Minimalism (the Less Boring Way)

  • ‘Less is more.’
  • ‘Hey, can you just hold a pad through this whole song?’
  • ‘No fills, just four on the floor.’
  • ‘No noodling!’
  • ‘If you’re not Eddie Van Halen, then play a chord.’
  • ‘Find the spots where not to play.’
  • ‘Listen to the silence.’
  • ‘There’s 6 of us on stage, that means we all have to play 82% less.’

If you hate these phrases (and don’t tell me you don’t, because I know some of you do…with like, the passion of acting sensation Mark Hamill after his father cuts his hand off…someone says ‘Hey, I think your solo might be a little distracting’ and you feel this urge to contort your face into a pole and scream, ‘That’s not true! That’s impossible!’ in such a way that we can barely understand what you’re saying…and I only mention that so I can segway into the second best video ever at the bottom of this post…first best is coming right now), then you are going to love me. I have found a way to spice up those boring pads, anti-solos, 4/4 straight beats, and bass lines that have been specifically notated as not going for a walk by worship leaders, band leaders, and lead singers (oh, those lead singers. 😉 ). Thanks to my new favorite drummer, we can all now play minimalistically, but still stretch ourselves as musicians. I give you, the best thing I have seen since the Steven Seagal emotion chart:

You cannot look me in the eye and tell me that guy is not your hero. And that video is courtesy of my lovely wife.

And since I promised (well, or gave a horribly poor parenthetical conversation with myself about Star Wars simply in order to show this splendor):

Oh ya, and if you haven’t ever seen the Steven Seagal emotion chart…here ya go. I’ve showed it before, but it never gets old:


19 thoughts on “Minimalism (the Less Boring Way)

  1. 1. Wow, words cannot describe the raw awesomeness of emotion in that guy’s face as he jams……. Seriously, I think you’re on to something here. I can play the same G, C, D, and Em chords the entire time during worship this week, but as long as I throw my guitar around my body 3 times each song, I’ll be the most amazing worship guitarist ever…

    2. Yeah, I have been telling my wife that I want Yoda giving me directions…. “mmmmmmmmmmm…. turn left at this inter-section you must…. Yes.. mmmmmmm”

    Awesome. You just made me smile after a terrible day.

  2. I have to admit I just reposted that drummer about 10x on facebook. I kept saying “MOVE GUITAR PLAYER, I can’t see the drummer!”

    Awesome. Needs to be playing old school hard rock!

  3. Awesome video.

    It didn’t look quite so strange when Kieth Moon did it.

    Bad tone, I think so.

    My 17 year old drummer/percussionist, just had a life changing experience. Drum lime is going to be awesome next year.

  4. Rhoy–lol Round abound gets me every time. ‘Correct.’ lol

    Nate–exactly! A couple Yngwie Malmsteen neck twirls, and you’re good! And I could live with Yoda giving me directions. haha

    Larry–haha It’s mesmerizing, isn’t it! lol

    Sam–me too! haha

    Craig–haha Definitely not.

    And will your drummer be doing those motions in drumline? That’d be awesome!

  5. Karl,

    He’s already started practicing the behind the head move and the “robot” move. They just might show up in the fall.

  6. I haven’t even read the rest of your post or watched the videos yet. My normal practice is to open up your blog and scroll down the page to see what little tidbits you have in store for us. That Steven Segal Emotion Chart is gonna make my Monday tech support nightmare acceptable. That is funny! I’m giggling as I type this. Hmmm….giggling 52 year old men can be frightening…..Heeereee’s Johnny!

  7. Funny thing is, I had a drummer at church discribing this amazing drummer he saw on youtube, he was wishing he could be that good. LOLOL! He was totally serious, so as I watched this morning, I got double the kick out of that. There are times when I have played my four chord progression with just as much passion. Ever do the windmill in between raising your hands in praise? My famous trademark, well famous to me, my wife, and those couple youth group kids I tried to teach how to do it. Yeah they thought I was lame! Jesus thought other wise! LOL

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