reading through the manual most everything makes sense but I cannot seem to figure out how to store settings from my Timeline into the Midi Mate.

    Have any suggestions? What is the order you go about to assign presets to the Midi Mate? Thanks!

  53. Hey Drew, congrats on the Timeline! Actually, the Timeline makes it so easy to store settings, that it actually becomes more difficult because you think it can’t be that easy. hehe

    First, make sure your Midi Mate is set to channel 1. Hit 2nd, then ‘5’ until it scrolls ‘Midi Channels’, and then make sure it is on ‘1’. Then hit ‘2nd’ again. Then, get a sound you like out of the Timeline. Now push down the middle knob on the Timeline. Now hit the number on the Midi Mate where you want the setting to be saved. And there ya go! They’re now saved under that number.

    Hope that helps! Cheers!

    • Wow. So seriously you totally saved my butt. I had to lead worship and was able to dial in my sounds just in time thanks to the advice you gave. And I don’t think my delay tone has ever been so spectacular! Simply awesome.

      I had one more question for ya. I have been trying to nail down that killer swell sound you had in your demo video. Tried and tried but had no luck for tonight’s worship set. By any chance do you happen know what the settings for that sound was?

      Thanks again Karl!

  54. Right on! I’m stoked you got it working.

    As for the swell settings, it’s something like:

    Type: Long
    Time: 1-2 o’clock
    Repeats: 4-5 o’clock
    Mix: 12-1 o’clock
    Mod depth: 2 o’clock
    Mod speed: 7-8 o’clock
    Filter: 11 o’clock
    Smear: 3-4 o’clock

    🙂 That should get you close, and then you can fine tune it for your particular rig. Have a great evening!

  55. Hey Karl,

    you may not remember me, but you played a gig with Jeff Johnson @ Calvary Chapel San Jacinto back in March of this year. I just have to say that thanks to your website and demos of the timeline, I am convinced that this is the end of journey that I have had for sometime. I maybe won’t get as technical as you have gone with it, but literally every demo I have listened to of this pedal, leaves me in awe of the quality of tone. So just for the record when my wife says “You spent how much for a pedal?” I will say in one brief word…’Karl’, and walk away.

    Thanks for the pursuit of sweet tone!


  56. Hey Beau! Ya, I totally remember. Nice to talk with you again! Man, I hate to continue to be a bad influence, lol, but I must say that you’ll love the Timeline! 🙂

    How’s everything going with the tone journey, and with Calvary San Jacinto?

    Cheers, brother!

  57. Thanks Karl, everything is well. I have learned to be wise now in my decision making of purchasing new gear…:) Yeah, right!

    I thought for a while there that it was more about using 20 effects at once to achieve the sweet tone I keep looking for, but now have realized that I really want quality and not quantitiy.

    Things are good at church, and the Lord in the contiued focal point.

    Thanks for taking the time to invest so much of your passion for great tone to encourage the rest of us,


  58. Right on, Beau. Great to hear that everything is going so well! And I love what you said about quality over quantity. Awesome stuff.

    …And especially if you have a huge quantity of quality stuff! 😉 hehehe Just kidding.

  59. This is a great site. Tons of info for everyone. Thanks for all this effort. Was looking for your “How to” video on setting the Timeline Can you give me the link

  60. Karl, i just saw 2 of your vids after reading your very entertaining article: “…Tone is in your hands?” i’m wondering if u could give time approximations ( settings ) for what u call “dotted eigths”. U mentioned this near the end of your Damage Control demo vid. i’ve heard Lincoln Brewster and of course, Edge use similar settings which for me have been most closely approximated using dual delays. i also saw a title regarding something about “…delay and everything will be okay”. That’s probably me – lol. i plan on watching that next. i’m also big on swells and the textural stuff that Desperation Band and Hillsong United pulloff. Keep doing what u do brother.

    PraySing Him!

  61. A dotted note is the value of the not plus a half for example, if an eighth note has a value of 1/2 a beat then the value of a dotted eighth note will be 3/4 of a beat. Adding the extra half to the original value allows for the delayed notes to fall between beats instead of on the beats giving a somewhat “rhythmic” sound to the delayed passages.

  62. David Josiah–sweet! I agree…delay just makes everything that much better! haha As for dotted eighths, Sam just gave a great description. And this post has some videos of them:


    I use them in the first 3 sections, but mostly in the third. 🙂 Hope that helps, and let me know if it doesn’t…I’ll try to explain it better! 🙂 Cheers!

    Sam–well done, my friend! 🙂

  63. Karl,

    I think I finally scored a timeline off of a member at TGP site. Now I will have that Timeline/Replica dual delay going! I’m so excited. I was just here the listen to your demos again and couldn’t resist leaving a comment. hehe.

  64. Karl,

    I have a question and your honest opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    So I just received my timeline from the seller yesterday via USPS. As I open up the box I notice just a thin top layer of popcorn packaging to cover up the box and since the box fit inside the packaging box perfectly there were no popcorn to be filled on the sides, therefor no protection. And on the bottom, barely any popcorn… All of my excitement was gone and replaced with disappointment and worry that it may possibly have been damaged. If not now, maybe possibly in the future. I’m just a paranoid person I guess.

