We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Broadcasting for…

Timeline 2???!!!

We’ve got midi! We’ve got 5 jacks! Possibly the 5th for an external footswitch for more options? And we’ve got a digital readout! Thank sweet merciful sweetness. And is that USB? Shape’s right, but seems a little small. Forget it, I’m calling it USB.

Most of you know that I tend to shy away from popular things. And Strymon has gotten so popular, that I haven’t tried too hard to get one of their pedals besides the OB1, because I don’t want to sound like everyone else. Actually, it’s probably just that I like the random things on my board that make people go, ‘What’s that?!’ which automatically makes me cooler, and everyone knows coolness leads to better tone. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I first picked up an original Timeline three years ago. But today? With the prospect of a Timeline 2? Or, what I’m hoping will be called Timeline with a Vengeance? I couldn’t care less if I sound like everyone else. Want. Want very much.

And if you’re wondering what all the hype is about:

Original Timeline Review and Demo at this site

Strymon Site (edit: Strymon has posted some pics a bit more high quality than mine below…hehe)

Strymon Twitter

Let the Battle for Who Can Click the Fastest once these go on sale publicly, begin.

Timeline 2. With a Vengeance.

P.S. I have no official proof or inside information that this is in fact the Timeline 2. Except the proof I made up inside my head. That’s my favorite kind. It’s the same proof that lets me differentiate between tubescreamer chips manufactured in Malaysia or China. 😉

And the Edit of Happiness. For once, the proof I made up in my head was correct. 😀

I was not deemed cool enough by the keepers of tone to be invited to NAMM this year, but luckily I do have friends who are cool; so thanks to Ryan Jones for the text that filled my Thursday night with joy, to Dan Price who posted me pictures, and to all the kind folks at Gear Page and Harmony Central who have started multiple page threads about the pedal that I now know to be so popular, I have decided not to hope for one until November. Which is a lie. I would like one now, please.

Analog dry path? Smear control hidden somewhere in that ‘Value’ knob? Subdivisions? Can I order a custom green one? Can I put my original Timeline in this one’s effects loop? Yes. I have decided to answer my own questions with proof I made up in my head. Hey, it worked last time! 😉

Splendid. So very splendid.

124 thoughts on “We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Broadcasting for…

  1. forgive my ignorance and i am aware that i might be banished from this blog for asking….

    what is so great about a timeline? and why are so many people on this blog anxious for a timeline 2? i mean, i could understand if it was made by The Edge cause karl, you know you would buy a pedal if The Edge used it once or endorsed it, but also i have never heard or used one of these pedals. I just am ignorant to the timeline i suppose.

  2. Not wanting have the same pedals that everybody else has… is this a hipster pedal board I sense?

    (I am the same way 😀 )

  3. I love the way Strymon tease like this.
    I had decided that I have enough delays for now (although I still have the El Cap on order), and am trying to stop spending money on gear.. but if this is a Timeline 2 I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

    Hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

  4. The truth is… I’ve tried every delay out there and there is nothing that does what a Timeline does. Simply sounds the best but had it’s shortcomings. If this Timeline 2 has Bpm readout, dual delay, different subdivions like the TC products, midi, and STILL sounds as good I think this will be easily the best day pedal on the market today… Perhaps this will not interest Jared and Issac. That’s ok… To each his own.

  5. Oh, my. I’m pretty sure they’re going to clean up the market with this. They might have to hire a few more employees to build these things to come close to meeting demand.

    I’m so excited. Man, I just know this is going to be awesome. I was crossing my fingers for a bpm readout. YES!!!

  6. jason- i am definitely interested, i just dont understand the hype about it. there are ton’s of delays but it seems like almost every one on this blog is SUPER hyping this new pedal. i guess i will just have to try it to believe it, but i doubt there will be any where i could try it unless i order one.

