Everyone is Wrong but Me

The deeper I look into myself, the more frightening it is to find how much of what I do stems from this subconscious belief. To put it into words is horrific; but it’s there nonetheless. Probably the moreso because we never want to put it into words.


P.S. If you dislike this post, you’re wrong. 😉

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    1. Andrew–haha Even a little bit of a deeper level than gear. Wait, who am I kidding…I don’t have another level…

      Joel–yes. I mean, wait, I am! hehe

      Dariathe–hehe Delay. Edge. Toneczar. There ya go. Better? 😉 hehehe

    2. It’s so true! I wholeheartedly believe that everyone who is in charge of the ministries I am involved in or have some ability to change is completely wrong and needs my help. I always thought it was just my choleric, “take charge” personality but apparently this is something everyone struggles with?

      • I agree. I know I do it myself and I know others who do it to. I once had to endure a whole car journey of being told how to lead worship when it’s something I’ve been doing for a while now and this person wasn’t even a worship leader. She was just stressed from something else. Taught me a lesson about myself anyway, just not about leading worship.

        I think sometimes we just need to take a small (or big) step back and look at things from a neutral perspective.

    3. Well, I tend to think that everyone struggles with it. It’s a symptom of one of the deepest forms of pride, according to Lewis. And then I believe, in my of course superior wisdom, hose who don’t think they struggle with it, just haven’t looked deep enough inside themselves.

      lol And that’s my opinion, which is completely right. 😉 😉 😉

    4. Deep Karl, sounds like Holy Spirit is really teaching you in this season 😀 right on man.

      My mentor is also the head worship director at my church. This dude has been playing his whole life, like most of us, but in the church, and hes like 50 or something. He is so humble, he always sounds good during the services, but I am playing bass for his team this week, and at practice he lets it rip, and it is AMAZING. WOW, he only uses maybe 20% of his talent during service, but at practice wow he was letting it rip, and not in a flashy way. SO humble, so humble. And he and his wife are letting two different youth each lead a few songs out of the set. This is what they do, they serve, and come underneath those they are serving and make them into something amazing. This is the way of the kingdom my brothers. They have raised up many great worship leader in there lives thus far and are currently really loving into a few more 😀 Also this dude was the vessel the LORD used to restore my musical gifts back into flames after my salvation/encounter with JESUS.

      PS: he recently got a POD XTL, sold all his pedals:TS7, DL7, CS3, Phase 90, and is thrilled with his XT. And know what? he still sounds just like him, but a little better 😀 cause now he has decent delays :0

    5. Karl, What’s your honest opinion of Jeff Deyo’s guitarist? Deyo and his “crew” or whatever are giving a seminar on their instruments at our church in February. I’ve seen Deyo in concert twice (once was with Sonicflood) and was not impressed to be honest… Your opinion?

    6. I once heard Tony Campolo say that our inner cess pool lies just below the surface in all of us. No matter what we think about ourselves, we are all capable of tremendous evil. It is only by the grace of God that any of us are capable of any good at all.
      Our worship leader gave a great talk this week after practice about the fear of God and how we become complacent about it. Everytime we choose to sin we show that we do not have the fear of God. I’m sure this could turn into a whole theological debate but it sure was a good reminder for me when I get casual about sin.
      It truly is amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. Keep on digging deeper, bro!

    7. Are we to live complacently when we think things around us are not being done to the fullest? I’ve been struggling with this for at least a year. I had a terrible attitude about the worship at our church (coming from a long family of musicians and a musical background for myself) but one day God showed me that unless I’m willing to put in the time and effort to change it I can’t complain. So two years ago I decided to start learning guitar. I have some serious opinions about worship music though. Should I just let worship continue to suck in an attempt to stay humble? Or do I try earnestly to talk some “sense” into the leaders that are there to make their ministry that much better?

    8. Guy–very cool. It’s always just like, the best thing in the world to meet people like that. Folks who get it. 🙂 And here’s the real question…was he running those pedals into an amp, and did he sell the amp too for the POD?

