So…I’m pretty vocal about my stance of not liking digital modeling. In fact, I think that with every fake amp you buy, you’re funding the inevitable cyborg takeover. There are few who can resist; but we few stand strong. For honour, for victory, for tone. Yet still, I get email after email and comment after comment saying things like, ‘I just sold all my pedals and bought an M13. What do you think?’ ‘What settings should I use on my POD to get it to sound like the Divided by 13 in the video?’ ‘Can I still comment here if I sold my amp for an Axe-FX?’ And I usually answer kindly. You know, with a good-natured, ‘Hey, whatever helps you to make beautiful music’ or ‘if your ears tell you it sounds good, then it sounds good’ and so forth. But somewhere, deep down in the core of my being, this is what I’m really saying:

And for the record, ‘our mother’ means The Gear Page. For she has borne many a gear junkie. So when you visit her, I want to know a day in advance so I’m not there. And the next time you’re thinking of selling any piece of your guitar gear for a digital modeling replicant, picture Al Pacino’s vengeful eyes staring into the back of your heart. And then go kiss a 6L6 on both cheeks.

You broke my heart.

P.S. Hopefully it’s apparent that my tongue is in my cheek for this post. I’ll probably even be playing an M13 within a year. Wait, nope. Al Pacino just told me not to.