• Danny Glover just yelled into the dark cavern where the alien trying to kill him is, ‘Where are you?’ Good thinking, Danny.
  • I turned the beat around today whilst trying to switch lyrics and say something to get the congregation involved. Pretty much the worst thing you can do while leading. Luckily our drummer today is one of those drummers who is so steady that he doesn’t have to keep time…time adheres itself to his beat. I was ready to just laugh it off and say something about it into the mic, and then it was like, ‘Hey, we’re back!’ Guitarists, worship leaders, frontmen…you are nothing without the drummer. Or maybe just those of you who are like me and can’t figure out how to talk and play at the same time. Possibly only me. hehe ;)
  • Having a love affair with strats all over again. So…straty! There’s no other word to describe it.
  • Can I just pretend I invented shimmer and dotted eighths?
  • Yes.
  • You are not God’s gift to worship music.
  • And that’s not to say that I am…in fact, sometimes I think things would run far more smoothly without me. ;) Things like worship…music…life…maybe even this blog. ;)
  • Who wants a blog? Trade ya two delay’s for it. hehe
  • Ok, ok……I ran across Predator 2 on AMC and just really wanted to write the Danny Glover thing. The rest was just off the top of my head to fill up the post. Not sure how that really makes it any different from any other post, but…
  • Probably time for a real post sometime soon here. And by ‘real’, I of course mean one with lots of photos of the awkward facial expressions Nicolas Cage calls ‘acting.’ Hey! He so should’ve been in Predator 2…