I Feel a Great Disturbance in the Force

As if millions of blue led’s suddenly cried out in terror…………and then all was silent.

And you know The Force? That binds the galaxy together? That’s tone.


P.S. Tone is also the Matrix.

91 thoughts on “I Feel a Great Disturbance in the Force

  1. Are these just gimmicks to sell? Are other just not studio grade. What is studio grade?

    I have a Digitech Hardwire Reverb RV7 which has circuitry by Lexicon. Does it mean anything? Lexicon rack reverbs costs heaps more than the pedal does so is it again “Studio Grade” because it is by Lexicon.

    I sold my Boss Reverb RV5 and replaced it with the Harwire RV7 because it was more transparent with my acoustic guitar.

  2. A few years ago, before I had any sense, I loaded my SKB PS-45 with 5 different pedals from the Line 6 ToneCore line. As soon as I powered the pedals up, I would get an oscillating sound like I’ve never heard before or since. It wasn’t 60 cycle hum or noise from lights. It sounded like a helicopter taking off and landing at random times. It happened regardless of what venue I hooked up my rig. With and without my HumX. Through a Furman power conditioner. Used the Boss TU2 daisy chain. Used the 1 Spot. Used the SKB onboard power. Used a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2. All to no avail.

    I put in a support ticket with Line 6. The response: each pedal had to have its own dedicated wall wart power supply. Are you kidding me? Nope. Each. Frickin. One. And it wasn’t because of mA draw. It was done that way by design. Internal digital clock power loop, yada yada…. Great engineering there, Line 6.

    Apparently, I was one of the first customers to complain about the problem. I’ve heard that it may have been fixed, but I could care less. Those pedals were spread across the eBay world as quick as I could sell em.

      • Thanks, Mike. I checked out the Powerstation. Looks like a good solution. Fortunately, I’ve had no problem whatsoever powering 6 pedals on one PS-45 and 8 on another, despite the fact that the power jacks are not isolated from each other. My bandmates give me grief about carrying 120 lbs worth of pedals in these two SKB pedalboards, but I’m too picky to go the route of some and use a FloorPod, M13 or the like.

    • I had the same issue. Luckily I had it with the demo models at Best Buy and not my own. The guy working there tried to act like I’d done something wrong. Yeah ok buddy, all I did was turn the amp on. :)

      Interestingly, I ran two echo parks, along with a bunch of other pedals, off a one spot for over a year with no trouble and no noise. There must be a threshold to the number of tone cores you can use off one power supply.

      • Keith, I was a big fan of the Echo Park, especially using it for dotted 8th notes, but I got mad and sold the whole lot and switched to the Seymour Duncan Deju Vu and Boss DD-20 for delay.

        In all, I had the following: Constrictor –> Crunchtone –> Dr. Distorto –> Echo Park –>Space Chorus. Good stuff, but I just couldn’t force myself to buy a Line 6 wall wart for each one.

  3. If tone is the Matrix then who is the one that bends it to their will? Puts the whole digital 1’s and 0’s in a whole new context. That entire movie could be an allegory. I’m going to have to re-watch for the obvious hidden message.

    Perhaps some Keanu Reeve-esque photos are in order (not any leaning-on-railing poses though, I don’t care if they had them on the Nebuchadnezzar). 😉

  4. beware!!!!! I’ve had two of these quit on me in less than a year. And I do NOT abuse pedals. I’m the definition of delicate with them all. My crappy Bad Monkey has lasted me just fine for 7 years now, but two $150 Line6 pedals, nothing. My old Line6 Spider (original) from when I was 16, same thing, lasted two years though… I’ve sworn off the brand…

  5. Splendid indeed! More the Star Wars quote and the mention of the Force/ Matrix/ Tone than the Verbzilla. You’ve officially turned to the dark side of the Force/ Matrix/ Tone. No blue LED? Unthinkable. You might just have unbound the very fabric of the universe!

    • LEDs are just like lightsabers – Red are the bad guys, Blue and green are the good guys, and purple are too cool and tough to describe… (I’m yet to see a purple LED on a pedal btw)

      • :) Like the lightsaber comment! Too true. This Line 6 is therefore evil!

        On purple LEDs, my V1 Catalinbread Ottava Magus has one. Therefore the pedal is too cool and tough to describe. 😉

  6. hahaha The comments are awesome! And yes, this is replacing the RV600 for now; I just couldn’t take the RV600’s glitchy sound on the bass notes. I may actually try a Strymon Blue Sky again.

