Thank You Danny Elfman

So…watching Wolfman tonight. Trying to reconcile what looked to have the potential to be the worst movie of the year, with the fact that it has so many brilliant actors in it. And despite a debonair performance from Hugo Weaving, it may just be the worst movie ever. Which is saying a lot, because there are a lot of movies out there with Nicolas Cage in them. Laughable storyline, awkward direction, and a giant cheese factor without the benefit of the redeeming fun factor some cheesey movies seem to have. (Like dear sweet, awesome Tremors.) Oh, and the Oedipus ‘metaphor’ was so thinly veiled that it was embarrassing. Maybe if it was 1983…and I liked made-for-tv movies, it would impress me; but…it’s not, and I don’t, so…it doesn’t.

But I kept watching. Why? Because Danny Elfman’s score was so captivating. It gave the movie a presence and a captivation that it completely did not deserve. And once again, I was reminded of the power of music. If a couple notes strung together over some rhythm can make Benicio Del Toro’s and Anthony Hopkins’ (who are both usually quite splendid, mind you) motion-captured bodies cartoon-ized into wolves while they run up and down walls (little known fact about werewolves, they can also scale walls like spiders…?? I guess??) actually somewhat watchable, imagine what it can do when under-scoring something good. Such as, lyrics directed towards a huge and yet somehow still loving God. Not that we don’t know that, but sometimes it takes a little Danny Elfman (and werewolves, oddly enough) to focus my mind to that fact again.


P.S. Oh, and if you think I’m making fun of those poor, innocent actors and movie-makers too much……well, bottom line is that I had my guitar sitting right next to me tonight and I chose to watch Wolfman instead. So…the real loser here is……


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  1. As a general rule I don’t watch Australian films which, believe it or not, Wolfman was. Did I mention I’m Australian?

    • @sam – how about a movie with the title “Australia”? 😆

      @karl – I think the last Cage movie I like was “Lord of War”, maybe Matchstick Men … oh wait, that’s because of Sam Rockwell

  2. Oh I can’t believe you said that. So you are saying that no matter how bad the preaching, as long as there is some dude on a guitar or piano playing something melodious underneath, it’s worth the time? LOL – just kidding.

    There are good “B-movies” and there are bad “A-movies.” I’d rather have the good B-movies. I hope that made sense.

  3. Mikey–I know, huh! I thought at the very least, it’d be a cool and moody popcorn flick, but it wasn’t even that!

    Sam–lol That was awesome. But what about Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome?! Complete with Tina Turner’s stirring portrayal of…uh…Aunty Entity. hehe 😉

    Rhoy–ooh, good call on Sam Rockwell. Did you see ‘Moon’?! He puts in a great performance in that one!

    Chris–haha Absolutely!! Provided it has good tone. hehe 😉 And I totally agree on the good B-movies thing. My favorite B-movie has got to be Airheads. hehe

    Randy–lol That was awesome!

    Jed–ooh. Ya. I’ve got to agree with you there, brother. hehe

  4. Seth J–sorry, we must’ve posted at the same time. hehe Dear sweet mercy!! That one that lights up is enormous!! Does he say if he carries that to gigs? So refreshing to find a board that’s bigger than mine…makes me feel like less of a freak. haha

  5. +1 on Danny Elfman. The guy always writes great sound tracks. He has the capability to make a bad movie watchable. For instance:

    Hellboy II
    The Kingdom
    Spider-Man 3
    Meet the Robinsons
    Spider-Man 2
    Men in Black II
    Planet of the Apes (Remake)

    ….it goes on and on and on….very prolific

    • Meet the robinsons??? That was a great movie. Yeah, its a kids movie, but its great. I agree on just about all the other examples, though.

  6. Mark–lol I agree on all of those as unwatchable save for Mr. Elfman. Especially the Planet of the Apes remake. Yikes. haha

    Chris–haha Oh, those arachnid movies. Not a big Tobie Maguire fan. hehe As if I could do any better, but hey… 😉

    Mark–I like Tommy Lee Jones, too! Favorite quote ever by him:

    Harrison Ford: ‘I didn’t kill my wife.’
    Tommy Lee Jones: ‘I don’t care.’


