Came down with a fever, broke a string, gave the band wrong chords on the sheet music (for which I absolutely loathe myself…that’s a huge deal for me because I get so bitter when it’s the other way around…hehe) and had one of my Loop-Master’s go out. All in all, a good day. If everything went right all the time, we’d have nothing to keep us humble, and nothing for which to strive and practice. And I am currently practicing by surfing Gear Page for a new fuzz pedal. Wait…


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  1. oh man, that is a rough sunday. about to start service at church in a bit, hope mine doesn’t go like yours friend. Feel better karl.

  2. so it’s official… reading your blog has made me enter into a new era of gear. I am now the proud owner of my first pedal board complete with George L’s and a planet waves muting guitar cable :) For this I thank thee Karl 😀

  3. Just got back from church… heard a Christmas message on God’s grace! At least we have God’s grace. That’s what keeps us going!

    Man- that’s rough, but at least you realize that there r always positibes in every situation! :)

    I once had to play a song live at church for the “special” offering worship- When we were practicing, every cable, my pedal board, and guitar tuner went out. I was thinking that there is no way I can possible wing playing “True Love” by Phil Wickham… haha! I mean, I was the only electric guitarist! But I prayed and asked God for guidance, He miraculously fixed everything for the performance! No cables or anything seemed 2 b bad! But when i got home it all went out! I was just realized then that god performed a miracle in my life!

  4. I totally see how surfing for a Fuzz pedal would be great practice, but you oughta break open that Loop Master to see if you can fix it yourself. If you find a simple solder joint break and fix it, guarantee you’ll feel like a gear hero! For a few minutes, anyway!

  5. My service went about as well as yours today. The expression system on my Taylor decided to stop expressing, and the only backup I had was my Strat. I had to strum it like an acoustic, while fiddling with tones to do something to make it acoustic-ey. I can definitely say that I never succeeded. And to top it off, my keyboard player forgot the intros that she was supposed to do for two songs, so I tried to help her out, but only made things worse. We had to stop one song and start over again. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty humble. Here’s to hoping I can get the acoustic fixed before Christmas Eve services.

  6. I have a recurring nightmare where I’m supposed to be leading worship and there are like 2000 people there and band starts playing but I either can’t remember the song or my guitar isn’t working and I’m rushing around to either fix the guitar or figure out how to play the song.

  7. Our sermon today was about letting God push you out of your comfort zone so he can do his work. Sounds like God’s been doing that a bit in your life in the last few months. Don’t forget that He has a plan, and it’s better than anything we could come up with!
    And I’m assuming that His plan involves lots of analog delay…

  8. Karl, you have no idea of what a rough Sunday is. Today at my church we had a rare set with one electric, a bass, the drums, keys, and acoustic, and a choir (we usually skip the choir and have two electrics). The first set (both sets were all traditional Christmas songs) one of the worship leaders rushed Silent Night, and as a choir we started the “Gloria in excelsis deo” in 4 different keys. Needless to say, it was very humbling. Then, adding insult to injury, our transitions sucked. The next service, On Silent Night the same leader started in the wrong key, but our great band (which I so wanted to be in, but my buddy beat me to) stayed with us and effortlessly changed back from E to C. Then we had sucky transitions again. This is what happens when you take a guitar out of my hands, and you shut off the dotted 8th note delays. I really wanted to go grab my rig out of the closet onstage, turn on the DD-5, kick on the fulldrive, and let sweep music pour out. Alas, I could not be done. Fortunately, we played for an audience of one, but those who were watching were thoroughly amused.

    Thanks for letting me rant :)


  9. Reminds me of the time I blew a fuse in my Laney VC30 one Sunday morning. I thought my tubes had gone, since there was still power going to my amp. I freaking out hard because I had a youth service to play that night as well. I played that morning with my Pastor’s Behringer digital modelling amp, it sounded so bad, I couldn’t play the way I wanted too, everything just sounded bad so, I stuck to playing chords for the entire service.

    A friend of mine told me to check the fuse and thankfully, it was blown.