    The best thing is that there is already a review on this site from a couple years ago bashing the Verbzilla. 😉 I am Jack’s overwhelming sense of sheepishness. However, that review was before I started running these things in parallel mix loopers. Still…hehehe

  7. Rhoy–haha Are these ‘not the pedals I’m looking for?’ hehe

    Craig–yep, it’s for sale. The Verbzilla may be too, pretty soon. haha We’ll see.

  8. What are you looking to get for it.

    No thanks on the Verbzilla, I’ve got one. I actually have no complaints with it for my shimmery stuff. I would like to try a BSR though I probably don’t have room for it on my board.

  9. haha Seriously.

    And, seriously…

    So, who wants a Verbzilla?

    😉 Finally got a chance to try it out and it sounds identical to the RV600 (I guess the 600 really is an exact clone), even down to the fact that at full mix on shimmer mode, it can’t track the bass notes without glitching. So, as long as they both sound exactly the same, and the whole reason I went to a Verbzilla was to get rid of the glitching, but they both do it; I’m keeping the cheaper one.

    And it may seriously be time to bite the bullet and start buying things back: like my POG/RV3 combo, or trying the Blue Sky for a second time. Time for a Tim again? Ah, that hailstorm ruined me. Enough with this whole ‘cheaper gear is just as good’ nonsense. I want my blue led’s back! lol

    Don’t worry, this will pass. This happens every time I plug in a Line 6 pedal. 😉

    • Never mind on buying the RV. I’ll pass on the ‘Zilla. Personally I haven’t noticed any glitching on mine, but one is plenty. I’m going to guess that I’ll be able to buy the one that I ordered (that took so long I found a good deal on the L6).

  10. I have played the Verbzilla once, and the main drawback I just couldn’t get over was how bad it sucked tone. I know we guitarists can sometimes over-exaggerate tone-suck, but it was really noticeable.

    Now, I know you said you weren’t a huge fan of the Blue Sky, but I would recommend trying it again. I have loved it since the day I got it. I especially love the mod mode. You just really have to learn how to dial it in.

    Now, I will admit, it’s not perfect. No reverb pedal can be. It just won’t ever be totally natural sounding. I was using a Fender spring tank for a while, and so I was spoiled with how good spring could be. And the Blue Sky really doesn’t do the job even close to the tank. But I have heard everybody rave about the Wet reverb, and honestly, even though it does sound good, it still lacks that natural sound.

    If you get the Blue Sky again, one thing I would suggest is it really sounds the best when the decay is up high. Just as a suggestion, here is my “favorite” setting. You’re welcome to try it.

    Mod-Plate mode. Decay: up not quite all the way, Mix: a tiny smidge below 12:00, Pre-delay: just below 12:00, High Damp: almost 1:00, Low Damp: 11:00.

  11. Random question: So I have been borrowing a boss TU-2 for a few months now but I would like to buy my own tuner. Any suggestions? I know Karl uses the strobe stomp(not sure which version?) I have liked the TU-2 but I’m also looking at the digitech, Korg pitchblack, strobe stomp, TU-3 and they all look pretty good. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

  12. I also have a random question (if two are allowed on one thread). I’m looking at buying a Tele (and not just for slide–I love the “pop” and “twang” you can get out of ’em), and I would like some advice on buying American or Mexican. I’m not going the Highway 1 route, wasn’t especially blown away by the one in the store for the price. I found a nice Black standard tele that sounds really good, but I haven’t played the American tele yet (the store was closing when they realized they had one in stock). Given that I will go back and eventually bring my own rig in before I make a decision, any advice from you tele players out there? I’ve read some on guitar forums and will keep reading, but real-life experience from people in Church worships settings is a plus.

    And I’m regretting not buying a Mexi Tele when they still sold for $349 new. The guy at the store said the biggest issue w/the Mexi version is cheaper frets.

    • A tele is the perfect guitar for worship. Sparkle, jangle, crunch, twang, wail, the telecaster will do them all. I play one every week. Unfortunately I can’t advise you on American vs. Mexican as mine is Indonesian. :)

      I will say that the 2 American Specials I’ve played in my local shop have impressed me quite a bit, while every Mexican Fender tele I’ve tried has made wonder why they cost so much more than my humble little Squire Standard.

      Again, having not owned either of the two you mentioned, I’d say either go with the American, or save a ton of cash and go with the Classic Vibe. The Mexican just doesn’t seem to make sense to me at that price point.

    • i love my MIA Std Tele and there is definitely a difference in feel and playability with MIM. Is the difference worth the extra money? It’s up to you to decide. Just be aware that you may need an entirely new set of pedals 😉

    • I have a Squire Classic Vibe tele that i love. IMHO, way better than any MIM tele. I haven’t really played a MIA Tele though.
      Its at least worth trying out.

  13. I’ve played multiple Mexican tele’s and like them all. I would recommend them as far as bang for the buck. I would recommend a G&L ASAT classic bluesboy over it though. It has a single coil in the bridge and a humbucker in the neck. Honestly, I have yet to hear a guitar that is more diverse. I got mine used from guitar center for $450 and that’s literally the best money I’ve ever spent. In case your not familiar with G&L it’s basically Leo Fender’s private company so they make everything that Fender makes but better. I would recommend this over any other piece of gear I’ve ever bought. It’s awesome.


  14. I know you don’t like their AD/DA converters but would you consider the Eventide space? Apart from the $450 price tag, that thing looks pretty awesome. It’s a lot of money to spend on a pedal that is not a delay but it does some cool sounds. I have always thought that most of the Eventide rack stuff was decent even if the point of most of it was to compress and mangle your signal to death. Obviously I haven’t played one, they may get to Australia sometime in the next three years where they will retail for about $1200 at least, but the youtube clips look interesting.
    As far as Tele’s go Caleb, see if you can find a Japanese one on ebay or craigs list if the American one is too much of a stretch. If you are going for a mexican one, give the roadworn ones a try. I wasn’t a fan of the look , but it sure did play nice…

  15. Thanks guys for the comments. I’m on the early side of making a decision about all of this, and my wallet is a consideration–though my dad may chip in a bit. While I was at the store (authorized Fender dealer) I played a couple MIM Teles, a Highway 1 Tele, a MIM Relic Tele, a Thinline Tele w/2 HB’s, and even a MIA Strat and MIM Strat. Out of all the guitars, including the Strats, the best “feel” was the MIM Black Tele that I mentioned. Maybe I’m not a huge “plain” single-coil fan, but neither Strat did much for me (admittedly I was straight into a Pro Jr. and didn’t turn up for a dirty to keep the volume lower). The Thinline Tele was kind of cool but I couldn’t slide around the neck well (got “stuck” a couple times). Unless the MIA Tele is a noticeable step up, the MIM is probably what I’ll do for $$’s sake.

    I’ll admit I’ve subconsciously sworn to never own a Squier, but I that Classic Vibe looks good. They had one at the store but I didn’t play it. How are the tuners? That’s probably my biggest concern with going lower price-range. Even my Schecter’s G-String, with Grover tuners, sometimes goes out of tune fast, which drives me batty. Also, I don’t really need a versatile guitar because my Schecter already meets most of my needs w/Seymour Duncans and 5-way switching–I just want a brighter guitar that cuts through the mix in a different way than my Schecter does (it’s definitely warmer and harmonically-full and perhaps darker). I like the idea of a Maple neck, as my Sch’s vine of life inlay is a bit much, simple fret markers. I will look into the Blueboy though–I don’t really need HB’s with this guitar, but the bridge single coil is most important, and maybe a neck HB would be nice. The plus side to the Fender’s are I can try them out before I get them.

    Shoot, I’ll need new pedals? Will it never end? 😀 I’m guessing you mean primarily OD–my OD pedal is nothing to brag about, a Tubescreamer Clone (BBE), but it gets the job done. What do Tele’s like?

    Oh, and last question: how important is the difference in bridge saddles? I understand there’s the 6-string one and a 3-string one?

    • Caleb,

      I just went through this process with Strats. I demoed the MIM, the Road Word, American Special, and Classic Vibe back to back. My ranking was Classic Vibe/Road Worn felt and sounded the best. I ended up with a Classic Vibe 60’s because of price. I will probably change some stuff (tone and volume pots are first up), But so far the tuners seem to be fine. One big factor is when I saw that Joel Hanson (PFR, worship leader at Church of the Open Door) is playing a Classic Vibe Tele. I totally agree that Teles’s are great for worship, my main guitar for years has been an 80’s American Standard that I got many years ago. I’ve changed some stuff, but I tend to on all of my guitars. Finally, I like the individual saddles, but have heard some folks swear by the brass 2 string saddles for tone.

      Good luck.

      I realize that all this talk of Classic Vibe’s and MIM Fenders borders on heresy here, but it’s OK.

      As far as OD’s my Tele is currently very happy with my JHS Double Barrel (1/2 of which is a their version of the TS circuit), and it loves the JHS Angry Charlie Distortion. You should be fine with your TS for now, but keep looking there is always something “better” out there.

  16. @ caleb, +1 on the g&l. Thats what i play and ive compared it to many fenders in the same price range and to me, it just sounds better. But the classic vibe comes in a close second, and for about 400 cheaper…

  17. If you get the chance try a tonerider american overdrive :) granted it’s not boutique but that doesn’t seem to be bothering you nowadays anyway!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! My board is fairly full at the moment but I have room for possible one more dirt pedal–b/c I like my rig overall now, I’m prob not gonna get anything “sight unseen” unless a crazy deal falls in my lap, but it’s good to have some suggestions to compare things with. And I like that they have a five-year warranty. It looks pretty versatile–a boost, od, and ds. My thoughts are now that unless I get an incredible pedal, I’ve sculpted my sound to get a nice od sound with the schecter, so it’s more dif. “flavors”–a la the Tele. Of course if some offered me a Tim I’d take it in a heartbeat. 😀

      • sorry that comment was a very poorly directed comment to karl but I guess it would be brilliant in your situation. its quite a transparent od. I know that a worship guitarist called alex nifong (i think….) uses a transparent od with his tele a lot and he has brilliant tone. he’s all over some modern worship albums.

        the classic vibe guitars are probably one of the best range of guitars fender offer. and they’re very cheap! yay. apparently they use tonerider pickups 😉 i have a set of toneriders in my strat and get endless comments about it’s tone and so recently I “upgraded” the pickups in my sg to toneriders (p90 neck, paf bridge) and the sound blew me away. a very nice warm, crispy sound from the p90 and then with the tone rolled back on the bridge a bit I get a woody vintage rock sound from the paf. the guys at tonerider know their stuff :)

          • There are some P-90 type pick ups for Strats and that sounds cool IMO. I’ve ended up swapping pick ups on every guitar I’ve had always looking for something cool.

          • thats cool… who are they made by? I find fender single coils can be a bit harsh/thin in a lot of situations, I much prefer a p90 in the neck position.

          • There are a few companies that make them. Google strat p-90’s for some options. I actually like the stock ones enough that it will probably be a while before I do anything.

        • Haha I thought perhaps that was the case–I didn’t think you knew me, or whether “boutique wasn’t bothering me nowadays”–but I thought perhaps you were my guitar genie–which of course was a good thing. 😀

          • hello caleb.

            buy tonerider, buy tonerider, buy tonerider… tonerider are cooool… errr, buy toneriderr… yeahhhhhhhhh, wooooooo… no boutique anymoreeee… boutiquee is for people with lots of moneyyyy…

            goodbyeeee calebbbbbbbbbbbbb

            *genie noises*

          • Can you set up a scotch tasting with Robin Williams? I know that guy is crude as all get-out, but it’d be kind of fun. 😀

  18. Thanks again guys for all the comments. I went back today to play the MIA Tele, I guess I’m just amped up about the search and want to size up all the players quick. The MIA is nice–looking at it you can tell it’s a little better quality, but I have to admit, the neck didn’t do anything for me–and the pickups didn’t seem that much better through the Pro Jr. I don’t know how either (MIA or MIM) handle dirt. It had a rosewood fretboard, so I’ll wait till they get the maples ones in. Anyway I had to run to see a friend so I came back later to play the MIM Tele again. The guy was like, “back again?” and I thought, “That’s right, you know I’m hooked right through the heartstrings for some lovely Tele tone.” To be honest, that MIM Black Tele makes me exited to play it–I already had a good idea what it sounded like, but I just wanted to play like I want to play guitar at home–I’m about 95% convinced that I’m gonna ask them to set it aside–and then I may take a trip down to the Maple Grove Guitar Center and check out their selection.

