New Song – ‘Something I Can Almost Remember’

I’ve been trying really hard lately to figure out how to still be a guitar gear junkie when I have no money. And on a whim, I decided to try this new fad called, ‘playing the stuff you buy.’ It was strange and a little bit frightening at first, but after the first couple G chords and modified Edge riffs (and by ‘modified’, I mean, ‘added more delay’), I felt strong. So in the absence of buying gear, songwriting happens. So maybe not buying new gear is actually a good thing? ………lol Ah, I say crazy things sometimes. But in the meantime:

What is happening here? Yesterday I discover that it is possible to not be in a nightmare and still have two harmonizing David Hasselhoff’s flying at you, and today I’m questioning the merit of buying new gear. I think the world is ending, folks.


P.S. The full version keeps getting taken down off youtube, but this should be required watching for all us gear junkies:

28 thoughts on “New Song – ‘Something I Can Almost Remember’

  1. Love the post! Great song! I really enjoyed it.
    Now all you need to do is start fixing cheap old guitars that never really sound good. That’ll kill the ol’ “play guitar” bug. At least that’s what I’ve been using…
    But I am curious, what did you use to create this song? Did you record layers? Did you play enough stuff and layer the delays just right so it was all at once? Which effects did you use? Are you still using your POG for those layered sections or is it all the guitar with delays?
    As you may have noticed, I’m curious.
    Anyway, thanks for the post. It was a nice way to end my day.

  2. Sounds really good. It’s really relaxing.

    Speaking of gear, I’m loving the Mosferatu. It sounded amazing at church on Sunday.

    • Sam–so stoked to see the Mosferatu being in a good home! It’s like seeing a child go off to Australia to bigger and better things. haha But seriously, glad it’s working out for ya. Such a great drive!

  3. i was listening to this last night but became so sleepy that I could not comment … so relaxing! btw, that’s a complement 😉

    you know, I’m not much into ambient stuff but you (and other guys at TGP) are making me think about trying it out. I think I’ve got enough gear lying around to do it … and yes, I bought them because I could afford them 😆

  4. Wow, that was very worshipful ! I’m going to have to go back and read your other posts on “ambient” to see if the gear I have could even come close to generating that. Especially now that our keyboard player has gone on to be with the Lord. Great old guy and fantastic musician. I never could get him to use the “organ/synth” features on his keyboard — just a died-in-the-wool piano player. But your ambient clip above could certainly be covered by the right keys player. At the moment I just have an RC-2 looper and DD-7 delay.

  5. Ok Karl, I want you to go back through this song and by about minute 1 start looping in the intro riff to Where The Streets Have No Name… then repost it 🙂

  6. Gtr1ab–thanks. And yes, I’ve always wanted to try to start getting into fixing old guitars, especially after reading your site. But you’re right, it would probably take all my time! lol

    And this one was recorded layer by layer into separate tracks; I didn’t loop it all live. As cool as that is, it is somewhat limiting when you want to be constantly changing and forwarding the journey, which is what I decided to do with this one. So, between all the different tracks, I think I ended up using the Tim, Tremolessence, Subdecay Quasar, both Timeline’s, SAD-1, Memory Lane, volume pedal of course, and the RV3. The POG is used on one of the layers, I believe, in conjunction with the RV3 for a strings sound in the back. And…this part’s a secret…but I just use Garage Band to track and then Audacity for editing the fades on the beginning and end. If you keep everything off in those programs, work on getting a good sound pre-recording, and then use the computer simply to track sound, they’re not bad. 🙂

    Sam–thanks, bro! And I responded about the Mos right below your comment. The Mos deserves it’s own reply. lol

    Rhoy–thanks! haha And ya, I did take that as a compliment. If I’d been playing a classic rock tune, I wouldn’t have, but it’s okay to fall asleep to this. 😉 hehe And with the Brigadier now along with the Memory Lane, I bet your ambient stuff would sound killer!

    Randy–thanks, bro. And my condolences about your keyboard player.

    With your RC2 and DD7, you could probably replicate most if not all of this. 🙂

    Mark–and watching me get frustrated when I finally play a part correctly, only to discover that I gained out the input of the track! lol 🙂 Ah, recording.

