I Need to Stop Saying Things

Because every time I say something like, ‘If it came down to it, I’d sell all my pedals to have a good guitar and a good amp.’ And then voila…it comes down to it. Depending on your theology or lack thereof, I’d say God has some fun sometimes. hehe You say know tone? Wham! In walks the new guitarist with too much or too little gear (depending on which way you think you know tone), and blows you away. You say you can’t remember when you last told a lie? Wham! He puts that musician on your team who can barely play but needs constant affirmation. Awesome. (And that has nothing to do with anyone I currently play with…but has happened in the past. 😉 Just thought I’d clarify. hehe)

In a way, it’s good for us. Hence, I’m not stopping. Well, even without the hence, I probably wouldn’t be stopping:

  • Dropped my amp off with Phil at Matchless yesterday. I call him by his first name only because we’re totally friends now. Said hi and everything.
  • The shop was literally overflowing with Matchless. You know that feeling as a little kid when your mom’s buying lightbulbs and you go over and walk down the GI Joe aisle? That’s the one. Imagine the tone that room is capable of.
  • Played a Carbon Copy yesterday. Stupid thing sounded really, really good.
  • Played a Way Huge Aqua…uh…something. Okay, now that’s what a piece of gear you can buy at Guitar Center should sound like! Weird tonal coloration, less delay time than is advertised, alright! Keeping my unfair preconceived notions of Guitar Center alive! 🙂
  • Shipped off one of my Timeline’s this morning. I played it beforehand to make sure it was working. Horrible mistake. I don’t care how much tone is in your hands, those Timeline’s just plain sound amazing. I hope it still works when it arrives in Australia, as there may be some water damage from my tears as I packed it up. Closest I’ve come to crying over gear since I sold the Melancon…oh wait…and since I shipped the Memory Lane 5 minutes earlier. haha Miss Prairiewood, many good pedals have sacrificed themselves for you; you’d better make the hills come alive with the sound of music when you get back. Oh wait, she does. 😉
  • You don’t serve in order to be a good leader; you just serve.
  • Sat next to a hipster gang yesterday at a coffee shop on Sunset who were discussing their indie screenplay. In voices that screamed, ‘Please think we’re important! Please think we’re important!’ Actually, to be fair, it was just the one guy. If I had been wearing my ‘No, I’m not Brad Pitt’ shirt, I would’ve taken it off and handed it to him. And I’m not just being a jerk…he was practically yelling. Things like, ‘Well, The Office has some pretty good ideas, but…’
  • Theo Hartman fixed my fuzz for free and paid for return shipping. Even though I did not buy it new, and have gigged with it for two years. Please buy his things. All of them, because they are so wonderful.
  • It just depends on the Guitar Center. Spoke with the best sales dude ever at GC Hollywood, and not just because he had a British accent. He actually knew what he was talking about, was kind, and gave you the benefit of the doubt that you knew what you were talking about. And I suck and forgot his name, but he’s the guy I try to talk to when I go there. Contrast that with a few days ago at GC Murrieta, where a sales dude literally told me that the pedal ‘is normally $300, but I’m giving it to you for $229.’ Really, bro? Ah, thanks! Well since I’m really that special, let me just go change the tags on the ones on the rack behind me to $300, because they all say $229. And yes, that actually happened. But no, against every impulse in my body I did not grab a sharpie and go around the store changing all the ‘special sale prices just for me’ to the list MSRP price.
  • For those of you hearing that my amp is in LA and my guitar is in Minnesota, and wondering what I’m playing right now, well I decided to take that whole ‘tone is in the hands’ thing seriously and I’m just walking on stage now and holding my hands in front of a microphone.
  • Clips to follow.

And to everyone who has bought a pedal, huge thanks. There were tears in the Prairiewood’s eyes. I hope the pedals give you years of enjoyment in their new homes. Ah, let’s face it, we’re gearheads…I hope they give you a good week of making you wonder what else is out there before you flip ’em. hehe And everything is either currently spoken for or gone except for:

1) Subdecay Quasar–$100
2) RAWoods 1×12 solid pine cab now with 50w Weber Alnico (instead of the V30)–$350
3) Maybe the Hartman fuzz…really trying to keep that one if possible…but the right offer might take it
4) Furman Power Factor Pro R power conditioner…trying to keep this one too, but for $200 I might use it to help the amp and guitar

Delay is forever.


34 thoughts on “I Need to Stop Saying Things

  1. “You say you can’t remember when you last told a lie? Wham! He puts that musician on your team who can barely play but needs constant affirmation. Awesome.”

    This is CLASSIC! Love it… ha ha ha ha

  2. Karl, I think you owe it to yourself and Mr Hartman to keep that Fuzz. The fact it also won a duel (shoot out) against a CAF is a big plus too.

