Alright, so here’s the geekin’ out part. These two vocalists and frontmen on the same stage?! Singing over the catchiest riff this side of Purple Haze? Yes, geekin’ out:

Now if only Tom Smith could ever get on stage with them, I think the world would implode:

Which leads directly into my gift to you all. After the last post, I figure I owe some digital-ness sounding good. Although, there may be an analog Moog mixed in there somewhere. But 3 of the 4 members play digital keyboards at some point in this video. And no guitars! I know, unthinkable:

As a side note, or maybe this should be the full point, we’d do well to have half the passion of these three guys as we sing this weekend to a God we believe to have saved us. Not that girls, sparkly vampires, and hoping people’s lives are good are all necessarily bad things. But that type of heartfelt passion is strangely compelling and infective, especially when it’s for a loving Creator. I’m not there right now, but I’m gonna try to be.