Gear Update

There was going to be an intro here but nothing sounded funny.

So this is my new intro. James Franco taking himself awesomely un-seriously:

Is is just me, or are my posts getting even more chaotic? Actually, I really wanted to write about my current gear status, as so many people have asked. But that seems to me like it might bore people; so I figured as musicians (especially worship ones!), we can never be reminded too much to stop taking ourselves so blasted seriously. And James Franco is hilarious.

  • The Tuna Melt is very yellow.
  • I actually like the design of it, though! Minus the yellow and the plastic of course. Hmmm. I guess I like the knobs, then?
  • It rained on Saturday morning on the way to a gig. And in one morning, the new roadcases paid for themselves.
  • 3,2,1…and……Strymon pedals are now on the Gear Page emporiums. Nothing against Strymon at all, just immense fun to watch the led of the month over there. Remember when you couldn’t get a Jetter Gain Stage? And if were lucky enough to pay double retail to get one, if you had the red one you needed the blue one, and if you had the blue one you needed the red one, and if you had both, there was like some random silver one or something?
  • If only I had gotten a Jetter, I would have been on some famous person’s recording right now.
  • Remember when a Narnia-horse Klon would cost you $1200? Oh wait, that’s still going on.
  • I bought an old Arion phaser because they are the awesomest ever in cheap pedals. It was listed as the SPH-1 phaser on ebay, but if you looked closely at the picture, it said SCH-1…the chorus that goes for $200. I thought I had scored. Got it today, and it is indeed the phaser. Blast. But kind of hard to file a claim with ebay that you were mistakenly sent the correct item.
  • So much gear sold that I think I just might be able to keep a Timeline. Ahp, you hear that? That’s the world starting to spin again.
  • The Digitech Jamman delay? Nooooooooooooooooooooo. I don’t know how in this day and age you can make a delay that sounds that bad. $50 Echo Park or Ibanez DE7 both absolutely trample it. Hands down. And that is the only time I have ever, or will ever, use that phrase.
  • For what it’s worth, the looper part isn’t that bad. But the delays? Noooooooooooooooooooo.
  • Bought a This1smyne Super Duper type boost/od pedal because it was used and really cheap for two independent drive channels. Thought I was just going to use it as some extra boosts until I got my Tim back. And, uh, whoa. That is one incredible pedal. And it has both a blue and a green led. There is the rejoicing sound of thousands of pale-faced, solder-stained guitar nerds when both sides are switched on at the same time.
  • The Office has officially died.
  • Oops, that last one had nothing to do with lovely, lovely gear. Except that that show has one of the catchiest theme songs ever written.
  • Stupid Behringer sounded really, really good live.
  • I’m in the middle of my annual gear closet overhaul. I have about 783 truss rod wrenches, because every time I need to make an adjustment, I can’t find the special place I put the particular one that fits whatever guitar I’m playing at the time, and then end up buying a whole new set because they’re so much cheaper in sets. Sometimes I make myself sad.
  • Give your sound guy a hug. They put up with a lot, and I can personally guarantee that their board has more knobs than yours.
  • And lastly, who wants a piece of Guitar for Worship history? Okay, it’s my old pedalboard. I would love to keep it, but my apartment was barely big enough for it when it actually served a purpose. It’s too heavy to ship, but would make a great studio board or pedal display for anyone who wants to pick it up. $100 or something cool to trade. Still have the RAWoods cab with the Weber, another smaller pedalboard, and an Ibanez DE7 if anyone’s interested. Help them find loving homes. Wow, believe it or not, that sounded funny in my head. Then I typed it. Yikes. Just not happening tonight. Go watch James Franco again. 🙂

This was the saddest picture ever until it rained last Saturday with all my gear in the back of my truck, safely in their new roadcases. Then I remembered why this beautiful and grandiose board is now retired. Still, you gotta love the majesty of it. Or maybe that’s just in my mind. Or the camera angle. Yep…just not happening for me tonight. Anyway, somebody trade me for this board so it isn’t all sad and naked anymore!