  3. “You don’t serve in order to be a good leader; you just serve.”
    Amen brother.

    And those carbon copies do sound really good surprisingly. A friend has one that I enjoy hearing every time we play together and even with the amazing TimeFactor that is on my board, I keep telling myself to keep $100 around for the day when he thinks his El Capistan is all he needs.

    • I love my Carbon Copy so much! It’s dark without being muddy, the modulation is pretty subtle but adds just enough to make you want to leave it on all the time.

      Oh yea, it has not one, but TWO yes, TWO blue LED’s

      • I also love my CC and it does stay on pretty much all of the time.

        And the 2 blue LED’s really enhance my tone (even though I practically need sun glasses to look at the thine)!

  4. Dude … you did not just sell a TimeLine AND a Memory Lane? Saving wasn’t an option?

    A TimeLine popped up here in the Netherlands on a Craigslist-like Dutch site (was has been a year since I’ve seen one for sale!) and I instantly thought of you and was thinking for a split second to pick up a second one, but now with you not having two, I’m not gonna be ‘that guy with two TimeLine’s’! 😉

    • Hey Demolition,

      Is that Timeline still for sale on that Dutch site? I’d be really interested in it if you can point me in the right direction! (now, what to sell to pay for it… hmmm…)

  5. Karl,

    If the power conditioner can be switched to 240v i’ll take that off you too if you really want to get rid of it.

    I’m quite looking forward to the arrival of the timeline, it will enjoy its new home down here very much.

  6. carbon copy is all i need in an analog delay – sold a deluxe memory boy and picked up the carbon copy – also, played a little private party with a b-bender tele and the carbon copy for beefed-up solos and a guyatone md3 for pedal steel bends – i was in heaven . . . not really, but almost

  7. I look forward to the reunion episode/post when the long lost Prairiewood awakens from its comma and walks in on you playing a cheap imitation of a toneful guitar. While the Matchless comes back from a long stay at the spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, yet completely unaware of the tension as it asks slightly awkward questions with everyone together in the room.
    Hope it all works out…tune in next time!
    Same tone channel, same tone time (with more delay than ever!).

  8. Rhoy–lol That was awesome!


    Kevin–haha Isn’t that so true, though?! hehe Ah, life.

    Brian Wilson–haha Thanks!!

    James–it’s probably well-merited.

    Sam–I’m trying so hard not to sell it. I love it so.

    Forgivenick–ya, I’ve been plenty surprised by it, for sure!

    Sam–ya, loving the modulation option!

    KennyG–or maybe it’s just the blue led’s! hehe

    Demo–ya, at least not at this point. I really need that guitar fixed. So I’m selling the pedals to pay for the guitar, and then I’ll save to buy the pedals back.

    I’m no longer that guy with two Timeline’s. It’d odd not having an identity anymore. hehehe 😉

    Tim–stoked for ya, bro! Thanks again. It’s such an incredible pedal. And it doesn’t look like the Power Factor can be switched to 240…I think you have to get a totally different version.

    Ben G–very cool! 🙂

    Hippie Killer–let’s see…ya, those, the loop-masters, the parallel looper, the Fatboost, the TS7, and maybe the Hartman, George Dennis volume, and Power Factor.

    Hinterspelunk–that’s awesome to hear! Ya, I was so surprised by it.

    Gtr1ab–ya!!! I think I’ll just use exactly what you wrote!! hahaha

    Andrew–hehe But zero Memory Lane’s…it’s been about 5 years since I’ve had zero Memory Lane’s. One of the few pedals I bought new; I just had to have it when it came out. Ah, sad times. 🙂

  9. Jacob–probably was! Blonde hair, very decently knowledgeable? Knows the guys from the guitar shops in the area?

    Hippie Killer–sad days, my friend. Sad days.

    KennyG–the Fatboost is getting me there for now. Gonna get a couple more v1’s…cheap and sound rad!

  10. The Aquapuss just sounded strange to me. I wouldn’t use it as an actual delay, but more of a slapback thing or even light reverb. A delay that is surprisingly versatile is the #1 Echo from EH, a friend just bought one and loves it.

  11. Josh and Craig–maybe they’re using original ones? The new homogenized ones…well, my little backup rig did not like them so much. hehe

    Jtheyouthguy–so sorry, someone already grabbed it up!

    Sal–you are too kind, my friend. Got your text on the Tim! Isn’t it just spectacular? 🙂 Thanks for helping me out, man!

    Colton–ya, the time almost sounded like only 200 ms or something. And I might try the #1 Echo…EH does make some killer stuff! 🙂

  12. The “Tim” is probably the best boost pedal I have ever tried. Really transparent. Bummer that you had to sell it for the reasons you did. But bonus for me to get it from you… hahaha

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