Shoot Me, Dragon!

Because the guy who says that is nicknamed ‘The Bullet’, and my wife calls these stream-of-consciousness posts my ‘bullet posts’. Most roundabout way to intro a post ever. Like when someone asks you what that pedal does, and you explain to them that it separates your guitar signal and then sends one of them into a processing signal which puts it out of phase with the original signal, and then delays it so that you have two sounds and you can put an out-of-tune effect on this sound called ‘modulation’ which can be controlled for how fast it goes in and out of tune……and then they look at you and say, ‘Oh. I just wanted to know if it made that fuzzy sound.’

So here we go! This is going to be thoughtless, and whatever comes out comes out. Swoop me!

  • I have a Peavey Rage sitting next to my pedalboard. I honestly don’t know how these things happen.
  • Dreamed I was Woody Harrelson again.
  • Bought a Startouch ABY. I don’t need an ABY. But it was $20 used at Guitar Center, and they are so pretty.
  • Due to some recent comments here, I did some research and found that the DD7 keeps your dry signal analog and that the Arion SAD-1 can be run at 12 volts. I think I’m learning more from everyone here, than I am actually imparting information in my posts. Probably because a lot of my posts have to do with William Shatner jumping onto bi-planes in Black Swan poses.
  • I’m finding that more than any new pedal, or good tone, right chord structure, or cool anti-solo, people start to worship more when I model it.
  • Now before all you ‘lead worshipers’ get too excited, I’m also finding that when I model it too much and forget to keep playing my guitar, people stop worshiping because the song starts to fall apart and it gets awkward. There is a balance.
  • So…the cheap strat thing was cool for a while. I really miss my Prairiewood. A friend of a friend of a friend was selling one last month. It was all I could do not to buy it. Well, since I had no money, it would have been stealing. That helped in the not buying it.
  • So, Sweetwater totally sends you candy with your shipments. Like, a tootsie roll, a butterscotch, and a mint. ?????
  • There’s a part of me that really hopes the new Timeline doesn’t sound good. Because already, all the old Timeline’s just dropped down from like $800, to below $400. And I will buy them all. I can make room on my pedalboard.
  • On the day the new Timeline does come out, keep your eye out for a post here talking about an internet virus if you click ‘Buy’ on Strymon’s website. It’s part of my secret plan to keep everyone from buying one so that I’ll be able to buy one. But since I’ve now told you about it, it’s foiled. Or is it…
  • This is going to be awkward, but my love for U2 forces me to do it. In our recent trip to Vegas, we could not help but visit where ‘Still Haven’t Found’ was filmed:

I even sang a little while I did that. And no one looked. I’m guessing this happens every day over there. And for those of you who don’t know, Bono always goes back on one leg like that. He does admittedly look cooler than me when he does it. Then I went back and watched the music video again, and realized that they shot most of it across the street from the Golden Nugget. I fail at being a U2 fan. Look at the above picture of me again. It’s funnier now.

I also walked around Fremont Street bringing my arms up and down from my side trying to make the world go from black and white to color. It did not work. For those of you who care (that means me):

Best part of that video is at 3:05, where Edge is literally, at best, just tolerating Bono. hehe So rad. And for those of you who are for some reason still reading, I give you an acoustic guitar, a beard, and a girl who looks like Zooey Deschannel. Overdone, yes. But what an awesome song. And all live. On the street. That means no Pro Tools reverb, no autotune, and no overdubbing:

And they say ‘dreaming out loud.’ Everything comes back to U2.


P.S. Also, Dumb and Dumber. Or Andy at Pam’s desk:

The Ocean’s movies are ‘pretty cool’ (Miley Cyrus…SNL), but this, for some reason, is the only picture we took of us standing where Brad Pitt stood. And I don’t know why I’m standing like that. Except that maybe in my mind, this is how Brad Pitt always stands? I’ve probably said too much. It’s moments like these that I am grateful to have a loving wife who will snap said pictures instead of running away.

46 thoughts on “Shoot Me, Dragon!

  1. Great post! I do have to say that I was quite surprised when Sweetwater sent me candy! haha…I had no clue that guitar companies did that!?

    Nice- your love for U2 has grown through the yrs! haha…

  2. Jared–haha Seriously, right?! That’s like, my favorite U2 moment. And it happens quite often. hehe

    Brandon–quite guilty…I love them more than most anything. And stoked to know I’m not the only one getting Sweetwater candy. haha

    It depends on the Guitar Center. I know one of my local ones has them in the bass section, and the other one has them in the platinum room. Still another one has them just intermingled with everything else. And some won’t take used stuff at all. The one in Hollywood probably has the most. Where are you located again?

    Nate–I’ll totally let you know! I actually don’t have it yet…I paid for it, but it’s still on police hold. It also looks like it fell off a truck…paint’s all chipped and everything. But, something about those gorgeous led’s and that great Startouch font shining through all the carnage, just makes it more beautiful. I’ll let you know when I can pick it up.

