Album & Looping with a DD7

This is a little weird for me, but I am recording an album, and it is close to being finished. This is not something I ever intended on doing, but have been asked to on multiple occasions. So, run it up the flag pole. (Name that movie.) If nothing else, at least I can show my grandchildren something someday with better tone than on my last recorded project. And that link is up on this site somewhere, and if you missed it, tough. I’m not posting it again! haha As every melody in that band was ripped off from U2, the best part about it is you can hear what Edge would sound like with bad tone and cement hands. But you’ll have to search to find it. 😉

Anyway, I used, of all things, a Boss DD7 for looping on my latest song. Forty seconds of looping time, unlimited overdubs, and maintains the sound quality fairly decently, even after a good amount of dubbing. And, contrary to every demo I watched on youtube, the first layer is your base, and then you can record liberally around it. I was a little worried as every demo shows folks frantically trying to switch it on and off at the exact start and stop points of the original layer; hence, I thought maybe it synced every layer to start at the same time as the base one. Nope. It works much better than that. And has an analog dry path. Oh, and there’s delay in there, too. 😉 Honestly, I haven’t touched the delay part.

So here’s the song.

  • Mic’d up the Matchless (not the Peavey Rage that is inexplicably in the shot), tried out looping pre-delays this time, threw on some jazz chords, and thought about sad things.
  • The DD20 is doing the main swell sounds, with the Timeline, Arion SAD-1, and Behringer RV-600 doing some post-swell work.
  • The Arion SPH-1 from the 80’s is in there too, which sounds better than any phaser I’ve ever tried save the Moog, and it’s $25.
  • Sounds at the end are from the Hartman, and if you don’t own a fuzz, you need to. How else are you gonna make it sound like the city is crying? Or, more aptly, that a less talented Hendrix discovered and became fascinated with delay?
  • There is also a real ZVex Super Duper on the board now, so I am no longer a fugitive from Gear Page for playing a clone of it. hehe The Fugitive. Remember that classicness?

Harrison Ford: “I didn’t kill my wife.”
Tommy Lee Jones: “I don’t care.”

Such a great line. It’s even better when you look at it this way:

Han Solo: “I didn’t kill my wife.”
Two Face: “I don’t care.”

  • The Super Duper was not turned on for any part of this song, but I think just knowing it was there gave the rest of my rig moral support. It is pink, which is a bonus.
  • I got an incredible deal on it. See? Good can come from scouring Gear Page every second instead of practicing.

Oh ya, the song:

So, there’s the DD7. I must admit, it did a nice job looping. I still think the Timeline’s looper may sound a little better, but I may need a new Timeline, since as kind as Strymon has been in fixing this thing, it has never really been the same since I smashed it into my car this summer. So, the DD7’s looper for now. The DD20’s looper is fine, but you have to hold down the switch to overdub. Seriously, Boss? So, since you fixed that with the DD7, is it time for a DD20XL release? You know, with the DD7’s looper, more tweakable tape delay, and maybe a third switch for tap built in? I promise, it’ll be a huge seller. But that’s the DD7’s looper, and I’m having fun recording the album if for no other reason than just to do something with music besides buy more things not to play. I would highly suggest it.


…Okay, there were no funny pictures of The Fugitive, because it’s actually a pretty good movie. So, I am substituting this, with apologies to all of my non-US readers. Don’t know why Hulu does that. But still:

Don’ You Go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro.

P.S. In the coming weeks, I will probably be promoting the album because unfortunately, I’ve been learning that you don’t get anywhere if you don’t. So apologies in advance. But I will link it to a different site, and this site will always remain a service to musicians, specifically church musicians, and hopefully just a bit to the church as a whole, as the word was originally intended.

88 thoughts on “Album & Looping with a DD7

  1. love it, karl. took a paper-writing break to listen to it, and now i’m gonna have it playing in the background as i write, haha!
    and a boss dd-7, out of all things.. i just re-bought a cheap DD-5, a cheap RV-5, and a cheap DM-2 to join my DD-20… looks like everything post-drive is going to be boss. oh no! or oh yes?

  2. Hey Karl,

    Awesome sound: you HAVE to get hold of Michael Mann’s agent/email/phone no. and get him to include this in his next movie!

    You thought of doing any live performances with your stuff? I think you got a real talent with your ambient tracks; can just see you playing this in a low-light bar with beer puddles over the floor and NASCAR on the TV, the pink floodlight giving you third-degree burns (wear a hat!), and the whole bar suddenly falling silent at your majestic tones!

