So, I was saving this video for a full-on ‘U2 as it pertains to church music’ (but with a much catchier and wittier title…I mean, obviously ;) ), but as I have now seen it on about 17,000 different websites (yep), I figure if I don’t post it here soon, my reputation as a U2 fan might suffer a few points. And I cannot afford to suffer a loss of points in any amount on my U2 fan status, because I am trying to save said points up because whomever has the most U2 fan points by the time the next album is out, receives a hug from Edge. (Obviously I made that up, but now I just can’t seem to help myself from wondering if it’s true. Nope. It’s true. I’ve decided.) Hence, the rad:

Pretty stellar stuff there. Edge sounds resplendent, as always, and it was a good call to use U2′s original keyboard track for it, which I believe is actually Edge on the keys, too. (Could be Brian Eno, but I’d rather it be Edge. So, I’m going with Edge.) Props to Matt Bellamy for doing a great job with the vocals, and staying true to the original melody, but still using his own vocal strengths and not trying to be Bono. Anyone else notice though, that Dominic on the drums had a little bit of trouble keeping tempo in a couple places? Not as easy of a drumbeat as it sounds.

And, as long as we’ve opened this box (I promise, I won’t open it as much I want to…hehe), there is going to be a post pretty soon here recanting my original post on U2′s latest album. Most U2 albums grow on you…this one has actually done the opposite for me. Still some great tracks, but overall…well, some interesting posting that you’ve not yet heard from me is coming soon; on a couple different levels. In the meantime, here is a version of the somewhat unfortunate first single off of that album, that I wish they had come up with in the first place.

Now that sounds like a U2 song! Or at least a Passengers song. Cityscape-ish, innovative, great harmonic structure that makes the melody work way better…only version of the song now, as far as I’m concerned. Can’t do much about the lyrics, unfortunately. Good thing I’ve got like, 10 other U2 albums to keep me happy. They’re allowed to be human every once in a while, right? And we’ve got Viva La Vida to help carry us. Well, at least before Coldplay then gets too big to be cool anymore. Probably too late for most of us ‘hipsters’, huh. ;)