  3. that was totally the most annoying episode of that show. still funnier and smarter than anything else on tv, but martin short just was not good for that show.
    anyway, totally off topic, but do you happen to know of a good semi-local amp tech to look at an ac30?
    and aren’t wives that aren’t embarrassed by your behavior awesome?

  4. Sorry to disagree with you, buddy, but the coolest part of the video was when Adam gets a cab back to the hotel because he’s had enough of the posing and probably wants a drink!

    That is really interesting about the DD7; I have one and have been really impressed with it (nothing compared to my Timeline though; let’s get some perspective here!)

    For my two cents, at the end of the day, we all owe something to Boss for keeping the pedal market going instead of being swamped completely by Modelling systems; even if all guitarists started with Boss and moved on to boutique and clone pedals, there are some models that do hold their own. What matters is, does it work for you? I have a few modded ones, which have been dramatically improved, but even in their base form, pedals like the SD-1 and DD series are still great pedals.

    Anyhoo, gotta say that Brad Pitt pose just ain’t working on soooooo many levels! But blessed is the man whose wife tolerates his little moments of madness!

  5. I’m always quite fond of your bullet posts, they make me giggle. Also, I like the part about the Edge being annoyed by Bono. I feel like if I were in a band like that, I would be the annoying showy one like Bono, except less cool and less helpful to world problems.

    On an unrelated note, I’ve started a new blog I’m actually keeping up with. It’s not about any particular subject, but I talk about God and spiritual matters a lot. I’d certainly appreciate the occasional read and comment.

  6. Modeling worship: I have a few songs that I can almost play on auto-pilot and close my eyes, etc. But generally I have to concentrate on the details. If the congregation isn’t looking at the lyrics display or closing their eyes in worship, then I just hope they look at our young worship team singers who aren’t playing an instrument and actually look like they’re worshiping much of the time. Another argument for not too many new songs.

  7. Cover what I can here:
    1. My high school psych teacher went to college with Woody Harrelson. And to answer the question…yes, Woody was just like he was on Cheers.

    2. Your ability to pose in front of the Golden Nugget in that manner more than makes up for the fact that the video was filmed “across the street.”

    3. Shameless plug for my new video “Audio Essentials for Worship Musicians.” The best part is that if you click on the link, you get to see my handsome mug. Somewhere between brad pitt, harrison ford, the actor from JAG, and Oscar the Grouch.

    4. Additional number so that shameless plug at number 3 doesn’t seem so shameless.

    5. I must ask…how many pedals do you usually own at one time?

  8. do you ever go back and re-read what you have typed in these “bullet points”? they are hilarious, very honest (sometimes too hones) and just plain awesome!

    and please limit posting your pics with poses like that … just kidding 😉

    • It is. Use it every week. Does the whole pad thing all by itself (with a delay after it of course, but I shouldn’t need to tell anyone here to add delay) and on the fly. No more worrying about what key your pad track is in. Just play a chord and let it go.

      One of these:
      on it helps also.

  9. hey karl,

    recently bought an SAD-1 thanks to your site. 😉

    are you sure the SAD-1 can be run at 12v? i’m too afaird to fry mine. it came with a manual that clearly stated 9v.

  10. If you search Arion SAD-1 on Google the first link is:

    Arion SAD-1 and the Untold Magic of Delay Pedals « Guitar for Worship

    Google somehow knows that you are crating all of the Arion SAD-1 search traffic they receive.

  11. not sure if you’ve answered this before, but what’re your thoughts on the strymon timeline vs the DC timeline in terms of having and not having tubes. thinking about picking up a DC since theyre so cheap now!

  12. arion can def be run at 12v the old power cables used to be closer to 12vs than 9 so it is safe but then again ya never really know for sure if what some guy said on TGP is true but seems alot of people do it no probs..and im wondering the same thing about the strymons and DC timeline..i want the stry because it looks sweet BUT those tubes must do alot sound wise but then again strymon has no tube pedals and has KILLER sounds

  13. I think that $800 Timeline on ebay wasn’t real and they were just doing shill bidding. The guy sold his “2nd one” for $600 – after fees, he maybe netted $550. I didn’t think we were going to see a $250 used El Capistan until after the new Timeline came out.

    You got that Bono one leg pose (jig?) down! 🙂

  14. hey guys some kid wants to trade my a synyster gates custom black guitar for a bunch of junk i have there 999 new i want to turn it around and sell it since the other stuff is not selling at all anyone think its a good idea i looked em up on ebay none are selling but there all the new price think i could sell it for 400 even 350 ? i dont wanna be stuck with it haha maybe think someone would trade a tele or strat?

  15. I have to say, I didn’t know quite what you were doing in that last picture. But there are worst Brad Pitt moments to emulate–say his man-skirt in Troy.

    What I thought was most interesting in the video is how he randomly kisses that lady at 1:28. It looks kind of planned, but afterward she has a funny smirk on her face and sorta ducks her shoulder to move away from Bono and into the background. Because some of the onlookers looks like regular people walking by and not “extras,” it makes you wonder–but if anyone could randomly kiss a woman on the street, it would be Bono. Does Edge’s background playing make it more classy?