    Seriously, dude; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you and this site are a real blessing to the whole church (Friendly man-hug ensues! Name THAT movie? Easy one, really!). Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

  3. i know that you love your music when i see you start rubbing/caressing the fretboard more than ever!

    seriously, it’s very nice. i love the high gain stuff that sits on the background!

    do you ever daydream while driving to think these things through in your head? 🙂

  4. It’s so haunting, I have shivers running down my spine. I can’t wait for the album.

    As for the movie, I want to say 12 Angry Men.

  5. Hey Karl, Good luck with the album. Had a nice laugh with the Fugitive/SHO clone bit. What’d you do with the MSB now that the Super Duper is on the board?

  6. I haven’t tried the looping on my DD7. I believe the delay is defeated while using that feature.

    I’ve been considering adding my RC-2 looper to the board, but hate to make it any heavier. Along those lines I’m thinking about Amplitube or Guitar Rig — mainly for home use but if the sound was good enough maybe for live.

  7. Great song! Looking forward to the new album. And thanks for helping me decide my next pedal purchase needs to be the DD-7. As always, living vicariously through your gear (not just purchases, but use and review) is always wonderful. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. That’s my DD7! I’m sure you sound so awesome because I stuck all my guitar-playing-prowess-mojo inside the circuit 🙂 Seriously, I tried the looper once and the volume was so much lower that I immediatly turned it off and figured it sucked. What a dork…of course it’s cause the level is based off the mix level of the delay, which I kept lower for using it as a delay. Yeah, I’m that smart 😉

    Hope it serves you well. I’m sure I’ll be re-buying one soon. I can’t seem to find a set-up I bond with. I didn’t like the DD7 cause it had no presets, the DD20 didn’t seem to sit in the mix enough and needed more presets, the Nova was clunky with no easy way to switch patches and the Timefactor (current) sounds good, but I’m too lazy to really set it up. Perhaps I need to pull out my M13 and give it another go 🙂 LOL

  9. Matthew–oh yes! I bet that group of Boss pedals actually sound pretty good…especially the DM2. I heard a guy one time plug in a DM2 as his only pedal and I couldn’t believe the fattening it was capable of. 🙂

    Dariathe–haha Thanks. And I refuse to say how much Michael Mann’s movies ‘influenced’ or ‘did not influence’ this song. But it’s the ‘influenced’ one. 😉 hehe

    I’m trying to get some live stuff going…it’d be really fun and a nice change of pace for me to this stuff live rather than the higher energy stuff.

    And thanks for the kind words on the blog, although it’s killing me that I can’t name the man-hug movie!! haha

    Rhoy–haha Especially the first one, because you can barely hear the sound it’s making…it looks like, ‘What in the world is he doing?’ lol

    And many daydreams trying to sort this stuff through. And then in the end, something always goes wrong during the recording and I end up just improvising something. haha

    And the high gain is the Hartman fuzz. 🙂 Hey, did I see that you’re selling your Memory Lane, too? Or was that someone else?

    Sam–thanks, bro. 🙂 And, actually, the movie I quoted may have been quoting 12 Angry Men. I’ll have to check on that!

    Hsiehdy–thanks! Which one’s the MSB? The Super Duper replaced the T1M Dual Boost, which is a clone of the Super Duper. I’m selling it right now on Gear Page.

    Randy–ya, unfortunately, there’s no delay capabilities when looping on the DD7. The RC2 would be a great addition. Not sure if it digitizes the dry signal, though. I’m not a huge fan of the computer programs, but they might sound nice. 🙂

    Gtr1ab–haha Thanks, bro! And ya…I’m pretty happy with the DD7 after the first test run. A 40 second looper stuck in a delay pedal is pretty cool.

    Steven–haha It’s exactly because of your mojo! And actually, I found the looper at full mix to make the overdubs too loud. I had to back off on the mix a bit for it to sit right. I forgot to mention that in the body of the post, but should’ve. Thanks again for the quick shipping!

    And go with a Timeline 2!! 🙂 hehe Also, 10 DD7’s is 10 presets. 😉 😉

    Caleb–thanks, bro!

    And Venice Beach, Los Angeles? Ya, it’s very nice. 😉 No, I’ve never been to the real Venice. Although this piece was actually written with both places in mind.

