Gettin’ All Honesty and Freudian and Such Up in Here

Had I grown up in da hood, I most likely would have been shot already. Probably due to phrases such as ‘da hood.’ But it’s been a while since I’ve had a post promoting the ever-important concept of not taking yourself too seriously. Also known as the ‘I am not John Mayer’ concept. Unless, of course, you’re reading this, Mr. Mayer. Then, you are John Mayer. Wouldn’t want to confuse you, now. So, on with the honesty:

  • Sometimes I pretend John Mayer reads my blog.
  • I haven’t changed my strings in three weeks.
  • I have listed ‘prayer’ as one of the ‘song transition tools’ before. As in, ‘Man, how are we gonna get from capo 3 to capo 4 in between songs?’ ‘I know! Let’s pray!’
  • Sometimes I decide whether a song sounds good or bad before I’ve heard it.
  • I have turned my amp up after I’ve been sound-checked. Hey, to compensate for the people that are now in the auditorium! 😉
  • I’ve realized that unbeknownst to me, I have developed a defense mechanism of deflecting away compliments to such a degree as to frustrate the giver of the compliment; so that, when they do not compliment me, I can pass it off as that I really did sound good, but it’s just that they have become weary of giving unreceived compliments. Just recently realized that one. Frightening to find out sometimes how true the book of Jeremiah is when it says that the heart is deceitful and wicked.
  • I had to google ‘deceitfully wicked above all things’ to figure out that that verse was in Jeremiah.
  • I have commented on message board threads about pedals that I have never played.
  • I listen to my own songs. (Oooh, that one grosses me out.)
  • I think I have played Edge’s solo from ‘Acrobat’ in almost every minor key worship song that exists.
  • And will admitting that stop me? hehehehe (That laugh means…’nooooo’.)
  • There are some really kickin’ Boss pedals.
  • I have started songs in wrong keys during practice, and then went back over to fiddle with my Avioms pretending I just wasn’t hearing things right.
  • There have been times when I have been literally almost paralyzed by hoping that what other people think of me is that I’m someone who doesn’t care what other people think of me.
  • ‘Bad Romance’ is blasted catchy.
  • When I don’t understand a movie, I usually comment on the ‘philosophical undertones.’ You can also interchange ‘philosophical’ to ‘sociological’ every once in a while for good measure. It works the same with guitar gear, but you have to say ‘harmonics.’
  • And, the worst thing I can possibly think of to get Freudian (that’s more good time homey-speak right there, yo) over:

The M13 doesn’t sound as bad as I’d like it to.


66 thoughts on “Gettin’ All Honesty and Freudian and Such Up in Here

  1. Karl, I haven’t played the M13, but I do have something to say about it…. Well, sorta. In my experience, a lot of non-tube amps and things that we tone guys hate sound fine when you are playing them in your bedroom. I have been shocked at times playing random people’s bedroom amps that I’m sure came with their squire. Sometimes it surprises me and makes me feel like crap for all the money I spend on gear…

    but here is the catch. That cheap stuff rarely sounds good live or on recording. It sounds shrilly. It has bad overtones and doesn’t cut through the mix. It ends up sounding like phase cancellation or something.

    I’m sure the M13 works fine for scratch tracks in the studio. It would probably work really well in a home practicing application, but not in a real life situation.

    So in a sense, it probably does sound as bad as you want it to if you are talking about using it in the real world.

  2. Karl… Brother… I’m with you on all of these…. Except in haven’t changed my strings in a couple months. Freakin elixirs won’t die haha. Think I might go back to GHS Boomers to be honest. As weird as that sounds 🙂

    Butalthough my bassist keeps trying to convince me that Bad Romance is respectable…. I cannot be corrupted someasily!! Haha 😉

    But I love it when you post posts (yup) like these. Makes me laugh cause I completely relate with every last one! 😀

  3. – I haven’t put any strings on my SG recently because every time I look at it I remember that I need to swap the pickups out for the ones that I can’t currently afford.