  7. Hopefully it’s smaller than a medium pizza/manhole-cover this time. The size keeps me from even concidering a Timeline on my board. My rule has always been, pedals smaller than my abdomin only…

  8. I need to try a really good amp like a Matchless and a really good pedal like a Timeline. Maybe even a MAC. But I’m afraid. What if I discover they are really that much better than my less expensive guitar and computer stuff?

    When soldiers went off to war ( I think it was actually the first World War ) a song came out that said something like “how are you going to keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen Paris?” 🙂
    Wait, I have a wife who will walk across the street to pick up a dime. Whew ! Ok, no problem, I can try the stuff without much risk of actually spending the money.

  9. Hey Karl-

    This is a little random for this post, but I wanted to ask you what you do on stage to protect your ears… Things can get pretty loud so i was wondering if there was anything out there to protect your ears from the loud stage sounds???

    Also- I recently saw your vid on the diff types of delays…how did you set your analog (untimed) to get that reverb effect? I mean like a subtle analog delay…

    • Oh thanks for searching and letting me know…….but I have great news!- I bought the Fender 600! I’m really excited! It’s coming in Wednesday so I will prob do a demo on my blog really soon!

  10. whats all the hype for? we all know strymon is just teasing so they can announce their next biggest project. a 5 jack midi capable TUNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Doesn’t the TimeFactor already have MIDI, USB, external footswitch jack, auxiliary footswitch jack, a digital readout, and all the rest of the stuff you are hoping for in this fabled Timeline 2. Seems like the timeline for the timeline 2 is a little bit behind the timeline for the TimeFactor! 😉
    All kidding aside, I can’t wait to see what this is really going to look like. Its about time the TimeFactor had some real competition. 😀

    • The TF converts your dry signal to digital then back to analogue, the Timeline (as with all Strymon pedals) doesn’t. Also, there is something magical about the Timeline.

  12. Super stoked too! And ya, it does look more like firewire…interesting.

    Also, the Timefactor is possibly the most well thought-out delay out there. I just wish it sounded good. 😉 hehe Although there are folks out there who love it and have better tone than me. But when I owned it, it ended up being the pedal that taught me what AD/DA conversion is. I’d not thought too much about it before; but I could hear the change in dynamics and compression so much that I studied up to find out why.

    The Timeline not only was one of only two multi-setting delays not to digitize the dry signal (the DD20 being the other one), but it sounds just amazing. Weighty, realistic, and three-dimensional (to use a tonehead word). The hype is for those of us who adore the Timeline’s sound, and might give an extremity if the Timeline’s sound could be coupled with the Timefactor’s versatility.

    And if you own a Timefactor, my sincere apologies; you are more than welcome to record lots and lots of videos with it kicking my face in with tone. If it makes you happy, then wonderful. It did not make me happy. 🙂

    As for stage ear protection, I’ve never worn anything in my ears that wasn’t also pumping a click track into them. The only thing to do is get health insurance and plan to be deaf by 60. hehehe

  13. I have been reading Premier Guitar Magazine for awhile now and have been compiling artist gear information from these mags for over two years.

    I reckon if you get to be on the mag you should be quite good.

    One thing I can conclude is that there there are so few that use anything boutique. So many use Boss, MXR, Line 6 etc and still sound brilliant.

    I am actually surprised considering the amount of crap (tone wise) these pedals receive.

    One thing for sure is they have good guitars and good amps.

    Is there something they know that we don’t?

    Do we need boutique to think we sound good?

    Food for thought.

