I’ve been trying really hard lately to figure out how to still be a guitar gear junkie when I have no money. And on a whim, I decided to try this new fad called, ‘playing the stuff you buy.’ It was strange and a little bit frightening at first, but after the first couple G chords and modified Edge riffs (and by ‘modified’, I mean, ‘added more delay’), I felt strong. So in the absence of buying gear, songwriting happens. So maybe not buying new gear is actually a good thing? ………lol Ah, I say crazy things sometimes. But in the meantime:

What is happening here? Yesterday I discover that it is possible to not be in a nightmare and still have two harmonizing David Hasselhoff’s flying at you, and today I’m questioning the merit of buying new gear. I think the world is ending, folks.


P.S. The full version keeps getting taken down off youtube, but this should be required watching for all us gear junkies: