Give the Gift of Tone

If you do not currently have a wife or girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, it can only be because you do not own one of these:

Own one of these, and you’ll instantly have a girlfriend. Tone attracts girlfriends.

Also, you can wrap it up and give it to her as a Valentine’s Day gift. Make sure it has a battery in it, and there is a cable connected to the input jack so that the blue led will be shining when she unwraps it. In fact, you may even want to cut a hole in the wrapping so that the blue led casts a romantic hue on both of you as she opens it. Not only will she be overcome by its beauty, but then you can plug it in to your board and play her beautiful tone nothings all evening. This Valentine’s Day, give her the gift she really wants……the gift of a new pedal for your board.

And for those of you girl guitarists out there, if you play the guitar and own one of these pedals? I think you’re probably already having to beat the guys off with a pointy-headstock BC Rich.

Oh, and if you already have a girlfriend or wife or boyfriend or husband and you’re reading this instead of being with them on Valentine’s Day, go do that.


P.S. Yes, these original graphics Tim’s really do sound better than the current ones. I have no proof of that, and it really doesn’t make any sense electronically. But you just read it on the internet, so it must be true.

67 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Tone

  1. I have a Tim + I have a wife – hence I have just proven your theory to be correct.

    However my Tim is a newer one without the retro graphics, and it still sounds awesome – hence I have just proven your second theory incorrect.

  2. I have a Timmy and a wife, so I’m a bit confused as to what to do. I’ll print this out and put it in her Valentine’s card. She should be used to this by now.

  3. funny thing, I have a wife & a Tim(my) and I found it had the opposite effect. My wife was, in fact, quite upset that I had bought another pedal. Hmmm maybe I should’ve gone with the Tim.

  4. I have a wife and no Tim pedal. I see FatSoundGuitars will take reservations for one at $169 with delivery in May or June. So should I get one and then retire my RC Booster, or would it replace that and the Small Fry Burn Unit? Getting a nice tax refund so this might be the time to strike, without significant spousal disruptions ( those are always bad )

  5. I bought my “Tim” in a parking lot in the dark from some character who said “this pedal will change your life”.
    Well not sure if it changed my life but I think my wife loves me more now then ever before…

    On a side note it sure is a great pedal… but not as good as my wife…

  6. I actually just got the email from Paul C last night saying that my Tim has just been completed! Ordered it back in July. The wait has been killing me. Can’t wait to see what this thing sounds like in my rig.

  7. Is this pedal really that much better than everything else out there? Sometimes I think of the old joke my Dad used to tell. The salesman goes out to talk to the farmer trying to get him to buy Farming magazines. The farmer says: “I don’t need those sonny, I’m not farming half as good as I know how to now”

    So, buy more pedals or practice more? Or both !!!

  8. Yes the effects do help, all other things being equal. Our Youth Pastor’s wife plays an acoustic-electric to back me up when I’m leading worship. Her guitar is nice enough, but goes direct to board via an LR Baggs DI. Sounds pretty mild compared to the tone I’m generating ( including delay of course ). Don’t get me wrong, mild has it’s place…..somewhere.

  9. hahaha See? It works! Tone=girlfriend. And if it doesn’t, try two Tim’s. 😉

    @Randy, the nice thing about the Tim is that it overdrives your signal, but allows your playing and the amp’s sound to come through, rather than just taking over. Best tool for the job that I’ve found, but still just a tool, for sure.

    @Brandon–I think they’re okay, but not my favorite. My favorite tubescreamer variations have been the Mad Professor LGW and an Analogman-TS9, but I’m not really a tubescreamer guy anyway.

    And no, no Tim on my board right now. Still diggin’ the Fatboosts. But they don’t have blue led’s, so they were worthless for this post. 😉

    • Well, I’m just going for this one (maybe) because it will b better than what I have now, and I am on a high schooler budget! haha.

      Do you like the FD2 Mosfets? I was thinking about that one as well because I can treat it like 2 ODs (the reg and boost channels…)

  10. Ya, the Fulldrive’s are good. Not quite as good as the Tim, in my humble opinion, and not quite as good as the DC Liquid Blues which you can get lucky sometimes and find used for cheap. The Fulldrive’s do seem to be very selective about amps, so you can get lucky sometimes and get the perfect combination. 🙂

      • The Fulldrive has three settings, and on one of them (Vintage), it’s a tubescreamer clone and a pretty good one, in my opinion. The thing that I really like about the Fulldrive is it’s versatility, with the three different drive modes and the added boost. You can use it in a lot of different ways. It’s always been my primary drive pedal.