79 thoughts on “Gear Update

  1. Darn it Karl I wish you were in Western Australia, or I was in California!

    I’ve spent half my day googling pedal boards, because my 30×16 inch one is just not quite big enough any more. Your monster board would be so tempting…. although probably too big to fit in my car… but even so it would make a great display board. Could dig all my unused pedals out of the boxes they are buried in and then gaze lovingly at them whenever I like 🙂

    At present I’m looking at the Pedal Train Pro with the soft case (would love the hard flight case but too much $$$)

  2. Next thing we know you’ll be buying the First Act distortion pedal at Target and Wal Mart… 🙂 I’m messin with you man. I’m really stoked to see your board be something that’s, you know, realistic. 🙂 I’m sorry that was probably heresy but….yeah. Anyway, I think this season of the Office has been much better than the last two garbage ones have been. But I also don’t think that will last long. And it’s still nowhere near it’s former glory.

    • Definitely go with the hard case… I got the soft and it has taken me months to get a hard case. I had to talk a guy into buying one and then I would trade him for the soft case and the balance.

  3. i fell into the trap and ordered an el cap … now, the dilemma is which of the 3 to keep: ML1, Brigadier or El Cap … mmmmm … delay goodness 🙂

    for the record, i sold 3 pedals to fund the el cap. and they are pretty good selection, too!

  4. A little gear update of my own…

    Went on a lunch run to the Guitar Center and scored myself a used Paul C Timmy for $100!!!! It’s still “on hold” as it was a used/trade-in and is waiting for the local PD to make sure it’s not stolen so I still have to wait2 weeks before I take it home but, that’s not bad considering how long it takes for a new one. I can not wait for it to find it’s new home on my board!

    • FWIW – after a little researching, I discovered that it’s a V1 Timmy (no clipping toggle on the outside and the power plug is on the side). If ebay is any indicator of the deal I got, there’s a V1 on there right now with a “Buy It Now” price of $270. This find just keeps getting better and better for me.

      • Good find! I just made a deal with someone on TGP for a V1 for $180. Seemed like a decent price. I didn’t know the difference between the V1 and V2, but I assumed I’ll be happy with it though.

  5. mmmm… Tuna Melt. I got it for $20 and just haven’t been able to trade it out. I have a Cusack tap-a-whirl which I love, but for a definite on the go, I use the Tuna melt…. even traded to get one rehoused and TrueBypassed. So I now have 2 Tuna Melts. Geek? Maybe.

  6. This made me happy….”Thought I was just going to use it as some extra boosts until I got my Tim back.”

    Glad to hear you got a Tim… because there was a day when your loss was my gain 😉

  7. KennyG:

    It’s still “on hold” as it was a used/trade-in and is waiting for the local PD to make sure it’s not stolen so I still have to wait2 weeks before I take it home but, that’s not bad considering how long it takes for a new one.

    Even firearms in CA don’t have a waiting period that long.

    ” California imposes a 10-day waiting period before a firearm can be released to a buyer or transferee.”

    Must be a great weapon you have on hold there. 🙂

  8. Baggas–man, I wish we were in the same area, too! I could ship it to you, though! It’d only add about $250 to the price. lol 🙂

    Andrew–haha How do you know a First Act isn’t already on there? 😉 hehe

    ZachariahG & Andrew–As to The Office, there was one episode this season, I think, where I thought I caught a bit of the spark from old. The first 4 and a half seasons or so stayed with that understated, Christopher Guest style. Where you could be like, ‘Man, I totally work with someone like that.’ I tend to dig that stuff a little more than the current, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ craziness. hehe The writing’s not intuitive anymore, Steve Carell’s totally checked out, and Rainn Wilson can’t seem to find his character anymore…….although his tweets are still fantastic. hehe 😉 But that’s just the style I gravitate towards…I know a lot of people who totally dig this new style of the show, and more power to ’em! 😀

    Kenrick & Sal–aye. The hard case just saved all my pedals from the rain last Saturday. Totally worth it.

    Rhoy–wow, that is quite the delay collection!! 😀 If finances improve, I might be willing to buy your Memory Lane if it’s still around in a few months. Yikes, I miss that pedal!

    Gtr1ab–haha Thanks, brother!

    David–hmm…maybe I’ll try that angle, too!

    KennyG–seriously?! You gotta take a picture with the GC price tag still on it! That’s the kind of find dreams are made of, right there!!

    Nate Dawg–that’s still a decent deal. And the V2 adds an external toggle…for what it’s worth, I’ve been playing V1’s for years and never felt the need for a clipping toggle. 🙂

    Larry–score!! One for fast and one for slow? Or just both for coolness? hehe 😀

    Sal–well, not yet. haha But hopefully in a couple months! Actually, I’ve been diggin’ the Fatboost and This1smyne combo. 🙂 Still stoked you got the Tim, though!

