(EDIT: Here’s the link to ‘The Reveal’, where all the answers are given: Blind Overdrive Shootout–The Reveal.)

Let’s see how tone sounds without our eyes. This is gonna be the first in a series of blind shootouts (like the wonderful Johnny Depp towards the end of the regrettable Once Upon a Time in Mexico) that hopefully I’ll stay current on. The pedals are going to be in loops, and then I’ll engage the loops to engage the pedals. But I won’t tell you which pedals are in which loops until next week. And the rat’s nests of cables on my board will actually work to my benefit for once, as you literally cannot trace cables on my pedalboard. hehe

(How rad is it that he’s just making fun of his role in the movie. And if you don’t see it…wait for it…yep. There. He’s reading a ‘Judy Garland’ book in the movie. Classic. He’s also one of those guys who looks so good that he makes you want to hurt yourself, but I won’t say that out loud.)

The Players

–Paul Cochrane Tim (at 12 volts)
–Clark Gainster (original discontinued hand-wired version…because of course, ‘rare’ equals ‘tone’)
–Fulltone Fatboost (original version…again…except this time pretty much just because the color is better than the subsequent versions)

The Base Clean Tone

–Prairiewood Les Paul (Woletone Dr. V’s…using neck, bridge, and split coil on the middle position)–>
–Fryette Valvulator buffer–>
–Loop-Master bypass looper–>
(Loop 1–>nope, not until next week
(Loop 5–>I’ll never tell
(Loop 6–>nope
–Matchless HC30 (EF86 channel)–>
–65 Amps cab (Blue and G12H30)

Possible Biases

–None! It’s a blind test!

Possible Personal Biases

–Well, I did know which loops were which. So…let’s just say that they all probably evened out because the Gainster is gold and hand-painted, the Tim has a blue led, and the Fatboost has that cool ‘fits in the palm of my hand’ thing going on. Why is that so cool in pedals? Like, I feel like I could just grab it in my hand and show up to the gig like a rockstar with a pedal in one hand, amp in the other, and guitar slung over my back. When in reality, I’m hobbling in under the crushing weight of a pedalboard so big that I have to turn down gigs without double doors. (No, not quite…well, yet. The world is full of gear that is not yet velcro’d to my pedalboard. A fact that haunts me in the deep parts of the night.)

Why These Pedals

I subscribe to the theory that pedal overdrive sounds best when you keep your amp on the verge of breakup for its clean tone, and then use transparent-sounding overdrive pedals to ‘push’ your amp into its own natural breakup. Of course, some of them have better flavors of their own than others, even though the theory makes sense to me. So I thought I’d throw my favorite actual boost pedal into the mix, along with two pedals which are supposed to have great transparent, low drive sounds.

And the Blind Shootout:

So…which is which? If you want, post your predictions here, as well as which one you think sounded best. And next week, we’ll see who was right……so, post at your own risk. hehe And, just for the record, I did know which was which obviously, but whenever I do shootouts, I usually close my eyes and click random buttons, and I was definitely wrong a few times on this one. With two pedals in particular. So there ya go. And, because it’s ‘awesome’ (meaning, ‘not at all’):

(You cannot explain to me why Enrique Iglesias is in this movie. Nope. You just can’t. And he’s obviously ‘posing’ for some Calvin Klein commercial in his mind, rather than ‘acting’. Which, may be a good thing for us all. Oh, and one of his guns has two barrels. Maybe it’s some sort of boomerang gun to suck the bullet back for re-use later? I do not doubt that that could exist in this movie. It hurts me. It physically hurts me.)

So…what’s your choice? And if you choose ‘Enrique’, you’re fired.