    – I restrung the locking tuners on my strat the wrong way round 2 days ago so that they became unlocking tuners followed by all the strings snapping.

    – I try very hard not to sound American when singing “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other”.

    – I sometimes stand there just playing pentatonics on Sunday mornings because I “don’t have the time” to figure out anything else…

    – And I completely relate to a lot of yours 🙂

  4. Karl, I don’t think listening to your own music is weird, I mean it should be exactly the music you like, no?
    And strings cost money! I know that’s sometimes a motivation for me to put off a change.
    Have you ever heard of boiling old strings to re-new them?
    A musician friend told me about doing that, but I’ve never tried it.

  5. David,

    A couple of things.

    The sound of any of the multi effects units definitely depends on how much time you spend programing them. I think you are right that the factory presets are made to sound good by themselves but with some work they can sound good.

    Also I can think of at least a couple of folks who might not agree with you on their usefulness in live situations. Starting with Joel Hanson.

  6. @David – I have to disagree with you on the M13 (M9). I have an M9 (the little brother of the M13) and it sounds great in live situation. Now, admittedly, I don’t use any of the drive models in it at all (and I probably won’t) but, the modulation and delay effects have bee great for me. I really want the Fuzz models to be good too. I haven’t had it for that long so I haven’t had much of a chance to really dig through it but

    • Pretty much all of the drives/distortions/fuzz’s are crap. I use it strictly for the verbzilla it has and all of the delays and modulations… it’s a great tool if you use what it excels at. I went out and got a Hermida Nu-Valve because I was tired of my drives sounding digital and lame 🙂 I have an M13 by the way.

  7. I really hope the m13 doesn’t sound as bad as you wish it would, as I just found an m9 for $250 and decided it’d be my second delay (and third and fourth and fifth) and I’m really really hoping it is as good as all the hype says it is!

  8. U2 practicing Mercy made my day yesterday.

    David – you might want to try the M13 before deciding whether it works or not. 😉
    It’s being used in the real world by Future of Forestry, Thrice, Minus the Bear, Smashing Pumpkins, Tim Pierce, Matt Scannell.
    It sounds better at live volume than bedroom volume.

  9. I have done the whole digital modeling thing and I can guarantee you that if a tube amp and a modeling amp are on stage, at the same volume, with a similar tone and mic’ed similarly that you could turn off the modeler and not even know it. Sorry…it’s the truth. The fact that name bands use something is irrelevant. They use them for ease of use, less upkeep, reduced setup time and flexibility. I use a tube amp for flat out unadulterated tone. They also generally have highly trained sound men that ensure that they are heard. I have a volunteer who does the best he can with what he’s got. I’ll bet they don’t record the albums that cause us to go to their concerts with a modeler. When the Edge, David Gilmore, Eric Clapton, etc. start recording with them, I’ll be the first in line with my check book out. Until then…I’ll stick with my ancient tube amps. 😉

  10. + 50 for not changing your strings…. especially when your thought process is “these are really nice strings, they should last longer.” Then you finally do change them out (cause let’s be honest, you were just being lazy…) and you’re amazed, once again, at the difference in your sound quality…

    And starting a song in the wrong key is they fault of your monitor…. haha

  11. true story here:

    on Friday, I thought about replacing my strings as they are getting old

    on Sunday, I decided not to bring my misc bag with extra cables, batteries, strings, etc …

    on the same Sunday, my B-string snapped

    lessons learned: follow your gut feeling, change strings often and don’t be lazy bringing spares 🙁

  12. hehe Just to clarify, I’m not going over to the M13, M9, or digital modeling anytime soon. I’m still much more a fan (just personally) of the sound of individual amps and effects. However, whenever I’ve heard the M13 live, even though personally I don’t like it as much as individual gear, it does sound very decent. And because of my outspoken views on modeling gear, I do wish that it sounded just a tad bit worse. 😉 hehe

    I think when used right, it is capable of some very good sounds. I’ve also talked with very few people, including those on this blog who play them, who will fight to the death that it sounds every bit as good as individual gear. I think their view is that for them personally, the sound quality is good enough that it’s worth it for the versatility.