    Bryan–not yet, but maybe soon. I’m looking into some relay switchers and seeing how that goes. I’ll let you know in a couple weeks if you’re still looking!

    Forgivenick–ya, Guitar Center has some funky policy on that. Personally, I think it’s so that they can re-check ebay prices and then see if the employees want to buy it themselves. 😉 hehe

      • I just picked up a Fulltone OCD to pair with my new Timmy and they really complimented each other well (at least @ the guitar center they did…). I have a feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time in front of my amp “playing” with all this new stuff. Now I just have to decide if I’m going to keep my DC Liquid Blues or sell it. It’s defiantly coming off the board though. I love how it sounds but, it’d just too darned big.

        • Kenny, has GC released it from quarantine yet (background checks, credit references, etc.)? Mine is in the mail. I hope I get it in time for Sat. and Sun.!

          • Mine just got here! Except, since I’m at the office, the only sound I can get out of it is the clicking of the 3PDT switch. Man, I love that sound!

  9. I don’t dig the new style at all. I despise it. Deeply. It just feels like it’s slightly closer to the old style than the last two seasons have been. I feel like there’s potential of salvation but……somehow I doubt it. Haha

  10. Do you like the British version of the Office?
    Ricky Gervais is pretty great.
    Actually, there is the Office and the US version of the Office. 🙂

    Do you have pictures of the new pedalboards?
    What is your take on clones?
    On TGP, cloning the Tim (Dano TOD) and Klon (JHS and others) are not okay but cloning the SHO (T1M and others) seems to be acceptable.

  11. Nate Dawg–on the PP2+, on outlets 1-4, if you switch the little dip switches on the bottom into the up position, the outlets now send 12v instead of 9v. 🙂

    KennyG–nice! Thanks for the link!

    Andrew–ya, I see what you’re saying…there have been some times this season where it’s bordered on feeling like old Office again. 🙂 hehe

    Dan–yes!! That one was amazing. Have you seen the youtube series where Ricky Gervais meets Christopher Guest? It’s pretty amazing. hehe And yes…I totally agree…it’s The Office. And then the US version.

    I’m waiting on a couple more pedals to come in for new pics of the boards. Hopefully soon! It depends on Strymon right now and fixing my Timeline. I’m not sure when that’ll be done.

    And bro, your point on cloning is so dead on. I have my convictions, but unfortunately they’re only wallet-deep. haha Meaning, I’ll play clones if I’m in tough financial straits, but when the time comes, I will buy the actual version to support the inventor of the circuit. (Well, the inventor of most of the circuits would be Dallas Arbiter or Univox decades ago. lol 😉 ) And as weird as it sounds, I’ve actually done that before…had the discipline to sell the clone and buy the more expensive original when I feasibly could. Or maybe it was just blue led that made me.

    But this time? I don’t know…that This1smyne sounds pretty great……hehehe 😉 What’s your take on all the cloning?

  12. But that means, like, actually lifting my board out of the flight case and messing with the underside where my power supplies are attached! 🙂

    Man I just went through pages and pages of debates on the cloning issue a few days ago and it gets ugly. I have the same view as K-man. I was this close (holding my index finger and index finger apart about the distance between the E and A sting) to buying a Dan TOD with the intention of also putting in my order with Paul at the same time. Luckily I found a Timmy that wasn’t too much of a price gouge (and saved my conscience and me from having to truly take a stance on the issue!) My whole issue was the wait time, not the price.

  13. That pedal from This1smyne is a real grey area in the clone debate though. While it MAY be similar to some other boutique pedal(s) out there, it is itself a custom-made, boutique pedal. PLUS, depending on how you look at it, the company’s abbreviated name is almost Tim (T1M). So it’s practically a Tim anyhow!! PLUS PLUS, Dan is a really awesome guy!

  14. Sal–ya, I’ve heard great things about that Sparkle Drive! 🙂

    KennyG–the Liquid Blues is such a killer pedal. And is the size of an entire PT Mini. hehehe

    Nate Dawg–yep…the wait times can get killer, too. It’s a touchy issue, to be sure. Personally, if you’re playing a TOD while you’re on the waitlist for a Tim (providing you’re not on the waitlist to flip it when you get it and use the profit to buy two more TOD’s, haha), then I personally have no problem with that. 🙂

    KennyG–Dan is a really great guy…and I think that definitely has something to do with the fact that folks don’t mind him cloning stuff. I think too, he seems to clone more by request, rather than putting out a flagship pedal and calling it the ‘Super Guper’ or something. hehe

  15. Thank you Karl for all the postings that has led me on a journey for tone.

    Used to use a Randall RG75 Solid State Amp. A decent amp but was never satisfying. Did a lot of modding to my BOSS pedals (BD2, SD2(TS808 mod) & MT2, added a Seymour Duncan Double Back Compressor to get a bit more sustain with my DD7 and Hardwire RV7 but was still not satisfied. The DD7 & RV7 is always used with my acoustic guitar.

