Worship Seminar & Damage Control is The Best

Well, always one for being on top of things, I’m giving no less than 24 hours notice of a worship seminar in the Temecula Valley area that I’ll be speaking at. 😉 It’s the next three days, and it’s put on by Chorus Church and one of my mentors, Eric Beeman. Everything you need to know is here at School of Worship. This isn’t to promote myself, it’s just because some of you have asked about gear and worship seminars (I’ll be teaching on both), and I got too hit in the face by life this spring to put one on. hehe I think it’s a small fee, and if you don’t include me, there are some amazing people speaking and playing at it. hehe

Oh, and I broke a knob off of one of my Timeline’s smashing it into my car (because I am so awesome), and Damage Control/Strymon fixed it for a great price and with a turnaround time of 2 days. Because they are, simply put, the best.


P.S. I’ve posted this before, but I will do my absolute best to do my effects demonstration at this hallowed level of awesome:

😀 😀 😀

60 thoughts on “Worship Seminar & Damage Control is The Best

    • Well, I stand corrected! Just read Damage Control’s latest blog post. You are correct sir, it is now fully Strymon. And I must admit, ‘Strymon Timeline II’ sounds worlds better than ‘Damage Control Timeline’. hehe

  1. Dumble, definitely worth mortgaging your house for. I can’t wait to play Mustang Sally at my next pup gig through my Dumble. I’m sure the crowd will love it.

  2. Where can i get some pants like that? Imagine showing up to worship practice in those…and then telling the worship leader that you prayed about it and felt led by the Spirit to wear them. Talk about a great social experiment.

  3. Kenrick–what?! With all that prior notice I gave you?! lol 😉

    Brian–I think it’s most of the same guys doing Strymon, and I know they’ve shifted focus to Strymon in the recent months. But as far as I know, they’re also working on some top secret new Damage Control pedals!! 😀

    Rhoy–lol Wang bar. If someone asked you to think of what is the worst possible name you could give the tremolo arm…… haha

    Sam–haha Ah, another video that will live in immortality!

    Mark H–lol I used to have some pants like that!! Of course it was 1989 and I was 5. hehehe Long live the sweat pants!!

    KennyG–haha I know! At some point, how did a little bell not go off in his head, ‘Um, maybe that’s not the right word for that.’ lol But boy, I’m sure glad it didn’t!!

    Andrew–hehehe Did they ever reinstate that video on Gear Page? Honestly, I didn’t mind Tag so much. I thought his tone was very good, although maybe not as good as he thought. But I always just kind of got the feeling that his prideful persona was a bit of an act, just to mess with everybody. Which, if that was the case, worked beautifully! haha

  4. That video is a good example of someone taking some great gear and making it sound like crap!
    Yeah this video will never outgrow funny.

  5. when i first watched these videos i couldn’t look away.

    also, fusion isn’t necessary a good thing. some genres should not be not allowed to mix with others, don’t you think?

    also, wang bar.

  6. Sam–lol I’m so jealous! You got to miss the sweatpants era!!

    Mark–haha Ah, comment of the day right there.

    Sal–I totally agree. The whole time you’re thinking, ‘Okay wait. He’s gotta be hearing this, right?’ And then Alexander Dumble playing next to him, just sounds fantastic with just those simple, effects-less blues riffs.

    Hinterspelunk–lol I know, they’re like roadkill. And I don’t know what genres he was trying to mix! He mentions ‘metal music’, but I’ve never heard any metal like that. hehe And yes, ‘wang bar’ is the best ever.

    Nater2–ah, you got to miss the sweatpants era AND the gangsta rap era. So jealous right now! haha

    Don–hehehe Seriously. It’s the cure for a bad day. :)

    Mark–is that a good or bad speechless? 😉 hehe

    • Bad….very bad. How anyone who has probably spent a vast majority of his life learning his instrument would (on purpose) put together an effects chain to cause himself to sound like he did on the first day he picked the instrument up is…beyond me.

  7. Has the wang bar been mentioned yet? 😉
    So when are bringing your workshop to the Nashville area? Or better yet, tape it and I’ll pay you money for a copy…

  8. 1. Karl, if anyone on the internet has earned the right to promote himself, it would be you.

    2. That youtube clip — man oh man. Thanks for introducing me to that. It’s something I can post whenever some idiot starts in on how The Edge “hides behind effects.” It never occurs to those people that there are both useful and non-useful ways to use effects, and that it’s up to the musician to figure that out.

  9. I may have nightmares tonight that on Sunday when I step on my pedals that this sound will come out instead. Argh!!!
    My favorite part is when he says that he erases them all every few months. I think he should definitly keep doing that, he may actually stumble on something that sounds good. I used to think that it was actually pretty hard to get bad sounds out of those eventide harmonizers, but it just goes to show if you try hard enough, you can come up with some real clangers.
    Good luck with the seminar this weekend Karl, I’ll be praying for ya.

