Musical Filler…Like Delay!

  • Danny Glover just yelled into the dark cavern where the alien trying to kill him is, ‘Where are you?’ Good thinking, Danny.
  • I turned the beat around today whilst trying to switch lyrics and say something to get the congregation involved. Pretty much the worst thing you can do while leading. Luckily our drummer today is one of those drummers who is so steady that he doesn’t have to keep time…time adheres itself to his beat. I was ready to just laugh it off and say something about it into the mic, and then it was like, ‘Hey, we’re back!’ Guitarists, worship leaders, frontmen…you are nothing without the drummer. Or maybe just those of you who are like me and can’t figure out how to talk and play at the same time. Possibly only me. hehe 😉
  • Having a love affair with strats all over again. So…straty! There’s no other word to describe it.
  • Can I just pretend I invented shimmer and dotted eighths?
  • Yes.
  • You are not God’s gift to worship music.
  • And that’s not to say that I am…in fact, sometimes I think things would run far more smoothly without me. 😉 Things like worship…music…life…maybe even this blog. 😉
  • Who wants a blog? Trade ya two delay’s for it. hehe
  • Ok, ok……I ran across Predator 2 on AMC and just really wanted to write the Danny Glover thing. The rest was just off the top of my head to fill up the post. Not sure how that really makes it any different from any other post, but…
  • Probably time for a real post sometime soon here. And by ‘real’, I of course mean one with lots of photos of the awkward facial expressions Nicolas Cage calls ‘acting.’ Hey! He so should’ve been in Predator 2…


53 thoughts on “Musical Filler…Like Delay!

  1. Don’t worry… I have a hard time with talking and playing. I am getting beteer at it though. The best thing is to just keep working on it! I pretty much have it down now. Singing is different b/c it flows with the music, but make sure you talk while you play at different beat to the music. That is what I have done to get better at it!

    Good luck!

  2. You didn’t invent the dotted eighths? I’m confused…
    I love my Godin strat. I played it during worship for the first time in months and fell in love with it again. Nothing against my American Deluxe, but there is something about a guitar that is so reasonable in price and sounds so good

  3. Brandon–yep, the rhythms can be tricky. :)

    Mark H–lol And ya, the Godin is killing me! I keep thinking I must not be hearing things right; but it just sounds great. And I got your text, too! Wolfetone’s in a Godin? Mmm. 😀

  4. So glad to hear you are in love with your strat again. Warms my heart… a festivus miracle. I’ve played just about every strat model I can get my hands on and I’ve found the best tone comes from the John Mayer model. Those pickups are just sick. Huge fat sounds… such great tone before you put your fingers on it and/or choose a pick. What you do afterward, however, may enhance or suck the tone right out of it. Depends whether you have your suck knob turned up or down. 😉

  5. You said: “You are not God’s gift to worship music”

    I am not! LOL … thanks for pointing that out brother, i kinda forget that every once in a while :)

  6. Kevin–right on. Do you know what pickups are in it? Just custom-wound Fender’s, or are they Duncan’s or Fralin’s or something?

    And oh how I miss the far side. :)

    Rhoy–hehe Me too!! Like, way too often. hehe

  7. Yeah, there is something about affordable guitars… I play guitar a lot (everyday and perform every week…), but I don’t have expensive stuff. You don’t need all of that to be a great player. I have gotten incredible tone out of my $83 knock-off strat,$40 12-watt esteban amp, and pedalboard- this has a little bit more in it. :))

    But it’s true… if you spend time with cheap gear, you really get some good stuff out of it.

  8. Brandon–cool bro. Glad that stuff is bringing you enjoyable tone.

    Nater2–nice! I’ve been hearing good things about it over on Gear Page. :) Can’t beat the looks!

  9. A couple of random comments.

    The board is “finished” I can’t wait to get out and play through it.

    Any thoughts on placement of a volume pedal and tuner. I have been running tuner-vol-board, but I will probably end up putting one or the other at the back end of the chain. I am thinking tuner-board-vol, but am open to comments.

    BTW fuzz may be my new favorite pedal.

  10. Ya!! Another fuzz convert! haha Isn’t it just so rad? Which one did you land on?

    And what tuner is it? If it has a buffer, I’d go tuner–>od’s–>volume pedal–>delays and modulations–>amp. With the volume pedal pre-od, the od’s will react differently depending on how much signal you feed into them. With the volume post-effects, the delays won’t ‘hear’ the throw of the volume pedal. So, for me, putting it in the middle is the perfect place.