    I’m sure you’ve done your share of buying and packaging pedals to sell on TGP, and with your expertise on pedals, do you think I should just be rest assured? That there wouldn’t have been any damage since this thing is built like a tank? I just was very disappointed that the person who I spent nearly $400 on a pedal didn’t even go through the steps to package it well. I remember receiving a repaired Replica from Lars at T-Rex, how huge the packaging box was with my Replica box swimming in packaging popcorn.

    I guess on the bright side, I should be glad that Damage Control is located here in CA. Less shipping cost if I have to send it in for repair.

  65. You know, that’s actually how Damage Control sends out their pedals directly from their shop. In that tight-fitting box that wraps around the pedal box, with just one layer of bubble wrap on top. I think the protection comes from the super-good bracing the pedal rides in within it’s box. But I know…first time I got one like that, used, I was a little wary. And then I got a different pedal directly from DC, and was like, ‘Oh.’ Guess that’s how they do it. But for what it’s worth, I’ve had 5 (I know, I know), of their pedals shipped to me and never had a problem.

    Hope yours is okay, and that you totally dig the sound!! 🙂

  66. Wow, can’t believe that’s how they send it out. Well I was able to test out the electronics at work and it lights up fine and the “magic eye” blinks according to the tempo it seem. I have yet to plug it in so I’ll see tonight if it works fine. I sure hope so.

    Regarding the pedal itself…

    I am looking into purchasing a midi control later on but as for now, are the presets pretty easy to toggle through in live situations?

  67. Actually, you really need a midi controller with it. Without the midi controller, you get 8 presets, only 2 of which you can switch with your foot, and you lose tap tempo when you’re in preset mode.

    But with a midi controller, even a cheap $45 Tech 21 Midi Mouse, you now get 128 presets, all of them accessible via footswitch, and you can switch presets without losing the ability to tap tempo. So, this pedal was really designed to have a midi pedal hooked into it. 🙂

    Hope that helps. Glad it appears to be working!

  68. oh one other question. Does Midi Mate or Midi Mouse allow you to tap-tempo from the controller itself? Or only from the TimeLine tap-tempo foot-switch?

  69. Karl,

    When you change the presets does the tempo reset? Therefor having to tap in the tempo again?

    I heard about this issue with the Timeline…

  70. Hey Karl,
    Just got my timeline, i was tracking in the studio lastnight so i didn’t have too much time with it. Do you run yours in the efx loops on your amps? I didn’t try this yet but justwent straight in with it and wasn’t really noticing a difference in the sound when i messed with the grit and smear knobs. I hope my unit isn’t defective but i wasn’t able to get those cool grit sounds on the echo like on all of the online videos that show it. Any help would be great.

  71. Jonathan–the Midi Mate states that it will allow you tap tempo. I just don’t want to give up a switch for that, so I leave the tap tempo to be set by the switch on the Timeline. But I believe it can be done.

    As for global tempo, I do not believe the Timeline has it. But check the manual, because there may be a way to set it…but I don’t think so. Each patch has its own tempo. Which actually helps me, because a lot of the time we’re on a click, so I just pre-program the tempos, and then when I switch to the patch for the next song, the new tempo is already written, rather than the global tempo getting in the way. But that’s just me. It’d be killer if it actually had a footswitch that would set whatever tempo you are currently at, to the global tempo for all the patches. Then, by hitting that switch again, it’d go back to the written tempos. hehe I don’t know if that’s even possible. But it’d be cool!

    Jay–hmm. That’s weird. The grit knob should make so much of a difference that it almost makes the Timeline unusable when it’s turned all the way up. Maybe the tubes need to be changed. Or perhaps the mix was too low? I’m not sure. But ya, I do run mine out in front of the amp, and the grit and smear knobs should make a very noticeable difference.


  72. Just so everyone knows i got some time in with the Timeline. this thing is really unique and actually USES the feedback control. I think this was the reason i was having trouble earlier. Its hard to get the sounds you hear on most of the online videos with the feedback below 11:00 (as far as the grit and sweet modulation of the repeats).

    Each knob on the Timeline is very – VERY interactive with one another but it isn’t difficult to find a great sound right of.

    I will say that i still love the modulation (chorus) on the t.c. stuff like the nova delay the best out of everything i’ve tried (nova, timeline, dd20, timefactor, dl4, and superdelay)
    of course, its an instant U2.

    But in some strange way this setting on the timeline sounds better and more real, so i will probably grow to love it more than the cheap ole’ nova (chuckle chuckle).

    I can definately see why people are moving to this delay especially with the midi capability. although i don’t have the midi control yet, this is one of those units that can get you by for just about all of your delay needs.
    I thought this way about the dd-20 when i used it for 5 years out on the road and in churches. Then about 2 years ago obviously the mega delays started coming out.

    I still have yet to try it in my efx loop, but i’m kind of shying away from that these days anyway.

    So, i also got the liquid blues in with the timeline, it to is incredible. Its like no other drive pedal in its functionality and the controls it has, just like the timeline are sensibly placed for a working musician to really fine tune your sound. But again, not so many that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed.