    David–I do agree; my experience with modeling gear has been the same….that in a live band situation, it doesn’t have the weight or depth to cut through or sit properly in a mix. However, I’ve played with a few guys now who are rockin’ the M13’s live, and they sound pretty good! haha Good enough to make me give a second listen. Now granted, every one of these people has been using them for the effects, and running into the front end of a good tube amp.

    Andrew–haha Still not a fan of Lady Gaga, but I just can’t deny the fact that every once in a while, inexplicably, I’ll just start to sing, ‘Wo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, caught in a bad romance.’ haha

    And Elixirs? How are you liking them? I used to use them for electric, and they seemed to die like, within the hour. This was years ago, though. Maybe they’ve made improvements to their formula. 🙂

    James–that was awesome!! I’m so with you on playing pentatonics because I couldn’t find the time to sit and come up with anything else. lol Or, for me, it’s the 1-7-1-5 riff. 😉 hehe Love the locking tuners thing, too. I don’t feel as bad now that I can’t figure them out sometimes. hehe

    Andrew–no worries!

    Don–ya, I agree. I think that’s one of the points of writing music, is to write stuff good enough to where you actually want to listen to it. But there’s just something inexplicable about it that seems gross to me. haha I don’t know why!

    And I haven’t tried boiling strings, but I just might. I’ve heard that too, but have never got around to trying it. Hmm…

    Craig–that’s the PFR guy, right? Is he using one now? I think the real question is, is he going direct with it, or running it into a tube amp? 😉 hehe

    Kenrick–ya, the guys I know using them will bring some separate drives if they had the time to grab them. So, the fuzzes sound great? Crazy interesting! Because fuzz is usually a tough one to model because it’s so intensely analog. haha

    Colton–haha Thanks, brother.

    KennyG–I believe you’re running it into a tube amp though, right? I should’ve clarified that the folks I know using them are going into tube amps, and usually using some separate drives. I didn’t think to clarify though, as I obviously forgot that ‘M13’ is magic words on guitar sites. hehehe

    Isaac–ya, I think it does sound good when used well and when played to its strengths…like cascading delays and digital filters and such. It’s not really the be-all-end-all of effects like it’s marketed, but it does have some good sounds in it. Imho. 🙂

    Dan–haha Yes!! I must admit, I listened to that and Mothers on youtube. 🙂

    And is Minus the Bear using one? Crazy. Into Marshall’s though, right? I agree that it can sound good when in the right hands.

    Mark–I am inclined to agree with you that individual effects and tube amps tend to sound better and cut through band mixes better. And also, I think you’re right that in the studio, these folks are using 17 different actual amps, not models. But for me the M13 sounds good enough to where I still have respect for those folks who use it for the amazing versatility it provides, when they don’t want to lug in 3 different pedalboards. For me personally, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. haha But I do think the M13 sounds better than I thought multi-effects could. Again, provided it’s run into some nice tube goodness. hehe

    Nate–absolutely! When I change them this week, I’m going to feel like I got a new guitar again. haha

    And it is the monitor’s fault?! God bless you, bro! haha

    Rhoy–ooh, great point! Okay, I’m totally going to change them now. You scared me! haha

    • Yeah, running into a tube amp, separate drives, and separate delays. I’m totally with you on amp modeling. Don’t like it at all.

      • Nothing like raw tube power 🙂 The M13 is something every church should own for that “new” guitar player that wants to help with worship who has no money for effects pedals… You can hand him that and say here you go… everything is already set up… you just tap the tempo and switch delays and reverbs. Oh and go out and buy yourself a tube screamer mmmk?