    Ben G–haha Yep! But I made sure not to go to the Bm walk down!! 😉 But ya, the whole first part is just the I-IV, so Streets would work, Running to Stand Still, Bricks and Mortar, The First Time, Death and All His Friends, City of Blinding Lights. With minor changes of course, but the base I-IV is the greatest base progression in history. Well, besides I-V-vi-IV…With or Without You, Majesty, Blessed Be Your Name……hehe. 😉

  7. Karl, I like the song. The very first few seconds reminded me of “My Sundown” by Jimmy Eat World. You should get Reason and put some tasty beats in there. That would sound real cool.

    The sound of your guitar is very full. There’s a lot of low end. Is that because of your speakers? I know next to nothing about speakers. My TopHat is almost 10 years old (looks brand new) and it has the original TopHat speakers in it, which I hear are not amazing. Do you recommend trying something new? I do like my tone a lot, but I may be missing something I’m not aware of simply because I haven’t tried many speakers. Does spending some bucks on nice speakers make a difference?

  8. You should consider making a bunch of tracks like that then going to churches and Christian book stores to sell it, billing it as “Meditative Prayer Music.” Charismatics eat this stuff up. ( I know, because I am one and I do eat it up.) Even going the extra step and making DVDs with video like that and Scripture would go a long way.

    Aside from me telling you what to do (I seem fond of telling people what to do. Haha.) I really dig the song. And I’m going to attempt to not buy any more stuff for a while and work with what I’ve got. Well, that is until I go to Guitar Center or some other music store again. I went Sunday and now have $2000 gear lust.

  9. David–never heard that song! Are they using reverse delay too? That’s how I’m starting this one.

    And speakers are a hugely important, and often overlooked part of tone. I’m not sure if that’s exactly where the fullness is coming from…part of it is how I play as I tend to gravitate more towards mid-heavy sounds (had more than one sound guy ask me to turn up my treble, haha), but honestly most of it is really that Matchless. I’d love to say it’s because I’m awesome, but really it’s just that I stumbled upon the right amp that fits with me. Speakers do help though, and one of the main things is to get speakers that are lower in wattage so that they’re pushed harmonically. For this piece, I was mic’ing a 15 watt Celestion Blue. I’d recommend them, as well as Weber, which I have in my other amp, and Scumbacks which I have heard are fantastic. 🙂

    Guy–yep! There’s actually two tracks of reverse delay…one going with the chords to start and end the piece, and one just ambient in D that goes all the way through. 🙂 Good ears!

    Ryan–thanks for the kind words, my friend. 🙂

    Colton–thanks, bro! I’ll definitely look into that. And ya…I wish I could buy gear, but I guess playing music will have to do for now. 😉 hehe

    Sal–well, you could probably call it a sketch if that sounds better. Best I can do for now! 🙂

    Cam–that’s really nice, bro! I dig it! Your acoustic playing reminds me of Jimmy Page a little bit. Which is definitely awesome!!

  10. Karl, you must not own a lot of jimmy eat world stuff. Wow. I thought for sure you would know that song. If you don’t listen to them, I recommend you check them out, preferably the older stuff.

    So since you have encouraged me to maybe try some new speakers, I had a couple questions as to how to go about this. Where should I get speakers? Is there a particular place you get speakers from? Do you suggest I go for new or used? Do you recommend I try a few cabs first to decide which ones I like, them have them installed?

    Sorry to bug you so much. I’m just new to the world of speakers.

  11. Actually Karl I loved it. It is what I believe you are best at and that is ambient music. You got to get your behind over to Hollywood and start getting connected… just sayin…

  12. David–hate to admit it, but I don’t own a single Jimmy album or song. hehe I’ll get on that, though. 😉

    As for speakers, I’d recommend buying used because you’ll probably end up selling a good many of them before you find ones you really like. Gear Page is the best, or even ebay sometimes. Also, with buying used, they’ll already be at least somewhat broken in…which is important with speakers.

    With the cab thing, that’s difficult. Because it’s not like pedals you can shoot out…you actually have to install the speakers. What type of amp do you have?

    Ben G–nice! I actually do remember that song! 🙂

    Sal–you’re way too kind, brother. 🙂 And I remember when I was 19, I wrote a screenplay and then proceeded to grab a couple friends and drive to all the Hollywood studios to meet with the executives and see if they were interested in my screenplay. And lo and behold, and the studios had like gates and security! And when we drove up they asked if I had an appointment! I was like, ‘Nope! Just need to sell this Oscar-worthy screenplay.’ And then they said, ‘Sir, you need to turn around right now.’

    It was a lesson in how life is run, right there. haha Wish I had some Hollywood connections!

  13. Steve Martin is so great. His faces in this were classic.

    And I think your board is pretty decent, brother!! Makes good music, and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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