So, I came over to post, and then decided, no! I’m going to actually go play my guitar.


(Oh, and I can’t sign this because I’m too busy playing my guitar.)

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  1. Honestly I don’t get much out of playing by myself or jamming along with a CD. For me, once you’ve had that enjoyment of collaborating in a band, nothing else measures up. So Karl, how do I get from Cool to Temecula? :-) I do play in church, but I have tried to find some “jam mates.” But no luck so far, maybe I need a bunch of “tats” LOL

  2. Sam–well, pedal-buying is the one exception.


    Ramsay–well, different day, so me too!! haha

    Rhoy–haha I didn’t get that far! But here I am now! lol

    Randy–ya, bandmates can be hard to find. Most of the guys I jam with I found in church. Maybe some coffee shop open mics? And then hit some folks up afterwards? Ya, those sites don’t seem to do much, unfortunately.

    Hurricane Johnny–lol Well-played, my friend!! 😀

  3. @Randy – My problem with playing along with a CD (at least when practicing music I actually play on Sundays…) is that we do a lot stuff in different keys than the the ones that the songs are recorded and I really don’t want to come up with an awesome riff (wow, that sounds like I’m a little full of myself there…) for a song only to show up to rehearsal to find out we’re doing it 1 1/2 steps down and that “awesome riff” is WAY too difficult to play in the new key….Oh well.

  4. Ya, I hear ya…especially when the riff in the original key relies on an open string, and in the new key an open string on the note you need isn’t available.

  5. i play for 3 different worship leaders with different vocal ranges so i can really identify with this. it’s definitely not easy

    as far as jamming is concern, it’s a bit of an issue once life (especially family) takes over. so really, the best you can do is to jam by yourself. i enjoy creating my own backing tracks and maybe put a solo here and there. that pretty much what my hour-or-so free time right there :)

    and i am not a guitar hero by any means …

  6. When I’m playing alone (which is almost always), I try to use a loop station that a friend loaned me, but that requires plugging in…which has been challenging with little ones. However, I did play the guitar yesterday and have some friends from work coming over tomorrow for our second jam. There are people out there!

    • pedal buying is a disease! my electrics and gear mostly stay locked away, when I get them out I’m always like “wow, this ts-808 rip-off sounds awesome”. If I play them too much the ts-808 doesn’t sound so awesome.

      keep your ears fresh 😉 I saw a video of Andy’s gear from pgs somewhere and its all really simple and old but he loves it more than the pedals he demo’s. I know this will spark a debate lol, so I’m just gonna go and hide now :)

  7. Rhoy–good call on jamming with yourself. I do the same!!

    KennyG–lol Hear hear.

    Gtr1ab–right on!! Ya, when you find ’em, just gotta hold on to ’em! I let them play my pedals or something. hehe

    Mike Oliver–ya, those guys do some very well put-together demo’s. I am always just slightly wary of demo’s done by a store who is selling what they’re demo’ing. 😉 hehehe But great vids nonetheless.

    James–haha Good point. Ya, my ears can get way out of wack if I try too many pedals…and then I end up going back to my original gear like, 3 months later.

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