    If you’re going to use the volume pedal more as the volume knob on your guitar and literally use it as your distortion and overdrive pedals, then first in the chain right after the tuner is a good spot. :)

    • Look up the band “Carney”. Reeve Carney, who plays Spiderman, has one of the most impressive voices i’ve ever heard. He also used to play rhythm guitar in Jonny Lang’s band. Zane Carney, Reeve’s brother, is just a flippin awesome guitarist. He’s most likely who you’re hearing. I met him at NAMM in January. Really cool guy. Expect to hear big things about these brothers.

  11. Dan, that was awesome!! Thanks!

    Director: ‘We need to make it longer.’

    Bono: ‘Or just make it better.’

    Classic. I really liked that duet song that Bono was singing. The one before that sounded a little cliche. But the show itself seems pretty rad…I really like theatre, though. :) Should we organize a U2 fan trip to New York? hehe

  12. JHS Mini Foot Fuzz.

    Putting it in the middle would be tough the way my board is wired. I’m mostly using it for volume swells at this point.

      • It was a tough choice. I hung with Josh who demo’ed all three of their fuzzes and it came down to size and versatility. But yes it sounds great and I love the purple and green. I should have had them put in a blue LED then it would be perfect.

  13. Hijack question time:

    Wanting to buy a Blue Yeti USB microphone – has them for US$90 but no shipping to Australia… anyone know of another place in the US who may be cheap and ship to Australia?

  14. Craig–you and your JHS pedals. 😉 hehehe But seriously, I’m glad they have you for an advocate, and I hope they get big and well-known!

    As for the volume pedal, if you’re just using it for swells and can’t wire it into the middle of your board, I’d go tuner–>volume pedal–>board. That way the delays will ‘hear’ the swell of the volume pedal and you’ll get much better ambience. If you put it after, you’ll only be swelling a staccato long delay, which doesn’t sound very good usually. :)

    Sal–+1! Oh, and I played with a prodigy of yours last night. :) I was like, ‘I know that amp!’

    Rhoy–lol Green is good!

    Cam–sorry bro, I don’t know of any. Anyone else?

  15. Karl,

    That’s what happens when you make high quality good sounding pedals for a reasonable price. People get hooked 😉

    Josh and I talked about the whole boutique/mass produced thing and it sounds like he wants to stay small enough that they can still hand build everything. It was an interesting conversation. Although I also hope they get at least well known enough to stay around for a long time. You need to keep an eye out for the new White Panther delay when it comes out, it looks like it will be pretty cool.

    Thanks for the Vol pedal advice, I’ll probably keep it in front.

      • Brandon,

        I haven’t tried the Ghost Drive, and don’t see it on their website. They name a lot of their mods so it could be something modified.

        I can recommend the Double Barrel OD (1/2 transparent OD 1/2 TS808), the Angry Charlie, and the both the Mini Foot and the Pollinator Fuzz. All of the above are great.

        Josh is good at answering e mails so drop him a line if you want more info.

          • The Pollinator is their Germanium which is pretty vintage sounding (I think it’s a Fuzz Face circuit).

            The Astro Mess is the extreme modern fuzz.

            The Mini Foot covers some overlapping territory in between.

            They also have the Bun Runner (the Drew Shirley fuzz) that combines two of them. JHS Fuzz is all over the latest Switchfoot CD for a reference. They also have some nice clips on their site.

  16. Hey Karl!

    I really feel left out! jk…

    Nothing much man… just getting ready because my worship band is playing tomorrow! I’m really excited about it! What’s new with you?

  17. Yea, I will be getting a volume pedal soon. Every time I’ve used a volume pedal I put it in the very front but I will have to experiment with it after the overdrive. FYI, I keep my tuner at the end because I like to be able to hit a pedal and no matter what be able to mute my whole pedal board. I guess it’s just a safe guard in case I hit a flat 2 😉

    • I have the Boss FV-500H… works really well! I would suggest getting that one. I originally wanted a Ernie Ball JR, but I found an incredible deal on the Boss!

      Just serach for awhile before you buy the pedals because I have gotten incredible deals on all of the ones I have purchased!

  18. Yes! Yes!! YES!!! Pretend away! I’ve been doing it for almost three years now and there are still a bunch of folks who haven’t caught on. Throw an Ebow in once and a while and they’ll really think you’re the sultan of shimmer.

  19. “Having a love affair with strats all over again. So…straty! There’s no other word to describe it.”

    So I used the Brawley sunday… just for that “Straty” sound… worked just fine.

