I Knew It! No One Actually Likes Rap…

First off, this actually happened.

I pull into a parking lot, and this car pulls in after me, with two little homie-looking-kids with windows down, blaring none other than B.J. Thomas’ ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head.’ In all its ’60’s easy listening gloriousness. No sooner had they stopped the car, then their station immediately changed to some rap song of which the only lyric I can safely repeat is ‘Ya.’ (Pronounced ‘Yee-ah’, of course.)

And I was grateful. Because now I know that every time I pass cars driven by gangsta’s (it sounds decidedly cupcake-ish when I say that) and hear the rap blaring through the sub-woofer that is the whole reason the car is riding low in the first place, that just a few seconds earlier, before they saw my approaching headlights, they were so totally rocking ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head.’

It just makes the world a slightly better place.


P.S. I’m in central California right now lending some sometimes on-pitch and often times off-pitch lead guitar to the worship at a youth retreat……and in between sets, sitting here at Starbucks, I feel like I have already been to the entire internet. Twice. Especially after the live World Cup games have ended. (Yes, I know it’s not very popular to like soccer in America. That’s my balance for being like the almost the entirety of American guitarists and using dotted 8th delay.) Anyone know of any guitar shops in the Paso Robles area?

29 thoughts on “I Knew It! No One Actually Likes Rap…

  1. I am in a wager with my friend. I win money if anyone beats Netherlands… sorry to root against your home team. Give me a call when you get back in town we need to hang out

  2. Dude… you should get to know some kids. And hang out with them. Nothing more meaning full to a kid than when the “guitar guy” (that they think is awesome)(and Fancy) takes time to hang out with them…. just an idea.

  3. @Zack, I totally agree. if you want an example: i was playing lead at our church’s VBS and at the end of the last performance one of the kids(he was about 7) came up and asked for my autograph. You can’t convince me they don’t look up too you. On another thought: I’m going to go play lead in the band at a 6th grade move up camp (my first actual gig) any tips or advice? i’m a little nervous but really excited

  4. christian + rap = CRAP

    Ok not really, I really like rap music and yes I typed music. Heck Karl I know you were a big fan of Grits….lol

  5. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, was there a sound? If a song doesn’t emphasize guitar (e.g. rap ) , can it be called music? I rest my case. :-)

  6. “RAP” used to be “CRAP”, but “C” was killed in a drive-by shooting!

    Rap is a reflection of the community it comes from and lowers the minds, thoughts and reflections of others that listen to it repeatedly to that level… like brainwashing.

  7. oops! I forgot to make the change in google reader so I haven’t seen your new posts on this site! I was starting to wonder if you fell off the blogosphere. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

  8. Alright, back from Central, CA. I can’t respond to everything, but I will say that I must agree with those of you who mentioned that some of the early rap was good. Back when it really was coming out an oppressed angst, and had some original musical ideas. Then, of course, record companies found it, homogenized it, and now it’s really difficult to listen to the ‘oppressed hardships’ of the Grammy-winning billionaire’s. Which now they have caught onto, and have hence changed their lyrics accordingly. Such as ‘Shorty got low’ and ‘They buy me all these icies.’

  9. Karl,

    The other thing abut the early rap is their use of actual musicians playing intruments, not just samples. Amen to the whining of the rich though.

  10. Nater2–haha Good point! Everyone always tells me the different ‘best’ way. My favorite is when the construction guys volunteer to help, and your cords end up in the coolest, most intricate tangle ever. I’m sure it’s awesome if you know how to untie it. haha

    Craig–ooh, good point. Ya, some of it is actually really good…I must admit.

  11. “your definition of how to correctly wrap a cord”

    well, let’s see…
    loop with about a 1-foot diameter going with the natural coil of the cable. When unrolled, it will lay flat without any knots, twists, or unnatural bends.
    Rolled = O
    Unrolled = _________

  12. What about the over-under method? That’s where you reverse every other loop in the coil. I’ve been using this method for years and I’ve had pretty good luck with it. I’ve also found that using a good quality cable helps as well.

    Here’s an example:

  13. There are a few ways of doing it right. Over/under being one of them.
    It’s when I see people wrap it up around their hand/elbow like a rope that drives me craaaaazy.

  14. lol There’s a way to do it without your elbow?!

    hehe Just kidding. I was trying to picture the look on Chris’ face when I said that. 😉

  15. So karl, you wanna me breaka youse arm? LOL.

    One day I looked over at a singer who was wrapping the mic cable in a ball around their hand. After prying myself from the ceiling, I nicely instructed her in the right way to do it.

  16. My church uses a hose reel to roll up our mic cables. Might not be the best way to preserve cable life but, it’s way easier when you’re packing in & out of a school auditorium every week.

  17. Chris–lol That’s awesome! I actually used to do the arm thing with extension cords, and then couldn’t figure out why the power to my rig would go in and out. haha

    KennyG–ah, the mobile church. I have definitely done that!! Ya, it’s a wonder anything works when you tear it down each week. :)

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