  73. Great review! And glad it’s working out for you bro. I agree, the modulation is different than most delays…much more like real modulation, as opposed to delay modulation. I dig it. If you turn the speed up though, you can get it to sound more like a classic digital delay modulation.

    And I agree on the Liquid Blues! Very cool pedal, and very well-thought out, especially with the compression control. 🙂

  74. Karl,

    Do you mind sharing some settings you have for the dotted 8th presets? I tried the timeline out for the first time over this weekend and I can understand why you love it so much. As I was just blown away at the quality of the delays and tone control you have with all the tweeks available.

    It was hard for me to tweek to that U2 style dotted 8th setting. So if you don’t mind sharing some of the settings you have on your timeline, it’d be great.

    Thank you so much!

  75. Sure. They’ll be slightly different depending on the amp and guitar used, but here’s two of my basic dotted 8th setups:

    D8’s base:

    Selector: D8’s
    Repeats: 11 o’clock
    Time: tap tempo
    Grit: 10 o’clock
    Mix: noon to 1 o’clock
    Filter: 8 o’clock
    Smear: 10-11 o’clock
    Mod speed: 8 o’clock, maybe lower
    Mod depth: noon-1 o’clock

    D8’s with more U2ish modulation:

    Selector: D8’s
    Repeats: 11 o’clock
    Time: tap tempo
    Grit: 10 o’clock
    Mix: noon to 1 o’clock
    Filter: 8 o’clock
    Smear: 11 o’clock to noon
    Mod speed: 10-11 o’clock
    Mod depth: 3 o’clock

    Hope that helps a bit!

  76. WOW!

    Along with the dotted 8th settings you just gave me and the Multi mode… I can not believe how good it sounds!!!!

    The replica has taken a back seat now…

  77. The cool thing is, I decided on the replica after watching one of your videos on youtube Karl and it’s all of your vids featuring the timeline that make me want one.

  78. Sam,

    Yeah tell me about it. I hope Karl doesn’t go find any newer, better, tonier, delays any more. This site is up there next to TGP site on my GAS issues.

    But Karl is the MAN!

  79. Hey Karl, quick moment of your time. I now have 4 different pedals that require huge power supplies to them. My pedal board, cannot handle anymore walwarts, and I was interested to know what you use to power so many pedals? I am going to build my own board, but the power is where I need help. BTW I picked up the Liquid Blues, and that is one sweet pedal! But it also takes up alot of real estate. Anyways, I bet Damage Control’s sales went thru the roof with all your demos sucking in more tone freaks! Ha, thanks for the insightful tips.

  80. Sam–Nice. Both killer sounding pedals. It took me so long to find a delay that sounded like the Replica, but had more features. Finally found it in the Timeline! If the Replica had had more features though, I never would have even started looking. Great pedal!

    Jonathan–thanks for the kind words, my friend. And if this site has caused anyone to buy more gear, than I have done my job. 😉 hehehe

    Beau–great question. I have a lot of AC-powered pedals on my board also. I actually have a rackmount power conditioner on my board, into which I plug all my AC pedals. Makes my board crazy heavy, but it does a great job giving everything clean power, the full power it needs, and quiet power. 🙂 They also make them in a pedal form, but with fewer outlets. It’s called the Furman Power Factor Pro.

  81. I took the damage control pedals into the studio lastnight. I’ve only ever had a couple of pedals that sound better recorded than in person, the timeline and liquid blues are now on that list. Especially the timeline. During playback its like i was hearing heaven, it sounded incredible compared to what i thought i had been hearing. Wow.
    The modulation really comes through on the recording i made, best .8th sound i’ve ever got.

    The liquid blues was so clear yet so full (i was playing a strat) that i was really 100% pleased with my recorded tone as it sat in the mix. I’m telling you, these damage control pedals are really unique and worth the investment

  82. Right on, bro! Ya, seriously incredible pedals. Owning the Timeline’s has been almost a sadness for me, because I love shopping for new delay sounds. But since I’ve gotten those, I just plain haven’t. There’s no need. 🙂

  83. Thanks heaps for this review.
    I hadn’t even considered the timeline.
    I’m still tossing up between it, the super delay, and the time factor.
    I’m finding it pretty hard to get over the cosmetics of the thing.
    Is it definitely worth the scorn from the other guitarists at band practice? haha

  84. haha Totally worth the scorn! You can just scorn them back because their Timefactor and Super Delay digitize the dry signal. hehehe 😉

    But in the end, if you don’t hear a difference in your dry tone when playing the Super Delay, it’s a great pedal and does look cooler. hehe I just personally have yet to find anything that sounds as good as the Timeline with as much versatility. The Moollon and the Replica are close, but don’t have nearly the features.

    Hope that helps a bit! 🙂

  85. Karl,

    Help! i need a demo on how to set up/use the rocktron midimate with the timeline…im clueless man…bought an older model one and i cant figure out midi to save my life..