  14. Hey James, great comment! Ya, we totally don’t need ’boutique’ gear to sound good. I’ve actually been talking about that a lot here lately in some recent posts:

    Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes

    Enjoying a Behringer RV600…it is Officially the Apocalypse

    In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with boutique or mass-produced…provided you get the sound and versatility you want, and the pedal lasts. I think you made a good point when you said that professionals play good guitars and good amps. Those are the two main parts of the equation, and the other stuff kind of fades in importance…including boutique or mass-produced pedals. …But doesn’t mean we can’t get excited and geek out over some cool new pedals coming out! 😉 hehe

    Also, I don’t read many guitar mags, but just off the top of my head, John Mayer, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead, Jonny Buckland from Coldplay, Jason Orme from Alanis Morissette, David Gilmour, Edge from U2, Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Alicia Keys, Five for Fighting), and David Levita from Alanis Morissette, all use ’boutique’ pedals. Seems like a lot of folks to me. However, all these folks also use a mix of boutique and mass-produced. I think that’s where the answer lies…to buy gear based on sound alone, and not pay any attention to whether it says ‘Boss’ or ‘Dwarfcraft’ on it. 🙂

    Thanks again for the comment, and have a great evening!

    • Yes Karl, I am always wanting another pedal and its hurting the wallet.

      From the list I compiled. The popular OD’s are the Klon Centaur, Butler Tube Driver, Fulltone Fulldrive, Ibanez Tube Screamer and Boss BD2.

      Popular delays were Boss DD3 and DD5 and Line 6 DL4.

      Popular Tremolo’s Boss TR2.

      Yes you can’t deny that these artist spend far more on their guitars and amps and only a fraction on pedals.

  15. Great. As a result of this, I have now been checking Strymon’s website like every 5 min’s hoping it will be available! Maybe its the fear I have that Strymon will only make 100 of them and I will be the unlucky caller 101.

  16. With all of this talk of new delay pedals and to Boss or not to Boss I have a question.

    As I was playing acoustic yesterday morning I was thinking “It might be nice to have an acoustic pedal board for when I play acoustic.”

    Then I thought, “Is this just and excuse to buy more gear since my electric board is “full”. No it can’t be it is a completely musical decision based only on wanting the best possible tone.”

    Once I was sure my motives were pure, I progressed to what would be on said board. My sticking point came when deciding on a delay pedal. I will probably use my Mod Tone Analog delay, but what for .8ths.

    So, the question is, what is a good, small, reasonably priced delay that will do tap tempo .8ths?

        • I was going to say the Axel Grease Delay from Visual Sound, but that doesn’t have tap tempo…great tone and delay though! I guess I would rec the dd-7. That is a great one for around $130 new!

    • I’m very much a part time acoustic player, but in the past I’ve had a little Boss rig set up for acoustic use (using some of my old Boss pedals that don’t earn a place on my main electric board any more)
      Boss TU-2 -> CE-5 Chorus -> DD-6 delay -> RV-5 Reverb

      Just a light chorus can add a lot to acoustic stuff in my opinion.

      Now I don’t use that rig anymore since I got a dedicated acoustic processor the AD-8, which includes Reverb, EQs and a built in Tuner, and allows you to store presets. I still plug my DD-6 into that when I need delay, but find tap tempo isn’t as crucial for acoustic stuff. If I needed tap, a DD-5 (or ? DD-7) might be a better option.

  17. Craig, I use a pedalboard for my acoustic. We have a lot of variety in our worship teams at church, and I usually have one Sunday a month that it’s just me, an alto, and a guy on djembe. It’s nice to have a very different sound than the big band and I think the congregation appreciates it.
    On these Sundays I use a PT Mini with a Boss TU-2, Boss CS-3, Visual Sound H2O v1, and a Verbzilla. I hate the CS-3 and Verbzilla with my electric rig, but they’re nice with the acoustic.
    I don’t use the chorus on the H2O much, so I’m going to try swapping that out for a Carbon Copy next month.

    • Dan,

      Appreciate your thoughts. Especially the DD-5.

      What I’m thinking is volume-tuner-compressor-analog delay-digital delay (.8)-chorus-reverb (shimmer probably RV600). I am also considering some kind of boost/od. I’d like to stay away from Line 6 they are noisy at the church I play at (unless I use batteries. I have an Echo Park and Verbzilla on my electric board). I’d also like to stay small footprint.

      We’ll see how it goes. I’m not in any hurry, and there’s something refreshing about just plugging in the acoustic.

