All the…Small Things

Just got that excruciatingly catchy song stuck in every one of your heads for the rest of the day. That song is proof that there is such a thing as ‘too catchy of a melody.’ And you’re welcome.

I have taken a week or so to ignore this blog and most all of technology. And contrary to popular belief, if you do not touch your iPhone, laptop, bigger iPhone that can’t call people, or iPod (did you know you can text from those things?!), and actually look out your window to see if it is raining rather than hit F12 to see if your dashboard widget tells you it’s raining, the universe does not implode. If you don’t post the thing that you’re doing on facebook, you can still do that thing! This is getting crazy, I know…but it’s actually true. With all the rain we’ve been getting here (and ‘all the rain’ in Southern California translates to ‘we got a little mist’ everywhere else in the US), the power has gone out a few times (I know, water falls from the sky and the entire Los Angeles infrastructure collapses), and the most amazing thing happened. With no tv and no computers, I found the craziest form of entertainment. It has this new-fangled technology where the battery never runs out, you never have to plug it in, and the backlight works off of the scientific principle of friction and natural heat. Yep. It’s called a book and a candle. Seriously, absolutely amazing technology. The power could be out for days and weeks; nay, even years; and you know what? The book would still work. And actually, this isn’t at all where I was going with this, but the talk of rain did remind me of a little Conan sketch from last year; and lo and behold, it’s on youtube! Mmm…technology. I mean, books are awesome.

hehehe For those of you who don’t live in Southern California, it’s actually really, really scary how close that video is to being true. There’s breaking news stories constantly, taglines like ‘December Deluge’ on every news show and newspaper who all think they’re the only ones to have come up with the phrase, and there’s mad runs on Costco for bulk items for people’s newly dug bomb shelters. It is quite awesome to watch. But anyway, with all that just sitting back and enjoying life, I’ve been quite happily absent from technology and hence this site, for a while. So I’d figure I’d wrap up all the…small things…that have been going on. (hehe Stuck in your head again.)

