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Well I am very stoked indeed. It seems my amps break down all the time….I don’t know why. I do run them hot and I play out a good amount, but still; it seems abnormal. So a good tech is crucial for me. And you gotta have a good one…..we’ve all heard the horror stories about techs touching amps and them never sounding the same again.

So I usually go to Jerry Blaha in Hollywood. Not only is he a brilliant tech and amp builder, but come on now….it’s Hollywood. And some of you may know that I am just slightly less unhealthy with my movie obsession than I am with my music obsession.

MeAlandBobby.jpg picture by rypdal95
(Ya, sorry for another disturbing picture….but I had to show how much I am in love with films…..especially those with Al and Bobby. They were actually quite nice here in person. A little quiet, but….. Thanks to my wonderful wife Jamianne for taking this picture. Most wives would have been embarassed, but she’s very cool. Much cooler than I am…..and if you think I’m just being sweet, take another look at the picture. Not so much cool there.)

I love going to Hollywood. I used to go once a month. (I didn’t break my amps once a month. We used to go there just for the guitar shops.) But as gas prices rose, amps breaking came to be my excuse for going to Hollywood……as well as Jerry’s teching skills. Here, for those of you who might be new to this blog, you can read about the last Hollywood escapade as well as repairs and mods to my amps here (and it has pictures! in case you find words in general a bit dull):

The Journey To My Amp Tech

Yep. Very awkward pictures of me in those posts……what can I say, Heat is one of the greatest movies ever. But then gas prices rose even further. So when two of my amps broke down this last month (okay, seriously, one broke and I bought another one to play while I sold the broken one, and then it broke), I just literally didn’t have the gas or time to go all the way to Hollywood at the end of the month……the end of the month is when there’s this big zero in my wife’s and my bank accounts. Every once in a while there’s a number there……ya….usually with a negative sign next to it.

So I decided to try out Tim Pinnell at Top Gear Guitar in San Diego, which is much closer for me to drive and has waaaaay less traffic. Someone on gearpage said they live in Arizona, but drive all the way here to California to have Tim fix their amps. I was like, okay…..sold.

PinnellAmps.jpg picture by rypdal95
(An example of some of Tim’s work….this is one from his own line.)

So I took him two of my amps. Again, how am I so unlucky as to have two broken at the same time?

HollandBrentwoodsmall.jpg picture by rypdal95
(Holland Brentwood. This is my loops amp as well as my ‘plug straight in’ amp.)

Bassman20small.jpg picture by rypdal95
(Bassman clone. Handwired as well. Sounds great, but it’s up for sale as right now in my life there is a lot of guitar gear and not a lot of….uh…

And he fixed them beautifully. Even modded them very slightly to get rid of some excess hum. He really knows his stuff……and the amps sound better than they ever have. The best thing was how stoked Tim is about his job. He was explaining all kinds of stuff to me that I didn’t understand. (I pretend, though… don’t want to look foolish around geniuses.) So, my loyalty is still with Jerry up in Hollywood, but when gas money is short, it’s really nice to know there’s a tech like Tim Pinnell who can just nail the repairs and mods.

Just thought I’d give some quick props for two jobs well done, in case anyone in my neck of the woods is looking for a good tech. Or for those of you as crazy about films as me…..go see Jerry and make a day of it in sweet, sweet Hollywood.


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  1. Chris, thanks for the offer, man! I might just take you up on that one of these days. You gotta come with us on our next Hollywood trip, too. So much gear!

  2. Ok ok, I will admit that upon first glance, the pic of you with “the boyz” is a bit gay….
    Then I got jealous that I didn’t have a pic like it on my page. But what tops it all is the shirt! THE SHIRT! “No I am not brad pitt!” HAHA!

    Its almost as funny as my shirt that says “Trust me, i’m a doctor” until I realized that yeah, in another year, I am a doctor. Now its just sad.

    And thanks for the traffic– i’ve been getting at least 8-10 referrals a day from u. Nice.

  3. Ha! Ya…..that is a bit of an ‘alternative lifestyle’ stance on my part. A lot of that is due to my arms being stuck behind their heads, but ya…..I do love Al and Bobby…….without the gay that statement implies.

    And my awesome wife had that shirt made for me after I saw an old man with a shirt saying ‘No, I am not Robert Redford.’

    You’re welcome for the traffic. hehe Your blog is killer, though! You probably don’t even need traffic from me. :)

  4. You went to Hollywood every month, well that’s not very far away since u live in Cal. Wow! I wish I were you, on second thought, No. ( It’s not what you’re thinking, Bono & Edge are kool, but i just like myself the way I am lol) Still I wonder what it’s like to be in your shoes. Do you wear stock shoes or do you make them with old pedal cases and create custom laces from some shiny Dimarzio cables lol. I just hope I can bias the tubes myself when I get my valve amp (long way to go ), I don’t think that I’ll be getting such a mod guy in my city, even if I get one I’ll probably have to be a professional beggar to pay for that extra buck they’ll charge. Lol.


  5. haha Actually, I wear, own, live, eat, drive, and use, stock everything…so that I have the money to never ‘play’ stock anything. 😉 lol

    And Hollywood is awesome!

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