  10. That video is horrible in ways possible to anticipate… yet I, too, could not turn away.

    I think that guy is pretty much the opposite of U2, both in hipness and in his failure to understand the appeal of a simple melody.

  11. 5% of what Henry Kaiser plays is crazy awesome, 95% is total nonsense! And no, it’s not a matter of opinion. It sounds like total crap and makes you want to bash your head into the wall.

    I’m not even sure the guy really knows how to play guitar. He pretty much only plays the pentatonic (not very well) and he has ZERO rhythm.

    I would like to steal some of his effect ideas every once in a trillion years, though.

    And yes, Strymon is awesome. I want to buy the capistan, but I’m going to wait till the new one comes out. Who knows, it could even be better.

  12. Has no idea DC was Strymon…have been gassing hard for the Strymon El Capistan, Blue Sky and BD….now to convince my wife I need 1,000 dollars worth of pedals….

  13. Karl, I think you can now add ‘Wang Bar’ to your list of controversial words you sometimes just throw on the end of a post.

    I’m pretty freakin’ excited to see what comes of the finalized melding of DC and Strymon. I don’t own any DC but have acquired a blueSky reverb and most recently a Brigadier. Really fabulous pedals. I foresee myself possibly owning the whole Strymon line eventually.

  14. That video astounds me…Like, I’d say it was fake if I didn’t know better.

    Also, you’ve rubbed off on me and I’m becoming even more of a gear junkie than I used to be. I’m working on a tube tape delay, a ridiculous spring reverb unit and am now drawing up plans for a pedal board with a built-in reverb tank. All that, plus I’m really wanting to learn how to build effects pedals.

  15. I have sold my “valvestate” and am now the proud owner of a vox AC4 . I am loving the extra dynamics when playing! it responds to picking nicley , chords “bloom” and loves delay… Nots heaps of clean headroom but enough for me :-)

  16. DUDE! I played an ac4 at a guitar shop and was BLOWN AWAY! they sound awesome! It sounded a lot like the blues junior that was sitting right next to it but much quieter. Sweet little tube amps.

    • I am actually suprised with how loud it is! It starts to breakup quite early but doesnt fully beakup until it is quite loud! brilliant amp for the price – got it for AUS$379!

      • It was $250 out the door in Tennessee where I played it. i was VERY surprised. I was playing it with a les paul with 2 p90’s and it sang like a champ!!

  17. lol These Henry Kaiser comments are awesome. To be fair, he does have some newer youtube clips that are…well…at least a little better. I hope that even he looks back on these and goes, ‘What was I thinking.’ Like when I played had 7 delays on my board. Seriously. Anything more than 4 is just overkill. 😉 hehe

  18. Karl, great job at the seminar this week/end. You speak just like you write, which is a good thing…

    Again thank you for your insights.

  19. in case you thought Kaiser was bad…..someone actually posted this on youtube.

    Who says multi-effect units and solid state amps can’t sound amazing?

  20. haha Wow!! That was a crazy video too, because it sounds like he has good finger dexterity, but never bothered to learn any scales are keys. It’s just fast randomness. hehe Through solid state! 😀

  21. Hey, good think you busted your Timeline when you did. Mine died this weekend, so I shot off an email, and on Monday, they wrote telling me they were transitioning to a new system for customer repairs, and would contact me within ONE WEEK! Splendid!

  22. Oh, really?! Bummer!! Ya, I must’ve got in right before they started this whole combining of DC and Strymon, which I’m sure is taking up a lot of time.

    How’d yours die?

  23. Output signal strength began decreasing gradually over about 3 hours use. Didn’t matter if unit was active or bypassed. Letting it cool, swapping tubes one at a time made zero difference. The left tube is very slow to glow when first plugged in, but eventually matches the right. Problem present on both L and R channels. Then tonight I remembered I have a Liquid Blues stashed somewhere. Tried that external power supply–problem solved!! So I try the original power supply–problem still solved. Shoot, now it works, but I don’t trust it. I think I’ll leave it on for a few hours and see if anything overheats or dies. Sigh. I just put a Weber Blue Dog in my Lonestar Special, and I really like it. I think I’m just going to plug straight in for a while. I can still visit this blog if I don’t use delay, right? 😉

  24. Weird…ya, I’d leave it plugged in for a while, but with the Liquid Blues’ power supply. Hopefully it’s just the power that’s sketchy.

    And I’ll make an exception for you reading this blog without delay, but only because you have a Weber. 😉 hehehe

    Weber’s are beautiful.

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