This is inspired by 5 minutes ago, when my team and I were handed a dvd after worship, and told we needed it in the message in 10 minutes. Now, playing a video is one thing, but ripping it to a Mac format, importing it into our presenting software, and trying to do it all seamlessly while we’re running the rest of the service on the same computer, and getting those ‘your computer is going to explode’ error messages (yes…even on Mac…I know saying that is like heresy or something)…little more difficult. Actually…hopelessly difficult for me. Enter our sound director/media director/bassist (ya, seriously…if you don’t have a guy like this on your team…get one). He says ‘Can I sit?’ He sits down at the computer and in 2 minutes, we’re ready to go. I just watched and nodded my head every once in a while in pretend approval. ;)

Surround yourself with talent. Then you don’t have to have as much as of it. (And can surf Gear Page while everyone else runs things. And…uh…post blogs.)