You know what that means.

The one day a year (ya right…also…not my chair, not my problem) that I can unabashedly talk about U2. You know, the whole Irish thing.

So…some of you have already skipped this post. But there really, really is a reason that some of us love them so. And it’s called melody and ache. Melodies that, in the words of Bono, need to feel inevitable. And I don’t think those melodies are possible unless they come from somewhere inside; rather than ‘trying to write a song.’ (Which, incidentally, I think was the problem with the latest U2 album…their first one not to strike me since October.) And somewhere inside, I think we all have ache. That ache varies from person to person; but I personally believe there is a core ache in all of us…for something more. And I don’t think that will ever be completely quenched this side of Heaven. Embracing that, is what it seems most great art stems from.

Anyway, enough esoteric nonsense…here’s that ache in practice; and with some lesser known songs from the band that invented love. And delay. Mutually inclusive. And if you cite examples of Jimmy Page using delay before Edge was in junior high, I will ignore them. ;) As I will any examples of love prior to 1978. Also, there is a little tribute towards the bottom that I promised myself I would not post. But it is St. Patrick’s Day. And up it goes.

Edge’s Solo Album (or, more aptly, Edge, Michael Brook, and Sinead O’Conner’s album…which is how music should just always be):

Not sure how you can improve on Joshua Tree, but I’ve always felt this song would’ve fit perfectly right before One Tree Hill:

More from the solo album. Loveliness:

Boots, as it should have been:

And of course, Passengers:

And, how can a post about U2 go on without these three:

I promise you, if you’ve never seen this, it’s worth waiting through the ad:

And lastly…scared to post this, but I think the community is strong enough here that you’ll all be kind. lol ;) Been gone a tad…my girlfriend (who is also my wife ;) ), completely surprised me and took me to Las Vegas for a few days for my birthday. She planned out everything, paid for everything herself, found us what is basically a vegan, nature-based Coldstone, and even watched and made fun of with me the movie Eraser…which we now know to be seventeen hundred hours long. Sorry, but I really, really had to brag about my gal for a little bit there.

She also helped me find an alley off Fremont Street and sang the choir part to Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for, in honor of the most glorious music video of all time and St. Patrick’s Day, as well as Adam Clayton’s birthday last Saturday. (I mean, I don’t know that.) And then before we could even start filming the best tribute ever, that was gonna make us the next stars of whenever U2 gets desperate enough to be on Glee, we saw this wacko in the same alley! So we filmed him anyway. ;)

This video is the reason I play guitar. And key everything 800 steps lower when I need to sing. But I did it for love. I did it for U2. Hey man, I grab life by the throat and live it! (Or, by the strained vocal chords, more likely.) Oh, and how awesome is my wife? Best ever. That’s the answer to that question I just asked even though I’m the only one who has the password to sign in and post here. hehe And if you don’t know what’s going on, it’s the worst version ever of this:

(And look at that! They just disabled embedding for that video. Whew! Good thing you have mine. ;) )

So…even if you don’t like U2 (and if you don’t, not sure if you’d even make it to this part), there is something to be said for melody. Not style, not effects, not even harmonic structure. That stuff’s all important; but used to enhance an ‘inevitable’ melody, not to replace it or to distract from a sub-par one. And those melodies need to come from someplace real, and from someplace deep. If they can’t, don’t fake it. Come back and write the next day. And for those of you writing to display some attribute of God…not faking it for us is of even more importance; and for some reason, amongst those circles, it seems to get faked more often. If it’s not real for you yet, make it real. Not the song, but your life.

Melodies must come from love, and love comes from U2. That’s pretty much the point of this post.


P.S. Just got an email from Mr. Robert Dixon, saying he was painting Irish green on my guitar on St. Patrick’s Day. That pretty much makes the whole guitar being broken thing worth it right there. :D Absolutely awesome.