Sensible Rock

There’s something about the heart that just bleeds out in this music. Been totally into sensible rock lately. And yes, that is what it is called. Robin Pecknold explains:

And Ray LaMontagne (I know, you’re probably getting sick of me mentioning this guy almost as much as Edge lately……mmmm…Edge) adds his comments…in the form of musical wonder:

And again…bestly (yes) orchestrated drums outside of Steve Jordan, and harmonizing pedal steel’s? The answer is yes:

Just rediscovered Kathleen Edwards:

And not sure if this counts as sensible rock, but it counts in my head:

Ah, I feel the adrenalized rock draining from my veins as we speak. Don’t worry, I still dig the heavy, heart-pumping stuff. Got U2 on the iPod right now. Yes, U2 is my ‘heavy’ music. Alright, I admit it…I’m not a real dude. (I was going to say that I’m a girl, but my wife has made it clear that I am no longer allowed to say such things.)

Rock. Sensibly.

17 thoughts on “Sensible Rock

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  2. I hear ya man. I hit that point myself over the last couple of years. Almost always now at home I have these relaxing chill-out folk rock type CDs on. Still like the rockier stuff but it’s not what I gravitate towards (except in the car perhaps). At present on my CD turntable I have Ray La Montagne, Patrick Park, Mumford & Sons, and two CDs by William Fitzsimmons, whom you must check out if you don’t know him – awesome musician with a huge beard!

    Occasionally I have to force feed myself some Metallica or Led Zeppelin just restore a bit of my masculinity… hehe

  3. I really dig Ray, but feel some balance needs to be added.
    black cowboy hats, bull skulls and guitars loud enough to make your teeth bleed. ROCK!

  4. Ok, I have heard that is noshave november. Based on what your postings, if I want to be trendy, I need to grow my hair and beard. And Sensible Rock, sounds like folk rock, but that was out before you were born. I was to young for the first round of folk rock and I am to old for the second round. Unless I wanna look like steven stills. haha. priceless.

    • I can almost relate to this 😉

      btw, the most amazing part of HBO’s Rock & Roll HOF for me was the part from Crosby, Stills & Nash, then to James Taylor and Simon/Garfunkel sets … classic!

      but now, my “sensible rock” would have to be Crowded House … still from a little way back. man, i’m old 🙂

  5. I love Mykonos. Great song. And Macaully Culkin is their guitarist. Ha. Well, he looks like him.

    Unfortunately, I differ with most musicians on Ray. He bores me to death. But I don’t deny his talent. There is a reason almost every single singer/songwriter you hear at EVERY show is either trying to rip him off or Mraz.

    Even if you love Ray, you have to admit, when people try to rip him off, it’s extremely annoying. Mraz ripoffs are worse. Ha.

  6. Andrew–haha Nice.

    Baggas–nice to know I’m not the only one! Great bands you mentioned there! And I’m not sure Zeppelin counts towards masculinity…their music might, but it’s balanced back downwards by Robert Plant’s open shirts. hehehe 😉

    Don–haha A little double bass drum to restore the manhood! haha

    Tom–haha You’re totally right, it’s like the late ’60’s-’70’s all over again. I love it!!

    Andrew–was it good? I never saw it because I started to get quite sick of that one movie Michael Cera kept doing over and over again. But I’ve heard good things about the Pilgrim one. 🙂


    And ya, I really like Ray’s music, but I can see how some people would be bored. And there are times I’m not in the mood for it either.

    And yes, the ripoffs are annoying. I especially can’t stand the Jeff Buckley ripoffs. Or those guys who rip off the Edge’s delay sounds. Jerks. 😉 hehehe I’m also quite guilty of trying to rip off Ray. And I end up annoying myself. hehe

  7. Rhoy–that’s a killer list of bands! Simon & Garfunkle get me every time. Just amazing song-writing!

    Andrew–interesting…maybe I’ll have to check it out. Thanks! I really, really liked him in Arrested, and then after that it seemed like he just got overused. Not really his fault I guess either, if his character was so good that everyone wanted it again and again! haha Just got a bit too much for me.

    David–ooh, nice!

    Brandon–I really like Kristan Stanfill’s songwriting! 🙂

    KennyG–ya, you’re not talking to me, but since I’m here commenting anyway…haha…what’s up, brother? 😀

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