I was in the middle of actually writing a useful post (imagine that), but the words just weren’t coming. And contrary to popular opinion, when I freeform write and the jokes are that bad, I actually do manage to figure out where the delete key is. So for now, I thought I would relate a little story that I found quite interesting a few weeks ago.

I was having a conversation with some fellow musicians (that means I was on a message board), and the discussion was having mostly to do with music as it pertained to worship. As such, there were a fair amount of Christians in there. In fact, almost all Christians. Except for this one guy. He’s a friend of mine, and I know he’s not into religion. And as the conversation became heated (how crazy would the world be if we didn’t have the internet to make us feel real), people were no longer…um…nice. Except the one guy who wasn’t a Christian. How he managed to have a soft answer for everyone, especially when it came to the inevitable religious topics, was admirable.

And it made we wonder why Christians are so mean. And I include myself in that generalization. I’ve met a great many people who don’t believe in God’s love for them, who love a lot more than I do. The only reason I’m able to post this is not because I was so magnanimous in the afore-mentioned conversation, but because I have recognized how mean I can be and can now identify (sometimes, hehe) when to just back out of conversations because I know I will not be able to control myself. But that’s treating the symptoms…like throwing out the chocolate cake. Sure, you’re not getting fat right now, but that’s only because there’s no cake. Get in a room with one again, and the gluttony comes back. There is a deeper issue here, and it’s one I might venture to say, if I may be allowed to be so bold, that we might want to look into. And it starts with each of us individually. That means me. Blast. ;)

Paul talked about our battle not being against flesh and blood. But sometimes I think we (meaning me) get that confused.

Oh, and…


P.S. This is not necessarily a Gear Page post, although I have seen it happen there many times. And it has nothing to do with the last post, in which I obviously uttered the magic conversation words, ‘Line 6.’ I thought there was a great and healthy conversation going in the comments there, and I hope it continues!