    Funny you mentioned Open Door, when I was in school in NYC, my parents went there so I attended once. Their lighting reminded me of a retro Beatles-esque concert. I didn’t know the PFR guy leads worship there–my mom really likes them–I’ll have to mention that.

    Oh, and I was wrong, they didn’t have a Classic Vibe there–in all my looking I thought I saw something that said that, but I was wrong. They do have one that looks like crap which one guy says plays well–maybe it was a roadworn but I don’t think so–but man–they could at least scrape off the metallic vomit look first. Also, I should mention that I am definitely looking for a Tele’s Tele. I don’t want it do any special tricks–I want that bright tone it’s famous for–and whatever else falls into place, that’s fine. The guy at my repair shop even showed me some special things you can put on the bridge to make it like a two-string saddle thing (i.e. how it angles the string)–apparently the 3-saddle bridges are fine as long as you use a wound g string, or the aforementioned “anglers.”

    Whew–that’s a lot. I’m excited! And beginning to understand how people can amass guitar collections (which I never thought I would do).

    That GHS looks nice–expensive! I need a patron of the arts.

  19. Hey folks, gonna be away for the blog for a few days for Jamianne’s and my anniversary. Sorry to leave you with a glowing picture of Line 6 at the top of the blog, but I’ll be back to put Edge up there in his rightful place soon. And Edge does not use Line 6. I don’t care what the internet says. Or your eyes. 😉 Even if he does, he doesn’t.

  20. Haha! Nice comment, Karl!

    Seriously- Does the Verbzilla work great for a nice rounded reverb sound? I used to have a really great reverb on the Zoom, but all the other stuff was bad…so that’s when I went to pedals. Now am looking for a nice reverb!

  21. Hey Karl. So what would you suggest for a good shimmer effect then? I wanted to get a reverb specifically for the shimmer effect but I don’t want to spend huge money on the Blue Sky for just ONE effect. Ideas?

    And what are parallel mix loopers? How do you use them with the shimmer? Do you use them for other things? How?

    Thanks so much Karl, hope you had a great anniversary!

  22. Karl, while I understand getting away for an anniversary (Happy Anniversary by the way), leaving us with that pic for over 3 days is just wrong.

    Next time maybe we get a TGP moderator to swap pictures every day or so?

    Or shutdown the site with one of those “Be Back at … ” clock thingies.



  23. Karl…..I’m scared (of the Verbzilla)…and also slightly crazy. I’m selling a ton of my pedals to buy a Line 6 m13. My guitar teacher (the coolest and most awesome guitarist in the world) is selling it to me for cheap, and I’m in love with it. But I’m mostly scared of you buying the Verbzilla.

  24. Ya, sorry folks for leaving the blog with a Line 6 pictured up top. Unforgivable. 😉 And it’s now for sale.

    And Tele’s are cool. :)

    And parallel mixers are basically a giant mix knob. All the way off is your clean tone, and all the way on is the tone from whatever pedal or pedals are in the parallel mixer’s effects loop. Then you can blend your clean tone with the effect’s tone. The reason I use them with the shimmer stuff is so that I can put the reverb at full mix for the slow gear/swell effect that that gives, but then still have an external mix so that the slow gear verb is behind my sound, rather than taking over. It also allows my dry signal to stay analog with some of these pedals that would change that.


    hehehe 😉

  25. Thanks Karl, very helpful! So, last thoughts for the day, what’s your recommendation for a shimmer pedal? Again, looking for a reverb pedal JUST for the shimmer so not too much cash…

  26. Ya, both the Verbzilla and the RV600 are fine for shimmer as long as you don’t turn the mix all the way up and play bassy stuff. Unfortunately, I do, but for what it’s worth I still have an RV600 on my board. It’ll be replaced soon, but for $35, in the interim it’s not bad.

    Either one is fine, although since they both sound exactly the same (imho), I’d go with the RV600. Barring the fact that Behringer possibly ripped Line 6 off…I haven’t done research on that.

    Other than those two, the Blue Sky Reverb will do it; I didn’t like that one’s shimmer so much, but it could have been a bad day, and I’m looking to buy another one soon and try it out. The Empress Super Delay does a great shimmer…it’s a little different, and I really liked it. My favorite thus far has probably been running a mixer with an RV3 and POG in it.

    Sorry…there’s a lot of options!

