Ever have those days where there feels like there’s something burning your insides out that you just gotta say, but you can’t get a coherent grasp on what it is? Ya, that’s today for me. It feels like the very world is going to hinge (it’s not) on what I’m going to say (nope), but I just can’t get it out. So, I figure I’ll just let words randomly come out of my mouth (yes, I’m one of those people whose lips move as they type…and while they play guitar…and not the lyrics, the notes), and hope that one of the streams of consciousness will be it.

  • Ever play a melody on stage, but then listen in horror as your fingers play something totally different than what is in your head?
  • I like to wear scarves because it makes me feel like a musician, but I live in Southern California.
  • There is a bit of a minority backlash currently going on against the delay pedal. I blame Henry Kaiser.
  • I think Google is taking over the world.
  • I was supposed to see U2 on June 6, and then Bono had to go and break his back. Man, that sucks for me.
  • Remember Ghoti Hook?
  • Playing with confidence can literally jump you up over 50% in skill level.
  • Guitar Center gives me actual literal bouts with depression.
  • Musicians should rule the world. (Whoa, that one slipped!)
  • Again, turn up and soften your pick attack. It’s the sound you’ve been hearing in your head.
  • Am I just fooling myself? Great question to ask regularly. ‘Cause we’re really good at it.
  • Do you think anyone, ever, has read the Bible without super-imposing it onto their preconceived worldview? I think it might be humanly impossible not to. Not that that’s a good thing, but I think it’d be better for us to be able to admit it so that we can work in the opposite direction, rather than pretending we have it all figured out and that everyone who disagrees with us is wrong.
  • And if you disagree with that, you’re wrong. ;)
  • I miss the parts of my life I’ve already lived.
  • I need to make more music, and talk about making music less. But the music I talk about making is usually far better than the music I actually make. Yep, I do talk about making some pretty good music.
  • That last one was totally ripped off. But it’s okay to rip things off if no one knows where they came from, right? Like in church, when every riff I do is some variation on U2′s ‘Love is Blindness.’ Ah, blast, just gave it away. Right when you had no idea I liked U2.
  • Although I am wearing a U2 shirt that makes me giddy every time I put it on, because Edge’s face happens to fall right over where my heart beats. For reals. The face part and the giddy part.
  • So…maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic, and emotionally fragile today, but I just ran across this song…and immediately I was in junior high again. Music is absolutely crazy that way. This song makes me inexplicably happy:

  • Oh, and because you just can’t go on living your life while this exists and you don’t know it yet:

  • Yep. That was it. That last video. That’s the life-changing thing that has been burning within my body. Quite obviously, really. I mean…I pretty much dare your life not to be changed by that.

    So, I’m gonna go ahead and hit publish on this without re-reading it. I like to live dangerously. Or well, at least salvage some sort of emasculated vicarious danger through my computer. And a couple site changes. One, there is now a ‘Worship’ section up top with some of my views on worship, as I get asked that a lot. Feel free to disagree. :) And there is a World Cup section added, because I am hopelessly wrecked right now by the thrill of that competition. Yes. I have a weakness for soccer. Add to that that the soundtrack for the coverage is all U2 songs, and my world is lost. And no, try as I might, I cannot reconcile ‘World Cup’ having anything to do with ‘guitar’ or ‘worship’. Except that Germany did beat England today, so that’s like a triumph for metal over indie. Yep. I’m trying waaaay too hard with that.