  86. Hey Cory,

    The main thing is to make sure your Midi Mate is on Midi Channel 1. To do this, hit the ‘2nd’ button, and then the ‘6’ button twice. This should scroll ‘Midi Channels’ across the display. Then, scroll through the 128 presets using the ‘2’ and ‘3’ buttons. Each preset should say ‘S1CH 1.’ If it says a different number, use the ‘0’ and ‘1’ buttons to get it back to 1. Secondly, make sure you push your access button so that the red light is on ‘Bank.’
    Now, with the Midi Mate connected to the Timeline, get some settings on the Timeline you like. Now, push the center switcher knob on the Timeline down. Now, you have 30 seconds to write the patch. Just hit the numbered switch on the Midi Mate you want to write the patch to. And voila! It’s saved there. Now, if you want to write it to 39, instead of 9, push the center switcher on the Timeline down, then hit the ‘2nd’ button on the Midi Mate. Now scroll up with the ‘1’ button until you get to the 30’s bank. Then hit ‘9’. Now it is saved to 39. 🙂

    Hope that helps!

  87. Karl,

    Have you had this issue?

    I set knobs and mix to my liking and when I save on to the midimate instantly the mix level is higher and not what I set it to. I keep repeating the steps but the mix is different then what I set it to.

    Any thoughts?

  88. Hmm…I know sometimes on these pedals with presets, you have to really reset all the knobs for them to register the changes. Try turning the mix knob at least a good quarter turn away from your desired setting, and then turn it back. Then write the patch.

    If it’s still doing it, check to see if the Midi Mate is sending messages at all. Turn all the knobs on the Timeline to a really extreme setting. Then try to write that patch. If it reverts back to a normal delay sound, then your Midi Mate isn’t sending the correct message, and none of your settings are being saved. If that’s the case, first make sure your midi cable is functional. Secondly, make sure your Midi Mate is set to channel 1 on all patches, using the steps I just described to Cory in the comment above.

    Lastly, there is a feature on the Midi Mate that allows you to assign certain patches to other patches. For instance, you can have every ‘4’ button call up patch ‘4.’ So that no matter what bank of 10 patches you are in, hitting the ‘4’ button is no longer ’34’ or ’54’, but it will always call up ‘4’ so that you always have that sound available no matter where you’re at. That’s just one example. You can do this arbitrarily with whatever patches you want. However, that also means that any patch set to another patch will no longer write. So, it’s possible that some of these are ‘on.’ Hit the ‘2nd’ button, and then the ‘5’ button. ‘Programmable patch changes’ should scroll across the screen. Now, using the ‘2’ and ‘3’ buttons, scroll through all 128 presets, and make sure they are all set to ‘OFF.’ If some are not, scroll them into the ‘OFF’ position using the ‘0’ and ‘1’ buttons.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if it doesn’t work. Cheers!

  89. Karl,

    Weird thing I noticed was right after I save my settings the mix level is a lot higher like the repeats are louder than I wanted to be, but when I go to another preset and come back to it, it’s back to where I want it to be…

    Eh… should I start over and erase all settings or something? I hope my Timeline isn’t defective?

  90. Hmm…that happens to me every once in a while as soon as I write the patch if I am playing while I write it. But after the first loud repeat, it’s fine. Boy, I don’t know what’s going on with yours. You might want to contact Damage Control. They’re really good about taking care of their customers.

  91. Yeah I think I’ll just live with it since it goes back to normal once I toggle around the presets…

    I contacted a tech support from Rocktron but he didn’t know what he was talking about… He said I didn’t need to press anything on MidiMate side to store anything. “!”…. “Umm, how am I supposed to then store it to the preset I want to store on the MidiMate?”

    I guess I should contact Damage Control and see what they say. Thank you Karl, always!

  92. Besides the little issue I have, when it’s all said and done (after praise practice last night) Timeline is the most awesome delay ever, especially paired with the Replica(always on with brown switch engaged feeding it to Timeline). We were doing Crowder style Doxology (Tim pedal engaged with galloping long repeats) and wow! Oh yeah, almost forgot, can’t forget what Herdim picks do.

    With Midimate so many delay presets are available with couple clicks. I just can’t get enough of this pedal. I think I am done with the quest for tone (at least on the delay side). This pedal is just so awesome!

  93. My thoughts exactly! It’s almost been a little sad, because I used to love the delay search so much. And now it’s been 2 years, and I’m still totally stoked on the Timeline.

  94. I’m so close to buying this pedal.
    My nova’s almost sold and I’m just doing a final think through my options.
    What’s the deal with the tubes? Are they gonna need replacing after a while? and is that hard to do?

  95. The tubes do need replacing every couple years with constant playing. But it’s really easy. You just unscrew the backplate and take them out, and pop the new ones in. The Timeline kind of runs close to amp voltage though, so make sure not to touch anything on the circuit board. That’s probably alarmist, but just in case. Or contact Damage Control. 🙂 I’ve changed the tubes though in mine, without any problems.

    And the modulation is incredible. It can go from warm and washy all the way to crisp and Korg SDD-3000-like.

  96. Jacob,

    This thing is tweak-able to every aspect of what delay pedal does and more, ie Mod setting. I’ve yet hear anyone not liking the sound and I am sure you will love it.