  13. Karl,
    Yes Joel was/is in PFR and yes he has quite the stable of tube amps which he ( I presume) runs his M13 through. As does my other friend who has 2 M9’s on his board (balanced out by the Cornish and JHS pedals).

    I guess that I would assume that most pro’s are running them through some kind of amp set up. Personally I keep coming back to the great equalizer, the church sound system, I don’t care how good your rig sounds most churches don’t have the system to really make it noticeable in most cases. Not only that but the vast majority of the congregation can’t tell much difference anyway. (I should go without saying that they can tell a difference between good and bad sounds, I’m just not sure if they could tell a difference between an AC30 and a modeled AC30. But it all should come down to what works and sounds good to each individual, shouldn’t it?

    BTW, just ordered my JHS Mini True Bypass Looper ( today. I need it, but why am I not excited. I am quite sure it will be great, but I’d rather be ordering a fuzz (

  14. KennyG–gotcha. Ya, I was almost positive that was what you were doing!! 🙂

    Craig–right on with the JHS stuff! And ya, I think the M series can sound good into some good tube amps.

    As for the congregation, I always go back to my favorite saying that they won’t notice if it’s wrong, but they will notice if it’s right. For instance, no one will say worship sounded bad because of a modeled AC30. But with a real one, they might say, ‘Wow! I could really feel it today!’ or ‘Things sounded great! I could just really feel it!’ That’s just my thoughts on the subject.

    As for sound systems…ya. hehe Sometimes you can’t get around it. I have a personal charge though, to try to get tone so good that it’s impossible for any sound tech or sound system to mess it up. I…uh…haven’t arrived at it yet. hehehe

  15. I tend to agree with your thoughts that the congregation will notice if something sounds exceptionally good or bad, but I still don’t think that most know (or care) what it is. Ultimately I think that we just need to get the best sounding stuff we can swing and give the sound guy the best tone we can. I’m just not sure there is a right or wrong here;)

  16. The sounding right also goes for the worship team itself.
    [WARNING – Pro M9 story…]
    The first week I had my M9, I turned on some light tremelo for a song and our w/l said, “Woha, that sounded awesome! Is was that new effect?” I’d have to say that with a little effort, its very possible to get your sound to come through in the mix. I might even say that possible with amp modeling too. I know that, for a while I was really happy with my modeling rig. That is, until the day I plugged my guitar straight into my amp. For me, it wasn’t that one sounded bad. It was just that the other sounded so good.

    • KG

      I agree, right now I am running effects (mostly analog) into a Flextone 3 and I think that the what makes it different (read good) is the fact that you have speakers moving air along with what the amp adds. Personally I’m happy with my sound, but not so happy hauling this huge amp around, so the Line Six will eventually get sold/traded for something with tubes.

  17. Actually Joel has had one for quite a while now, a mutual friend offered to let my demo Joel’s M13 at one point. I declined, but I’ll bet the stuff he actually uses sounds pretty good.

    I’ve actually considered going the multi effects route for the shimmer thing and a couple of other specialized sounds, but I will probably just add loops instead. It is tempting to those of us on a budget though.

  18. Craig–ya, I may be totally off with that. But I think it’s more on a subconscious level with people. Music was meant to grab people’s hearts…and I think good tone is a part of that, even if people don’t consciously notice or care. Just like the average person won’t tell you they like a Lady Gaga song because of the great melody or the cool rhythm. They’ll just say they love it. I think it’s the same with tone. They don’t care about it per se, but they care about the feeling it gives them. And some good amps moving some real air into their chests is a good feeling. 🙂 Again, I could be way off, but that mindset has really helped me, and I’ve seen (or at least think I’ve seen, haha) a lot of evidence for it. But really, this warrants a whole ‘nother post. And again, I could definitely be wrong, and I’ve seen crowds of people worshiping to Lincoln Brewster, as he runs direct into the board. So… I don’t have all the answers.