    • hey karl … it actually worked out when the fuzz was barely audible at first, i was like “his practicing now for later, i know what he’s going to do next”! but seriously, i like the build-up that you are creating on your songs 😉

      haha, the fun of recording! i have a good friend told me, “once the record button is pressed, everything change” … i guess you can call it spontaneous! lol

      and no, ML stays but still with Diamond for a much-needed dotted-8th mod. i was actually delay-less last night and this coming Sunday … gasp! it kinda worked out ’cause we’re doing more straight-up rock-n-roll feel songs and I managed to play my Lunar Module a lot more. that thing is fantastic and cuts through the mix very nice!

    • Oops, my mistake, I had it in my head you were playing Dan’s Mini Solo Booster (SHO clone) and not a super duper clone. Good luck with the sales!

  10. Also- I have been hearing you talk a lot about the Behringer RV-600. I have a few questions:

    Is it worth the $?

    What is it made out of? Is it sturdy like other pedals?

  11. “…and this site will always remain a service to musicians, specifically church musicians…”

    Sweet, cuz I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and I’ve read almost every post. This wouldn’t be a good time to ‘go in a different direction.’ 🙂

    Your new song is good. Really cool of you to let us see your hands and your board so we can steal all your tricks. 🙂

    Thanks for this blog. It is helping me a ton.

  12. That’s cool that you don’t have to hold down the switch to overdub. The only looper I’ve every used is the one built into my DD-20. Here’s something I recorded:

    You can hear that I have to wait for the loop to come around again before laying down another overdub. Maybe it’s just because I don’t really know what I’m doing with it, but it does seem like not having to hold down the switch would make things easier.

    I like the song. Do you know how you plan to distribute the album? Will it be available for download?

  13. Rhoy–haha So true about recording! Great quote.

    And delay-less?! Impossible. I refuse to believe church can go on if the guitarist has no delays on his board. 😉 hehe But I guess the fact that you’re keeping the Memory Lane makes up for it. Seriously though, that’s cool that you kept ’em off your board for the straight-ahead rock. We did one rock song the other day at church and I was so stoked to not use delay. Then after the song I realized I had left a subtle one on. Blast. hehe

    Brandon–this album’s more like a culmination of my year. But it’s been only the last month or two that I’ve been full-on pursuing it.

    And the RV600 is a terrible pedal. Built cheaply, doesn’t track all that well…but for $35? Sounds actually really good for the price. haha

    Nate–lol Makes it feel special.

    Toby–thanks for the kind words on the blog. 🙂 And ya, unfortunately you can see my hands and see how little I’m doing. Play some seventh chords, caress the fretboard, and think of how sad you were as a kid when your dog ate your GI Joe’s, and you’re pretty much there. 😉

    Keith–ya, it helps a lot. I also found dubbing on the DD20 almost unusable because you had to hold the switch down. But your recording sounds good, bro…sounds like you mastered it!

    And I’m planning to distribute it mostly through downloading. I’ll send hard copies if folks really want ’em, but I’m not going to spend oodles of money pressing cd’s. Even though the sound quality is better. hehe

  14. hey Karl hope ya dont mind(if ya do just say) but iw anted to let you guys know im doing a blog on worship manly worship related topics but will review my gear too! I have been working hard gettign it going i just wanted let everyone know..karl maybe ya could let me knwo what ya think since ya have this one!..if not its cool…and guys if ya like ambient music check me out on purevolume!! if anyone is interested more in my music or gear or anything ya can email me at

    heres my blog
    heres my music

  15. So, I want to say I’m sorry. I was one of the people who led you to believe that the looper on the DD7 operated like that. It had been forever since I had used the looper on it and I must have been smoking something that day. I just used it yesterday(before reading this post) and I was surprised how well it worked.

    I like that you can just leave it in overdub mode and keep playing over your base line.

    It is much better than the looper on the DD20. The delay on it is pretty descent too. It’s not very flexible. My biggest problem is not being able to use the modulate and analog modes with anything other than quarter notes. I really want something like a DD20 so that i can have a tape mode. For normal digital delay though the DD7 is great.

  16. Holding down the switch on the DD20 is an absolute pain. I love looping when playing by myself but trying to do swells whilst holding a switch down on the back of your pedalboard is nearly physically impossible. I also like to sit down whilst fiddling about with sounds, I enjoy the close proximity between myself and my beautifuls.

