Not really in the mood to talk (like you’ll believe that…don’t worry, there’ll still be some U2 videos at the end); in deep mourning over here. Pretty much all my gear is dead. I could blame it on getting caught in a rainstorm going up to the conference this last week; could blame it on those stupid boutique builders who do shoddy work and then sell it for a lot of money; could blame it on bad luck. However, none of those would be entirely true. (Especially the boutique builders one…I love all you guys! As long as you keep putting those blue led’s in the pedals, I’ll keep buying ‘em! ;) ) The truth is that I’ve been trying for too long to have my cake and eat it, too. No money invested in maintenance or protection, just tone, tone, tone. Which is wonderful…when the gear works. I used to do a lot of maintenance and such…but after a couple years of nothing breaking, I think I’ve gotten lazy. It’s a very awkward thing to look at your gear and go, ‘You know, if this worked, it would sound amazing!’ So, one amp with an uncontrollable ground hum, one splintered headstock, another amp just completely shot, an acoustic with a pickup problem, three dead pedals, and possibly a humming power supply later, it’s time. Especially since I was working this week with some of the most talented people I have ever worked with (whose credentials frighten me just a little bit…rare that you work with a worship leader who can show you up on solo’s and a keyboardist who thinks your pedalboard is small because he’s recorded Tim Pierce), and every other piece of gear I turned on it seemed wouldn’t work. You just can’t buy life lessons like that, folks. lol

To be fair to my gear (of course), it’s been with me all over California this summer (San Francisco, San Jose, the sequoias, etc.); and it’s probably a tribute to it that it’s held up as long as it has. However, as more and more of these opportunities come up, and I get churches inexplicably not calling me back after offering to fly me out for a workshop and then me telling them that of course I’ll do it for free as long as they purchase me the 18 ATA flight cases (come on, that’s reasonable, right? hehehe ;) ), it’s time to grow up.

Hopefully, some of you can benefit from said growing up. These are first come, first serve via EMAIL. My email address is at the link in the topbar, or the little email envelope icon in the sidebar. These will be here first, Gear Page tomorrow. Shipping and Paypal is included in all the prices, as I hate math ruining the gear-buying experience. :D I’ll try to give some decent prices on these, but at the same time, my Prairiewood is calling woefully out to me and needs a new neck; and I just can’t say no to her.

  • EH POG (original version…because ‘original’ sounds way better than ‘older’)…SOLD…thanks, Adam!
  • Subdecay Quasar Phaser…$125
  • Boss RV3 reverb…$110…Spoken for
  • ZVex Ooh Wah…SOLD…Thanks, Christian!
  • Damage Control Timeline with Rocktron Midi Mate…$600
  • Paul Cochrane Tim…$250 (sorry to the price-gouging police, but that’s what I paid for it)…Spoken For
  • Diamond Memory Lane (original version again, hehe)…SOLD…Thanks, Adam!
  • Dr. Scientist Tremolessence (original version again…wow, I’ve been happy with my gear for a while)…$150…Spoken for
  • RAWoods solid pine (dovetail finger-jointed) 1×12 cabinet with Weber alnico 12A150B…$350 (beautiful finish…couple scratches)

So, there ya go. Offers via email. Offer lower, and I’ll consider it; offer higher, and get a group hug from me and the Matchless. (Which may go too, but she needs to be fixed first. Unfortunately, a working Fender in a road case sounds better than a dying Matchless. All things being equal, though…uh…Matchless. ;) hehe Sorry, can’t change who I am!)

And for what it’s worth, the conference was incredibly awesome, and some of the most fun I’ve had. Would’ve been more fun with gear that worked, but now we’ve got fun and life lessons! What could be better? ;)

Oh, and I need to practice more. Very, very, very, more.

And with selling all this gear, remember all those times I’ve said that music is melody? That had really better be true. hehe :D


P.S. Oh, and because I promised:

Yep…you write a song like that, and you don’t need gear. Well, maybe a delay and a good amp. ;)

P.S.S. And as much as I joke about rain and ‘stupid builders’, this post is entirely about me. I’m kind of a flighty, happy-go-lucky person, and I’ve been playing with fire without protection for my gear for about 7 years now. haha It finally caught up to me. So, learn from my mistakes:

1) That whole roadcase thing? Ya. Do that.
2) That whole loosening your strings when changing altitudes and temperatures? Yep, that one’s true.
3) Always have a Squire and a Valve Jr. in your car anywhere you go. Like, anywhere. ;)
4) Practice so much.