    And I hear ya on the budget for sure. I’m actually half considering right now selling all my gear except for my guitar, and buying cheaper stuff.

    KennyG–that’s a great way to put it. Ya, the other isn’t a bad sound. Until compared with the real one. And some light trem can go a long way!! 😀

    • Karl,

      Been there on selling gear, and It was a losing proposition. I ended up replacing pretty much everything except me Parker which I really miss. I wish I would have kept it, but you gotta do…

  19. Karl, I seriously can’t believe that you respond to almost every person’s comment on here. This must be almost a full-time job for you.

    And by the way, I sort of agree with you about the value. The money we spend on gear can get ridiculous, and some of those higher-quality multi-effects units are a decent alternative. But for the most part, they really just can’t quite reach what quality individual gear does. I think we are on the same page, Karl.

  20. Another minority opinion here… 😉
    I know what you mean, Karl, about good tone moving people’s hearts, but I have to consider what sounds I need and what I can afford. I play through a Digitech (!!!) RP1000 direct to the sound board in my church, and I know you guys won’t believe me without playing one yourselves, but to my ears (which I know you guys will say are probably deficient), it actually sounds really good. Not the presets, of course, but my carefully tweaked settings. Like Craig says, the congregation doesn’t really care about gear. The only gearheads in my church are the other guitar players, and they are all highly complimentary about the tone I get from this unit.

    If I had tons of money, would I prefer an array of vintage tube amps and boutique gear? Of course! (as long as I wouldn’t have to carry them to church every week!)

    But with this Digitech modeler (!!!), I can call up whatever “amp” is needed for a particular song–Vox AC30, Fender Bassman, JCM900, Matchless, etc… No, these amp models are not the real thing, obviously, and I would not claim such a thing–but they sound good enough to inspire my creativity, and they sound good enough to help move the congregation to worshiping God.

    I’m doing my best with what I can afford–and I like the portability and versatility that it offers. It gets the job done. 🙂

    Great post as always, Karl!

  21. I use an m13 and love it. i use it into a Marshall JCM 600 (60 watt, el-34 amp), which is my favorite amp (of the ones i’ve tried), and is also cool because its a Marshall that no one has ever heard of.:)

    The more i use the m13 the more cool stuff i find in it. For me the keyboard type sounds are what make it indispensable. I checked recently to see if i could replicate the sounds that i use on the m13 with individual effects. Once you count in cables and stuff it would be more than $1000 OVER the cost of an m13. For me that just doesn’t work. I lead worship and play rhythm guitar, i’ve come to realize that, as much as i would like to justify spending that kind of money on guitar effects, my guitar playing isn’t nearly as important as i think i it is. 🙂

    For what it’s worth i also think the m13 sounds better in the mix than it does by itself. Also the m13 isn’t meant to go direct. It is effects only, no amp modeling, meant to go into an amp (tube , of course ;)).

    A thought about tone from the congregation’s perspective:
    I think people connect with music when it is played and sung passionately. I also think musicians play more passionately when they feel like they sound good. I used to play drums, and it was amazing how much better i played on a high quality kit. It wasn’t because i WAS better but because i my confidence and excitement about playing grew when i felt that it sounded better. And I think people connect with that because music is an emotional thing and it connects with people on an emotional level.

    Just my $.02 🙂

  22. How many people are confused about the M13 / M9? It doesn’t do amp models, just effects. Yeah it’s digital, but so is the beloved Timeline! (and so are all the Zoom effects, but those really do sound awful.)

    I am also interested to know what Karl thinks about The Edge’s use of Line 6 gear.

    I keep drooling over the new Strymon El Capistan, but I decided the other week to play with my M9 in a way outside the box I’ve had it in. I was able to get every tone from the Strymon clips that I wanted to get. I do like that they’re creating a new way of looking at digital effects, and I’d truthfully still love to have the El Capistan, but I more than get by without it.

    • Exactly, i would love to have a Blue Sky Reverb but $300…? I’m sure for some people that’s nothing but for me that’s rent.