      Tom–haha Nice.

      Andrew–the last time I saw Jeff Deyo was in ’04, when he did a concert at the church I was working at at the time. I remember liking the guy at the time, but I wasn’t that experienced in tone and playing back then, and on top of it, I’m sure he’s probably playing with different guys now. If he’s back with Dwayne Larring, then it may definitely be worth going. It’s not like we’re friends or anything, but we’ve spoken a couple times and he’s a great guy with great gear and great tone. 🙂

      Mark Colvin–great comment, brother. I’m very much with you on the base nature lying just slightly below the surface. A lot of Lewis’ writings advocate the same thing, and I think that a lot of God-centered theology relies on humans being evil and un-redeemable on our own. However, the other side of it, which I hear and understand without necessarily agree with, is that we are all worth something. They usually quote the ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ verse. However, I don’t think we’re referring to how we’re made, but as to what is inside us due to our sin nature.

      I hear both points, but I’m much more over on your side, Mark.

      Ben G–good point. I think the thing is to try to find the way to do everything we’re called to do. So, if we’re called to give our best for God but also called to be humble, then for sure we need to try to effect change within our worship teams if we feel it needs it; but then at the same time, as we do it, we have to fully believe that everything we’re saying could end up being wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve so passionately and vehemently tried to effect change in a worship team, and realized years later how incredibly wrong I was. So I think the balance is to still be passionate about what you believe, but be humble enough to realize that you just might be wrong as well. And that realization will usually help you to communicate what you feel needs to be changed in a much more loving, meek, and receivable way.

      Just my thoughts on it. 🙂

    9. Hey Karl, hes runnign the XTlive into the front of a tube amp while using the amp models in the POD! I am a multi effects guy, and that is a huge no no. That is probably the worst possible sound you can get out of it, yet he makes it sound great. Well the POD is malfunctioning on him so he may have to do something else 😀

      • theres really nothing wrong with doing this, it’s just adding a few extra things into the signal. Just like changing a few components in an amp to make it sound different. If he finds that it adds extra harmonics, presence or fullness to his sound and it sounds good then hey, why not 🙂

    10. I had a very good response for this but then realized that no one here would get it because it would sound wrong to all of you who are right…

    11. “There is no such thing as logic or reasoning. We just rationalize our own preconceived ideas.” Don’t know who said that but rings pretty true. Back to delay 🙂 My main signal to the PA has included “hall reverb” and chorus, but I recently switched to a basic delay of about 300ms with few repeats instead of the reverb and it seems to have made a big difference. That setting just stays put because the mfx that produces it has no tap capability or anything. I know chorus isn’t popular today but it works for me. Not sure why the delay would sound so much better than the reverb.

      • I know what you mean about reverb vs delay. I think its because with delay you can get that really big sound without killing the initial note. While with reverb (to me anyway) it seems like the bigger the reverb sound the weaker that initial note is.

    12. “Everyone is wrong but me”? Isn’t that the correct answer to the scenario in Worship Leading Choose Your Own Ending (Part 2)?

    13. That guy plays in a U2 tribute band and they are pretty good. Some of the best covers of U2 I’ve heard. I troll through his youtube site fairly often…

    14. Phillip–lol Nice!


      Guy–ah, ok. So digital effects, but still in front of a decent tube amp. 🙂 Phew. hehe

      James–because it’s digital, that’s why not. 😉 lol Nah, seriously, if he digs, then dig it. hehe

      Dan–lol Awesome!


      Sal–awesome. Completely.

      Randy–Great quote. And it’s because delays are awesome. hehe But ya, I find I can get a much better full reverbish effect with delay rather than verb.

      Dan W–great insight!!

      Nate Dawg–haha Nice! I think it’s the correct answer to life! hehe 😉

      Rhoy–lol Totally!!

      As for the U2 stuff, if U2 is referenced, it is a good thing. No matter what. 😀

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