    And then I bought the new Ibanez 15w/5w Tube Amp head with built in TS808 Tube Screamer and paired it with a Vox cabinet (Greenback speaker) and all of a sudden there is this tube tone that is just glorious. I know the Ibanez head is basic but this tube tone compared to the Solid State is just amazing.

    Now with the tube amp, I feel I no longer need the Compressor, just playing clean is beautiful with a touch of OD here and there and another reverb in the effects send/return.

    Thanks for all the info. I also added a Tuna Melt recently :-).

  16. Right on, bro! Stoked to hear that the tubes are doin it for ya. 🙂

    And yes, tubes can totally decrease your need for external compression, and the Tuna Melt is the best $15 tremolo ever. Provided someone hasn’t become my envy and found a Swamp Thang somewhere for $15. hehehe

    • Take a listen to Rescue (Promise Keepers have a version but I like the Newsong version). We’ve done that a bit and has nice tremolo volume swells. Also the intro to I See You off of the Exodus album sung by MWS. Nice distorted trem. Those are what come to mind off the top of my head.

  17. On cloning, I don’t have a firm opinion but it would be great if people would support the original builder if the pedal is still available. I think there is a difference between a DIY person rolling their own using a schematic and someone buying a clone of a presently available pedal from a builder. I saw that thread on TGP where someone was talking about using two clone SHO’s and Zachary Vex posted ‘Yay, rip me off!’ I don’t think he is okay with anyone making clones of his stuff. I met him before and he is not a jerk (and we talked about My Bloody Valentine). The uproar over the Dano TOD was because it was a big company that stole the circuit from a one man shop? I agree with you that a lot of pedals seem to be just tweaked versions of older pedal circuits.

    No, I haven’t seen that Ricky Gervais video but I will definitely check it out. I did like the Nigel Tufnel on Joe Satraini video. My friend has Doug Doppler (the guy who took over Joe’s teaching practice) playing at his church this Sunday. If anyone is in the Bay Area, he is playing in their services and has a free guitar clinic at 12:45 pm at CPC Foster City.

  18. Lol some of the pedals were just tossed onto the top of the board. It’s actually a pretty easy board to play on. My buddy and I were doing an A-B-C-D comparison of the Timmy, OCD, Fulltone Fulldrive, and the Nu-Valve 🙂 It was pretty sweet!

    • Well, what did you think?!? I got to play around a bit with my (soon to be on my board) Timmy and an OCD (which I picked up as well) and they sounded awesome together (Fender American Special Strat + Twin Reverb: that’s my guitar and about as close as I can get to my amp in the GC showroom).

      • I think that is a great combo!

        By the way- I read your comment about the power supply you r looking into- have you tried daisy chaining them? Mine works really well and there is not extra noise.

        Also, did you get the Eventide Timefactor?

      • The Timmy and OCD are AMAZING! The Timmy has less girth than the OCD but is a much smoother sounding overdrive. It sounds a bit nicer… but the OCD gives you that extra grunt if you need it! Both excellent overdrives. The fulltone fulldrive is very boxy. It isn’t quite as expansive as the other two but it gives you loades of crunch like all of a sudden you’ve gone from a sweet vox lead line to a marshall halfstack! The Nu-Valve is very similar to the fulltone fulldrive but it cleans up a bit better with dynamics… probably because of the tubes in it. It is an EXTREMELY gainy pedal. I’m going to be using it as my boost for my timmy (my second stage od). When it’s going through the timmy’s circuit it sounds much better than when it’s by itself. Overall the OCD and Timmy were best… the nu-valve was a close second and the fulltone fulldrive is a great od but fell in third 🙂 IN MY OPINION lol…

  19. Great conversation! 🙂 On the cloning, Dan if you talk to Mr. Vex, please tell him that once I repair my gear, I will be buying a Super Duper. 🙂 That was always the plan, but you made some good points which pressed me to do it sooner rather than later. I guess it gives you a little insight into why people like Dumble goop their circuits.

