See, I think it’s the names of these boutique pedals. Radical Red Reverberator. Now that’s like, really retro-classy cool. Reverb Machine? Verbzilla? What is going on here?! Those are the worst names of all the names ever. However…that is what I’m demo’ing this time around. Just one pedal, but which is in reality both pedals as Behringer completely ripped off Line 6. Bad form. But it makes for a very inexpensive pedal; hence, I bought one. I am a terrible person.

So, here’s the demo. Overall, there are some decent sounds, but they are kind of hidden amongst some cheap knobs, a terrible layout, and some really, really poor sounds. Like, 1998 Zoom multi-effects pedal sounds. But, the alright sounds are there; and for $50 new, it’s worth it to spend the time finding them. See, it’s not as if all of a sudden all these cheap effects now sound good. It always seems as if we want to jump to one extreme or the other. Let me be clear…this Behringer is not a replacement for the spring in your ’67 GIbson Falcon. But for me right now, my perspective has shifted from trying to get the best sound possible, to trying to get the best sound I can from what I can afford. Well, now that I think about it, that’s always been my perspective. It’s just the ‘what I can afford’ part that has shifted. Immensely. lol So I won’t tell you this is a great reverb pedal; but I will tell you that it is possible to get some good sounds from it.

Base Tone

Godin SD fat strat–>

Fender Blues Junior (Celestion V30)

Pedals Used

Delays: Boss DD20, MXR Carbon Copy, and Arion SAD-1

Drives: Fulltone Fatboost at 12 volts (2 of ‘em stacked at one point), Ibanez TS7


The Good

The octave up/shimmer/space mode is not great…but you can get it to sound good with a proper mix…especially an external mix pedal to allow the reverb to get fully wet. Also, I thought the cave, plate, and ’63 modes sounded good. The decay is able to get really long and saturated, which was actually awesome. It has trails which is great, and a blue led. (See, the mass-production companies are catching on!)

The Bad

Knobs are cheap and either too loose or too stiff, and the mode knob fuzzes in-between settings. The space mode has a weird crackling sound when trying to track chords, and 6-7 of the reverb modes just aren’t good. Oh, and I had no idea what ducking mode was when I recorded the video…it sounded like it increased reverb as you played harder. I just read the manual, and it’s actually supposed to be the opposite. So…not a great ducking mode. Oh, and it says Behringer on it. ;)

The Verdict

I’ll keep it for a while. See how the shimmer and cave modes work out live. And when I can, I might buy a different reverb pedal. But who knows? The shimmer actually sounded alright, so maybe I’ll keep this one along with other reverb pedals. Definitely a pedal that does have some good sounds in it; provided you take the time to find them, and provided you use a parallel mix pedal. For the tone suck, and to keep the dry signal analog; but also, to be able to get the reverbs wetter without having them too high in the mix.

Oh, and because it’s called ‘The Machine’, it reminded me of that part in Matrix where they say, ‘He’s like…a machine.’ You know, the part right after Keanu says ‘I know kung fu.’ And then it’s all crazy and symbolic, because really, he is a machine. Oh! Bet you didn’t see that coming. But in reality (or…in…the matrix?…hmm…), I just wanted to play this again. This is ‘Keanu’ calling in to a morning talk show around where I live. And it is superb.