Geekin’ Out, Digital Goodness & Worship

Alright, so here’s the geekin’ out part. These two vocalists and frontmen on the same stage?! Singing over the catchiest riff this side of Purple Haze? Yes, geekin’ out:

Now if only Tom Smith could ever get on stage with them, I think the world would implode:

Which leads directly into my gift to you all. After the last post, I figure I owe some digital-ness sounding good. Although, there may be an analog Moog mixed in there somewhere. But 3 of the 4 members play digital keyboards at some point in this video. And no guitars! I know, unthinkable:

As a side note, or maybe this should be the full point, we’d do well to have half the passion of these three guys as we sing this weekend to a God we believe to have saved us. Not that girls, sparkly vampires, and hoping people’s lives are good are all necessarily bad things. But that type of heartfelt passion is strangely compelling and infective, especially when it’s for a loving Creator. I’m not there right now, but I’m gonna try to be.


30 thoughts on “Geekin’ Out, Digital Goodness & Worship

  1. I totally feel you on the necessity of passion. It’s missing far too often in worship.

    I’m really looking forward to service this week for that very reason. I’m not leading this week, just playing and we’re doing a couple of songs that have really been moving me as of late. I honestly haven’t been this excited to play in a while.

  2. Dude, that is a goal worth chasing; I for one will be with you on the quest! And for my two cents, one of the great things about the era we live in is the fact that digital and analogue can sound awesome together! Nothing beats the sound of the synth pad followed by the sweetness of the axe and tube amp breaking up into sweet delayed overdrive; you know I’m right! ;-)

    Bless you, bud!

  3. you said a lot in your last line…
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to struggle to get ‘there’ sometimes.

  4. Great post. This has really been weighing on me the past couple of months. I started to notice my passion for silly things was overwhelming my passion for the one that created me.

    I have to admit sometimes I love listening to a band that has NO guitars at all. I play some keyboard as well and I’m amazed at what some of these guys do and how it adds to the music.

    Check out Ian Mcintosh for some worship music that will blow your mind.

  5. KennyG–man, that’s awesome. Ya, it kind of hit me as I was playing last night…a couple awesome songs lyrically, like you said.

    Dariathe–thanks, bro. Right on! Let the digital synth pads rock! Of course, if one of you keyboardists out there wants to whip out an old analog Roland Juno or Prophet, I’m cool with that, too. ;) hehehe

    Rhoy–cheers, brother. :)

    Don–thanks…same here, bro! There are a lot of times when I know I’m not there, or I know that if I get there, it’s gonna be fake. Probably something we’ll be struggling with the rest of our lives, I’m guessing. And maybe that’s a good thing? Still learning over here. :)

    Josh–hmm, I totally hear ya. And ya, there’s something cool about keys working together. Actually, that Editors song is one of my favorites…especially that ultra-digital random noise keypad part. Which is very unlike me. haha It’s just so radly rhythmic!

  6. Hey, does anyone here know of any good reverb pedal plans? I’m looking into building one, and want to know about plans and the difficulty of doing it…

  7. haha you were clearly born in the wrong country, you seem to talk about UK bands the majority of the time on here (or is it just U2??)


  8. @ Dan W, I’d build a zvex sho or super duper clone first. Their amazing boosts that can be built for very little and are one of the most simple pedals ever to build.

  9. Brandon and Dan W–what you guys said. :)

    Rob–haha Ya, it’s true. British is cooler.

    Nater2d–mmmm. And how.

    Kevin–aye. :) Agreed.

    Mike–haha You took the words right out of my mouth!

  10. I didn’t really like the first video.

    *sound of the last chirp of every cricket in the world, explosions*

    But the second wasn’t bad and the third was decent.

  11. Actually I really like the second half of the third song–just commented before I had finished listening to it–it starts to pick up nicely.

  12. Rhoy–right on! I’ll have to check that out. Thanks, brother.


    hehe ;) Just kidding. Actually, the first time I heard that U2 song, I hated it as well. Couldn’t get it. Over time, it’s become just one of my favorite simple songs. I love the way the chords work together chromatically.

    And Editors are just plain rad. I’m glad you kept listening as the video progressed. :)

  13. Whew!

    Glad you didn’t ban me before I could listen to your album! I’m impressed you got it out so fast, but you must’ve been working on it behind the scenes.

    Yeah, I’m sorry for trashing on U2, I guess I should’ve said (more specifically), I didn’t like that particular mix of the song. I thought the guitar was more subdued than it should’ve been, and I had to put my headphones in to really hear it. Maybe that’s Edge’s preference for minimalism or maybe the sound guy was off–or maybe its YouTube–because once I could hear the part more, it was quite nice. I thought it should have been front and center.

    And admittedly, I didn’t really like the “Oohs” that Flowers added the first time through–but I liked Bono’s vocals. I have nothing against Flowers, he was more tolerable this time through, but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to copy Bono’s style or what–I don’t listen to the Killers all too much.

    Anyway, I’ve actually come a long way from actually hating my roommate’s U2 collection because he had 80 songs that I thought “just sounded the same,” to actually appreciating each of their efforts. That said, still, turn up the guitar in that vid, or through my lappy speakers. :D

  14. No worries! I totally hear ya on the mix. Honestly, I really like both Bono and Flowers, so I wasn’t listening to the mix much. haha And Brandon Flowers actually, from what I’ve read, has idolized Bono since he was a kid…so, you’re probably right on with him copying the style. To me, he actually sounds like an Unforgettable Fire-era Bono.

    And I agree. Always turn up the guitar. haha

  15. If it makes you feel better, I’m usually five years behind everyone else. Case in point: of course I’ve heard of the Killers, but I listened to their first song X number of years ago and haven’t really paid attention since. And now I am going through some of their lovely, dance-friendly, melodious infections and adding them to my playlist. Sometimes being out of the loop is best, because you can pick from the best when you actually get a clue.

  16. Mark–cool! I really dig that beat! :)

    Caleb–right on! Stoked you’re liking them. And I hear ya on being out of the loop. I first discovered U2 20 years late in 2003, and it was glorious. hehe

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