      • I managed to buy one and for me it’s a huge chunk of cash. But, I was able to save up and thankfully, it blew my mind away as soon as I started playing. I also bought a Brigadier which, is the most underwhelming pedal I haver ever bought. I’m seriously disappointed with it.

  23. Sam:

    I also bought a Brigadier which, is the most underwhelming pedal I haver ever bought. I’m seriously disappointed with it.

    Hey Sam,
    That’s too bad you are disappointed with the Brig. FWIW, I wasn’t too impressed right away with it until I started playing with the different combinations of Bucket Loss & Repeats … now I am confident enough to leave it in the board by itself and took my Diamond Memory Lane out … and that is saying a lot about the Brig. But of course, YMMV …

    I am interested to know what you didn’t like about it, though. You can send me a note here, if you prefer:


  24. Sorry, been super busy! As a lot of the latest comments have been threaded, I’ll just add my general input, to make it less confusing.

    On the passionate part, and people connecting with passion, great point. That’s a huge part of it! Thanks for adding that, for sure!

    On digital effects, I think the issue is more multi-effect versus single effects. At least in my mind. Just simply because usually the quality decreases exponentially as bells and whistles increase. It comes down to sound versus versatility. Like with the Timeline. Would having 2 tape delay units, a TC2290, Korg SDD3000, Echoczar, Cornish DD2, and 122 Moog analog delays sound better than the 128 presets my Timeline is capable of? Absolutely. But that’s not very practical. With the M13, I think it’s just a matter of where you draw your line of tone versus practicality.

    On the congregation not caring, I’ve voiced my opinion already, but here’s another thought: if you truly feel that the congregation doesn’t know/care/hear/feel the difference between a tube amp and an amp modeler, then what are the chances of them knowing/caring/hearing/feeling the difference between a modeled Vox and a modeled Marshall? Perhaps it would then be cheaper just to run direct into a good tube DI or preamp. Or to just get a tube amp. 😉 I may be wrong, but just a thought.

    And lastly, on The Edge’s use of the DM4 and POD…hehehe According to the U2byU2 book, during the Dismantle recording sessions, Edge’s daughter became seriously ill. So he only had time to write and record guitar parts whilst flying back to Ireland as much as possible to be with her. And the book says that usually Edge is really into finding new gear and tweaking existing gear to get the best tones possible for both the new album and the tour. But as he was unable to do this, it fell to his tech, Dallas. And Dallas introduced a bunch of modeling gear because well…because he’s not Edge. haha And I believe Edge has since gone back to getting all his sounds from his normal gear, except for the ones on the Dismantle album, so that he can be as faithful to the original recordings as possible.

    There are also reports that these Line 6 effects are heavily modded and not at all what any of us would be able to buy at Guitar Center. But I haven’t read that officially anywhere, if I recall correctly.

    Or, there is always the possibility that Edge just loves the Line 6 gear and makes it sound fantastic, and I’m sorry out of luck. haha

    But check out these recorded clips. One from Slane in 2001 (pre-modeling gear), and the second from the Vertigo tour in 2005 (with some modeling gear). These may be the best clips ever in defense of not getting modeling stuff:

    Slane in 2001 (solo at about 3:30):

    And Vertigo in 2005 (solo at about 3:30 again):

    There is a giant difference in tone in those clips. And then compare that Vertigo one to the current tour, where I think Edge has moved away from most of the modeling gear, and even off of a terrible camera recording, you can hear his tone seems fuller again (solo at 3:30 once more):

    So…I’m very tempted to post these videos as their own tone post sometime here in the near future. As a side note, in the Slane video, that is also U2’s last tour on an analog soundboard. So that’s another point against digital modeling gear. However, also in the Slane video, you can clearly see a DL4 on top of Edge’s piano. So there’s a point for Line 6. lol So, in the end, just buy whatever helps you make beautiful music. 😀

  25. In the book, I thought they finished the album in Nov and then found out she was sick in Dec and he flew back to visit her during the tour? I think he just gets new gear for each album to inspire new sounds: Korg A3 + Digitech WH-1 (Achtung Baby), Lovetone pedals (Pop), DM4 (HTDAB), Death by Audio + POG + Digitech Synth Wah (NLOTH), LastGasp + Moog pedals in a recent studio pedalboard picture. It looks like the Line 6 stuff is still in his 360 tour rack but who knows what he uses for what song.

