There’s something about the heart that just bleeds out in this music. Been totally into sensible rock lately. And yes, that is what it is called. Robin Pecknold explains:

And Ray LaMontagne (I know, you’re probably getting sick of me mentioning this guy almost as much as Edge lately……mmmm…Edge) adds his comments…in the form of musical wonder:

And again…bestly (yes) orchestrated drums outside of Steve Jordan, and harmonizing pedal steel’s? The answer is yes:

Just rediscovered Kathleen Edwards:

And not sure if this counts as sensible rock, but it counts in my head:

Ah, I feel the adrenalized rock draining from my veins as we speak. Don’t worry, I still dig the heavy, heart-pumping stuff. Got U2 on the iPod right now. Yes, U2 is my ‘heavy’ music. Alright, I admit it…I’m not a real dude. (I was going to say that I’m a girl, but my wife has made it clear that I am no longer allowed to say such things.)

Rock. Sensibly.