  16. “I’m finding that more than any new pedal, or good tone, right chord structure, or cool anti-solo, people start to worship more when I model it.”

    So you’re saying it goes better when you get a HD500 and an M9 and chain them together? Right, that’s better right?? 😉

  17. “I’m going to hang by the bar, put out the vibe.”

    And by the way, the number of Timeline dreams I have been having is increasing as the weeks go by. Why does Strymon do this to us? I mean, my desktop background is a big pic of the new Timeline. I’m really sick.

  18. Matt–I have to admit…I have a soft spot Martin Short. He was my favorite comedy actor growing up. But ya, there is some definite cheesiness. haha And wives like that are awesome!

    Daraithe–haha Totally agree with you on the Boss pedals, and on Adam just being done. That was rad!

    Colton–haha That was a great comment. And ya, I’ll totally add you to my blogroll if that’s cool!

    Randy–totally agree. Modeling is so important. And ya…harder to model on new songs.

    Chris–great post, bro! I’ll put a comment down as well. 🙂 And I usually have anywhere from 10-35 pedals on a given day. It’s weird, I know, but it fluctuates like that. Maybe 35 is high. I hope so. Let’s say 25.

    Rhoy–lol Thanks! And I actually completely agree with you on limiting said pictures. hehe

    Nater2–I’ll look into!

    Keith–very cool!

    Elisha–right on! Such a great pedal. And if you search on Gear Page, there is a thread about running them at 12 volts, and someone has even posted a video of it running at 12 volts. Apparently the adapter it was designed for in the ’80’s actually put out closer to 12 volts, even though it was marked at 9. Personally, I like the washiness at 9. I don’t have much use for a 12 volt crisp-sounding analog delay with only 250ms of delay time. But, it might be worth a shot if that’s what you’re going for. 🙂

    Josh–haha That’s funny! And I think that’s my oldest post on them, too…the one without the video demos. It’s weird because once something gets high on a search, I don’t know how to bring it back down. hehe

    Matthew–the tubes in the DC Timeline buffer the wet signal; possibly the dry, too. Which I think helps give the delayed sound that weight and warmth. So, I do wish the Strymon one had tubes. However, the DC Timeline’s delayed signal sounds almost identical to the T-Rex Replica, which doesn’t have tubes. So I’m hopeful that the Strymon one will sound just as awesome, as it is possible. 🙂

    Patrick–+1 on the Strymon. 🙂

    Dan–oh, interesting. Ya, I didn’t think about that. I was bummed because I sold mine for $600 including upgraded tubes, an entire Midi Mate, and an expression pedal. That makes me feel better then if that wasn’t a real auction. It’s going to be very interesting to see what all the Strymon/DC used prices go to when the new Timeline comes out.

    Patrick–sorry bro, I have no idea. No experience with that guitar.

    Caleb–ya, I’ve always wondered about that part, too! I can never land on which one it was…it looks spontaneous, but then again, it’s kind of frightening if it was. haha

    And Edge makes everything classier. 😉

    Stu–well-played, my friend. Well-played. 🙂

    David–hahaha Yes! Someone got the reference. 🙂 And really? That’s your background pic? haha You’re the new standard for awesome.

  19. hey anyone who wants to help me give me a shout if ya dont its fine but so i found peopel who wanna do trades and wanna make sure im gettign a deal…one guy wants to trade a barber LTD for my dd20 plus 100$ i heard it soudns good?…another guy wants to trade a T1Ms Pearl OD for my mjm london fuzz
    and another guy want to buy my kanji eternity for 140 or trade for a 70s vox wah any of those sound like im getting ripped off? thanks for any help!

  20. Big D–really?! Right on! I have no idea where the video was filmed at…I just searched for Ari Hess on youtube and it came up. 🙂

    Nater2–I didn’t even bother to watch. The one part I caught in between food trips involved Fergie singing off pitch and dancing up on Slash. The sound was terrible, wasn’t it!

    Patrick–I’d have to research most of that. If you’re the one giving the DD20 and $100 for an LTD, I’d run from that one. 🙂

  21. One of my friends posted this on twitter: The Black Eyed Peas’ mix sounds like they hired a church sound engineer with a “great heart.”

    • Ha ha that’s classic! Agreed–terrible. It was one of the few moments where I would have PREFERRED Lady Gaga. And that’s saying something.

  22. no hes giving me the LTD and 100 for my dd20 ..i think its a good deal….hes selling the ltd for 90 so it equals to me selling the dd20 for 190 i couldnt even get 150 for it so good deal? cus i have been looking for other ODs its not exactly one id wanted but its better than some

  23. Nater2–lol Ah man, that is the most classic comment ever!!! So great!!

    Caleb–oh, Lady Gaga. She’s like a study in how to turn great melodies into annoying songs. hehe

    Patrick–okay. Then ya, maybe that’s good. The LTD is definitely a very decent drive. I think they tend to sell consistently for around $70-80? So that might be worth it. 🙂

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