Face-melting, Flock of Seagulls & Failure

No intro. Yep. You hear that sound? That’s me crying because the world kept turning.

  • My wife and I were watching a movie the other night, and hearing the soundtrack creep in, I said, ‘Oh cool. Bass delay.’ She said, ‘Like Michael Brook.’ This is the stuff true love is made out of.
  • Played a service with three electric guitars. Other two guys sounded great. I tried to find the musical space to add without muddiness. Pretty sure I failed.
  • Absolutely killed a Lincoln Brewster solo. And when I say ‘killed’, I do not mean it in the ‘rocked it’ sense that all the cool kids are talking about these days. I mean it in the…’killed’ sense. As in, ‘murdered it, saw it lying on the ground, and then went back with a bigger stick.’
  • I practiced it all week, too. (And still failed.) Don’t think I’ve ever listened to that much Lincoln. Like, ever. I feel this weird urge to grow my hair back out and stand it up 8 and a half inches over my head like I’m Flock of Seagulls. (And I’m allowed to make fun of him as if I have something over him guitar-wise, because his solo just literally owned my face.)
  • Speaking of Flock of Seagulls, I became very frightened today, as ‘I Ran’ came on the radio, and lo and behold, there is dotted 8th delay in that song. So I raced home to make sure that song did not come out before U2’s ‘Electric Co’ (absolutely unthinkable, I know!), and was greatly relieved to find out that it was a year after. So it was they in fact who copied U2. Life, you may return to your regularly scheduled programming.
  • Want. The new delay Damage Control is working on. Want.
  • Met a pastor who was genuinely nice. Not inferring that most pastors aren’t, just that it was the kind of nice that immediately makes you think, ‘I should be like that, and I’m not.’
  • I have had my amp for almost a year now. Something must be wrong with me.
  • After years of raving about Ernie Ball strings, it’s DR’s for sure.
  • It really helps your playing when you can hear that subtle fullness that is only present when your instrument is actually at a proper level in the house mix.
  • I don’t listen to nearly enough classical music. I used to, and then I think U2 got in the way. Mmmm…U2.
  • What did I do before gear? Like, I’m honestly having trouble remembering.
  • There was a time when I argued that my Boss GT6 sounded better than my friend’s 1965 Fender Bandmaster. When I think of those days, I shudder. Actually.
  • I sacrificed my tone this weekend, and ran my pads direct instead of out of an amp. It was 172 degrees here in Southern California, and I just couldn’t bring myself to lug any more gear than I had to. We all have our breaking points. The surface of the sun is mine.
  • Transporter 2 is very stupid, and very entertaining. Jason Statham is an inspiration to balding men everywhere.
  • If you are a solid bass player, and I ever play with you, be prepared for a kiss.


87 thoughts on “Face-melting, Flock of Seagulls & Failure

  1. Jason Statham has never made a great movie. Jason Statham has also never made a boring movie.

    It’s a fact.

    What’s up with the new Damage Control delay? I missed the boat on those. Hopefully, whatever they do next will be smaller and look less like the G.I. Joe Hovercraft.

  2. The new tape-echo emulator from Strymon looks promising. Unfortunately after I get my Blue Sky Reverberator, EHX Freeze and upgrade my Timmy to a TIm I’m banning myself from buying any more pedals.

    I wonder how long that will last?

  3. I played Trish a song during our wedding, and there’s a part during the intro when you just hear the G swell in and bloom. It’s special.

  4. ‘Oh cool. Bass delay.’
    Bass delay is almost never cool, I know from experience lol.

    “If you are a solid bass player, and I ever play with you, be prepared for a kiss.”

    Scared, quite scared…
    I am about to play with a worship band who has two amazing bass players including Sal… I am nervous x1000

    we need to hang out soon

  5. lol … i hate to say this but most of the eighties band use delay including U2. i would say Edge did it better than most, though 😉

    you lost me here: “I sacrificed my tone this weekend” .. hehe

  6. I submit that Jason Statham has indeed made a good movie… actually 2 good movies. Snatch and The Italian Job… both are excellent flicks.

  7. Why is it so hard to find people who are good at keys or good at sound mixing? I swear it’s easier to find a clean bum than a good keys player…

  8. “My wife and I were watching a movie the other night, and hearing the soundtrack creep in, I said, ‘Oh cool. Bass delay.’ She said, ‘Like Michael Brook.’ This is the stuff true love is made out of.”

    I will not ask a woman to marry me until I have a moment like this.