  10. My Sunday was 50% bad, 50% awesome. After a surprisingly good practice (surprising because we were playing unfamiliar stuff and most of the band had been out late at U2 the night before), I made mistake after mistake during our first service – wrong delays going at the wrong time, stuffing up key riffs and solos)… but then in our second service we all played great again and I nailed all my parts. We opened the service with Beautiful Day (fortunately our Pastor was at U2 as well so I think he was cool with that…), then the Israel Houghton version of Hark the Herald Angels, then the full Boney M disco/reggae version of Mary’s Boy Child, and it went on from there – a rockin’ service! The only downer was that the sound guy killed all the sound at the end, before we could start playing Beautiful Day again 😛

    I know this has nothing to do with your original post, but I can’t resist the urge to share – I can die a happy man now, having seen U2 twice this weekend :) First night we managed to get into the inner circle, directly in front of Edge’s amps and board – about 2 metres off the stage! I swear he looked directly at me and smiled about 5 times during the night – so amazing!
    Second night we got the cheap seats high up in the stands, for the full 360 claw experience that you can’t really see from up close – the best of both worlds! The set list was a bit different, and it was great to see Bono and the boys having a bit of a conference on stage chatting about what they were going to do. Awesome shows. I am still floating! :)

  11. Hope you feel better soon Karl. I had an answer to prayer. Discovered that the new “automatic” light in one of the church bathrooms is the source of static coming through the monitors. So now we can keep track of comings and goings in there :-) Amateur wiring jobs LOL

    Maybe time for some sort of power conditioner on the sound board.

  12. hope you feel better soon, brother.

    fuzz … mmmm … you know, maybe I should look into that, too, even though I don’t use one and do not foresee ever using one. LOL

    a worst Sunday would be when we forgot about God’s grace … Merry Christmas everyone!

  13. Sorry guys, still a bit under the weather…I’ll respond individually as soon as possible when I can look at the screen longer. hehe I will say that it’s awesome to see that most of us have the ‘not about us’ days now and again. :) Very important to have those, methinks.

    And also, Matt…yes on Devi Ever! haha Checking those out. Stoked to play with you too! Thanks again, brother.

    And Randy…seriously?!! It was the automatic bathroom lights?! That is crazy and awesome that you figured it out at the same time. Wow, that’s definitely a keeper of a story.

    Oh ya…and this all happened at our Saturday service; I showed up early Sunday morning to take the Loop-Master apart, only to find it has divets? in place of screws. Anyone know how to undo those things?

  14. do you mean rivets?
    if so, they must be drilled out.
    pop rivets are usually 1/8th inch, so that’s the drill bit size you’d need.
    You’ll also need a pop rivet gun and rivets to redo them after repairs.
    You can get this stuff at any hardware store.

  15. Karl, you won’t believe this.

    I just bought a like-new Eventide Timefactor with external foot controller for $220 on Craigslist! I can’t believe how great it sounds but I can’t keep it so I listed it on TGP if you’re interested.

  16. Sorry to ruin everything on this post, but if you guys could please pray for me and my wife. We just learned today that she will be having a miscarriage with our first child.

    • Ben, I’ll pray for you guys.

      I feel a special connection to anyone who suffers from miscarriage, as my mom had a miscarriage before she had me. I am so sorry for your loss and I wanted to offer you another view that might offer you hope. The baby my mom miscarried was to be my parents’ last child. Needless to say, if she hadn’t miscarried, I wouldn’t be alive. Remember in your time of mourning, that God is the one who gives, as He is the one who sometimes takes away.


    • Definitely praying for you and your wife, brother.

      Please let me and my wife or anyone else on here know if we can help in any way at all.

      May the Lord keep you and your family.

  17. Praying for you here too Ben – we too have experienced this season of life and it is not easy. But God is our provider. Praise Him.

  18. Will pray for you both Karl and Ben.

    If someone could pray for me that would be greatly appreciated as well. I’ve been having trouble hearing from God for months and have been left with no real sense of direction in life. I’m also struggling with relationship issues and don’t know whether I can commit to co-leading a new youth project at my church coming up next year…

    • I’ll definitely pray for you James! Nothing is more important than God! He is in control. Rest in the promises and the truth that are in His word!

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