  27. But Karl, they sound soooooooo good! I could have four delays (i know it would sound terrible all running at once) all running at once!!!!!! Have you heard the M13? Anyways, it sounds awesome, and I most likely will buy it. Yes, I have lost my sanity

  28. haha Hey, if it works for you and helps you make great music, then by all means go for it! I’ve played them a few times, with various friends owning them, and they are definitely very decent pedals. The cascading delay thing is a great feature. They’re just not gutsy enough for me tone-wise.

  29. Ya, my advise would be to keep whatever pedal your ears like, and to always keep your options open. I’ve known a good many folks who have sold all their pedals for the M13, and then after about a year or so, sold the M13 to go back to pedals because the digital sound started to wear on them.

    On the other hand, there are people making great music with an M13. So, trust your ears; but not too much. haha

    • As far as I could tell from my seat at the MercyMe concert I went to, one of their guitarists uses an M13. Don’t quote me on it.

  30. Eh, I don’t like their tone anyway. 😉 😉 😉 hehehe Too southern rock/growly for me.

    In all seriousness though, I really respect some of their songwriting.

  31. I thought I’d let everyone that gave advice know that I am going with the Black Mexi Tele at my local music store. They’re going to throw 10’s on it and Schaller strap locks before I take it home on Friday (payday). There is the ever-slightest scratch on the front of the guitar, smaller than the width of a fingernail, and for that they knocked the price down from $500 to $450. Plus even though it’s new it’s been sitting around for 1 1/2 years. Anyway, the gig bag it comes with is pretty nice, with lots of pockets, which I like.

    I went back today to play it after about a week and a half and was a little underwhelmed from my previous experience, perhaps because the GAS has waned a bit. I brought my amp/pedals in to try it out, but I kept the volume pretty low because I was out on the main floor. After a while they let me use their acoustic room and I could crank my amp a bit–sounded much better there–I compared it with the MIA Tele to hear the different in pickups–I can hear a difference but not a $500 difference. So Mexi it is!

    Owning a Tele is going to be a different animal than my Schecter–it certainly isn’t going to replace my main guitar–but it will be a nice flavor, and I’m gonna run it through its paces at some upcoming sets. And oh yeah, this baby’s bright! Half-way up the tone knob gets me jones’in, and there’s ample room for bite!

  32. So now that I’ve got the Tele covered, anyone want to share the link with me to the Get-yourself-a-free-Tim-Contest?

    Go ahead and set it up first, and then yeah, share it with me. 😀

  33. So just wanted to say:

    Got my Tele and played it a worship night to help out my buddy. It was at a Hispanic Church which I didn’t know about beforehand and I really felt honored to “step” in to their culture, and how cool it is that barriers and stigmas are overcome by the Church and God’s spirit.

    Anyway, their sound situation was pretty awful (my buddy had to play his acoustic through a bass amp b/c there was no direct box or sound guy in sight), and my amp was unmic’ed, but overall, it was pretty cool. More so it was just watching what God was already doing with the Spanish youth (it was for a youth group) and how they have a heart for God. Just really cool.

    Oh, and I played a bunch of od and distortion pedals at my local guitar shop. Really, I should buy a guitar more often–I don’t think they’ve ever been this friendly to me. I’m hoping it’s only partly that and the other part is that they’re getting to know me. I tried the Heavy Electronics OD and Distortion, the Hardwire OD, a Boss SD-1, and a Whirlwind Distortion. I’m not going to give my thoughts on all of it right now, but I preferred the Whirlwind out of the bunch. Only two controls, volume and gain, but immediately it had a nice vibe to it–ironically like the Heavy Electronics, it’s also hand-built in Minneapolis. It’s also hold-in-your-hand small and has a blue led. I’m gonna have to look up some info online.

    Ahh tone. Tele tone. Think I’ll make myself a sandwich with some twang. 😀

  34. I will say the Heavy Electronics Red Eyes OD was quite touch sensitive and cleaned up very nicely with the volume knob. Plus I just love how the two eyes light up red when you’re overdriving it (youtube it to see the effect, only one vid by a slightly out-there guy lol). The Hwy 77 was kind of cool, it had a nice voicing switch, but I could tell it was a bit of tweaking pedal. The Whirlwind was the only one where I hit a chord and said “Yes! Yes Please!”

  35. Just picked up the EHX Little Big Muff Pi. Not quite the Whirlwind distortion, but only $40 used. Gonna give it a run for some Tele rawk!

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