New Ambient Album Release

The new album is finished, released, and available for download. Here’s a little promo I recorded. Oh ya. I’m taking this seriously.

😉 Alright, so that one’s just for fun. Here’s the thing. I’m pretty stoked to finally collect all my songs in one place and have something to show my future grandkids whilst saying, ‘See? That’s why grandpappy (which is what I will call myself) says ‘tubes’ and ‘Matchless’ so often.’ I think it’ll be a cool release, and hopefully will bring some enjoyment and maybe more to some folks. But did Steve Jordan produce it? No. Is the next Midnight Train on it? No. Are there better ambient guitarists out there? Yes. Probably all of them. So, as I’m promoting something I’m excited about, I also want to make sure to keep a healthy dose of reality.

But the album really is released, and here’s all the info. I never know who comes to this blog for what, so hopefully with all this info, there will be something useful to someone, even if you couldn’t care less about ambient music.


In order to preserve the true sonic quality of the moving airwaves as they exist in nature, I recorded this completely analogue, and it is only available on hand-etched vinyl records from Switzerland. Just kidding.

and (which pretty much just links to Bandcamp)

It will, someday, be released on iTunes, but I think they are having trouble with one of the, uh, shall we say ‘longer’ tracks; and the more I looked into Bandcamp, the more I liked their independent feel. So, Bandcamp for now.

Dual Album

The Morning We Wake. 14 tracks, 80 minutes, with all tracks available individually. With the purchase of the full album, you also get a second album; it’s the entire first album on one track, with extra compositions that modulate each song into the next for 80 minutes of non-stop music.


I’ve been experimenting over the last year with extremely simple recording techniques. Just getting the best source sound possible, and then keeping the recording out of the way. So there are no post-effects, no compression…just the sound that came out of the amp. It’s kind of a vintage way to do things, but folks are always talking about getting the ‘live’ sound of vintage recordings, and I figured I’d try to do it by recording, well, live. Instead of using the ‘White Album’ plugin.


There’s a lot of different gear spread out on this collection. The newer recordings, overdubs, and modulation tracks are all the newer, cheaper gear that came after that fateful October hailstorm. Recorded, there is a difference. Both in noise floor, and in overall tone. So, as much as I’m an advocate of finding cheaper gear that works for you, there is always some truth to the moniker ‘You get what you pay for.’ Not all the truth, but definitely a good portion of truth.

The Actual Promo Vid (This is so you can hear a song, remember it, and go, ‘Hey, I liked that. I thought he was just demo’ing a delay pedal.’ And then buy the song so that I can buy another delay pedal. 😉 )

New Song (Only the last portion of this is actually on the record. But I get asked a lot about some of the subtle layering in songs, so I figured I’d show it all. And yes, that is coming through the Matchless. There is no guitar that amp doesn’t like. I may actually switch to a washboard pretty soon here to save money.)

So there ya go. This post may be completely worthless to some of you, which is totally understandable. But I would welcome any support. If for no other reason than to encourage me in this strange new world of actually writing and playing music, rather than surfing the internet all day looking for gear to buy with which to write music that will never be written because I’m too busy surfing the internet looking for gear with which to write it. Again, this blog will stay as it always has, with certain updates on my ambient project, as it pertains to ‘Guitar’ and ‘Worship’ as a whole. The majority of subsequent composition projects info and such will be relayed via:

(I hesitated to have my name be a dot com, but in the end, that sounded a whole lot less cheesey than any ‘band name’ I could come up with. All the good ones are taken. Thanks, Passengers. So for now, I’m just me.)

And I know that this post was self-promotion, but I’ve learned over the last few years that unfortunately, barring accidentally planning a trip to Britain to eat lunch at the cafe Gwyneth Paltrow likes so you can slip a cd into her purse marked ‘Give to Chris’, it is sometimes the only way to get stuff done. But I truly hope that this album will inspire you a bit through its sounds, thoughts, and heart. And for those of you who don’t like the sounds, I hope at least that it can inspire you to continue to write and make music, so we can all create sounds just a little bit more, and buy gear just a little bit less.

Ah, who am I kidding? What’s the coolest reverb pedal this week on Gear Page? I’m getting one.


50 thoughts on “New Ambient Album Release

  1. As much as I like the independent vibe of bandcamp, I was really looking forward to helping push you up the charts on iTunes 😛

    But I don’t want to wait forever for Apple to get their act together so I’m downloading it from bandcamp as I type.
    Splendid indeed!

  2. It’s downloading right now. I was very tempted to started getting your songs from the other music site you had them on. When I heard about the album coming out I decided to wait.

    I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to listen to this at work…

  3. Congrats! And please stop with the second guessing your self-promotion. This is your blog. It may be dedicated to God and Guitar and Delay, but as far as I’ve read, so are you. Your album is an extension of that. Thank you for sharing so much of your music, ideas, and gear through this blog already. I for one am looking forward to getting your album too!