        That said, and much to my own chagrin, I’ve never actually played through a legit Tubescreamer. A couple of clones, sure, but I can’t comment on anything I haven’t played.

  11. Ben–which Fulldrive do you have? 🙂 Because the colors of course matter. 😉 At least to me. hehe

    Brandon–ya, I think used it’s like 2 pedals in one for around $100.

  12. I’ve got the Fulldrive II MOSFET, just the standard blue version. I usually go back and forth between the vintage and comp-cut settings, though the third one isn’t bad, either.

  13. I asked my wife if I could have a Tim pedal and you know what she said? “…if you have two amps, would it not be better to get two of them?…”

    Love: ’tis a many-pedalled thing…

  14. HMMM….. better than the new ones eh? K maybe…. i just got a custom one off TIM that has the two toggles on the outside and it sounds WAY better than my current version tim or timmy

    Too many Paul C pedals is not possible

  15. not sure how to share this but here goes….

    As part of this community I just wanted to let you guys know here of our (me and my family) ministry plans in the next 12 months. At the start of next year we will be heading off to Mozambique to share the person of Jesus with the Yao people group in Northen mozambique based in a small town of Lichinga and to work in Agricultural development. If you would like to know anymore:
    Any prayer you have spare for our prep would be great!


    • Hey good luck Cam. Pray that God blesses your ministry and also you and your family personally as you undertake this bold adventure for him!

      We’re supporting another couple called Bek & Scott that we met last year who are going to work with the Yao people. I’m sure you will encounter them if you don’t already know them. Such an awesome ministry you are all doing!

      • Yeah – we know Scott and Bek pretty well now… we are all heading out to the same town. Theres 9 of us prepping for the same place at the moment!

  16. definitely praying for you Cam.

    Brandon – how is your fender champ treating you? and try out the TS9, but i just returned mine. I couldnt stand it. maybe I just got a lemon but nothing was good about that pedal. I just got a GuitarSlinger overdrive and it is
    -beautiful!- and i’m sure you’ll enjoy the shiny blue LED it features. check them out.

    I wish I could get a TIM but planning and paying for a wedding in June makes that hard. Plus running the risk of being banned from this blog, I am seriously wrestling with picking up a line 6 M9/13 and selling off my board now (except for a select few). does any one have a M9/13? would you recommend them or no?

    • Thanks for asking, but the Fender Champ 600 was terrible! haha. Everything about it was bad. The packaging had a gash so maybe that could be contributed to it, but it was worse than my solid state amp that is worth about $20!

      I tried some others amps found some great Fender and Vox amps I liked…now time to save for those. Yeah, hopefully, this ts9 will be good? You can always return things… I mean it is like new for $60 so I’m guessing it will be a great pedal!

    • I had an M13 for that last year as a stand in to get a wide range of sounds before I could afford to go back to pedals. It certainly can do a lot of things and I was able to get some pretty decent sounds out of it, but I use pedals now instead. The sound is just so much better. The m13 is very usable, but I couldn’t say that I loved the tone. In particular the drives weren’t great. So, if you have a decent drive pedal that you like and are hard up for cash but need lots of sounds it might be the thing for you. Hope that helps.

  17. @jared, I can’t personally but my tone mentor (worship leader) has his and couldn’t be happier with it (I know, I’m banned now). But of course you have to have some tubes.

    • I play through a Blue JR relic with a few mod’s and it sounds stellar. I have a great amp, I just get frustrated with pedals and nob’s get twisted in transit and cables go out or power supplies die etc etc. I am feeling like the M9/13 as in all in one programable would work great, and you get ALL of the M4 model effects and then some with the M9/13 boards. I just am looking for alternatives. Of course I won’t get rid of some key pedals (DD20, GS overdrive, sweet honey drive) but I’m just looking for a more reliable or consistent sound.

      I think a ghost is messing with my pedals some times….hmmmm…

      • Jared, I have a pedaltrain pro which has 10 stomps and…. dare I post it here….. a Line6 X3l. So I either run the pedals or the X3, works for me. I use a line selector to switch between the two set ups. I believe that I have the best of both worlds. The stomps I use are three od’s, three delays, reverb, trem, line selector and volume pedal.
        This is a cool set up as I can dial in tones on the line6 that come pretty close to the stomps and do an immediate side by side sound test.
        Tim, Green Screamer, Fulltone II for drives.

      • The M9 and M13:

        I have known them to not have a great quality sound…I’m not a very big fan on multi-effect (because I have had bad experiences with them…). It is diff for everyone so I would recommend trying it out with your whole rig…

      • Jared – what effects are you looking to cover with the M9? I still like my M13 after owning it for a couple years but I never sold off any of my analog pedals.