    Dan–lol Yes!! Have you been keeping up with the latest Dumble saga on there the last few days, too?! Yikes. Seriously, it’s like deja vu every three weeks over there. haha

    • I can’t keep up with the Dumble threads but I did see the satire one when it came out. It’s too bad it got deleted – what did Tag do to get banned? I’m going to add “too buzzy” to my vocabulary. 🙂
      You could make a hundred animated videos using the stuff that gets posted on TGP.

  7. LOL, just watched the Gear Page Kool Aid clip. See, you only need a Peavey Bandit, your congregation will never know 🙂 But you might, thus our conundrum.

  8. I agree 100%! And I was wondering why I wanted to like that movie so much, but it absolutely was a) the great cast and b) the mood was perfect. Up until the point where the werewolves started fighting each other. I think the lighting and general cinematography was incredible, but yeah, the wolfmen, not so much.

    But I guess that’s not important. I mean, the movie is named “Wolfman”, But whatever.

    • Yeah, good performances but, I don’t think Tommy Lee Jones deserved a best supporting actor oscar for it. Especially when he was up against john malkavich’s performance in In The Line of Fire.

  9. Am I the only guy who actually kinda likes Nick Cage? I really liked him in National Treasure and Weather Man. Then again, there’s not a lot of movies I don’t like, but still.

    Also, I happened across the very video that first introduced me to you, Karl. It was the demo of the Arion SAD-1 analog delay. If all goes well, I may acquire one soon.

  10. A friend of mine was so excited to see wolfman. He told me it was so awful. And it was real cheezy the way he moved around.

    P.s. on a positive note, I just bought a tophat club royale today. Beautiful flippin amp. I highly recommend. Haven’t played it in a band setting yet. I’m very excited. We will see what the verdict from me is after that. So far I give it 5 stars (not just sayin that cause its a handwired beautiful boutiqe amp.) It actually sounds great with my strat

  11. so i’ve tried out a couple of amps and so far my favorite is the blues junior. there are two different kinds and ones like $80 more. do you know why?

  12. Sam–I totally agree!! 🙂

    Dan–oh, totally! haha Such a great…and interesting…place. And it’s always hard to figure out why people get banned because they clean the threads of the offending posts. Come on! Take’s away all the fun of reading them! hehe 😉

    Randy–lol Ya, it was pretty funny!

    Ben–lol Your last statement was awesome!!

    Ben G–ya, that was a good one! I need to watch that again.

    KennyG–really? I thought he was great as uber-Tommy in that movie, but I didn’t know he got a nomination for it. I may be inclined to agree with you on Malkovich over him, at least in those two movies. Nothing against Tommy! 🙂

    Colton–haha Hey, if he’s making movies you dig, then awesome!! Personally, I just can’t watch him without laughing. It’s like a tick I’ve developed. hehe

    And congrats on the SAD-1 if you get it! I’ve still got one on my board…going on about 6 years now. 😀

    David–ah, congratulations. That’s a brilliant amp. Top Hat’s are great, and everybody knew it like, 10 years ago. And then they just kept pumping out great amps, but the fanfare died down. I have no idea why, because they’re awesome! I was with a friend at a shop a few months ago, and they had a Club Royale. I was trying to show him that he didn’t need to spend a lot of get a good amp, and then I plugged into the Club Royale and was like, ‘Well, just disregard this one.’ It sounded better than almost any other amp in that place. Congratulations for sure!!

    Nater2–ya, that’s a killer little amp! As far as I know, there’s a regular version, a tweed version, and a blonde version. I think (but I could be wrong), that the only differences are that the tweed and the blonde versions have a Jensen speaker in them instead of the stock Fender speaker. Which may actually be worth it.

  13. Speaking of cheap amps… I played the heritage hand wired ac4 in the guitar shop the other day… that amp kills it for only $250 brand new!!

  14. Nater2- The Jensen is definitely worth it.

    Karl- Didn’t land the Arion, but did score an EHX Double Muff. Seems pretty versatile and right up my alley for what I’m needing now.

  15. Sal–lol Please say I’m right, please say I’m right!! 😉

    Ben G–those Heritage handwired are great, huh! I had the 15, and it was very, very good. That’s a killer price for the 4. I had no idea those were so cheap. Right on!!

    Colton–very cool! Two shots of fuzz can never be a bad thing! 🙂

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