  9. Hippie Killer–lol I totally agree! With the exception of his Guy Ritchie endeavors…Lock Stock, Snatch, and Revolver. And Collateral too, although he’s only in it for a few seconds. :)

    And at this point, the new Damage Control delay is all just hopeful (very hopeful) speculation. They’ve discontinued their whole current line, and have posted some very cryptic pictures of new circuit boards on their site. It’s just gotta be a delay!! hehe 😀

    Sam–ooh, nice new pedals coming in!! And I give your new pedal band a week. Two if you’re lucky. hehehe 😉

    Andy L–lol I’d put you way above that! But…nothing wrong a little ‘brotherly kiss’, right? hehe Although, actually, I did have a friend at one time who took that verse very literally……and it was awkward.

    James Orr–right on! Gotta love those swells!! And I totally agree about house levels…it’s huge.

    Tim–haha Maybe you gotta be Michael Brook. :) But actually, I liked a lot of what you did with bass delay. And are you gonna start playing with Chorus?! That’s so rad, brother! And ya, definitely give me a call sometime!

    Rhoy–haha So true! But the real question is who used the syncopated dotted 8th delay first?! And I think I’m still okay on that…although some would argue The Police. :)

    And comment of the day on the ‘sacrificed my tone’ part. You’re right, those words shouldn’t even be in our vocabulary!! haha

    Ben G–totally agree on Snatch, and would also throw in Lock Stock, Revolver, and Collateral. Not sure on Italian Job…but I watched it when I was 19, which was when if a movie didn’t ‘change the world’, it was rubbish…so I’ll have to give it a second watch. You know, now that I’ve ‘matured’ so incredibly much. 😉

    And ya…so hard to find good keyboardists and sound techs. When you do find them, gotta hold on to them!! Buy them some decent Jason Statham movies or something! hehe

    Isaac–that is very wise, my friend. That was one of my prerequisites, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. hehe :) Seriously.

    Ben–definitely agree! And I’d throw in Snatch, Revolver, and Collateral. And come on…no one’s gonna argue Death Race as the psychological drama of our time?! 😉

  10. Speaking of 80’s delay… Try this one. We’ve been doing it at Church lately (changed the lyrics a bit of course). Our drummer sings it of all things!

    Kind of a mix of U2 and The Rolling Stones which is how I like to describe the musical tastes of our Church… lol!!! 😉

  11. Eric–Nice! I love the chorus sound on the guitar in that song. Classic ’80’s.

    haha And you can’t go wrong with a mix of U2 and the Stones!!

    Brian K–lol I can totally see that!!

  12. Karl,
    Totally hear you on the Lincoln Brewster stuff. I worked on “Today is the Day” for like, 7 hours, and when it came to the moment, his 16th note flurry followed by the Eric Johnson moment…I wish he would just play an anti-solo sometime. Help the little guy out, man!

  13. Plus one for Italian Job

    Which Lincoln Brewster solo was it? Today is the Day has been kicking me to the ground and then making fun of my jeans (in a brotherly love sort of way).

    Daddario Pure Nickles. No other way to go. I’m just saying.

  14. Sal–lol

    Matt P–lol Yep, that was the song! :)

    Jed–alright, another vote for Italian Job…I’d better see it again. :) And that’s the song right there. haha I always think I sound fairly decent sitting down and playing along in my office. Then on stage? Ya…hack city.

    D’Addario’s? Ah man, you’re gonna make go try more strings! hehe

  15. Possible new delay from damage control? Oh, gosh. I can only think of very few things they could possibly improve from the Timeline. They will monopolize the “legit” delay market if they add a tempometer and not just the tap.

    And yes, I switched from Ernie Balls to DR and never went back. It’s been so long since I have used EB. I was starting to think maybe it was in my head. Did it really make a difference for you?

  16. Well, David Gilmour used dotted 1/8 delay on The Wall in year 1979… i don’t want to argue who did it first, you can always find someone who did it earlier 😉 the sad thing is they did it earlier than us…

    um i’m currently working on a song inspired by dotted 1/8 delay… it’s haunting how jerk-ish i feel about it

    Take care, Karl, i hope you got my last email

    • +1 on the David Gilmour reference. Les Paul was using it back when he was developing multi-track recording. I use it because…I’m lazy…and everyone else is. 😉

    • Um Yea… Floyd is the earliest reference i have to delay… listen to keep talking and you’ll hear it instantly…

  17. Karl, maybe you could put a pineapple on your head to look like Lincoln Brewster?

    I’d love to see you do a demo of a boss gt10, it would be a great reunion of friends and you could both talk about how much you’ve developed 😉

  18. I think Lincoln Brewster secretly has it in for all church guitarists. Like some jerk lead guitar player at his church picked on him when he was a kid and now he’s out to make us all look stupid.