  97. alright.
    I’ve just got to offload my GT10 (which is almost done, thank goodness) and I should be placing an order in for this bad boy.
    What’s a good midi controller to get as well? I probably don’t need a huge one.

  98. Also Karl… I was thinking of sending you an email but I’l just say it here.
    I absolutely adore your blog. Thanks so much for it. It’s so nice to have guitar information so well presented. Also I enjoy your writing thoroughly. I think I’d probably keep reading this blog even if it had nothing to do with guitar.
    So yeah… thanks 🙂

  99. Jacob, thanks for the kind words. I honestly really, really appreciate the encouragement. I currently use the Rocktron Midi Mate for the Timeline, and I love it! The Tech 21 Midi Mouse also works very well. Not as much functionality, but much smaller. 🙂 Both work great, just depends on your needs.

  100. P.s. You don’t know of anyone selling a Midi Mouse do you?
    I’m having a tough time finding one I can get sent to Australia.

  101. Karl,
    it’s done… I just ordered it.
    haha. You’re one convincing person.
    When I stumbled upon this blog I barely even thought Damage Control’s stuff was worth considering.
    Now I just have to wait the annoying 2+ weeks for it to get here.

  102. Jacob–no worries at all! I absolutely enjoy sharing the love that is this wonderful pedal. 🙂

    Hippie Killer–right on! Stoked to hear that. It’s a wonderful pedal.

  103. Thanks for comprehensive and informative Timeline info and demos. Got a chance to buy (a new) one for 250€ which eventually landed on my floor after some testing in store and even more reading and watching and learning here.

    Excellent gear indeed.

    Now GASing for decent DI/preamp – but that’s another story.

  104. Karl…

    got another question for you.

    I’m still loving the timeline but one thing that is frustrating me is the switches. They’re pretty stiff and take a fair bit of force to switch on/tap tempo.
    This is slightly problematic when tapping in delay tempo’s in quiet parts of song… e.g. song transitions in worship.
    Is their some way I could fix this? How hard would it be to replace the switches?

  105. hehe You know, mine seem rather quiet compared to most true bypass pedals. But ya, I suppose they still are pretty loud. If you look in the Midi Mate and Timeline manuals, there is a way to set up the Timeline to do tap tempo and on/off via the Midi Mate. I’ve never done it, so I don’t know how to do it off the top of my head. But I’ll try to look into it. 🙂

  106. Picked up a used Rocktron Xchange for 35€ (and a 4€ euro MIDI cable) and is now programming like mad. Lots of pedal stomping involved but it does its job just fine.

    Still slightly annoying those 2 or 3 buttons weren’t fitted into the DM by default but anyways. There’s a nice expression pedal input on the xchange, might be useful later for some parameters, guessing feedback would be the obvious assignment.

    Still exploring this impressive unit, lot’s of fun coming up for sure

  107. ..actually…went to primary MIDI school last night for a few hours and managed to map rotary knobs on a Axiom 49 as an external controller. Not super necessary but it do get you knobs at desk height for convenient editing and keeps the DM and tap tempo on the floor

    Next class:
    – how to map Encoder switch to one (or more) button(s)
    – navigate presets from the Axiom display
    – avoid delay disabling when changing/recalling Axiom

  108. MIDI is freaking killing me. Am reading manuals as thorough as lawyers reads the law but still struggling.

    Gave up on tap tempo either as MIDI note on/off or CC38* and it’s nevertheless more practical to foot-tap it anyways.

    Last hurdle is to assign Axiom controllers to act the same way as the program change buttons on the Xchange (/midimate/midi mouse/x unit)

    You may have been programming your Midi Mate for that and for bank switching also?


  109. Yes, I did! It works great! I’ve got patches now written where the expression pedal is assigned to control a different knob on each patch. Really cool stuff. 🙂

  110. Band practice last night…

    Not sure if you’d have an answer to this but any thoughts will get me going or moving toward the right direction. Thank you in advance Karl!

    We were doing a song called Hosanna by Paul Baloche last night and I decided to be creative and put my $500+ Timeline (with the midimate) to good use and also put it to the test. I incorporated the intro riff that the Edge does on their song Bad to it. When I did this at home on my Fender Champion 600 practice amp the repeats were good and I was able to hear that overlapping repeats with multi delay setting. But last night, With the whole band I was not able to distinctively hear and make out the overlapping delay, it just sounded like all the repeated delays were meshed into one crazy swelling effect. I made sure my settings had zero grit, filter and smear. Now that I think about it, I have my TRex replica always on with brown switch engaged, perhaps this might make the repeats sound all dark and meshed up?

    I’m at a lost here…

  111. Karl,

    I’ve heard you talking about Power conditioners etc.
    I don’t know much about this…
    The timeline causes a bit of buzz from my amp (even when not in the effects chain) that only disappears when I turn it off (kind of like how you can get interference from a television/light…)
    What is a power conditioner? and could it help solve this problem? (or is there anything else that would?)

