Ibanez DE7 Delay Review & Demo

The best-sounding cheap pedal I have ever heard. And unfortunately, not the most versatile.

The sound that comes out of this thing just about blew me away for 35 dollars. The features…well…let’s just say that if someone added spillover to this (delay fading out after you turn the pedal off), it probably would have stayed on my board for-ev-er. (Sandlot. Score.) If it had tap tempo, I would have bought up the world’s entire supply of these, changed all the led’s to white and blue and green and blinding, and never let anyone have one but me.

This pedal also converts the dry signal to digital and then back to analog, as almost all digital delays do, save for precious few. (And I do mean precious.) However, the tonal loss was very minor, and up on par with the Empress SuperDelay. Pretty killer sound out of this thing. The digital mode was crisp and heavy enough to cut through a mix, while still maintaining clarity. And the echo mode was outstanding. Warm, weighty, and almost sounded as if there were real modulation on it.

If you need an ambient delay pedal and only have some change, this is absolutely the one. I would guess that with a little patience, you could probably even swag one of these for 25 bucks. (‘Swag’ sounds decidedly less cool than it did in my head.) On a completely unrelated note, this happened:

Yep, that’s James Bond in 1995′s instant classic ‘A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.’ He’s the stable boy secretly in love with none other than Kate Winslet. It’s movies like these that give musicians like me who have routinely played what I like to call ‘exclusive’ gigs for soundguys and girlfriends, hope. One day, we might still have a chance to be the James Bond of music. Which is The Edge, of course. If Edge were torn like John Petrucci. Or the Rose Dawson of music. That was Kate Winslet’s name in ‘Titanic.’ I told you, I barely qualify as a dude. This post is going downhill fast.


P.S. Seriously, what happened here?

It looks like John Petrucci ate and bench-pressed John Petrucci.

P.S.S. (Edit: Whew! Just caught up with all the tone question emails, youtube comments & messages, facebook comments & messages, and Gear Page messages. Please nobody email me for about 5 minutes…my inbox looks nice really right now. ;) Sorry to all of you who sent things in last week and just got a response. Trying to keep up with those!)

38 thoughts on “Ibanez DE7 Delay Review & Demo

  1. Hey Karl! I love these things they sound so great for such a cheep pedal and i love getting these cheep pedals and making them sound amazing!! Were did you manage to pick this thing up for 35 bucks? Ive been looking on ebay and what not and cant seem to find them for much under 65.

  2. Marc–lol Most awesome random line ever. haha Good form. ‘Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!’

    Nathaniel–I think I got mine on Gear Page for around $35. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid. But I just sold it for exactly $35. Sorry bro, I would’ve sold it to you!

  3. Blasphemy!!! Did you just wrote that this is “up on par with the Empress SuperDelay” ?!?!?! … but then again, you could be right. i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt this time ;)

  4. The Steroid era has ended in baseball….and has begun in guitar player magazine posterboys. Nobels ODR-1. CHECK. IT. OUT. the not-so-best-kept-secret in Nashville. usually $55-60 new. anybody else got one?

  5. Hey Karl, I just wanted to say thanks for your website. I’ve been lurking here for about a year as I’ve been making the switch from acoustic to electric guitar. This is the first thread I’ve jumped in on. I’m not a gearhead (yet) :-) but just looking for some basic ideas about what I should/can be doing with my guitar, amp, and effects. Currently, I’m playing borrowed guitars through an old Boss ME30 effects unit into my Fender BJ :-) I actually like the delay that comes with the ME30 believe it or not but it doesn’t have tap or dotted eighths so I am in the market for a good cheap delay pedal. I will definitely check out the Echo Park. Thanks again for all of your input, it is awesome!

  6. This pedal actually does sound REALLY cool… It’s too bad the Ibanez hasn’t figured out that they’ve got a gem in this one and just add a couple of essential bells and whistles to bring it to the next level. The worship leader for our youth band used this delay exclusively. Whenever he worked to it’s strengths, I.E. background shimmery noises and cool swells, this pedal was AMAZING! But watching him bend down and mess with knobs in between songs to try and get his rythmic delays dialed was a joke :)

  7. Spencer–haha Seriously! I guess so.

    And I’ve heard great things about the Nobels. Wasn’t too impressed by its sound, if I remember correctly. But I could be very wrong! I’ll check it out again. :)

    Nate–thanks for the kind words, and great to have you here! The old Me30′s really aren’t that bad in a pinch. The Echo Park would be a great addition, though! :) Stoked to be on the tone journey with ya!

    Ben G–ya, I think you hit it. Killer sound, if only Ibanez realized it. hehe And I love the bending down to change settings. So awesomely awkward. hehe

  8. Alright, I have a demo request. A boss DS-1. I’m just really curious what it would sound like through your rig, especially if you were using it like a fuzz ish sound. And besides, even I can afford it ;)

  9. Dan–thanks! And ‘brutal’ as in, he can now brutally murder my face in a more literal way than just a guitar solo? hehe ;)

    Brandon–stoked you’re diggin’ that delay!

  10. He is IMO one of the better (In many ways) shredders out there. I’m not exactly trying to copy his style (Guitar or clothes) but he is good.

  11. haha Ya, style may not be his strong suit. But I do agree that as shredders go, he is definitely one of the more tasteful and skillful ones who seems to have both a decent ear for melody and a good practical usage of theory, rather than simply finger acrobatics. I used to be a huge Dream Theater fan; their music doesn’t do much for me anymore, but I still throw on a cd or two now and again when I’m in the book for ‘active listening.’ lol Are you a fan?

  12. man, i have been looking for this pedal like crazy all over sacramento and NO ONE has it in stock. not used, not new, and since you got yours for $35 i really dont want to spend the full $70-80 people are asking, but this pedal just sounds amazing. great demo man, been reading the page for a couple months but just not starting to post. I’m the worship pastor for my church and have always used my DD-20 but this pedal just layers so beautifully in that first 30 seconds of you video. can’t wait to find one!

  13. I’m seeing the DE7 on Ebay and at MusicMakersWeb for about $70. Guitar Center has a used one for about $40. I’m thinking seriously of getting one and just put it in set and forget mode for most of my playing. Then the DD7 with tap tempo pedal can be set more or less permanently to the dotted eighth and flipped on as needed. Hopefully it will run off the built-in power supplies on my powered pedal board.

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