  17. hey guys im selling a esp letd ec-1000 if anyone is interested…i want to get a gold top with some wolfetone legends if its a humbucker guitar or his p90s if its a p90 one! also if someone has one they would want to trade..i would obviously add cash let me knwo

    im only posting this once..cus i dont want to bother people but alot of people read this so it could help! and to relate to the topic i shud try the dd7 then i might not need to buy the rang 3 haha

  18. Sounds amazing Karl – looking forward to the album. I am really getting into some more ambient sounding stuff at the moment – listening to it I mean – haven’t worked out the right combination of pedals/settings to play it myself. Recently discovered a band called “Explosions in the sky” who play some great instrumental “post-rock” stuff.

    I agree looping on the DD-20 sucks. I’ve had the Digitech JamMan for a while now but it’s too bulky and uses AC power requiring a separate adaptor which is a pain. I really like the look of the new Boss loopers so might trade for one of those when they come out.

    Changing the subject slightly, I have fallen in love with a new pedal. Perhaps one of the most over-hyped pedals ever but I believe it’s well deserved – Strymon El Capistan.
    I finally got it on Friday and am loving the sounds – really musical delays that encourage me to play a bit differently to normal. Just having this pedal is breaking me out of my box. And what I love about it is my original tone is really well preserved, it doesn’t get lost in the mix. The infinite repeat feature when holding down the tap button is very cool – can’t wait to try a bit of that on in church. Spill over is the best I’ve seen as well – the analog bypass sounds really good (it also has the option of true bypass if you prefer). Only wish it had more presets – I’m having to write down the settings I’m using for different songs. And the switches are a bit clicky. Other than that it’s awesome.
    Already finding almost all of the different modes are useful, so even though I’m still looking forward to getting the Timeline, I think the El Cap will remain on my board even after that.

  19. Baggas:

    …even though I’m still looking forward to getting the Timeline, I think the El Cap will remain on my board even after that.

    Hey, you can never have too many delays, right?

  20. Larry–haha It’s the source of all good ambient songs! 😉

    Patrick–cool, bro. I’ll put you on the blogroll.

    Josh–no worries! There were a few folks who felt that way, and every demo on youtube shows it that way, too. But a quick trip to Guitar Center testing out some looping took care of that. 🙂 Ya, the flexibility isn’t great…I’ll probably keep it just for looping, though…maybe a delay here and there when you need one.

    James–haha Same here! And yes…it’s the swells that get difficult when you have to hold down the DD20 to dub.

    Patrick–I’ll have to pass for now, but thanks.

    Brandon–cool! Who’s playing guitar for him now?

    Baggas–thanks. And what are these new Boss loopers? Did I miss that? Sounds cool!

    Stoked that you’re liking the Capistan. I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy anything new for a while, but hopefully when the Timeline comes out, the used prices will go down and I’ll try one out. 🙂


    • Boss loopers are the RC-3 and RC-30 which were announced recently. They have heaps of memory and run in stereo.

      I’m on a “gear fast” now as I need to save some money. Won’t be buying any more gear over the next few months until the Timeline comes out. Except for the BlueSky, which I have already paid for – should be arriving this week. My new policy is that if I want anything else (eg loopers) I have to sell something to pay for it…

      anyway the El Cap should keep me happy for a while now

  21. Karl, I played your video for my son yesterday, and he was impressed ( he’s probably about your age ). We were trying to figure out which pedal was being pressed so regularly and I concluded it was the volume pedal.

    As to delay, and using delay but not chorus: I’m thinking of tossing my old Korg MFX and trying to get along without chorus. In fact, without a direct box connection to the PA — just pedals to miked tube amp. Hopefully this will sound better and remove most if not all line noise/ground loop nonsense.

    Since my DD7 doesn’t do presets, I have to decide whether to get a second one with it’s own tap pedal, or switch to some other delay with presets.

    I really only need two delays: a simple short delay with few repeats for most songs ( tapped to tempo) plus good ‘ol dotted eighth ( tapped to tempo )

  22. Brandon–cool! Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll have Steve Marcia with him. That guy has amazing tone and feel.

    Randy–thanks! And ya, it was probably the volume pedal.

    Mic’d just to tube might be awesome! 🙂 And are you thinking of going with two DD7’s, or something else for the second delay?

