Please Don’t Judge Me

How much does this have nothing to do with Guitar and/or Worship? All…the nothing. (I should probably re-type that, but I’m not going to.) We went to Vegas last week, where they literally have everything. Including a channel in our hotel room that apparently plays nothing but back-to-back reruns of William Shatner’s opus, ‘TJ Hooker.’ So as I continue to work on some recordings and gear demo’s that are not yet finished, I give you something exponentially more amazing. Mr. Shatner, and his partner with the mane and awkward leg movements:

You can’t tell me you would’ve rather seen a pedal demo. And in case you missed it:

I don’t know about you guys, but I always stop mid fence-climb so that I can pose with my leg.


14 thoughts on “Please Don’t Judge Me

  1. Brandon–you so did! ;) lol Try it again when you get the chance. Life-changing.

    Jim–haha Last week was the first I ever heard about it! I’ve now watched that intro about 15 times. hehehe

  2. Quick question: Do you think it would be worth it to upgrade from a DD-5 to a DD-20? My friend has a DD-7 and after hearing it I kinda wish I had some better looping and modulation/analog-y possibility’s. And yes, analog-y real word. Thanks in advance!

    • I use my DD-5 along with my DD-20 and now my Dm-2.
      The Dm-2 has zero options but sounds sooooo much better then the other two pedals.

      • Dm2 is so rad for dark ambient stuff!

        Nice to have both though, right? DM2 for the loveliness, and something digital for when you might need to tap tempo, get a crisp sound, or go beyond 300ms.

        You can never have too many delays! ;) hehe

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