  18. Two suggestions for Craig. 1. I got a BBE boosta grande for $35(at guitar center, I’m ashamed to say ;). Best $35 I’ve ever spent. It’s a true bybass 20db clean boost that in my opinion would come close to outlasting a boss pedal. 2. I have a DD-5 and It’s awesome ($85 w/tap tempo). But you could get the DD-20 or the DD-7 for under $150 and they are both great in my opinion. Just my thoughts.

    • Thanks,

      I moved my Boosta Grande along for a Micro Amp. Liked the BBE, but it took up more space than I had. I’m leaning toward something with some dirt, rather than a clean boost. I’ll have to check out the Boss DD’s

      • My pedalboard is setup for both electric and acoustic. When I lead worship I use the acoustic and use the electric otherwise.

        I have a 3 channel loop switch.
        Channel 1- Modded Boss BD2 and Modded SD1. With the acoustic the BD2 works more like a clean boost with a hint of a overdrive edge when picked hard.
        Channel 2 – Boss DD7 with tap tempo and Hardwire RV7 which are always on with the acoustic.
        Channel 3 – Boss RC2 Loop Station and Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremolo.

        I use the BD2 to play over the Boss RC2 with the acoustic particularly in free worship.

        I also have a TC Electronic PolyTune and a Seymour Duncan Doubleback Compressor connected in the main chain. Sometimes use the compressor with more dry signal blended in as a clean boost instead of the BD2.

          • I know you’re not looking at Line6 at all but, I’m actually using an M9 as my acoustic rig. It does pretty much everything being talked about (including looping) and, in my opinion, it sounds pretty darn good.

          • I have been considering the M9 (I just don’t want to do the pedals again) for my electric rig (just for modulation). Another good idea.

          • I have noise problems (sometimes) with the individual pedals. I did not have problems with my GT-6 back in the day.

  19. Folks, my wife and I are taking a few days together. So I’ll miss each one of you individually (hehe 😉 ), but while I’m gone, here we’ve got tone/terrible tone discussions, Strymon releasing new pedals, and just for good measure…Klon, Timmy clones, Ed Roman, Line 6, tone is in the hands, Eric Johnson, and BD2 into an RV5 sounds nails the epic Dumble tone for days hands down. Please carry on with the conversing. 😉

  20. Oh ok…cool! I don’t have anything from any of those companies…but I really would like to have the Timeline! When I went to see Revive in concert, that’s what AJ had on his board! He had some awesome sounds!

  21. Have some questions you all might be able to answer…

    – What type of in-ear monitors do you use?
    – Do the in-ears blog bad stage volume (that damages hearing) or do they just provide a way to hear what you are playing?

    Thanks! Just curious…

  22. If you wanted to look really indie you could use actual headphones and assuming you got nice ones, they would do a much better job of canceling out unneeded noise.

  23. about hearing protection…if you are using in ear monitors, that’s the best option. it provides sound isolation from the stage noise and you can adjust the volume for yourself for the sound in your ear.
    if you don’t use in ear monitors, you can buy musician’s earplugs from your local audiologist at different dB levels, 9 and 15dB i think. the difference is that they won’t filter the frequencies like normal ear plugs would (or at least less?)

    • I don’t use anything…that is why I am asking. When I play, it does get pretty loud. We play for youth group (around 180 people)…so we have it pretty loud. That is why I am wanting to look into these. I need to protect my hearing! haha

      So if I were to get in-ears, how do they work as far as setting them up? Where do they plug in and what do you need to have to use them?

  24. Hey Karl-

    My Fender Champ 600 just came in… It sounds terrible! 🙂 I am very surprised… but the good that came out of it- I know my $20 solid state is awesome! I will be writing a humorous blog about this unfortunate event! haha

    • Brandon, I wouldn’t write off tube amps due to one experience with a low-end amp.

