(Don’t watch this one first! You gotta watch the test first, and then write down your predictions, to see if you’re right. :) Blind Overdrive Shootout–the Test )

No intro. Hopefully the world doesn’t end.

The Reveal:

The Verdict

Very, very surprising how close they all were. The Gainster was definitely the most transparent. Fabulously transparent, actually. Unfortunately, I didn’t like its decay. Its drive tended to choke out a bit on the sustain. The Tim, while perhaps actually the least transparent, also had the most amp-like sag, and really influenced your playing the most. The Fatboost was actually a lot like Tim, but a little bassier and with a little less give.

If there were a way to change the clipping characteristics of the Gainster, that might be the one. As it is now, the Tim still might have had the best, most colorful, and most amp-like sound. However, I am giving serious thought to selling the Tim and getting two $60 Fatboost’s to take its place. Really surprising results, at least for me personally. I guess it’s good to hear with our ears every once in a while; because they can’t see blue led’s. ;)

So did you win? I didn’t, actually. With my own blind tests (meaning, hitting random buttons with my eyes closed until I forget which is which…and that doesn’t work very well on video, hehe), I kept switching the Tim and the Fatboost. And with all that you read everywhere (including on this blog, lol) about the transparency of the Tim, had I never played these pedals, I would have switched the Tim and the Gainster. Actually, I’d love to hear a Gainster where you can change the clipping section a little bit. As it is, I was wrong. Wow, those words are almost as hard to type as ‘I like Line Si–’…nope. That’s still harder.