  • My Timeline finally came back from Strymon yesterday. I haven’t plugged it in yet. But I won’t say whether it’s sitting on a custom made Timeline stage with soft Ingrid Bergman lighting on it or not.
  • I fixed my Loop-Master. I plugged it in and it worked. Which means that either I mixed up the cables plugging in my two pedalboards a couple weeks ago, or that the Loop-Master re-soldered itself. I’m going with the ‘soldered itself’ one.
  • It is also amazing that rather than check connections, my first impulse is to pull apart my board and completely rewire it. It’s as if subconsciously, that’s what I really want to do. I’m blaming the fever.
  • ‘X’ is a Greek abbreviation for ‘Christ.’ The clerk cannot wish you a merry Christmas while they are on the clock because the company policy is to not get sued; but wish it to them and they can wish it to you back. Yes, consumerism is bad, but we Christians do push for family values the other 11 months of the year, so maybe we should back off a bit when the mall is full and realize that at any other time of the year, we’d be overjoyed to see a parent buying gifts for their kid instead of a check postmarked from their office building. I heard Taylor Swift’s voice singing that ‘Christ the Savior is born’ over the loudspeakers to thousands of people in the mall. Overall? I’d say Christmas is a win. You know when Christmas gets to be a loss? When the ones who are supposed to be celebrating the most instead get all bitter, and have that bitterness be the overarching emotion in their churches at the one time of year the rest of the world actually enters said churches. Are there things that can be improved upon about culture’s current celebration of Christmas? Of course. But not at the expense of love for our fellow man. Proverbs talks about love covering a multitude of sins. Which, incidentally, is what we’re celebrating with the birth of Jesus. I’m going to guess that Jesus would ask us to celebrate Him by showing love to those around us, rather than get bitter at a world that is never going to say ‘Merry Christmas’ if they can’t believe it because they don’t see it in those of us who are supposed to believe it.
  • Sorry, that got a little longer than I intended it to be.
  • My folks got me a Hartman Germanium Fuzz for Christmas. My parents are hereby awesome. Actually though, both my parents are guitarists, and my dad’s a Stones fan, so I think the thought of my board without a fuzz pedal may have been just as unacceptable to them as it is to me. 😉
  • My wife got me Toms shoes. Because she is awesome. So you can thank her that you won’t have to see my Little House on the Prairie shoes in every pedal demo anymore. I used to think Toms were too trendy. And then I realized that it’s a company that actually gets you to buy shoes for people that don’t have any. I think I’ll risk being trendy.
  • The family in the apartment above ours just turned on some movie with a really cool score. I’m having trouble concentrating. Watch, they’re probably just playing Halo. That stupid video game kills me to no end, because the score is just amazing! To a video game. Didn’t Hans Zimmer write it? Or maybe it’s just the commercial…I’ve never actually played Halo.
  • My wife also got me THX 1138. The good version. I am the luckiest guy on earth to have a wife that knows these things. Meaning the one on VHS, because the only one released on DVD is the ‘enhanced version’ where CGI monkeys that have nothing whatsoever to do with the story, attack Robert Duvall. Seriously, I think George Lucas has now succeeded in ruining almost every good thing he ever did originally. I’m just waiting for the enhanced version of American Graffiti where Richard Dreyfuss turns out to really be a zombie and all the street racing gets CGI’d into an alien pod race with the kid from Jingle All the Way.
  • Oh, and zombies are over. So are vampires. Please, somebody come up with something new. Did you know there’s a whole section at Barnes and Noble called ‘Paranormal Teen Romance’? Alright, alright…maybe I’m just bitter that I haven’t come up with anything to jump me on the bandwagon and make me rich yet. Guitar for Worship and Zombies. Nope, doesn’t work. But I’m close. Maybe I’ll just review a Vampire Weekend album and be done with it. ‘Say it.’ ‘Vampire.’ Okay, now I’m done.
  • I will be selling a DD20 on Gear Page within the next few days. I will still have two on my board. I have no defense.
  • I have almost made it to 2011 without having ever owned a Klon. By all practical tonehead accounts, I should be dead by now. Hey, if I can make it to 2012, it won’t matter anymore. Oh, and just for the record, after 2012 is over, I’m calling January 8, 2019 as the next end of the world. We’ll just say we can’t find the next calendar from some obscure ancient Eskimo tribe or something, and then write some books about it. I’m gonna sell T-shirts and everything. Remember, you heard it here first. Can I patent a date? Everybody panic.
  • Hey! A post where I didn’t mention U2! Ah, blast.
  • Pretty sure I’ve used that joke before. I’ve now graduated from just recycling Arrested Development gags to recycling my own. Apologies. Apologies, all around. 😉
  • Wow, what happened in this post? Incoherent pandemonium. Must be the rain.


41 thoughts on “All the…Small Things

  1. Nater, I agree with you.

    I think for the most part, political correctness is worse here in Australia than in America. We don’t have freedom of speech like you all have, if I was to say something that offended someones religion, I could be sued. There is a huge push to secularize Christmas here in Australia, for the fear of offending someone. Odd that it’s not considered offensive to take away what many Christians believe to be the holiest time of the year. I don’t really a agree with that, I think the whole year is equally as holy,

    Still, it was pretty awesome seeing the Salvation Army brass band playing Christmas carols out side of my local shopping centres.

  2. i feel like i should tell that after reading those last couple things to my wife, and then a commercial with henry winkler coming on, all she wanted to do was put on AD. thanks for inadvertently brightening my afternoon

  3. ‘Let the right one in’ is a lovely vampire film If you don’t mind a bit of gore and putting up with english subtitles (sweedish film) for the sake of a fantastic story.

    ‘Shaun of the dead’ is a good zombie film, its a comedy/horror. Have you seen it? I don’t even know if it exists in america… the same people made a film called ‘hot fuzz’.