  18. @Jared – I used to use an M9 as part of my rig for modulation and some delay (my main delay was a DD-20) and I really liked it. I wasn’t really a fan of the overdrives though but YMMV.

    And don’t worry about being banned. I know I’m not and I just pickup up of the new POD HD units (which is the only reason I’m not still using the M9 btw…) and I’m (dare I say it) running direct out of it now… 😉 However, I’m using my OCD and Timmy for the over drives as the OD (or at least my ability to get a good sound from them) is pretty lacking.

    • Oh are you running direct? Sweet! I have done that before…has to be in the right setting though.

      Btw- I just purchased a ts9 today for $60! Got a great deal on it… how do you like them? I’m getting a lot of people’s opinions on it…

  19. Kenny, I’d be interested to hear how you use pedal overdrives with your POD. I run two signal chains at the same time , one is mainly an older Korg multieffect direct to board, which seems to have decent chorus and delay, although no tap tempo with that. And I don’t care for it’s overdrives/distortions much. The other signal chain is all pedals to tube amp. I haven’t tried using a pedal overdrive with the multi-effect — I would guess the pedal would have to come before the multi-effect.

    • With the POD I have two options, one would be out in front of the unit and the other is in the effects look (which is where I have them now actually). I’m a bit up in the air as to which on I’ll stick with. I’m leaning a bit more towards putting them in front of the unit and having my fx loop open for other things (possibly a POG2 + [some] reverb unit for a shimmer?) I’ve been pretty happy with the results so far though.

  20. That’s interesting, I might try my Barber Small Fry Burn Unit in front of everything. No effects loop in my ME. Currently I run this way, both on at the same time.

    Boss Compressor>RCBooster>ABY
    A. > multieffect>DI>PA
    B. > Liverpool pedal>SmallFry>DD7>tube amp

  21. been re-doing my rig over the past few months. Everything on a true bypass looper. SG has got a new locking bridge and aluminum tailpiece. My amp has been fixed and re-valved after last years use. Also been getting a lot of tone comments as of recently. Can’t wait for the girlfriend to come. I’ll order a Tim in time for Christmas when I know who she is. My life will be amazing when she opens the present and I velcro it to an empty prepared space on my board and play it to her.

    On a side note I’m ordering a line 6 M9 next month… 😉

  22. Dan- I am looking to replace pretty much everything except my dd-20 and my guitarslinger OD. I am looking at picking up a sweet honey OD soon too…so I want the mods, the verb, the distortions, the phasers. pretty much all of it. I am stuck between getting an m9 or the m13.

    my analog pedals are not as good as what i’ve heard with the m9. my phase90 is meh, the second delay I have is AWESOME for swells but i want a pedal to do more than just swells, and my booster pedal is great but there are a hundred different boosters. I think for the money and the versatility, you can’t beat the m9/13. over 100 effects all customizable and fully controllable, and with the video’s i’ve seen on youtube people are getting their m9/13’s to sound like stellar analog pedals.

    and also….the fiancee’ is laying down the gear law. If i want more, I have to sell what I have. She won’t make me get rid of any guitars, but pedals and amps, yes.

  23. Oh what glorious tone. Saw Tomlin last night and the fuzz was everywhere. Sounded great. Louie Giglio was amazing. What a great way to get in the right frame of mind to leave for Haiti this afternoon.

  24. Oh no! my tim doesn’t have the original graphics! Is there a mod somewhere I can get to change it to the original spec? I think the newer one has a slightly brighter LED, does that cause tone suck? Help!
    All kidding aside, I have an awesome wife and a tim. I can’t complain about anything.

  25. Wow, I’m behind!!

    hehe Uh…U2 is awesome, I don’t like the M13 but it sounds better than I like to admit, and there is no logical reason the old graphics Tim’s should sound better than the new ones. Except if you want them to. 😉 I do believe the really old ones are eyelet board instead of pcb, but…I don’t have the ears to hear that in a pedal. 🙂

  26. well guys, tomorrow I drive to Concard, CA to get my M13. I am trading my 76 Marshall amp head for the M13+cash. I’m pretty stoked. My fiancee is happy too because I am not spending money, just making money. If any one is interested, i’ll post some thoughts after i’ve had it for a couple days.

    also, 2 weeks ago I had surgery on my elbow, tonight was the first time I’ve played guitar at church since surgery. It felt very weird. Thank God for quick healing, and for awesome craigslist deals.

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