There was going to be an intro here but nothing sounded funny.

So this is my new intro. James Franco taking himself awesomely un-seriously:

Is is just me, or are my posts getting even more chaotic? Actually, I really wanted to write about my current gear status, as so many people have asked. But that seems to me like it might bore people; so I figured as musicians (especially worship ones!), we can never be reminded too much to stop taking ourselves so blasted seriously. And James Franco is hilarious.

  • The Tuna Melt is very yellow.
  • I actually like the design of it, though! Minus the yellow and the plastic of course. Hmmm. I guess I like the knobs, then?
  • It rained on Saturday morning on the way to a gig. And in one morning, the new roadcases paid for themselves.
  • 3,2,1…and……Strymon pedals are now on the Gear Page emporiums. Nothing against Strymon at all, just immense fun to watch the led of the month over there. Remember when you couldn’t get a Jetter Gain Stage? And if were lucky enough to pay double retail to get one, if you had the red one you needed the blue one, and if you had the blue one you needed the red one, and if you had both, there was like some random silver one or something?
  • If only I had gotten a Jetter, I would have been on some famous person’s recording right now.
  • Remember when a Narnia-horse Klon would cost you $1200? Oh wait, that’s still going on.
  • I bought an old Arion phaser because they are the awesomest ever in cheap pedals. It was listed as the SPH-1 phaser on ebay, but if you looked closely at the picture, it said SCH-1…the chorus that goes for $200. I thought I had scored. Got it today, and it is indeed the phaser. Blast. But kind of hard to file a claim with ebay that you were mistakenly sent the correct item.
  • So much gear sold that I think I just might be able to keep a Timeline. Ahp, you hear that? That’s the world starting to spin again.
  • The Digitech Jamman delay? Nooooooooooooooooooooo. I don’t know how in this day and age you can make a delay that sounds that bad. $50 Echo Park or Ibanez DE7 both absolutely trample it. Hands down. And that is the only time I have ever, or will ever, use that phrase.
  • For what it’s worth, the looper part isn’t that bad. But the delays? Noooooooooooooooooooo.
  • Bought a This1smyne Super Duper type boost/od pedal because it was used and really cheap for two independent drive channels. Thought I was just going to use it as some extra boosts until I got my Tim back. And, uh, whoa. That is one incredible pedal. And it has both a blue and a green led. There is the rejoicing sound of thousands of pale-faced, solder-stained guitar nerds when both sides are switched on at the same time.
  • The Office has officially died.
  • Oops, that last one had nothing to do with lovely, lovely gear. Except that that show has one of the catchiest theme songs ever written.
  • Stupid Behringer sounded really, really good live.
  • I’m in the middle of my annual gear closet overhaul. I have about 783 truss rod wrenches, because every time I need to make an adjustment, I can’t find the special place I put the particular one that fits whatever guitar I’m playing at the time, and then end up buying a whole new set because they’re so much cheaper in sets. Sometimes I make myself sad.
  • Give your sound guy a hug. They put up with a lot, and I can personally guarantee that their board has more knobs than yours.
  • And lastly, who wants a piece of Guitar for Worship history? Okay, it’s my old pedalboard. I would love to keep it, but my apartment was barely big enough for it when it actually served a purpose. It’s too heavy to ship, but would make a great studio board or pedal display for anyone who wants to pick it up. $100 or something cool to trade. Still have the RAWoods cab with the Weber, another smaller pedalboard, and an Ibanez DE7 if anyone’s interested. Help them find loving homes. Wow, believe it or not, that sounded funny in my head. Then I typed it. Yikes. Just not happening tonight. Go watch James Franco again. :)

This was the saddest picture ever until it rained last Saturday with all my gear in the back of my truck, safely in their new roadcases. Then I remembered why this beautiful and grandiose board is now retired. Still, you gotta love the majesty of it. Or maybe that’s just in my mind. Or the camera angle. Yep…just not happening for me tonight. Anyway, somebody trade me for this board so it isn’t all sad and naked anymore!