• Ever passionately argue for something and then get deja vu of passionately arguing for something years ago like solid state built-in DSP effects and then end up totally doubting what you’re currently arguing for because you realize what a goober you are?
  • I remember the exact date and time when I bought my Matchless. It’s like a photo in my mind. A photo of gazing at the amp in the front seat while I probably should have been watching the other Hollywood Boulevard drivers telling me I was number one. I’m pretty sure this is bad. But I’m really hoping someone else here remembers the exact date of their favorite gear purchase. 9-9-09 for me. That’s called fate right there. Incredibly toneful fate. Maybe a little more toneful in someone else’s hands…but hey. Practice is for people who play Fender’s. ;) Oh wait…I still have my Blues Junior, and like it. But it has the green tolex (tonetolex I like to call it…like tonewood), so that doesn’t count
  • Anyone else been told at a music store lately that ‘We don’t have it in stock, but we can order it for you!’ So I get to pay full retail, plus shipping, plus tax, plus your middleman cut, and I have to wait for it to be shipped, and I have to come back to your store to pick it up. You know, there’s this little thing now you may have heard of called the internet…
  • Honestly, I’m not trying to disparage these stores. Just honestly wondering how they’re going to stay in business. I guess the ones who can’t cater to the young, inexperienced players who don’t know they shouldn’t pay that much for the new ‘black-coated’ strings, do go out of business or at least move their stores online. Vintage Gear Hollywood, the last vestige of Guitar Ghetto, is now gone. Guitar Ghetto is now Suburban Guitar Corner…Samash, Guitar Center, Carvin, and Mesa. Luckily that Guitar Center has a great selection of used and boutique stuff, but it’s just not the same as it used to be when every other store was some hole-in-the-wall pedal place or old synth shop. I’ve been told that all those guys have moved online or to Silverlake to avoid paying the Sunset rent. Which is awesome for them. Still sad for Guitar Ghetto.
  • Struggled very, very much this week with picking or not picking a song that I knew would get a huge emotional response from the congregation, but is theologically ‘slightly unbalanced’, shall we say. And in the end, the set is going to be slightly less cool, emotional, and cutting edge; and slightly more theologically sound. Wow, that makes me sound like a prude. hehe But I do think that sometimes we can get so into the ‘epic’ (most overused word ever right now) worship, that we forget to read the lyrics.
  • And no, I’m not going to say what song, for fear of being excommunicated. ;) And/or shot.
  • Still waiting patiently on a Timeline and a Prairiewood. And the ‘patiently’ part is a lie. ;) hehehe But huge props to Robert Dixon and Strymon for fixing them. And I’m not going to say how many things Strymon has fixed for me in the past. hehe (But it’s a lot.)
  • I should probably start taking better care of my stuff. But that would be so much less rock ‘n roll.
  • And of course I’m very rock ‘n roll, with my ambient delay swells at 60 beats per minute over a Simon and Garfunkle chord progression.
  • Does picking up a guitar qualify us to lead a person spiritually? Nothing to read into there, just asking.
  • Is picking up a guitar or placing our fingers on a keyboard the unspoken entry point to being able to discern the leading of the Spirit? And yep, go ahead and read into that one all you want! :)
  • Sometimes I try to tell myself that I don’t love delay so much, but then after a few minutes I have to turn it back on and explain to it that my fling with dry tone was just a one-time thing and it will never happen again.
  • In trying to get the transitions smooth, I didn’t move my capo right away as I switched keys by playing high up on the neck. Then the big solo lead strum sliding into the huge G form chord that’s really a B because of the capo and……so, that was an A.