    On Ben’s board, lovely! That’s what I like to see…all the stompboxes on the board, with the M13 just discarded in the corner. hehehe 😉 Just kidding. I’ve found the Tim to a most wonderful drive, the OCD great for glassy leads, and I didn’t like the Nu-Valve, but can see it working really well with a more Fender-y amp than what I usually play through.

  20. I tried out my Timmy in the services today and it was awesome. I had an extra PP2 lying around so I was able to run it at 9V and 12V. It sounded good at 9, but man, it came to life at 12V. It seemed brighter and not as compressed. I’m so glad all you guys convinced me to get one!

    BTW, I don’t know about the layout of the Tim, but I found with the Timmy, if you look into the input jack, you can see through the output jack on the other side. Now that is a transparent pedal!

    • Especially when all he really needed to do was NOT call it a “TImothy” and who would have ever know the difference…

      P.S. I almost feel guilty now for getting my Timmy used instead of new. I got to try it out for the first time in church on Sunday btw. Was it ever awesome! I only wish I could run it at 12v instead of 9v (soon though, very soon…).

      • Hey Kenny – if you’re feeling guilty about your used Timmy, do what I’m doing… I got my Tim used about a month ago, but because I love it so much I rang PaulC and am on the waiting list for a new one, and a Timmy as well. When they arrive I’ll sell the used one on so I’m not out of pocket.
        It’s called having my Cake and eating it. 🙂

        And yes it is even sweeter at 12V

        • I actually am on the wait list for a Tim and I’m still going to get it. I think it will compliment the Timmy quite well, don’t you? 😉

          And I don’t feel at all guilty about getting my Timmy used. I had every intention of buying straight from Paul. I just stumbled on that deal and there is NO way I was going to pass it up. I actually do feel sorry for the poor guy that traded it in to GC though. You know he got next to nothing for it. If they sold it to me for $100, they probably only gave him like, $20 in trade for it and the same one is selling for over $200 on ebay.

      • Don’t feel guilty about getting your Timmy used. I got a great deal last year on a used hand painted Fuzz Factory. Last week, Zachary Vex tweeted that he had just ordered a Tesla Roadster. I think he is doing okay. 🙂

    • If it makes you feel any better Josh and Paul are friends. I would agree that if Paul isn’t cool with the name that a change would be in order.

    • Here’s Josh’s comment.

      “I dont do a Timmy clone for sale. That thread on tgp has caused a lot of issue. It was pulled. The guy lied to me about owning the units and needing the clones for a fly board.”

      • Looks like the mods nuked the thread before it got out of hand. I definitely see both sides of the fence on this. And for what it’s worth, Paul’s comments in the thread, although stated calmly and with tact, did not elicit feelings mutual feelings of friendship. hehe 😉 And I will say that a few things I have written have been ripped off in the past few months, and it does not feel good. I do think that JHS’ own designs seem quite fantastic, and I have much respect for him as a builder. That’s my two cents on the subject. And that as much as I like Dan, I need to get that This1smyne Super Duper clone off of my board as soon as I find an original Super Duper that is not flipping me off. lol 🙂

        • I didn’t see the thread so I’m not sure what the comments were. Josh and I did talk about his relationship with Paul C and he characterized it as friendly. I’ll take him at his word. I do agree that JHS has enough cool designs that they have no need to do a clone of something like a Tim. I will reiterate something you said a while ago, pretty much everything currently on the market is based on someone else’s design.

        • Can you say where your writing has ended up?

          That thread started off as really strange gear validation/narcissism and ended badly. I did laugh when I saw the picture of the person selling the fake designer handbags.

  21. At higher voltages, some overdrives get ‘more headroom.’ Basically they sound less fizzy and give a bigger, warmer, ‘cleaner’ version of overdrive. Some pedals can’t go over 9 volts without damaging them, and others like most of the Fulltone stuff, can go up to 24 volts. Too much voltage though, and the pedal will start to sound saggy and start lacking punch and clarity. So, every person’s ear is different; you just gotta experiment with what you like the best for each pedal, and definitely check with the manufacturer first to make sure the pedals can go above 9 volts. Fulltone’s can, MI Audio, Paul Cochrane, Hermida, Analogman (not sure about his modded stuff)…those are the ones off the top of my head that are okay with at least 9-18 volts.

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