    I really need to get off of your blog. It’s been nothing but work and mindless internet browsing for the past 3 days for me now. Which is bad. The world is beautiful, technology strains your eyes… why do we have technology? Oh yes, to delay audio signals!

    • Ohhhh yes we have Simon Pegg’s Zombie killing extravaganza here. Shaun is one of my favorite movies! And Edgar Wright is a faaantastic director. Scott Pilgrim might be my favorite movie, period. Still need to see Hot Fuzz.

  4. Really 2 dd-20s? I can’t imagine any boss pedal being that great…

    Can you do a review? I’m interested to hear why you like it so much.

  5. Sorry to ruin your fuzz crave, but I love warm overdrives and rockin distortions much more than a fuzz. Keep your day overdrive (my attempt at a pun lol)

  6. Nater2–thanks, brother. 🙂

    Sam–wow, I didn’t know that. For as many problems as America has, the basic freedoms are quite nice and something we probably take for granted.

    And brass quartets doing Christmas caorls is one of my favorite parts of the season too. 🙂

    MattQ–haha My pleasure. If something I write can inspire one to put in an Arrested Development dvd, then I’ve done my job. 😉

    “Army had half-a-day.”

    James–haha Yes, without technology we’d be stuck yelling things into a canyon. hehe

    And I’ve not seen Shaun of the Dead, although I did quite enjoy Hot Fuzz. 🙂

    Josh–totally! I’ll try to do one where I play it against a Timeline also.

    Bryan–haha I totally see where you’re coming from. On the other hand, I’ve been playing with the fuzz all night tonight, and it is impossible for me to think of a sound I enjoy more. haha

    Brandon–I’ll know for sure if I’m gonna let it go early next week. I’ll email ya if you’re still interested! 🙂

    • it’s sad that many Australians don’t realize it too. The same laws that prevent religious vilification, also prevent racial vilification, which is definitely a good thing. However, the government here is implementing some changes that seem just and in the interest of people, could be used to restrict some of the freedoms people here in Australia have. There is also a push here to make preaching religion in public places illegal.

  7. nice one … love the sketch! happy new year, btw … still compiling of things i want to do the coming year but most probably finish all the CS Lewis’ books I bought two years ago 😉

  8. I was doing the candle and book thing the other day. I think we live on the very end of the power grid so if anybody sneezes between me and Pacific Gas and Electric, the juice goes off. Then I noticed the new TV I had just bought. So I fired up the generator, turned on the tube and blew out the candle. Sad, I know.

    I’m finding more songs ( on Pandora ) to use at church with dotted eighth delay. Definitely Hillsong’s Time has Come, possibly Paul Baloche’s Praise is Rising or Robbie Seay’s Song of Hope. So far doesn’t seem to work well on The Old Rugged Cross. 🙂

    The “walk-in” song is a God-send. I can try songs there that might never fly for congregational use. Half the people are still yakking in the foyer, but we get to do something a little different.

  9. 1. Are you sure? Karl I trust you but I’m pretty sure the universe WILL implode if I put this iPod down…

    2. Halo was Martin O’Donnel (don’t know if that was already answered…) He’s very good but needs to broaden his horizons if you ask me. I want to see him write for more films.

    3. Hans Zimmer wrote everything ever. He even gave The Rock a good soundtrack, and that movie made me simultaneously pee myself with laughter and throw up all over my shoes. It was all a big mess.

    4. Picked up a Nano Muff recently. Veeeery surprised at how much I like it. It’s a good little Jack (White) In a Box… See what I did there? 😀 anyway check one out next time you’re in prison-Er umm I mean GC. 😉

    5. I work at an Albertson’s (that’s a grocery store for all you folks who stumbled across this site as well as the Internet itself by trying to open Minesweeper.) and I say Merry Christmas all year round! Okay not all year but dadgum it, Jesus loves them! He was born an innocent baby, of a virgin nonetheless, lived a sinless life of perfection and teaching and healing people, and was brutalized and murdered because of what WE’VE done. 3 days later, he decides death is totally boring and decides that the rules of the universe we’d taken for granted totally didn’t apply to Him, so he comes right on back to earth to say what’s up to a few buds before ascending back up to heaven to prepare a place for us with the Father for all eternity.