  20. Dan–absolutely! I try to do the same with my stage clothes. 😉 Although I am half Bono’s age and still do not unzip my shirt that low. hehe

    Ben G & Dan–I was talking with a producer one time (small potatoes…this wasn’t Brian Eno or anything), who said he just recorded a band in which the drummer asked him to make the kick sound more purple. He said he turned a couple random knobs and the drummer said, ‘Perfect.’ 😀

    Brandon–cool! As for me? Both Top Gear and Home Improvement were on today. All in all, that’s a brilliant day. 😉

    Nater2–I like the killswitch idea!!

    Brandon–plus in the event of an apocalypse, not only will the FV500 still be intact, but you can also use it as a weapon to bludgeon prospective food. That thing’s a beast.

    Scott–‘Sultan of Shimmer.’ Good form to you, sir. I have a new goal in life. :)

    Sal–sweet! Ya, just something about strats…

    • lol… purple?? The problem with that is purple doesn’t really describe anything. I stick to colors we know like black, brown, and yellow :) Everything else is usually an adjective like warm or cold lol.

      • I haven’t heard the color stuff before but maybe it is more descriptive than using a bunch of adjectives or references to bands that not many people on the team listen to.

        Karl – what do you think about US Top Gear? maybe it deserves its own blog post? :) the chemistry on the original Top Gear is going to be hard to duplicate.

        • As someone whose kids slowly sucked me into UK Top Gear I am not impressed with US Top Gear. I will say that the cinematography is really excellent for both, I can’t say the same for the chemistry.

    • Haha! love your comment- @plus in the event of an apocalypse, not only will the FV500 still be intact, but you can also use it as a weapon to bludgeon prospective food. That thing’s a beast.

      *Yes, it is a beast. I don’t have a lot fo pedals so it goes well on my board. People (who don’t know much about gear) are always coming up saying to me that it is HUGE! haha. Because it is so huge, it is easy to keep your foot on it. Other than the cons of the size, it is incredible! Have you tried it?

  21. “Danny Glover just yelled into the dark cavern where the alien trying to kill him is, ‘Where are you?’ Good thinking, Danny.”

    This was only after the writer’s changed the original line which read;

    “Come out, come out, where ever you are.”

  22. Strats surprisingly enough, get overlooked in worship settings quite a bit. Well probably because Nigel Hendroff doesn’t really play one… haha

    Check out my custom built strat on my blog… since you are on a strat kick at the moment :)

  23. Ben G–haha I actually feel like I understand purple! It’s like a warm sound, but slightly sweet, and staunch enough to have a bit of a royal feel to it. hehe

    Dan–I have to be completely honest; I have already judged Us Top Gear to suck even though I have yet to see an episode. Just the audacity to try to recreate the chemistry you mentioned between Jeremy, Richard, and James is unforgivable. :)

    Craig–seriously. There is just something about the UK Top Gear. If it is on, I will watch it. It’s like I don’t have a choice.

    Brandon–ya, it’s definitely one of their better ones. It and the FV300. Didn’t sound appreciably better to my humble ears than a standard Ernie Ball, though. Good throw, and for the money, definitely decent. I tend to prefer optical volume pedals, though.

    Chris–comment of the day. 😀 I love Downey Jr. running through the jungle at the beginning of Tropic Thunder making fun of lines exactly like that: ‘Want some?! Get some!’ and ‘Peekaboo! I see you!’ Classic satire on Hollywood. :)

    Marc–looks killer, my friend!!

    And yes…I think Nigel is a very good guitar player, and a very humble fellow; but sometimes I feel like, ‘If I hear another guitarist say they don’t like something they’ve never heard simply because Nigel doesn’t have it…’

    Because of course I never do that with a certain guitarist whose names I shall not mention. 😉

  24. Marc and Karl, you should both know, the only guitars used in worship are Teles, Falcons and Doozeys.

    I saw U2 on Wednesday (That’s Australian Wednesday, so probably American Tuesday) and it was the best experience of my life. There is one downside and that is it’s made me hate my tone. I was somewhat satisfied with my tone, but now it’s just sound bleh to me. On the other hand, I like my tone better than Jay Z’s guitarists tone.

  25. Yes!!! So stoked that you saw them and that it was everything you thought it could be!!! Pardon me as I live vicariously through you for a few moments. 😉

  26. Go for it!! I’m still on a massive high from the night. The encore at the end was brilliant, I was afraid they weren’t going to play With or Without You, but it was the perfect song to end the night. It was also the first time I heard the particular version of Mercy they played, although, Bono did introduce is as a brand new song.

    The craziest thing was, it was raining all afternoon really heavily, to the point that me and my friend bought $7 umbrellas in Melbourne beforehand. When we were lining up, thousands of people had ponchos. We got into the stadium and our umbrellas were confiscated, but once the concert started the rain stopped, and held out the entire night.

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