Because the guy who says that is nicknamed ‘The Bullet’, and my wife calls these stream-of-consciousness posts my ‘bullet posts’. Most roundabout way to intro a post ever. Like when someone asks you what that pedal does, and you explain to them that it separates your guitar signal and then sends one of them into a processing signal which puts it out of phase with the original signal, and then delays it so that you have two sounds and you can put an out-of-tune effect on this sound called ‘modulation’ which can be controlled for how fast it goes in and out of tune……and then they look at you and say, ‘Oh. I just wanted to know if it made that fuzzy sound.’

So here we go! This is going to be thoughtless, and whatever comes out comes out. Swoop me!

  • I have a Peavey Rage sitting next to my pedalboard. I honestly don’t know how these things happen.
  • Dreamed I was Woody Harrelson again.
  • Bought a Startouch ABY. I don’t need an ABY. But it was $20 used at Guitar Center, and they are so pretty.
  • Due to some recent comments here, I did some research and found that the DD7 keeps your dry signal analog and that the Arion SAD-1 can be run at 12 volts. I think I’m learning more from everyone here, than I am actually imparting information in my posts. Probably because a lot of my posts have to do with William Shatner jumping onto bi-planes in Black Swan poses.
  • I’m finding that more than any new pedal, or good tone, right chord structure, or cool anti-solo, people start to worship more when I model it.
  • Now before all you ‘lead worshipers’ get too excited, I’m also finding that when I model it too much and forget to keep playing my guitar, people stop worshiping because the song starts to fall apart and it gets awkward. There is a balance.
  • So…the cheap strat thing was cool for a while. I really miss my Prairiewood. A friend of a friend of a friend was selling one last month. It was all I could do not to buy it. Well, since I had no money, it would have been stealing. That helped in the not buying it.
  • So, Sweetwater totally sends you candy with your shipments. Like, a tootsie roll, a butterscotch, and a mint. ?????
  • There’s a part of me that really hopes the new Timeline doesn’t sound good. Because already, all the old Timeline’s just dropped down from like $800, to below $400. And I will buy them all. I can make room on my pedalboard.
  • On the day the new Timeline does come out, keep your eye out for a post here talking about an internet virus if you click ‘Buy’ on Strymon’s website. It’s part of my secret plan to keep everyone from buying one so that I’ll be able to buy one. But since I’ve now told you about it, it’s foiled. Or is it…
  • This is going to be awkward, but my love for U2 forces me to do it. In our recent trip to Vegas, we could not help but visit where ‘Still Haven’t Found’ was filmed:

I even sang a little while I did that. And no one looked. I’m guessing this happens every day over there. And for those of you who don’t know, Bono always goes back on one leg like that. He does admittedly look cooler than me when he does it. Then I went back and watched the music video again, and realized that they shot most of it across the street from the Golden Nugget. I fail at being a U2 fan. Look at the above picture of me again. It’s funnier now.

I also walked around Fremont Street bringing my arms up and down from my side trying to make the world go from black and white to color. It did not work. For those of you who care (that means me):

Best part of that video is at 3:05, where Edge is literally, at best, just tolerating Bono. hehe So rad. And for those of you who are for some reason still reading, I give you an acoustic guitar, a beard, and a girl who looks like Zooey Deschannel. Overdone, yes. But what an awesome song. And all live. On the street. That means no Pro Tools reverb, no autotune, and no overdubbing:

And they say ‘dreaming out loud.’ Everything comes back to U2.


P.S. Also, Dumb and Dumber. Or Andy at Pam’s desk:

The Ocean’s movies are ‘pretty cool’ (Miley Cyrus…SNL), but this, for some reason, is the only picture we took of us standing where Brad Pitt stood. And I don’t know why I’m standing like that. Except that maybe in my mind, this is how Brad Pitt always stands? I’ve probably said too much. It’s moments like these that I am grateful to have a loving wife who will snap said pictures instead of running away.