For your listening pleasure…

The original:

And the hopefully accidental cover:

This one isn’t as obvious…until you catch it. Then you can’t get over it.

The original:

And the maybe not-so-accidental cover:

Okay, now this one……I really, really hope they bought the rights to it.

The original (incidentally, very interesting lyrics to this one…obviously from a religious background, although focusing much more on the death aspect of the story…for a statement or just to try to be cool, I’m not sure):

And, pretty much the original again:

And lastly, I have this theory that every song is a ripoff of U2. Even one’s that were written prior to U2; they just didn’t know it yet. Those are called retroactive covers. But this one, this one was uh, shall we say, ‘re-written’ a good few years after U2 actually wrote it.

The original:

The cover (go to about the 1:05 mark to hear it):

See, I think I’ve been going about writing songs the complete wrong way. Just find a good song, change a lyric or two, maybe a note, or the key (not completely necessary), and there ya go. Although, to be fair, a lot of times it’s just subconscious melodies that got in your head while you were listening to the radio and driving, and just spacing. Then you go home, write a song, and you’re like, ‘Whoa! Where’d that killer melody come from?’ And then we usually answer ourselves with the only possible explanation of where that melody came from: we must be a genius. And since I like that explanation better, I’m sticking with it. One time I came up with this rad song for a band I was playing with. I showed it to them, and they all applauded me for my rad new arrangement of the theme from Prince of Egypt. And yes, I was watching Prince of Egypt.


P.S. Dan, over at Maple Neck, has some great music ripoff posts. That I wish I had found. I mean, covered. ;)

P.S.S. For those interested, unfortunately times are still tough and my Brawley strat and Frenzel Champ have to go. So, let me know if you would be interested in applying to be their new homes. hehe ;)