  23. Two DD7s, or a delay that does presets. If two DD7s then one would be set to short delay and the other to dotted-eighth. Just stomp one to turn it on and the other to turn it off between songs.

    Well the second delay pedal doesn’t have to be a DD7 but I’m probably looking at a wife-approval rating of 100% if under $200 if you get my drift.

    I am concerned about going without Chorus, I must be addicted. I generally have an acoustic-electric accompanying me now so if I’m leading with an electric and no chorus if might not sound too ‘in your face.’ I guess chorus gets you used to that soft swirly, 12-stringy effect and hard to be weaned off of it.

    • That guy needs an intervention! Like some serious prayer. It’s depressing just watching him–how can he have 1,000-plus videos?

  24. The DD7 is awesome. I use the Boss RC2 for looping and use it a lot during free worship. Both the DD7 and RC2 are connected to a Boss FS6 Dual Footswitch. One to start/stop the RC2 and the other to tap tempo the DD7.

    Wondering if I should sell the RC2 and buy the RC3. GAS again.

    Anyone tried iRig with Amplitude on the iPhone?

  25. Baggas–thanks! I’ll check those out. Good luck with your gear fast. hehe I suck at those.

    Randy–I’d for sure check out the DD20. 🙂

    And I’m not a huge chorus fan myself. However, not to add fuel to the fire, but an Analogman Chorus with a deep switch is a beautiful thing. 😉

    Brandon–ah, thank goodness! I was afraid that link might be to one of my videos. haha 😉 And ya…it pains me to see guitarists with decent chops sound like that.

    JamesJ–cool setup, bro! 🙂

  26. I might look around for an Analogman chorus, but obviously you have spent a lot of time perfecting the sound you use to lead worship. ‘Nuff said. So the basics of your sound, Karl, are 1) quality gear and 2) delay How does your sound get to the PA? Miked amp only?

  27. Karl,

    You may or may not know this but if you have a tap tempo pedal hooked up while in hold mode you can hit it once to stop everything. Now that I’m actually using my DD7 for looping sometimes (I just got a Nova Delay to put in front of it. Now it’s not my only tap tempo delay option.) I found that works much better for me instead of trying to hit it twice. I seem to have a hard time hitting BOSS pedals consistently so I always messed up the double tap.

    Try it out if you have an extra non latching foot switch around.

  28. For normal worship music, nothing way out there, how would you effectively use two delays at the same time? I mean during a normal song, playing rhythm, not while creating ambient stuff between songs, etc.

    • Setting one on a long delay and one on a shorter you get a sort of galloping sound (a-la Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For). I’ve used it many times in a worship service although, I’m having trouble recalling exactly which songs at the moment.

  29. Playing rhythm I can’t imagine a situation. If you are purely playing chords I can’t imagine using two. Sometimes when I’m playing chords I leave a low analog quarter-note delay on. It doesn’t always work well but sometimes it sounds good.

    Playing lead lines or riffs having a dotted eighth into a quarter can have some great results. It doesn’t have to be anything “crazy.”

  30. For ambient stuff it’s awesome. For pad sounds it’s great too. Turning up the repeats from one into the other and doing swells or even simple licks can have some great results in slow songs or ministry time.

  31. Unfortunately we don’t have enough of a band for me to stop playing rhythm very often. This is part of what concerned me about abandoning chorus altogether and just using delay. But I’m going to try it anyway — the two signal path / two PA channel thing is a nice concept but given the state of church wiring, I’m going to strip down to using one electrical outlet as my only physical connection to the church wiring system — no more direct box.

  32. Yes, mic’d amp to the house for electric. 🙂

    And on two delays, setting one to the tempo and another one at high repeats but low mix for ambient washiness can be great. Or one to dotted 8ths and one to quarters on the same tempo. Or one for keyboard swells and one for rhythmic, having both one to make the swells sound better and to go right in to the tempo of the song when you turn the swells off. 🙂

  33. “Washiness” I was going comment on the DD7’s modulation setting, which I think I only tried once at home. But that term reminded me of a pet peeve ” inventing the language as we go along.”

    On NPR yesterday the commentator said “She graduated University in May.” No, “She graduated FROM THE University in May.” Ok sorry, I feel better now.

  34. haha It was kind of a sneaky reference, because I think he was quoting 12 Angry Men…but the reference was actually from Usual Suspects. Giancarlo Esposito says it.

    And don’t you just love that video? I’ve watched it like 12 times now!

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