      And secondly, if you’ve not spent much time with a tube amp before, it can take a while to change your habits in dialing in sounds and in playing. You’ll want to set the amp’s gain to where it will overdrive when you play hard…not where it sounds clean like with solid states. And you’ll also likely need to change the feel of your picking dynamics, as it’s more difficult to get a consistent good sound out of a tube amp; but once you figure out how, it’ll sound so much better. Try backing off and playing with a softer touch.

      And then if you really like your current amp, go with whatever makes you happy. But the first time I played a tube amp, my experiences were relatively the same as yours because of how differently I had to play and adjust settings. I even went back to solid state for a while. But once I re-learned tone, in essence, the tubes took me places solid state couldn’t. 🙂

      • Thanks for the advice Karl! I have played out of really nice ones before… I love them, but maybe this low-end tube amp just doesn’t cut it… I will give it a few more days before I return it.

        I might just have to put $300 down to get a nice Vox or something?

        • Probably. Or, like I said, I’ve liked the Epiphone Valve series so much more than the Vox’s in the same price range. And the Blues Junior more than both. Or, for tonal versatility, look into an Egnater. 🙂

    • hehe classic line 🙂

      Personally I haven’t been this excited over a piece of news since the day they announced that U2 were playing my town. Timeline arrival day will be the next best thing to the concert itself.

      Just emailed my Aussie distributor to get my name on the list, and if there is no list to start one with my name on the top!

  25. Yes yes… We are now receiving unconfirmed reports that the space-tone continuum has just shifted. I repeat…strymon has inadvertently shifted the space-tone continuum and we are urging citizens to stay indoors and at all costs and refrain from overloading the strymon online store so we could get on and order our own timelines…….commercial break!

  26. Timeline2 + eventides new “space” reverb should yield some beautiful new ambient soundscapeage…2011 is looking so bright I need to wear shades.

    Now, how do we become shareholders or get endorsed?
    Any other scenario I analyze seems to result in the selling of all my gear to buy a few awesome fx, but lack the amps and guitar to use them….its like my guitar gear gifts of the magji

  27. Hey, everyone! Normally when you get back from vacation, it’s back to reality…but it appears reality has been suspended with the release of a Timeline with a bpm readout. All is well with the world.

    Especially if one of the settings allows that ‘Value’ knob to control the smear, as the latest Twitpic alludes to. And with all the processing power, hopefully the dry signal is still untouched. Also I would like blue led’s. 🙂

  28. On the other notes, I’m not sure if it was planned to be this way, but Strymon ended up basically being Damage Control rebranded. The Damage Control blog explains it all much more eloquently.

    In-ears suck, but sometimes are very necessary. Brandon, it would be extremely problematic to use them if the place you’re playing doesn’t have an actual in-ear system set up. You would need to re-wire a monitor feed (from the board, not the power amps) into a headphone preamp, and then run your ears out of there. Most places aren’t too keen on folks rewiring their systems. 🙂

    • Haha! My youth group does not have a good sound system at all! haha… The actual sanctuary does though! Because I do not play in the sanctuary very often (because I am busy leading the youth worship), I was just curious about what it would take to set up the in-ears… The actual sanctuary has a great monitoring system!

      • Oh okay. If you have some pull in the youth ministry, with being the worship leader, you might be able to convince them to buy an old Carvin in-ear system. They go for fairly cheap, and you just wire a monitor feed into them and then they give you two wireless in-ear packs…for you and a vocalist, I’d suppose. But in-ears overall don’t sound too great. If you’re looking just for ear protection, I’d suggest an isolation booth for the drums. 🙂

    • I think for your first big amp purchase you need to just go out and play as many amps as you can. Find one that makes you smile as soon as you hit the first note and get that one. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  29. I saw $499 on HC and TGP the last time i checked. or was it $449? either way, if its my only gear purchase this year, it will be worth it. Don’t know where i will put it but i’ll make room. less dirt, more delay!

  30. Not sure if anyone’s posted this one yet so I’ll share it here for those who have better things to do than waste their days lurking on tgp 😉

    Looks phenomenal! There’s also a Lex demo on there which I’m (fortunately) not as inspired by.

