I guess ‘liturgical’ is the new word for ‘Christian’ when used in a musical context. As in, ‘liturgical post-grunge’ or ‘liturgical post-electronica’. I have been hearing this lately, and in the spirit of staying with the times, I have decided that this site will heretofore be known as ‘Guitar for Liturgical Post-Indie-Prog-Rock’.

Adding ‘post’, of course, is an added bonus, as it has been for the last fifteen years.

For those of you interested in continuing to be on the cutting edge of what we must now refer to as liturgical brit-rock in order to be on said cutting edge, I humbly submit these for your consideration for next summer’s worship conference branding:

  • ecclesiastical
  • post-baroque
  • prog-folk
  • liturgi-core
  • pauline emo
  • unsigned Byzantine post-hymns
  • intercession with artistry
  • Gregorian hip-hop
  • celebratory post-mass
  • Euro-thrash (to the tune of O Happy Day)
  • post-industrial benediction
  • madrigal goth-clowning
  • post-Manilow
  • canonical
  • medieval troubadour rap
  • renaissance-istic German-post-funk calypso breeze with an augmented 9th chord

I will be expecting a royalty check at the publishing of the June 2011 CCM.