Titles Do No Justice…


…this exists.

I’d love to say, ‘Good for you, David! Way to have fun and not take yourself seriously!’ But, I’m not really sure that is the case. In fact, I think I am now less sure about everything I have ever been sure about. This man made my childhood so much brighter with Knight Rider. And then something happened……

Ooga Chaka.

15 thoughts on “Titles Do No Justice…

  1. I’m afraid to even click PLAY…
    There I did it. Now I’m going to laugh at the irony and hipster humor Mr. Hasselhoff has achieved…
    before I cry myself to sleep tonight.

  2. I was so looking forward to reading about some new pedal, bypass loop or some insight to worship music. Now I must go brush my teeth again, curl up and find my happy place. Thanks David

    Why? Why? AHHH!

    Sam – “Every time I hear that song”?

  3. Sam–lol I don’t remember that!! I can so picture it to this song, though.

    CT–haha He definitely has that effect, doesn’t he!!

    And lol at the ‘every time’ comment. I googled this song in hopes that David made it on like 1981 (which he definitely didn’t), and found out that there have been tons of versions of it floating around the internet. Where have I been? hehe

  4. It must be an Australian thing. It was used last decade to advertise a T.V. show (don’t ask me what) and for some reason there was these dancing babies in the add. After that they were selling the dancing babies that sang that song when you pressed their bellies. I think the show might have been Ally McBeal or some thing crap like that.

  5. lol It’s just incredible, isn’t it? Like, this actually happened. They filmed it, produced it, put it out, and at no point did someone tell him, ‘Uh, no David.’ hehehe Amazing.

  6. I can picture the studio engineer behind the glass smiling real big, putting his thumbs up in the air and saying how awesome it sounds.

    Wait a minute – That’s exactly how it went down at our record i…

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