It seems as if both Coldplay and The Killers were competing last week for the award (given out and invented by me, of course) for best Christmas song ever. And they both won, a lot. As Christmas is the greatest time of the year (besides NAMM), I give you…the winners of my imaginary but oh so real award:

(And sorry about the ads. The internet is now cable tv.)

And a live version…not The Killers playing behind him, but Brandon Flowers threw it in on his current solo tour, and the quality of whomever is on tour with him is fantastic:

Mmmm…Christmas. And in reality, it was a three-way tie for the best Christmas song ever, because of U2′s cover of ‘I Believe in Father Christmas.’ But as I’ve posted that video 2 years in a row, I am trying desperately to win the battle with myself not to post it again.

Merry Christmas. :)


P.S. I lose. And quite happily, too.