Timeline 2???!!!

We’ve got midi! We’ve got 5 jacks! Possibly the 5th for an external footswitch for more options? And we’ve got a digital readout! Thank sweet merciful sweetness. And is that USB? Shape’s right, but seems a little small. Forget it, I’m calling it USB.

Most of you know that I tend to shy away from popular things. And Strymon has gotten so popular, that I haven’t tried too hard to get one of their pedals besides the OB1, because I don’t want to sound like everyone else. Actually, it’s probably just that I like the random things on my board that make people go, ‘What’s that?!’ which automatically makes me cooler, and everyone knows coolness leads to better tone. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I first picked up an original Timeline three years ago. But today? With the prospect of a Timeline 2? Or, what I’m hoping will be called Timeline with a Vengeance? I couldn’t care less if I sound like everyone else. Want. Want very much.

And if you’re wondering what all the hype is about:

Original Timeline Review and Demo at this site

Strymon Site (edit: Strymon has posted some pics a bit more high quality than mine below…hehe)

Strymon Twitter

Let the Battle for Who Can Click the Fastest once these go on sale publicly, begin.

Timeline 2. With a Vengeance.

P.S. I have no official proof or inside information that this is in fact the Timeline 2. Except the proof I made up inside my head. That’s my favorite kind. It’s the same proof that lets me differentiate between tubescreamer chips manufactured in Malaysia or China. ;)

And the Edit of Happiness. For once, the proof I made up in my head was correct. :D

I was not deemed cool enough by the keepers of tone to be invited to NAMM this year, but luckily I do have friends who are cool; so thanks to Ryan Jones for the text that filled my Thursday night with joy, to Dan Price who posted me pictures, and to all the kind folks at Gear Page and Harmony Central who have started multiple page threads about the pedal that I now know to be so popular, I have decided not to hope for one until November. Which is a lie. I would like one now, please.

Analog dry path? Smear control hidden somewhere in that ‘Value’ knob? Subdivisions? Can I order a custom green one? Can I put my original Timeline in this one’s effects loop? Yes. I have decided to answer my own questions with proof I made up in my head. Hey, it worked last time! ;)

Splendid. So very splendid.