Okay, it’s literally only so long that I can last with serious posts. So here ya go:


And 2):

Is it just me that surfs The Gear Page looking for locked or spiraling out of control threads to read? Seriously, it’s like better than watching a movie.


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  1. that’s literally how i just spent the last half hour of my tue night tbs office marathon time. and does anyone else do the equivalent of “nesting” when a new pedal is in the mail? i.e. making space on your board…getting the cables and velcro ready? tmi?

  2. I can’t deny it, I’ve developed an addiction to the locked threads as well. There’s something fantastic about seeing how quickly a discussion on unbiased news, for example, could turn negative. Never saw that one coming! 😉

  3. RyanJ–lol That’s awesome!! I never thought of that. And now must do it. 🙂

    Zach–haha Seriously! Those ones are the best…the ones where you can look at the thread title and just get excited to watch the carnage. hehehe

  4. Hey Karl,

    I tried e-mailing you yesterday but then today I thought, “I think that’s his church e-mail.” Do you still have the getlife e-mail or is there a better one to send to?

  5. Sam–exactly! And how can you have good musicianship without tone?! lol Or delay? 😉

    Rhoy–lol That was awesome, dude!!!

    Matt–ooh, nice one! I’ve got my afternoon planned out now. hehe

    Ben G–I got it, and am about to respond. That email address is actually still up and running through Friday. But my new one is: karlverkade@gmail.com . 🙂

    Dan Price–lol Seriously! Those are priceless. I might actually pay admission. haha

  6. Hey, I read the blog religiously (no pun intended) but i’ve never commented until now.
    I recently saw the Bugera BC-30 which is supposedly a clone of the Matchless DC-30. The logo even lights up (which can’t be nearly as cool when its a Bugera logo) but anyway I immediately thought of yo. Actually my exact thoughts were “Karl is gonna hate this” 😉

    • Burgera’s BC30 amps use ECC83 preamp tubes which is just a fancy (or European) way of saying 12AX7, where as the DC30s us EF86 preamp tubes both of which have completely different characteristics.

  7. lol Ya…not a huge fan of Bugera’s. However, I have played a Ceriatone DC30 clone, and I thought that one sounded much closer to a Matchless. Very decent. But hey…if the Bugera lights up, maybe it’s okay after all. 😉

    Anyway, great to have you here brother, and I’m looking forward to your input!

  8. Sam–in which case then, is it more of a clone of Matchless’ 30/15, or a 30 watt Lightning? I’m really surprised that if they had wanted to call it a DC30 clone, that they wouldn’t have included the second preamp channel with EF86. Huh. Interesting.

  9. hey, just wondering. about how many pedals does it take before you really get significant tone loss? i’m currently running Boss TU-2, Boss PW-2(basically a DS-1 except better), Ibanez TS-9, Boss CH-1, Boss DD-5 to a direct box or small SS amp . should i get a good buffer or it looks like a i could get a bypass switcher with about 6 loops from loopmaster for about $150. thanks for your thoughts.

  10. In theory a good buffer at the front of a chain should stop any major tone loss from pedals after it even if they are buffered because the initial buffer is pushing through the original signal still.

    A bypass looper would also cure your problem just as well but would be the less practical more space consuming option.

    It’s when you have all true bypass pedals or all true bypass with a few buffers when a bypass looper is pointless. If you think about it your signal is going through much more cable and twice as many jack sockets with changes in wire etc.

    My chain is fine with a dd20, ch-1, visual sound and a morley vol/wah in it. The morley vol/wah has a very transparent buffer and is at the front.

  11. Just got the U2 360 at the Rose Bowl DVD yesterday! I’m really enjoying it. I saw them in OK. I am disappointed that “Breathe” did not make the cut for the main show. Apparently it is on a bonus disk on the deluxe version.

    I realize this technically has nothing to do with your post, but really, there is always a little U2 in every post.

  12. Nater2–you know, that few pedals should be okay, except that Boss pedals all have buffers and when you string them together, it starts to sound kind of thin. I’d suggest getting a bypass looper for them, but leave the tuner out as the first pedal in your chain and use that as a buffer right before the bypass looper. 🙂

    James–wow, awesome points there. Totally agree!

  13. Oh TGP… How much I adore those effects forums… and the Pub (well… for the most part. There are some morally questionable threads in there 🙁 )

    But it seems to me like good ol Passenger95 doesnt post too much anymore? I swear last time I saw Karl on TGP was the thread a few months ago about a hypothetical joke board with like 9 DS-1s on it. haha.

    Oh and here Karl I started a thread basically for you 😉


  14. Jonathan M–oh, absolutely! Nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of U2. I’m hoping to get the dvd soon, too! Glad it’s good! And I’m still confused as to why they would leave the opening track to the show off the dvd. So odd. I could understand if something went wrong with the audio on the first song, but since it’s included on the box set…weird. Especially considering how much better Breathe has been received than Boots.


    Andrew–haha I’m still there! I post a couple replies each week on the effects and amps sections, some in the guitar luthiers section and sound lounge, and even a couple in that crazy pub. lol But it’s so big now that it’s hard to see familiar screen names anymore.

    And great thread, bro! I would agree entirely…accept that I adore the cycle! haha Cheers!

  15. another question, almost everyone uses a Boss TU-2. what is the advantage of the Peterson strobestomp? because it’s about twice as much so i was just wondering what else you get out of it

  16. The nice thing for me about the Strobostomp is how incredibly accurate it is. It doesn’t make much of a difference for stage playing, but it does for intonating my guitars. So, rather than have a stage tuner on my board, and then a strobe tuner at home for intonation, I just bought the Strobostomp and use it for both purposes. It also has a direct out, which is cool…so you can grab it, a cable, and an acoustic guitar and you can gig pretty much anywhere.

    Downsides are that I have heard they tend to break (although both my wife and I have one, and they’ve held up well), and that if you like the Boss buffer, these don’t have buffers.

    Hope that helps. Oh, and they look cool! Kind of. 🙂

  17. i have a great idea for you. you should modify pedals by just adding in blue LED’s randomly, therefore increasing the tonal capabilities of the pedal.

  18. Well, technically, blue is the color that draws the least amount of current; which leaves that little extra ‘push over the edge’ of current for the tonal capabilities of the pedal. And I’m so lying. 🙂 I’m totally gonna start a business as the blue led modifier. haha

  19. 1. According to Analogman, blue LED’s are legitimately bad for your eyes… theres a TGP thread about it somewere…

    2. The Strobostomp is very easy to see in the daylight. I’m lazy so I would like to get a Polytune (even if the poly mode isnt super accurate. Im not picky.) But my TU-2 was a gift and I cant justify the cash on a new tuner right now. Need to buy more delay. 😉

  20. haha I read that thread! There may be something to it, but that was a pretty crazy pedal geek thread, even for me! haha

    And I agree, the Strobostomp is nice for outdoor daytime gigs. And I agree, more delay is better. hehe

  21. Usually the strobe tuners are a little more accurate. It doesn’t make much of a difference for stage tuning, but it can be a big help when intonating guitars. 🙂

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