Well, always one for being on top of things, I’m giving no less than 24 hours notice of a worship seminar in the Temecula Valley area that I’ll be speaking at. ;) It’s the next three days, and it’s put on by Chorus Church and one of my mentors, Eric Beeman. Everything you need to know is here at School of Worship. This isn’t to promote myself, it’s just because some of you have asked about gear and worship seminars (I’ll be teaching on both), and I got too hit in the face by life this spring to put one on. hehe I think it’s a small fee, and if you don’t include me, there are some amazing people speaking and playing at it. hehe

Oh, and I broke a knob off of one of my Timeline’s smashing it into my car (because I am so awesome), and Damage Control/Strymon fixed it for a great price and with a turnaround time of 2 days. Because they are, simply put, the best.


P.S. I’ve posted this before, but I will do my absolute best to do my effects demonstration at this hallowed level of awesome:

:D :D :D