  31. in other news … have you guys seen everything else that came out of NAMM?

    Empress Multidrive
    Diamond ML Jr, Booster & Drive
    TC Electronics (toneprint line)
    Red Witch line of sisters
    Malleko Omicron addition & 919
    Visual Sound Dual Delay
    … lots more …

    Lots of stuff to be had … and to bring this back to the topic. I was thinking this can be a nice midi-enable small versatile rig

    Empress Multidrive (assuming it has MIDI)
    Empress Phaser
    Strymon Timeline

    What do you guys think?

  32. Ryan–I think I’ve been hearing $449…putting them right up with the Empress SuperDelay.

    Matt–haha Awesome!!

    Baggas–thanks, bro! Ya, I’ve watched it a couple times. hehe Sounds very good, and very versatile. If you can dial those extreme sounds to mesh as well as the subtle dBucket modes, it could be one of the best pedals ever. 🙂

    Rhoy–I am incredibly stoked about the 919. That’s got me almost as excited as the Timeline. Looks to be a Memory Lane with more tweakability and spillover!!

    Alex–yes, I was stoked about that! It looks like the ‘Value’ knob is just what it should be…a knob for hidden controls. 🙂 Still haven’t heard any definitive answers on an analog dry path… It’s Monday, so here’s hoping Strymon is working on a blog post for this. 🙂

    • same here … I think that I may finally be able to rid of the Memory Lane (which had a comeback in my board, it just sounds great). So El Cap and/or Brig might be on their way out soon, we shall see 😉

  33. Sweet! Where at, or did you email them?

    EDIT: Ah! Maybe I should try checking Strymon’s actual site instead of the 18 different message boards concerning them. 😉 hehe

  34. I like that the new one gets weirder than the old one. They must be psychic because they added the Line 6 sweep echo (sine wave filter) and auto-volume (swell) sounds that I wanted.
    The pitch shifted repeats remind me of what the Axe-Fx and Eventide rack stuff can do.
    I hope the vinyl crackle sounds will be as good as this patch that a guy made on the Axe-Fx:

    The new U2 albums are totally going to get delayed until after April because the Edge will want to redo all of his guitar parts using the new Timeline. 🙂 Brian Eno should consult for Strymon. The press release writes itself: “Brian Eno has made it his mission to deliver the highest grade effects pedals to the TGP bedroom guitarist community.” Explosions in the Sky quoted as saying that they feel outgunned by the delay firepower of the TGP effects forum.

  35. That last line there is absolutely classic!! haha Love it!

    And I think U2’s album will be delayed until April, but just because they enjoy frustrating us, apparently. hehe

    And you’re right…awesome pitch-shifting with analog dry signal? So stoked.

  36. I hear that you will be able to use the looper and the delay at the same time. Hopefully with better control than how the DL4 did haha

    • Brigadiers’s dBucket technology is nice but it can’t replace the Memory Lane. it’s just different, the repeats have this fullness that Brig can’t replicate. Modulated delay though, Brig is great ala DMM but I’m sure a lot of people will debate that to death as well … fwiw, i have both ML & Brig 😉

  37. Ya, I’ve not played the Brig yet, but I have played a good number of delays; and part of the reason one would want analog, is specifically for how it reacts in the real world, rather than how it’s been programmed to react. I think both are needed, but both are very different. I honestly don’t see a digital delay ever capturing the essence of an analog sound, or vice versa.

    But once I try the Brig, I’ll let you know. I’ve been very wrong, very many times before! haha

  38. I don’t know if anyone has seen this, but I believe you will be amazed. This is a demo of the new Strymon Timeline 2:


    Having seen and heard this demo, the new Timeline 2 (at least for me) falls in the domain of a “pearl of great price”. There’s a response in their blog for the Timeline 2 that the street price should be about $449 (see http://www.strymon.net/2011/01/15/strymon-timeline-a-preview/comment-page-2/#comments).

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