  112. Also…
    another unrelated question…
    most of the guys at my church are using mxr micro amps or MI boost and buffs in their chains and running them all the time “to enhance their tone”.
    I was wondering if you could explain how this works and why people do this?
    To me it sounds like they’re just using them to push their amps into a bit more boost. Which makes me think wouldn’t you get the same effect from running your amp a bit hotter?
    I’m just curious, because I bought a Katana, and for some reason it doesn’t make that much of a difference for me.

    Thanks heaps.

  113. Jonathan–the Replica being on, especially if it wasn’t set to tempo, could definitely have messed it up. The other thing is, stuff always sounds different live, than in the bedroom. I’ve done the exact same things and gotten the perfect sounds at home, only to have to totally re-tweak them when playing with a band.

    Hope that helps a bit!

    Jacob–a power conditioner might definitely help that. My Timeline’s are almost dead quiet, except on crazy extreme settings. A power conditioner just cleans and regulates the power, making things safer, quieter, and more efficient. The cheapest one that actually works is the Furman Power Factor Pro, and it’s also the one I’m currently using. 🙂

    And about the clean boosts, you’re dead on. I never understand how a $50 pedal is going to make your $1,000 amp sound better. Like you said, just turn your amp up. hehe I’m not a big ‘always on clean boost’ guy. However, a buffer, that pushes your signal through your chain and preventing a loss of feel, dynamics, and vocal range, can be a very good thing. 🙂

  114. Hmm, yeah Replica was what I was thinking as well… So, I turned the replica off during the faster songs where I needed crisper repeats and on the timeline I increased to repeats just one more and increased the mix a bit more as well. I think the repeats came out more noticeable like the U2’s Bad.

  115. Awesome. Ya, the different frequencies of the band can drown out some definition in individual instruments. Sometimes different rooms, too. haha Sound keeps you on your toes, I guess. 🙂

  116. Karl/Jacob

    The JHS guys have what looks to be a pretty nice buffer that is pretty reasonably priced. I’ll probably be adding one soon.

  117. J–I used JJ 12AX7’s, and am loving them. 🙂

    Craig–very cool! Maybe I’ll test it against the Valvulator. JHS seems like a killer company!

  118. Karl,

    It doesn’t have tubes so it will probably lose your test, but for $45.00 or so it seems like a great deal. They seem like they are really serious about tone and that they aren’t going to put out anything that doesn’t sound good. I almost ordered one of their clean boost pedals (my BBE was taking up too much, of my limited board space) but it was a little more than I could justify right now. Especially since I’m probably going to have my OD modded after they return my Vox. Although I’m mostly true bypass, and am not running nearly as much stuff as you are (not many are) I am thinking that the buffer will probably be a part of my next order. They do seem like great folks, I’ve gotten to e mail back and forth about some stuff, and they really seem like they are doing things right. I’ll be interested in hearing if you ever ask about re casing your POG.

  119. Very cool. I’d still like to try it out. And which od are you modding now? 🙂

    I did email JHS about the POG. Just waiting to hear back. If it gets close to $100 though, it’d be more worth it for me to just sell my POG and use that extra $100 to buy the smaller and more versatile POG2.

  120. I’ve got a Visual Sound Double Trouble, which is their two of their TS clones in one housing. Which makes it nice to stack and really versatile. The JHS folks will do a different one of theis “normal” TS mods to each side for about $60.00. Should be a nice change, and add character. Their prices seem pretty reasonable from what I have seen, so maybe they’ll get you in the right range on the POG.

    • Demoed the Micro POD or whatever it is called, cool pedal, but I can’t see any place where I would actually use it.

  121. Karl,…and others,

    My Timeline in my Pedaltrain Pedal board PT1 is bit tall.
    I have to push the hard shell case to latch it.

    How are you guys closing your Pedaltrain with the Timeline?

    The metal bar going across the top of Timeline is making it taller than what it really is.

    ANy thoughts?

    What pedal board are you u using?

    Thanks, David

  122. Karl,

    Also, my Timeline is serial number 53. Can you tell me how old is reference to all the Timeline you had or have.


  123. Hey Karl!

    First off, thanks for the incredible videos, they’re super helpful and informative, and thanks for being so willing to give of yourself to help out fellow musicians, I think that’s awesome 🙂

    Second, you’ve put me in QUITE a dilemma… I’m now trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to put $400+ toward a Timeline! I’ve been using the Timefactor up until now and really have liked it, but you’ve totally got me going on the TL. I do a lot of ambient swells / pads when I lead worship too, and I was pretty blown away by the quality of the delays you were getting in your videos. So before I take my account down to $0 on this beast, I had a question or two for you:

    1. Does the Timeline do more grainy/dark analog sounds well? Does it have a good range of analog to digital voice-ings?

    2. This isn’t pertaining to the Timeline, but do you have anywhere that you go through your current pedalboard setup and explain it? I just wanted to see how you’ve got it organized, as I’m continually messing around with mine to find the right setup.

    3. The Timeline is in stock on Damage Control’s site, is this a glitch in the matrix?

    Thanks for reading, all the best, brother!

  124. Craig–ya, for me it’s just on the 2 octave setting for shimmer (which is why I need the regular POG). 🙂

    David–you can take the bar off of the Timeline’s, and that helps it fit better. I’m using a board I made myself, and there’s no top for it, so I don’t need to worry about it.

