Why Sounding Good Live Is Important

Alright, the post below was really technical and boring, so I added this one, too. If true bypass, buffers, and tone suckage in pedalboards really gets you going, see the post below. If that type of stuff makes you want to choke yourself to a slow and painful death by watching Adam Sandler movie marathons, then read this post here.

Sounding good live and everything that goes with it (tone, good sound technician who is preferably also a musician, knowing how to play live, practice, confidence, playing together as a band, etc.) is very important. Otherwise you end up just playing a cd and lip synching. Seems like a much easier way to do things……until this happens…..

Sorry to laugh at other people’s failures. But that is a huge:

failsmall.jpg picture by rypdal95

Splendid. A lot.

6 thoughts on “Why Sounding Good Live Is Important

  1. FAIL!!!!! LMAO!!!! I’ve seen worse!!! I had a guitar player in his 30s buy his first electric, came so excited… set up… by plugging into a direct box, then was saddened that he couldn’t get distortion sounds out of the PA.

    Thats the new guitarists first let down: electric playing COSTS so much more in the long run: Guitar, Amp, Effects, GAS….
    While an acoustic that seems 100 bucks more at the time is IT, nothing more!
    Unless you are crazy like me and build an acoustic board too.

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