    Now if that isn’t the most epic thing ever, than I have no idea what is.

    6. Sorry about the ridiculously long post, I haven’t posted in a while so I figured I’d make up for it with one long incoherent one. And if it helps, I don’t care much for Klons either.

    Anyway Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever, Christian Bale will almost definitely get Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter, True Grit could have been better, and if I had a gun with two bullets and was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Tom DeLonge, I’d shoot Tom Delong twice. Just sayin.

  10. And speaking of imploding the universe, I’m pretty sure we almost created a wormhole a few weeks ago.

    The special was “Pride” and the singer asked if there was something we could do to “change it up” from the other gazillion times we played it.

    He suggested we try it without the 8th delay! Just a straight ahead rocker. WHAT?

    Deep breath, pray, deep breath, pray …

    I thought of Karl and waited for the earth to open up.

    The other guitarist and I started to back away
    slowly from the singer. If the underworld claimed him, we wanted to be a safe distance. Save the gear.

    I hate to admit it, but that song took on a whole different driving feel without 8th’s. Very, very cool and lots of fun.

    Must have been “a God thing” that prevented the wormhole.

  11. Sam–interesting for sure. I don’t know much about Australia’s political make-up. Praying you guys are able to keep your freedoms, though.

    Dariathe–haha Thanks, bro.

    Jason–that’s a lie!! hehe 😉 Just kidding. Okay, okay, I guess then maybe I liked something Steve Vai did. hehe Although from the small bit I’ve heard, it was mostly orchestral.

    Rhoy–that’s awesome! And happy new year to you as well!

    Randy–sweet! The walk-in song is a great idea! As are dotted 8th’s. hehe And sometimes I wish I had a generator. As cool as books are. lol

    Andrew–ah, gotcha. Hans is quite good…somewhere I had thought I had heard that he had helped with Halo. Or maybe I was just trying to justify liking the soundtrack to a video game. hehe

    I had a Little Big Muff for a couple days…it was surprisingly decent. Not sure how close the circuit is to a Nano. And the old one from the ’70’s and early ’80’s is of course fantastic. Big and beastly, but fantastic.

    And I forget that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Yippee Kay-eh. 🙂 I actually liked True Grit…wasn’t what I was expecting, but I liked it. It almost played like a Mamet play or film, where it’s more about the actual rhythm and flow of the lines and scenes rather than what is being said or shown. I also liked their take on the anti-hero. Not just a flawed hero, but awkward people performing actions that may perhaps turn out to be heroic. Just my take on it.

    What other movie did you mention? Oh, The Fighter. Haven’t seen that one yet, but I do believe Mr. Bale has deserved an Oscar for a few years now…since The Machinist. And especially since Reign of Fire. And just kidding about Reign of Fire. 😉

    Brandon–for sure, brother!

    TimH–haha Pride without delay?! Glad it worked out! That’s pretty cool actually. Props to you guys.

    I did play Pride one time on stage in my younger years before I knew how to properly use delay, and I played it with untimed runaway analog delay. I’m pretty sure a wormhole ‘was’ created on that one. hehe 😉

    • Karl,

      After giving in to pressure from my mother I also saw True Grit and really enjoyed it.

      Don’t know if you got my e mail or not, but the newest addition to my board is an Arion SAD-1. Found one from about “81, that looks horrible, but sounds amazing. I can see why you like it so much.

      Looks like Monday is installing new tubes and adding 3 pedals to the board (bye bye flanger).