  4. Thanks, folks. And please preview it before you download it. Like I said, I’m excited about it, but it is still independently recorded and released. I’d hate to hype it up and then have folks be disappointed. So, maybe watch that first video again to put things in perspective. haha That being said, if you preview it and do like it, by all means…download away. 😉 😉

  5. I have listened to the whole thing straight through at work. I have a few favorites now that I’ve listened to a few more times. I seem to like some of the more recent stuff the best.

    Things We Lost and Venice are on repeat right now…

    They are great to listen to as background music or to just enjoy them.

  6. Man, seriously thanks for the kind words, guys. And thanks for the support…both for my music, and for the thought of playing music as opposed to just loving gear. (Please do both, though. 😉 ) hehe It’s been a lot of work putting this together, especially over the last couple months. And there’s a big reason for that…which I don’t feel like revealing right yet. Because it’s very sad. Maybe next week. haha But it has to do with U2…specifically Edge. But then again, what in life doesn’t? 😉

    • What?! Sad news involving Edge?
      Now you’ve got me all worried!

      Fortunately I have some blissful ambient music playing to help calm me down. Very nice work on the album!

  7. Keith–lol Well, that’s not necessarily it, but you did just make me cry at the remembrance that he does have a Line 6 Distortion Pro in his rack. Ahhhhh!!! Most of the time I just make myself forget that fact. Supposedly it’s modded and made especially for him, but still. It’s a strange, strange world.

    Francis–thank you so much! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support.

  8. Listening to and loving the album right now.

    Whatever is getting you down, I hope thing turn out well. If all else fails listen to some ska, it has to be the happiest music in the world.

  9. per promo one – I think swelled chord 23 was a great, albeit obvious choice for the album. You could also have included Shimmer 73 or Sub Octave String Wipe 456 (reprise) as well. I know its hard to narrow it down sometimes.

    Seriously -Great job Karl!

  10. Sam–Supertones Strike Back! 😀

    But thanks for the kind words, brother! And fortunately, the ‘sad’ is more of a ‘sad’ like that feeling you get when you watch a guitarist try to play drums. hehe

    Jeff–haha Thanks, bro. Those B-sides are coming out soon. 77 minutes of string slides. hehehe

    KennyG–lol Agreed.

    Brandon–thanks, brother!

    And it depends. On some of the ones I played to a click on, it’s definitely more difficult to purposefully go on and off the tempo at different parts of the songs. Which is pretty unique to ambient music. And the composition is definitely more difficult than a straight-ahead rock song, at least for me. But some of the live-looped ones are actually easier, just in terms of the time put into them; because once they’re recorded, you’re pretty much done mixing. :)

  11. Sam–ya, sorry to make it sound so dramatic. haha I was trying to be funny. Doesn’t always work!

    Don–haha That video is pretty much the whole reason I recorded the album…just to have an excuse to make that. hehe 😉

    • I know right! haha… Just wanted to ask you real quick. Have you ever played Your Love is Everything by Jesus Culture?

      I have to practice it tonight along with a 13 song set… just wondering because I haven’t played or really practiced it.

  12. Lot of songs! But nope, sorry. Can’t say I’ve ever heard it. Doesn’t mean I haven’t played it somewhere without knowing the title, though. hehe 😉 But, I don’t think so.

  13. @Brandon, I’ts pretty fun song. Just get the two main riffs (intro and post chorus jam) and then just fudge the rest. Piece of cake. Or should I say fudge? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

  14. hey guys so im thinking about getting a morgan amp? what ya guys think? everyone seems to love the ac20 dfeluxe but im prob going with the 30/800 for more power

  15. Brandon–cool!

    Nater2–hehe that’s me on every song! 😉

    Patrick–they’re very good…sound a lot like D13’s. Very loud, too (again, like a D13), so you may not need the extra power. Depends on the application.

    Caleb–thanks a ton, bro! :) And stoked to hear your stuff!

  16. Sorry to hijack the post but I can’t find one of your archived posts! What was the name of those little 1/2 watt pre-amps that you can use to plug direct into the system but still get tube tone? I can’t remember them for the life of me!

  17. Oh, wait…preamps. I should probably read the whole comment first. hehe 😉

    I’m not sure. SIB Fatdrive? PreSonus TubePre? Dunlop Brick? Matchless Hotbox? Frenzel Amps? That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  18. i decided to prob go with the dual 20 by morgan i hope its good! =P everyone seems to like them my local builder said he can make me something better for less?? and he says mercury trans kinda suck? what ya guys think shud i get the morgan or go with my local guy hes been doing it for year and has made some good stuff

  19. Hard to say…Joe Morgan was just a local builder for years, so nothing wrong with that. Interesting that he says Mercury transformers suck, though. I’ve heard some folks say they don’t hear much of a difference between them and stock, or that they’re not worth the price, but most people agree that they’re at the very least decent.

    Hard to say without hearing his work.

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