  26. You may be right…it’s been a while since I’ve read it. Either way though, I think the Line 6 were chosen by his tech for the tour at least, even if the album sounds were spared. hehehe 😉 And I think I saw that Moog picture. I remember because I was incredibly jealous. lol

  27. Did you hear the new song that Bono and Edge wrote for Spiderman on Broadway? I think they stole a little of the guitar lead from their other superhero song.

    I got the Timeline and it’s about 10-20% better sounding than the M13 delay sounds. Dry analog path makes a big difference – you were right ;). I think you could fit 2 Skreddy Echos and 2 Zvex pedals in the same footprint as the Timeline.

  28. Wow. Only 1-20%?!? I must say I’m shocked. I’d like for it to be much higher. Or are you just saying that cool the jealous rage we’re all in? 😉

  29. Dan–I had heard they had written it, but I hadn’t heard it yet. Decent song! I especially like the singer’s head throwback every time he finishes a line. And dear sweet mercy, Bono’s shirt should not be unbuttoned that low.

    Stoked that you’re enjoying the Timeline, and that you’re liking the analog dry path! And uh…ya. Unfortunately, it’s very, very large. lol 🙂 Only downside.

    KennyG–haha Yep…more fuel for the M13 fire!! 🙂

  30. “So I love my analog pedals but my M13 continues to be pretty great. Thanks to all the math geeks that make ones and zeros sound so cool.”

    Joel Hanson’s current Facebook status.

  31. “Main amps right now are a mid 60’s Fender Bassman and a later 90’s ADA Rocket combo. This weekend I’ve combined and I’m running the Rocket out into the Bassman cab. It’s pretty great.”

    “I don’t choose analog over digital. I choose what works best for the given situation. Often that’s a combination of both.”

    A couple of Joel’s comments in the thread.

    More Fuel

  32. Very cool quotes. haha The ones and zeros thing is just plain genius. 😀

    And thanks for the fuel. I’ve been getting bored lately without any good M13 battles to fight! lol 😉

  33. Joel and My mutual friend (who has 2 m9’s on his board) spent some time this morning trying (and maybe succeeding) to convince me that an m9 would handle all of my delay,reverb and chorus needs. Honestly, given my limits $$$ and board space I’m not sure it’s a bad idea. Of course also convinced me that I need an xits amp since it’s the best AC30 he’s ever heard. ( I’m afraid to even look at the price list.

    But there will probably be tubes by Tuesday, and that makes it all better.

  34. You’re going to the dark side!!!

    haha 😉

    No, in all seriousness, the M9 might be the most brilliant pedal ever for those of us on a budget. I’m still considering selling and going on a budget as well. Hope it works out for ya!

  35. I’m not there yet, but I can see where if I get to the multiple delay presets or delay/reverb combo presets that an M9 would be a pretty good way to get there. It wouldn’t take much in terms of additional pedals to get into M9 territory. I’ll probably experiment with what I have (or ordered) for now but if I really get where I need multiple presets then, dark side here I come.

    Don’t forget I was a very early POD owner and loved it.

  36. Hey, the dark side is not all that bad (we have cookies).

    Seriously though, I have an M9 on my board and I really love it. And I’ve hardly scratched the surface of what it’s capable of. At first, I just figured I’d only use it for some modulation fx and that’s it but, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I really like being able to save different pedal configurations (they call them “scenes”).

    BTW, those xits amps are beautiful!

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