    And I’ll have to get back to you on the serial numbers.


    Nathan–thanks, brother! And yes, the Timeline does great grainy sounds and dark sounds, but can also get full-on sterile digital if you like.

    I don’t have an entire video explaining my board as of right now, as I’m changing it so constantly. Sorry!

    lol Ya, the Timeline is actually in stock right now, despite what used prices on ebay would make you think. haha But they’re right there, ready to order directly from Damage Control right now. 🙂

  125. Karl,

    Thanks so much for the quick reply, it was helpful! I told myself if I can wait til payday Friday, I’ll get the Timeline (I’ve been tempted to buy impulsively for fear of it going out of stock soon!)… anyway, I just thought of another question or two that I still had even after reading through all these posts & youtube comments, so if you don’t mind me asking..

    How do you assign what parameters the expression pedal controls when using the Midi Mate with the Timeline? I’m needing to buy an exp pedal too and wanted to use one of the EB vp jr’s, but I can’t figure out which one is for volume and which is for expression use (active vs passive mess, sorry that could be an entirely separate thread :/ ). The next question I had is, do the tubes need to warm up at all like in my tube amp before the pedal starts sounding as good as its full potential? I’ve been wondering that. And the last question (I promise) is about recording – I saw that you’re using the Fostex MR-8 to record and playback the pads… if I’m understanding one of your videos correctly, you have guitar–>volume pedal–>fostex–>amp? I’m sorry, I’m just confused on how your recording and playback setup is workin – right now I’m using the RC-20XL for that, but I really am noticing the buffer :/ and I don’t do a lot of live recording and playback, mainly just recording ideas I come up with and then use them as pads for stuff I play over, so I’m wanting to investigate alternate setups like the one you’ve got going (if I can only wrap my brain around it).

    Someone should be paying you to do this, you’re a lifesaver man. Damage Control owes you money, and about 3000 gearheads, worship leaders, and tone freaks all owe you too! Thanks a bizillion.

  126. No worries, bro!

    As for expression pedals, I’d go with a designated expression pedal. I’d suggest the Roland EV-5. The Ernie Ball’s will work, but then you have to mess with stereo–>mono cables, and the EV5 just seems easier for me.

    As for pads, I was using the MR8, but am now just using an old laptop. But signal chain would be:

    MR8 (or laptop)–>volume pedal–>amp

    So it’s actually a completely separate rig, and the pads are not so much ‘looped’ as they are ‘pre-recorded.’ So I played them using my main rig, mic’d, and then recorded into the MR8 or the laptop. And then I call them up as wave or mp3 files and play them into an amp, with the volume pedal in the chain to control volume and as an on/off switch. So in essence, if someone just wanted me to play pads, I wouldn’t even need to bring a guitar.

    I do other actual looped pads as well, and use the looper in the Timeline. These I do in real time and on the fly.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if I’m not making sense. haha

  127. Ohhhhhh kay, it’s starting to come together now.

    I get the recording rig fine, thanks for that 🙂 and as far as expression pedals, I was hoping to use the EB still for continuity’s sake, i.e. I have one of the EB gigantor volume pedals, and I’m wanting to slim down to the vp jr for volume, and have another vp jr next to it for expression control for the Midi Mate… make sense? I talked to a guy at Ernie Ball and he suggested passive all the way if I were to try some setup like this, but I’ve been reading a lot about the stereo/mono cable issue and it from all the forums I’ve gotten nowhere… there are people from every possible setup saying theirs works, with or without stereo/fancy cables. blah. i guess im going to have to do more searching. have you used an expression pedal with the midi mate yet? no worries if you’re not so fluent in this area, i’ve just about given up on it myself and im pretty sure nothing of what i just wrote made sense ha ha.

    Oh, and I’m going to buy a Timeline and MidiMate in a week, I’ll let you know how I like it since you’re the main reason I cracked and am getting one 😉 thanks again brother!

  128. Cool! Ya, if you really want to use the EB, you’ve just gotta get a stereo/mono cable. So, one end of the cable will terminate in one stereo 1/4″ plug. The other end of the cable will terminate in two mono 1/4″ plugs. The stereo end goes into the expression pedal jack on the Midi Mate, and then the two mono ends go into the in and out of the EB. Then you just do control pedal assign on the ‘2nd’ function of the Midi Mate, and set to the number per patch that controls that parameter on the Timeline. The Timeline manual has a list of which number corresponds to which parameter.

