This song kills me. There are three chords. Used in almost exactly the same way as 17,178 songs before it. Except for one thing: this song is using the chords not to be the song, but to be the harmonic structure for the guitar and vocal melody. The melody is the song, and the three chords merely provide the base for that. As Bach said over 300 years ago, music is melody.

I give you…the best use of three chords the world has ever seen (possibly an exaggeration, except that it’s not):

Melody. Sometimes (by which I mean all the times), sitting back and writing a more inspired melody, will give you a song hundreds of times better than trying to add a new augmented chord, or a face-melting solo, or even (the world is about to end right here) adding more delay. All the other parts of the song…the chords, the harmonies, the structure, the arrangement, the orchestration, the contrapuntal sections, even the keys and scales themselves…realize themselves in that melody.

Oh, and if that song sounds familiar to you, it’s because: ‘Oh, Big Gulps, huh? Alright! … Well, see ya later!’


P.S. Alright, I just can’t handle it if you’ve never seen that clip: