• Changed my strings and felt like I had bought a new guitar. Once again. Why is that so hard to learn? Oh, because it means I didn’t get to buy anything.
  • Be nice. You never know who you’re being nice to.
  • I think Gear Page is broken.
  • Can’t seem to get over Greg Leisz’s plugged straight-in tone.
  • Really, really starting to wonder if boutique pedals are worth it. They used to be, but that was before I had a good amp, a good guitar, buffer, and switching system. So you take away the whole not true bypass and junky buffer thing against non-boutique pedals… So, some shootouts are coming. But not just sterile environment shootouts, shootouts like playing an ambient piece with a Tremolessence and a Tuna Melt, and seeing if in the context of an actual piece, there’s any appreciable difference. Maybe a Timeline/DD20 one, too. And a Tim/stock Blues Driver.
  • And I really hope the boutique stuff doesn’t make an appreciable difference, because then I can sell all my boutique stuff and buy cheaper stuff because then I can go to LA and buy………wait.
  • Or maybe I’m just bored again of being happy with my tone, and don’t know where to go from my current gear. ;)
  • I also have had a Boss TU2 for my acoustic since July, and am still loving it. Couple that with my Boss RV3. I just got this mental image of Never Ending Story where the world is crumbling around the princess in the tower; except I’m the princess. Well……you really have to read that one right for it to make sense.
  • ‘Bastion, why don’t you do what you dreamed!’ ‘I have to keep my feet on the ground!’ ‘Call my name!’ And then he runs to the window and yells something unintelligible, and next thing you know he’s divebombing bullies into garbage cans on a crazy flying dog. Best kid power movie ever.
  • How long before youtube becomes the new medium for music, rather than the radio or iTunes or tv music channels? Think we can actually make a change from corporatism and make it happen? Or is the current influx of commercials on youtube more a sign that youtube will just become the new television?
  • I changed my own oil this weekend for the first time ever. I am now more a man than I was yesterday. Is this sad? Probably. It was really fun, except it made my fingers dirty.
  • Oh, and Jonny Buckland has a Phase 90 in his rig. Like, the block letter version. With an led. Nope, not vintage…not even that cheesey resissue script series they came out with. Just…plain…stock. I think. I act like I have knowledge of the inner workings of his rig, but really I just saw a picture.
  • There is hope for music. And that hope exists in the personage of Ray LaMontagne. I mean, he’s making a late night talk show’s studio and sound team actually sound good. Vocals sound exactly like the recorded version:

  • Grass roots. Watch out, it’s coming.
  • Bono and Edge recently intro’d the cast singing one of the songs they wrote for the new Spiderman Musical. Wish it was Edge’s guitar tone. And Bono can be really awkward at times, but he has never done the I-wish-I-was-in-Twilight head throwback after every phrase, nor the I-love-myself-too-much not pronouncing any word of the song. But hey, he’s on Broadway and I’m…we…let’s just say…not. Thanks to Dan at MapleNeck for this one:

  • But now, the real story of this video. I think I might trade in half my U2 cd’s in exchange for just a few more buttons on Bono’s shirt. It is frighteningly open. It’s like the Rattle and Hum overalls all over again. And I just got over my nightmares from this. Okay, fine. It’s just an excuse to show one of the best videos ever. This video got me into tone, and changed my life:

  • Still, Bono should be wearing a shirt. Always.
  • And, because it’s awesome:

  • The dream world of tone is crumbling!! Call it’s true name to save the dream world and make it into a real one! Boss! Ibanez! MXR!! Line 6!!! (No, not that one.) ;)
  • Oh, and if I don’t comment back on the blog for a while, it’s because I’m reliving my childhood and helping Bastion fight the Nothing. I’m so gonna watch this right now. I mean, practice guitar.


P.S. Yikes, seeing the Captain Eo tribute last week at Disneyland really sent me into this ’80′s tailspin. And it’s just as wonderful as you thought it could be. Alright, who’s with me in bringing animatronic puppets, chorus effects, and the Bono overalls back?! What’s a good chorus pedal? Boss CH-5, anyone? ;)