    Hope that helps, my friend! I’ve been using a little $25 M-Audio expression pedal with it, and it can help the Timeline get some cool sounds. Decent expression for the price. 🙂

  129. That cleared it up bigtime, thanks so much bud! I’ve got a bit more of a clear head now, whew!

    I totally forgot to ask you this question last time but I meant to, I was wondering – does the Timeline’s tubes have to warm up like in a tube amp for it to get to its full sound potential? Might be a dumb question but it just popped up. Also, what cable(s) do you use to connect the Midi Mate to the Timeline and into the rig, and what’s your brand of choice (if there is one) for your patch cables between pedals? for the second part of that question, I’ve tried a bunch of different ones, including the corex2 or whatever they’re called, and my friend had a bad experience with George L’s… I’m looking for some that can be custom lengths but not have the same problems I or good friends have had with some of the solderless DIY kits. Thanks! 🙂

    Oh, and do you currently play in a band / group, or are you writing songs right now? I was just wondering because you’ve got a buttload of cool ideas and I think you should use them [if you aren’t already 😉 ]

  130. No worries!

    And I’m sure the Timeline’s tubes need to warm up like those in a regular tube amp, but I’ve not noticed much of a difference tone-wise one way or the other.

    For connecting the Timeline’s to the Midi Mate’s, I just use Radio Shack midi cables. No guitar signal goes through them, just midi data, so it’s okay.

    And I totally hear ya on George L’s and solderless cables. I need solder for sure! I usually order from Lava Cable. Either his Lava ELC’s, or EA Monorail, Lyric, and Melody. And he solders them. 🙂

    And thanks for the kind words on the musical ideas. As for original stuff, I’ll do some of that in arrangements and parts of different worship songs in different churches I play for, and then I guest for a local band sometimes and write some of my own parts. And then in the ‘Music’ section on this site, I post some original solo stuff I’ve got going. But as far as an actual band, I haven’t been officially part of one for a few years. Kind of got burn out from the last one! lol

  131. I was inspired by your Timeline videos to get one with the Midi Mate. Great stuff. For the life of me, I cannot figure out to program to the Midi Mate. Have you considered a short video on programming 101 with the Timeline? Can you help me get started? I’ve spent 18 years getting various graduate degrees and I cannot program a guitar pedal.
    thanks for any help you can offer.

  132. Karl
    I went back and looked at older posts again and see some information about programming with Midi Mate. Don’t feel compelled to respond to me. I will try to program again with the above information. thanks again.

  133. Hey Joe! Glad you’re enjoying the Timeline! And ya, the programming is actually so simple that it becomes difficult because you think that you must have it wrong because of the simplicity. haha Basically, once you get settings on the Timeline you like, just push the center selector knob in, and then push whatever patch on the Midi Mate you want those settings to be written to. And if you want them written on something else other than 1-9, just hit the ‘2nd’ button, and then scroll up or down to another bank of 10, and hit the button for another number. For instance, ‘4’ for ’94’, if you’re in the 90’s bank.

    And you need to make sure the Midi Mate is set to channel 1, which it usually is from the factory. Hope that helps, and let me know if you need more info! I’ll definitely try to get a video up of the programming of it. 🙂 Have a great evening!

  134. Yep. It’s a sad day……but here’s hoping for the Damage Control Timeline 2 with smaller enclosure and bpm readout? But still with same sound and midi capabilities? 😉

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  136. Karl,

    Woah! This whole site interface changed… I thought I came to the wrong site at first!

    Do you have a setting you can share to get a good tape echo delay?


  137. haha Ya, I moved domains. I don’t really use the tape echo setting a whole bunch, but I’ll try to mess with it some today and post back here any settings I find. 🙂

  138. brief update:

    mine is broken somehow and has been for some time. Critical error comes and goes. Afraid retailer hasn’t got a clue so I posted this fail demo on DC’s facebook page

    annoying it is, of course, and probably not supported anymore by DC

  139. Jonthan–it’s intriguing though, so I’ll work on it. 🙂

    Slap Dot Three–bummer, bro. I will say, definitely email them. I had a Liquid Blues cop out on me one time, and they not only fixed it for free, but paid for shipping both ways. Great guys, brilliant customer service, and they really stand behind their products. I think their email should still be on the DC site.

  140. Ok, so I FINALLY found a Timeline and it is on route via UPS to me! I can’t WAIT to get it. The Timeline also is comes with a Tech 21 Midi Mouse. I want to know if there is any Midi Controllers out there that are between the size of the Midi Mouse and the Rocktron Midi Mate which will allow me to control the parameters with an expression pedal (s) AND also have tap tempo. Or even if it just allows me to control the parameters.. which is the most important thing to me.

  141. Hmm…as far as controlling parameters, the Tech 21 Midi Moose is a good one that’s at a nice medium size. I think Voodoo Labs makes something similar as well.

    And congrats on the Timeline!! 🙂

  142. Hey Karl, Great site and awesome heart for worship!

    Got a gear question, how do you handle powering a board with so many different requirements?

    At the moment I’m putting together my first proper board and on the books will be:
    – Memory man (24V)
    – Volume pedal (9V)
    – Holy Fire (48V)
    – Nova delay (12V)
    – Compressor (9V)

    Is there a magical power supply on the market that at least caters for pedals from 9V to 24V???


  143. Hey Shawn, thanks for the kind words! And for those, I’d go with the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+. It will do all the 9v pedals, has 4 outlets that you can switch to 12 volts, and you can special order a y jumper cable that can go to two of the 12 volt outlets so that it adds up to 24 for your Memory Man. Then it has a courtesy three prong outlet in the back into which you can plug the 48v wall wart adapter for the Holy Fire. 🙂

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