  12. Karl, glad to hear you had a great Christmas pedal influx. I sold a few things on eBay and went on a “Merry Christmas to me” shopping spree…

    I bought a Strymon Blue Sky off TGP (LOVE it. Completely awesome!), a EHX Memory Toy off TGP (for volume swell decays), a 1985 DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus for $24 on eBay (look this up on YouTube, 211amps’ video. It is FANTASTIC for the money) and a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power.

  13. It’s Monday.

    2 new JJ EL84’s installed.
    Board reconfigured with new stuff.
    SAD-1 sounds great.
    Flanger gone.

    It’s been a pretty good day so far.

  14. Craig–sweet! The SAD-1’s like, the best kept little secret ever!

    And sorry…I’m about 3 weeks behind on answering blog/tone emails.

    Justin–awesome! Sounds like a great Christmas. haha How do you like the Memory Toy? Been thinking about trying one out. I used to have that old DOD Chorus; it was quite subtle, so I may have gotten a dying one.

    Stoked for ya, bro!

    Sal–lol That’s right! Panic!!

    Craig–right on!! SAD-1 and JJ’s make for a good day. 🙂

    • Karl,

      No problem. I actually think I may be at a point where the board may stay put for a while. I’d like to get a clean boost back in the mix, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with how it all works together.

      I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about the SAD-1 that sounds so nice. I just seems less distinct or something.

      Anyway, thanks for the heads up otherwise I would have passed on a great pedal.

    • I like it. It’s the perfect pedal for what I need it for. I use a Seymour Duncan Deja Vu Tap Delay for my main delay unit. The tap tempo and analog/digital blend feature are incredible but I got tired of adjusting the knobs with my boots when doing volume swell stuff, so I decided to go with the Toy.

      I think it does the job of the carbon copy for less money and pedal-board real estate. I like it’s tone better than the Carbon Copy, but my only complaint is it has the slightest amount of noise when engaged (as most EHX pedals have).

      Check it out if you’re looking for a cheap, un-timed analog delay.

      • I tried out a memory toy for all of those reasons and I didn’t like it. I like the sound of my Carbon Copy better. I don’t think it will ever leave my board.

        • I guess that’s the great thing about gear; (and why there is so much of it) what works for someone doesn’t always work for someone else. We should all be thankful for free-market-Capitalist-gear-diversity. Ha ha.

  15. I’m glad you got your Timeline back. I’m selling mine on TGP but looking forward to what Strymon and Eventide will be announcing at NAMM. Are you going this year? I guess Strymon is just going to be doing demos in a hotel room like last year?

    I started reading Neil McCormick’s Killing Bono, the book that they made into a movie.

    I agree on Lucas ruining his original stuff with CGI. I’m glad he agreed to let Robot Chicken parody his stuff. Their third Star Wars special was hilarious and the one armed Wampa bit was strangely touching.

  16. Craig–no worries! Ya, I think you’re totally right…it’s the inarticulation that gives it its quality. 🙂

    Dan–really? Gonna be about $800 richer, right? hehe

    And no, I’m actually on vacation when NAMM is here this year. Plus, I’m not cool enough this year…no one’s offered me any passes. hehe

    I haven’t watched much Robot Chicken…but if there’s Star Wars parodies, maybe I’ll have to! hehe

  17. Ok I’ve been meaning to tell you about a pedal and I don’t really know if it relates to this post but here goes. If you haven’t heard of it, you need, need, need to check out the Franklin Prodrive. Unfortunately the only real way for you to know about it is to buy one. The link on the website ( to YouTube of a guy playing it probably does more to make you not want one but I promise if you actually try one for yourself you will be blown away. It’s so smooth and rich sounding. Seriously maybe the absolute best OD pedal I’ve ever heard. Obviously you can order one right from the Franklin site but you can also buy them from me (I’m kind of an informal dealer and I sell them at the same price) If you wanna talk more about it send me an e-mail at
    I’ve tried one before but I just now was able to order one for myself so I’m gonna try to do a video review of it in the next few weeks. Peace.

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