Tone Tip #478

This one time, I used to set an Orange AD30 on top of an old black Ampeg 4×12 and run all six speakers. That’s 30 watts dispersed between six 75 watt speakers. And I wondered why my tone sounded so mousey when I did that. Sure looked cool, though. Like a Halloween of tone. But pushing the speakers to give up even any small semblance of frequency range? Ya, nope. Not to mention the impedance nightmare. I remember really wanting to do this, but not being able to make the resistance mathematics work out in my head. So I tried another way…without math. Whenever logic stands in the way of what you want to believe, you should always just throw it out.

So the tone tip? Don’t be me. Luckily, this was a few years ago. Although yesterday I did almost buy a new pedal instead of checking the cable plugged into it. So ya, still…don’t be me.


P.S. Someone mentioned the other day that it has been quite a long time since I have mentioned Mr. The Edge. As this is unacceptable to me, I give you Part 2 of A Day in the Life of The Edge. Now this is one of the most hilarious videos I think I have ever seen. However, I cannot tell if it is actually hilarious, or if it is just hilarious to those of us who have had actual dreams of bonding with the Edge over mutual dissatisfaction over the African skirts Bono has made us wear on stage. So, I leave it up to you:

Nope. You have no say. Edge chasing the Pavarotti because they only want pictures of Bono and not him is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

20 thoughts on “Tone Tip #478

  1. Andrew–;)

    Bryan–lol Ah, sadly yes. Not quite as bad…I had the Mockingbird instead of the Warlock. But saying one is worse than the other is like trying to pick a favorite U2 song. Hmm, that correlation works not at all. 🙂

    Andrew–hehe What a random awesome day that would be! 🙂

  2. I have a friend, who until recently had no idea who U2 were. I’m not just talking about the band, but their music as well.

    I feel like I made his life a whole lot better.

    Oh, and 23 days until I see The Edge live in concert, I mean U2 live in concert.

  3. Well that clip just fuelled the daydreams I’ve already been having about bumping into Edge when they’re in Perth next month… and then him inviting me to hang with him (and those other 3), and then deciding to stay on and spend Christmas with my family, and then hiring me as his personal tour physician…

    please tell me I’m not the only one who has those kind of daydreams!

  4. Sam–up until I was 19, I had no idea who U2 were. No music, nothing. I’m making up for it now. 😉 Stoked that you’re gonna see them in a month!

    Andrew–hahaha I think you get the award for liking Edge the most, bro. 😀 I do think Edge’s lines would sound pretty bad sometimes without Adam’s basslines. Us guitarists are nothing without bassists. 🙂 And have you listened to Edge’s solo album ‘Captive’? It’s from ’86, I think, and I believe it was him and Michael Brook. Some cool stuff, although some of it seems to be missing the writing influence of the rest of U2, in my humble opinion. But some of the tracks are spectacular.

    Baggas–haha Maybe not about being his physician, but definitely about being his gear-bearer. You know, the guy who tries out all his new gear to make sure there’s no deadly high voltage in any of them. 😉

  5. Hey Karl, knew you’d come back to all things Edge-related with a beauty; glad I could play my part in bringing you back to Edgeworld!

    I thought the vid Bono does after they are driving back from a gig and the Edge is leaning out the window getting the pedestrians to sing ‘Streets’ is absolutely diamond!

  6. first heard of U2 in ’83. really liked Sunday Bloody Sunday & New Year’s Day guitar licks … but then, everybody was using delay in the 80s! LOL

  7. Ha ha ha, Stairway to heaven, that’s awesome. “That’s all I’ve got so far but I think it’s going to be a big hit”

    So, how many of that lifegaurds friends believed his story that Bono and The Edge dropped by his stand and played a song?

  8. Dan–I’d try one of Weber’s for the Marshall. I’ve had good experience with the 12A150b, so I’d look for something comparable maybe, but rated at over 50 watts. For the 5 watt, I’d the a Scumnico 15 watt, or a Celestion Blue. 🙂 Just my thoughts.

    Dariathe–lol I don’t think I’ve seen that one in a while!! haha And yes, thank you, my friend!

    Rhoy–nope, only Edge.

    😉 😉 😉

    Dave–lol Good point!! Probably none. And that Stairway part is awesome. hehe

  9. Alright, something kind of related to this post before I get off topic again with another gear question: I was just watching this the other day, and thinking “I hope that Karl sees this.”

    On to the gear question: How do you like the tuna melt? I just bought one on ebay for a decent deal ($26 with two extra packs of strings), and I was wondering what you thought of it.

  10. What is your record for number of speakers used/mic’d in church? I was talking with a friend about how guest worship leaders/touring bands get to do whatever they want at your service but we would get the stink eye for using anything bigger than a 1-12. And the comments afterwards from the congregation are always like ‘that was the best worship ever!’ uh, that is what it sounds like when you feature the guitar in the mix. 🙂

  11. Bryan–I think the Tuna Melt may be the best sounding tremolo for under $50, and the most versatile tremolo for under $100. I’ve heard smoother ones over that price range, though. 🙂

    Dan–lol Best comment ever!!

    And my record is unfortunately nine 12″ speakers, with 3 of them mic’d. I remember getting the recording back from the service too, and being completely underwhelmed. haha

    Andrew–awesome!! It’s good stuff. 🙂

  12. Haha! I love what you said about almost buying a new pedal… I have done that, and it was really the cable! (I didn’t buy another one…just returned it).

    By the way, do not buy the G1 Zooms if you want individual effects…just got rid of mine because it does not cooperate well with other pedals.

  13. haha Glad I’m not the only one! And ya, some of those multieffects don’t work with other pedals because you can’t change the signal order within them or insert other pedals into the chain.

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