  19. Today is the day…. Such a well placed solo. I have played it a few times and nailed it. we are playing it this week and I cant even remember how the song goes…(shhh dont tell Eric) I am not to worried about it though… we practice tonight and I will just make something up on the fly…. wish me luck.

    By the way I am using a guitar I am buying a Keith Brawley A-222 ever heard of them? Thru a Fender Vibrolux Reverb with two pedals which are a Butler Black Box Real Tube and a boss DD-5. I know a bit outdated but I am positive I can make it work.

  20. David–ya!! Another DR vote! :) And can you imagine a smaller Timeline with a digital readout? Oh, man…it seems like that’s all I’m doing lately. haha

    Honza–oh, we may have a winner! Gotta go check out some David Gilmour! 😀 Thanks, brother. And did get your last email…been behind. My inboxes are stacked from the last few days of gear questions. :)

    Mark–Gilmour, and Les Paul before him? This is awesome. Gonna do some tracking back. I hope to end up with like some Gregorian monk who set up an accapella dotted 8th choir or something. hehe

    Ben G–another Gilmour vote. He’s the man.

    James–I so need to!! :)

    Jed–yep, definitely gotta try for that!

    Dan W–lol That was awesome!!

    Mark–haha Two great comments in a row!!

    Mikey–not that I’ve heard. My personal release date keeps being ‘tomorrow’, but they keep missing it. hehe :)

    Sal–yep, I’ve no doubts you nail that solo. And I used two drives, and and some untimed background delay at a low mix. That’s it. I’ll bet a Butler and a DD5 will get you right there. And I’ll call today about the Brawley, my friend. :)

    • Edge though turned it into a style. His style. That’s what makes him different. It’s hard to copy the Edge and make it effective (I drove my children nuts trying.). The other guys just used dotted eights for effect.

  21. OK…. went to practice last night and tried to take on “Today is the Day” knowing that I did not listen to the song and like you would think I couldn’t even remember how the song went…. then they want me to do the solo… don’t have to tell you what a train wreck that was…. Hahaha

    This is why I pray “less of me and more of You….”

  22. Mark–great point! I’ve tried very hard to make a style all my own, and have failed. Definitely a daunting task!

    Sal–lol Great prayer, brother. Great reminder for all of us. :)

  23. Don’t let Sal fool you… We went through it once and he got the feel of it. The second time he was almost there… By the 5th time through he totally nailed it! ha, ha…

    And let’s not comment on how long it took me to remember the melody line on the verses… 😉

  24. haha Well, either way, a ‘train wreck’ solo for Sal is still a ‘drooling over it’ solo for the rest of us civilians! 😉 My fingers want to be Sal when they grow up. 😀

  25. [walks up to the lecturn, checked index card order and begins speaking]

    As one who so happened to watch Transporter 2 last week, I can honestly say that not only was the evil woman villain stupid AND the exploding helicopter special effects so cheesy I’d call it low budget sci fi BUT even the crane hook ripping off the bomb was a bit too much.

    Those scenes aside, Jason Statham gave a wonderful performance and the movie rocked! It’s so rare that a movie can have terrific action sequences without being filled with profanity.

    Finally, let us not forget the scene in which the French police chief shows the US detective how to cook. Beautiful.

    A new Jason Statham movie is coming out next month. Stallone, Lungrin, Li, it looks great – and fun! Check out “The Expendables.”

  26. Sal–haha Ah, brother, that makes me feel better. I’ve so had those days!!

    Chris–come on now…you’re telling me you don’t believe Jason Statham can tip a car in mid-air with the steering wheel. hehehe 😉

    And absolutely on the scene with the French chef!! haha

    • Ooooh, you’re in for a treat :) new A-team is really entertaining! unfortunately i haven’t seen the old show, i’m the baby in this conversation…

  27. Chris–lol Are you impugning Mr. T’s abilities?!! 😉

    Honza–ya, I haven’t seen it yet…if it had Mr. T, I’d have to, just for old time’s sake. :) The fact that they remade that tv show into a movie makes me feel like an old-timer at 26. haha

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